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Painting: 3369. Wed. 9:30-12:15 John Pomara (ext. 2675) Office: 2.110. Hours: wed. 2:00-5:00, Thurs.

10:00-11:00 and Fri. 2:00-4:00pm. Course Schedule 1/11 Introduction 1.) Individual goals and objectives. 2.) Grading criteria. 3.) Slide lecture:The Good, Bad and Ugly. Profile of artists and 3 styles of painting Personal Content and Meaning. 4.) Developing a vision. Sketch book, collage, and personal image bank. Homework. Make a list of five artists you love. Focus on favorite and bring a book from the library for class discussion in two weeks; 1/25. Preferably modern to contemporary. Write short one page paper of your thoughts on chosen artist to discuss in class. Assignment 1: Small Personal Object. Select a small personal object that identifies you in some way or has special significance such as house or car key, ring, birthday candle, love keep sake, glasses, piece of favorite candy, etc… The object should range in size from 1” inch to more then 67” inches. Also bring a small cloth, or piece of fabric to place underneath. Enlarge the image 3 or 4 times the scale and compose an interesting placement on the canvas approximately 20”x30”. You have one class period to work on painting and the rest of the week to complete. You may think about working in one of the 3 styles viewed in the slides from the last class meeting. Slide lecture: Manet to Thiebaud and others. Short evaluation and critique of assignment 1. Class discussion of chosen artists. Assignment 2 discussed. Autobiographical Inner and Outer self-portrait using diptych (two canvases 24X30”inches each). One panel represents your view of your inner self and the other canvas depicts how you see your outer self. Will be discusse3d in class. Slides lecture Work in progress. Work in progress.. Evaluation and critique of assignment 2. Assignment 3. Altered states with Computer Imaging or Collage, or reconstructing a photo image to be abstracted, mutated, or morphed into something else. Class demonstration with computer and using projectors. Slide lecture: Degas to Lisa Ruyter. Photograpghy-Computer. Homework: find 5 photo sources of faces to scan into the computer to alter. Work in progress. BREAK SPRING BREAK SPRING BREAK SPRING BREAK SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Work in progress. Last class to finish project. Evaluation and critique of assignment 3 Field Trip. Dallas Museum of Art???????????????????? Will be discussed. Assignment 4 : Absence and Presence; Severely cropped image. Find a large photo of an image preferably figurative. As shown in class demo, crop image so there is almost no image left yet it still possesses an empty moody presence or psychology. Then enlarge into a painting to a 30x40” inches to create a stronger feel to the figure and the ground. Work in progress work in progress.



2/1 2/8 2/15 2/22

3/1 3/8 3/15 3/22 3/29 4/5

4/12 4/19

4/26 *

Last class meeting. Final Critique. Turn in all work. The following is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor. So attendance is extremely important. The final two projects could become your own choice with advisement from instructor if work warrants personal development.

Goals 1. Gain insight into how a painting visually expresses personal, social, or theoretical content. 2. Identify and understand historical works of art and the artists that created them. 3. Develop basic skills and competency in painting and related mediums for personal expression. Grading Criteria 1. Attendance. More then two absences affect your grade. Repeated tardiness also lowers grade. 2. Completion of four paintings (minimum). Each painting receives a grade. 3. Critique sessions and group evaluations are like major tests. Attendance and participation are graded. 4. Four slide lectures in class that explain each assignment are not repeated. Attendance important to grasp painting objectives. 90% of your grade. 4. Class discussions and paper: Over assigned books or reading handouts. Group participation. 5. Creative problem solving; concept and application. 6. Quality and consistency. 7. Personal growth in the semester. You receive a grade averaged in with the assignments. 8. Attitude, enthusiasm, inquisitive mind. 9. Additional work besides required assignments count as extra credit, as well as improve your skill and painting ability. Quality along with quantity are both factors in evaluating final grade. Paintings require time in execution Extra credit paintings are not done the night before or two nights before for that matter. 10. Library use: to research artists and movements to gain a greater visual and conceptual understanding. I am very impressed when I see you researching artists in this fashion. It affects your grade. 11. Attendance on field trips if taken. (See instructor to make other arrangements if there is a conflict). 12. Portfolio; Turn in all assignments and completed work last class day. 10-30% additional grade An A student: Shows some Passion, Excitement and Personal Connection to Life and your Work!!! An A Student works in an exemplary manner throughout the semester being focused in creative problem solving and its application in a visual way in regards to each assignment or personal development of their own work. Also, reseach of artists that are applicable to your work and going beyond the required 4 painting assignments, often in the form of a paper, trip to a museum or research in books and art magazines. (in the library they have Art in America, Artforum, and Art News). No More Course Fees: There are no more free handouts each student pays travel to Asel Art Supply at 75 and Beltline and pick out materials of your choice. Show id. Remind them of your 20% student discount. Or, try our Campus Bookstore. Cell Phone Policy: VOICE STREAM SOMEWHERE ELSE. Or let phone record the message. In other words cut off phone in class!!! Room Policy: Clean up after yourself. I am not your mother or your personal janitor. Please have courtesy for your fellow students that you share the room with. Other classes use these facilities besides you. Painting can be messy. Just clean up after yourself or it can also affect your grade if you continuously leave your mess behind!!! Academic Dishonesty: any cheating, plagiarism, collusion, and falsifying record can result in failing the course. In other words it is ok to receive small amounts of help but paint your own painting !!! Incompletes: Student must have completed 70% of coursework and must have a reasonable expectation of completing the course in the specific time period. Disabled Students: policy is outlined in detail on the website and the university catalog. Call Office of Disability Services ext. 6104.