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Story Lab

ATEC 7390 FALL 2005 Thomas Riccio, Professor Office 972.883.2016 (voice mail) RICCIO Office hours: TR 1-3 and by Arrangement Office location: JO 4.920 Mihai Nadin, Professor Office: 972.883 Class times: R 3:30-6:15 Class location: JO 1.216 rehearsal studio Course requirements and Evaluation Criteria • Students will be asked to participate, present and/or create various story events and write a series of documents relating to story. • A longer essay reporting and dealing with interpretative and historical perspectives of a specific aspect of story will also be required as a final project. Minimum 6,000 words • Students are expected to actively participate in seminar discussions and have reading done prior to class. Grading Papers: Responses, Exercises Final Project Participation

56%(8x7 Pts each) 34% 10%

Late or incomplete work is not acceptable Incompletes will not be given in this class Plagiarism and cheating is unacceptable All dates and assignments are subject to change Assignments will be made with ample time for completion given please be alert to alterations or corrections in the schedule Attendance Policy: Two (2) unexcused absences permitted; however each subsequent unexcused absence will result in


Story Lab 2005

the lowering of one full letter grade per absence. Two late arrivals (20 minutes + after the hour unless lateness is pre-arranged) will count as one absence. Note: No Gum Chewing or Eating in Class. Soft Drinks, Coffee, and water permitted. Required Reading 1. Civilization of Illiteracy, by Mihai Nadin, Dresden University Press 2. A Mind at Work, Vilanova, et al, Synchron Press 3. Rhythm Science, by Paul Miller, MIT Press 4. Additional information will be required and found online or as handouts. Weekly Assignments August 18 Story-Telling: Who, what, when, where, how? § What is a story? § A way of seeing, articulating, constructing a world? § A way of connecting realities? § Tell a Story, your story? Read Selection #1 / Assignment #1 August 25 Mythology: The Story of cultures § A way of creating, organizing and participating in the world. § A paradigm for being in the world: story/myth as working model. § Myth to culture to society to daily lives the concentric circles of myth’s story

Read Selection #2 Assignment #2 September 1 Mythology: The template of realities § Myth’s story as bringer of order from chaos; creating “reality” § Myth’s story as generator of memes; memory packets.


Story Lab 2005

Read Selection #3 (Bushmen and Eagle-Wolf) September 8 Ritual: The story performed. § Ritual as a story “place” manifested. § Place as the reference of ritual’s story § Ritual as a story told in on multiple levels and interactions: word, action, objects, movements, sounds, sights, smells, and atmosphere. Assignment #3 September 15 Ritual Continued § Ritual’s stories as a place to heal, communicate origins, and belong. Story as keeper and container of place— reflexive and interactive § The Body of a story: the story we share, beginning, middle, and end. § Biology in a place an extrapolated metaphor. September 21 The Anatomy of Story § Story, Plot, Theme, Character, Style, Genre, Expression § Thinking and being in episodes. § The techniques and elements of story telling and making § The necessity, centrality, variety, and simplicity of plots Assignment #4 September 22 Story Moves from One Place to Another § The removal from one place and origins to a new place and new reality § Breakdown of the old making of the new: Post-Modernism § Creating a new story: the confluence of cultures and stories § The metaphor of the body updated and transformed by technology; the microscopic meets the far terrestrial in simultaneity


Story Lab 2005

Assignment#5 September 29 Story in a Changing World § The Chasm Between Yesterday and Tomorrow Read Civilization of Illiteracy Selection October 6 From Orality to Writing § Signs to Language § Individual and Collective Writing § Language and Logic Read Civilization of Illiteracy Selection October 13 Language and the Visual § How many words in a look? Read Civilization of Illiteracy Selection & Forge Assignment #6 October 20 From Orality to Writing Read Civilization of Illiteracy Selection Assignment #7 October 27 Literacy as Mediating Mechanism Read Civilization of Illiteracy Selection Assignment #8 November 3 The Sense of Design § Drawing on the Future § Designing the Virtual Read Civilization of Illiteracy Selection November 10 From Democracy to Media-ocracy a Sense of the Future § The Interactive Future § Transcending Literacy


Story Lab 2005

Read Civilization of Illiteracy Selection November 17 A new Story paradigm emerges: The End of History § The collapsing of many stories into one § A structural reordering of the world: a new mythology, ritual, and body § Reflections of social and cultural evolution § The collapsing of stories and culture § Machine and semi-conductor as metaphor § Overlapping and interconnected realities: Nonlinearity. FINAL PROJECT DUE

Seminar party at the instructor’s Home to be arranged


Story Lab 2005