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Digital Video - ARTS 3376 – Tuesdays 3:30 – 6:15 PM

University of Texas at Dallas, Fall 2005 – Professor Dean Terry

All information in this syllabus, including course content and required reading, is subject to change at the discretion of the professor. Description An exploration of non-fiction filmmaking using digital acquisition and post-production techniques. The course places a strong emphasis on conceptual development, experimentation, and creative innovation. Students work individually and in teams to direct, produce, and edit short documentary style films. Prerequisites & Preparation This course is designed for Arts & Humanities majors with the appropriate prerequisites, and is part of the Arts & Technology program. It assumes you have some art and design training and experience using the Macintosh and imaging applications. Students lacking this background will be at a significant disadvantage and may have difficulty completing the course successfully. Students are also expected to have web access and e-mail. Topics • • • • • • • • Visual Storytelling Documentary Filmmaking Basic Cinematography Digital Video Production Non Linear Editing Basic DVD Production Concept Generation & Creative Thinking Teamwork and Collaboration

Required Texts: Making Documentary Films and Reality Videos Barry Hampe ISBN: 0805044515 Setting Up Your Shots Jeremy Vineyard ISBN: 0941188736 Apple Pro Training Series : Final Cut Pro 5 (Apple Pro Training Series) ISBN: 0321334817 Suggested / Supplemental Texts: Directing the Documentary Michael Rabiger. ISBN: 0240802705 Grammar of the Shot Roy Thompson ISBN: 0240513983 Materials - Blank DVD-R disks for backup and presentation. Do not rely on Lab drives to store your work – it may be deleted at any time. - Access to a digital video camera. If you don’t own one, expect to borrow one over the course of the semester for short periods of time. There are several mini DV cameras available for limited on campus use. See lab attendant to check out equipment. - 5-10 Mini-DV tapes. Sony or Panasonic. - Highly recommended but not required: 20-60+ GB Firewire Drive. Learning Environment This is a studio course for artists, filmmakers, writers, designers and those interested in serious study of video, film, and new media. It encourages flexible, experimental, selfmotivated thinking and participation. You should be prepared to do substantial work outside of class and readily participate in discussions and critiques. This class is a poor choice for students who are primarily interested in learning new technology and software applications. This course emphasizes conceptual understanding and creative development over technical learning.

Final Project An original short digital video shot on DV and presented on DVD and/or the Internet. Team projects are encouraged. Course Website: The latest information on course projects, schedule, and resources can be found here: If you miss a class please visit the website for information and updates.

Student Evaluation This is an interactive course. Interface, feedback, and communication with Professor Terry and other students is part of the process. Students are evaluated on their projects, participation, effort, focus, attendance and overall continuous development. Response to critical feedback and contribution to group critiques is required. Grading Criteria - Effort, Participation, Contribution: 40% - Final Project: 30% - Other projects & in class work: 30% Individual projects are evaluated based on various factors, including but not limited to concept, planning, consistency, artistic innovation, technical competency, team and collaboration skills, and successful execution. In order to receive full credit for projects they must be received on time, complete, and be technically competent. Project and course grades will be significantly reduced for late or incomplete projects. A late or incomplete final will not be accepted. Grades of “Incomplete” are rarely given and are entirely at the discretion of the professor. A minimum of 70% of course work must be completed for this grade to be assigned. Attendance: Consistent class attendance and active participation are mandatory for success. Project grades will be significantly lowered for assignments that are late or incomplete. It is essential that students be present for all video screenings and class critiques. Two non-excused absences will automatically result in the lowering of the student's final semester grade by one full grade level, four will result in automatic failure. Course Deliverables • Final Project on DVD and/or Internet • Playable and Data DVD of all projects • Presentation of work at critiques / discussions • Supplemental Materials (sketchbook, storyboards, scripts, notes, photos)

Lab Issues Storage space: There is a good deal of storage space on the Lab machines – but no guaranteed storage. Project files are often deleted by other students or lab assistants. To make sure your files are secure, back them up and take them with you either on CDR, DVD-R, or a firewire drive (recommended). Late or missing projects related to missing, deleted, or damaged files will not be accepted. Regarding the Mac & OSX: This course requires an intensive use of the Macintosh platform. If you are unfamiliar with Mac OSX it is highly suggested you spend time early in the semester to familiarize yourself with the OSX environment. Unfamiliarity with the platform will not be accepted as an excuse for any problem. Equipment Checkout Video Cameras, Microphones, Tripods, and learning materials such as DVD’s and books are available from the lab attendants. Checkout Rules: - Take care of the equipment. If you are unsure how to use something, ask Professor Terry or the lab attendant. - Return the equipment on time personally to a lab attendant or your check out privileges may be revoked for up to 2 weeks. - Return cameras with batteries fully charged. - You may not take equipment off campus without prior permission of the professor. - See lab attendants for other requirements. Contact Information Fastest & preferred: Office: Art Building (972) 883-6285 Hours: 2 – 3 PM Tuesdays or by appointment Note: The best time for a meeting is immediately before class at 3:15 in the Mac lab.