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3365 FIGURE DRAWING SYLLABUS FALL 2005 INSTRUCTOR GREG METZ 972.883.2774 glmetz@utdallas.

edu OFFICE HOURS: Mon. 3:15- 5:00; Thur. 3:15-4:15 and 6:00-7:00 RM 2.106 Arrangements need to be made ahead of time to assure accessibility, or, if these times are impossible, we can reschedule for a mutually convenient time. Aug. 18 Class introduction Policy and Procedures Materials/ expectations/ strategies/ grading Lecture: Introduction to the Figure ASSIGNMENT: READ HANDOUT: Kenneth Clarks "The Naked and the Nude" write up synopsis due Aug. 25 Materials demonstration and easel use Primer to anatomy (hand out) Gesture Intro: various techniques/demo Discuss "The Naked and the Nude” ASSIGNMENT: Vesalius figure copy due Sept 8

Aug. 25

*Sept. 1

Hand out materials Gesture drawing/beginning model drawings Various gesture approaches Scribbles Axis lines Contours Mass *Hand out on proportions (memorize these basics)

Sept. 2

Last day to drop without a W not a class day
Last day to elect credit /no credit Continue gesture foundation Straight Line Gestures Volumetric Gestures Calligraphic Expression (exaggeration) Vesalius Copy due Assignment: take copies and practice handouts versions by tracing over due 9-15. (determine a style for yourself and practice it) 5 Minute Drawings (The initial key to successful drawing) Need to know basic proportions by this day *Study basic handouts for form blocking assignments: practice gestures in sketchbook see handouts. Schema: The blocking of form (lecture and demo) Introduction to foreshortening Assignment: Copy bridgeman handouts to turn in / freestyle schema In sketchbook Due: Sept. 29 Carving (articulating form) using schema Assignment:: practice foreshortening in sketchbook

*Sept. 8

*Sept. 15

Sept. 22

*Sept. 29

Oct. 6

Introduction to value application Lecture and demonstration on value, "Techniques and Composition of Value" Hands, Feet and Head in class drawing focus Assignment: Practice in sketchbook from handouts and home models At least 20 heads, 20hands and 20 feet in various posses. *Superimpositions due Assignment: Super impose model value on hand -outs Due Oct. 20 Value drawing in class Beginning students continue value modeling Advance students work on compositional formatting Assignment : take 5 class gestures and add value Pencil Drawing Value Intro to final outside project and in-class project. Outside project will be due Dec. 1. The final model drawing due on Nov. 19. for Festival. Begin final long pose. Set up and composition (you will only have the model for these sessions on this pose so don't miss class!!**** Work value on final pose Turn in proposal for combo drawing Work on final long pose / set up and composition

*Oct. 13 *Oct 20

Oct 27

*Nov. 3

*Nov. 10

*Nov. 17

Nov. 18
Nov. 24

Fall Arts Festival

plan on attending

THANKSGIVING (off) Why did the pilgrims have trouble keeping up their pants? Final Critique on long pose and on final drawing. You must attend this class. Turn in notebooks. Portfolios Due (include all work -in and out of class- done during the semester.)

Dec. 1

This syllabus is subject to change
*indicates model day

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