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ATEC 2382.001 COMPUTER IMAGING Spring 2006 Wednesdays 12:30 – 3:15 p.m. Building HRA - Room 1.

104 MaryEllen Lacy Office hours: by appointment 214.521.5393 214.697.9503 Course Description: This course in Computer Imaging will develop visual art concepts and techniques of digital imaging using the Adobe Photoshop software as a tool. Students will produce original work that reflects a high degree of individual expression. The goal of this approach is to facilitate the integration of technical ability with visual communication and creative artistic work. The course will consist of lectures, demonstrations, assignments, exams, projects, presentations, and critiques. In each class, both technical and aesthetic concepts will be introduced through lectures and demonstrations always building on previous class material. As assignments are completed, critiques will serve to strengthen technical skills and visualization. Course Requirement: Students will be required to use original material (ex. photographs, scanned objects, art work) for image projects. Grading Procedure: A B C D F 90-100 80-89 70-79 60-69 0-59

Grades: Grades are based on the following points system. 30 points: Four Image Projects 04 points: Four Presentations of Image Projects (one point per project) 30 points: Three Exams 12 points: Twelve Tutorial Lessons 24 points: Twelve Design Studies Attendance at each class is required. Class Participation includes attendance, participation in critiques, and contribution to class. A grade of Incomplete may be given, at the discretion of the instructor of record for a course, when a student has completed at least 70% of the required course material but cannot complete all requirements by the end of the semester. An incomplete course grade (grade of X) must be completed within the time period specified by the instructor, not to exceed eight weeks from the first day of the subsequent long semester. Upon completion of the required work, the symbol X may be converted into a letter grade (A through F) by the instructor. If the grade of Incomplete is not removed by the end of the specified period, it will automatically be changed to F. Extension beyond the specified limit can be made only with the permission of the


instructor and the student’s ADU (or the Undergraduate Dean in the case of students without declared majors). A student may not re-enroll in a course in which a grade of X remains. Academic Dishonesty: A high level of responsibility and academic honesty is expected. A student must demonstrate a high standard of individual honor in his or her scholastic work. Scholastic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, statements, acts or omissions related to applications for enrollment or the award of a degree, and/or the submission as one’s own work of material that is not one’s own. As a general rule, scholastic dishonesty involves one of the following acts: cheating, plagiarism, collusion and/or falsifying academic records. Students suspected of academic dishonesty are subject to disciplinary proceedings. Required Supplies: High-capacity personal storage device – (Flash drives - blank writable CD-R or CD-RW or Zip disks or other media for transporting image files) Required Text: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Classroom in a Book (with CD ROM) Adobe Experts Team Additional Recommended Resource Texts - Not Required: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Studio Techniques (with CD images) by Ben Willmore Photoshop CS2for Windows & Macintosh visual Quickstart Guide Elaine Weinmann, Peter Lourekas Course Outline: * January 11 – Workspace – Resolution – File Formats January 18 – Selections / CIAB-5 / DS - Unity January 25 – Layers Basics / CIAB-6 / DS – Emphasis / Preliminary for Project One February 1 – Exam One / CIAB-3 / DS - Scale February 8 – Project One – Handmade Digital Combo / CIAB-4 / DS - Balance February 15 – Masks – Channels / CIAB-7 / DS – Rhythm / Preliminary for Project Two February 22 – Exam Two / CIAB-9 / DS - Line March 1 - Project Two - Image & Text / CIAB-12 / DS – Shape/Volume March 15 - Vector Drawing / CIAB-10 / DS – Texture / Preliminary for Project Three March 22 – Advanced Layer Techniques / CIAB-11 / DS – Illusion of Space March 29 – Project Three – Visual Story / DS – Illusion of Motion April 5 – Exam Three / DS – Value April 12 – Print Due / Web Graphics / CIAB-13,14 / DS – Color April 19 – Web Graphics / CIAB-15 April 26 – Project Four – Web Design Prototype

* The course outline may be modified at the discretion of the instructor.