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Gallery Services Syllabus: ARTS 3340 HUAS 6318 Instructor: Greg Metz 972-883-2774 glmetz@utdallas.

Wed. 7:00- 9:45 pm Spring 2006 Office Hrs. 3:30- 6:00 pm Tues. or by appt. office 2.106 V.A. building

Jan 11. Introduction/ layout of class. Coverage, guests, field trips, final projects, participation and work participation schedules. Trip forms . ‘The opening’ -dates, times, places, subjects premire/ public what happens- contents/ set up- etiquette *reading, ‘When Museums Compete with Art’. *Jan. 27 Opening for “Building Visions” Jan 18 Curating the Blockbuster’: speaker Dr. Richard Brettell on putting the Gauguin show together Who, subject, current, profit/non, Requirements for setting in motion. Jan 25 Revolving Galleries Sarah Jane and Nadia Parting the seas. just out of the blocks, these girls rock! they do it all. Addressing different exhibition venues. Metz A look at different venue possibilities,Types: listings Styles of the stables Various websites to visit. Audiences/ $upport Show proposals Gallery hopping. Will provide listings and maps

*Jan 28 (Sat.) Feb. 1

Gallery Director ‘The Job’. Panel presentation, discussion (bring food) Barry Whistler: Whistler Gallery: owner operator Susanne Weaver, DMA: answering to a board Christina Reese, Angstrom: operating under an owner Lisa Taylor on PR presentations and the media/ one hour Making Show proposals and presentations *Sunday Feb 12 take show down and wall prep for TVAA

Feb. 8

Feb. 15 Gina Feiser intro. to the TVAA show exhibition 45min. Critical mass installations Metz Instructions on hanging, how to hang, devices, measuring etc. *Feb. 19, 20 TVAA receiving, moving art placement (check sign up sheet for working this event.) Feb. 22 Hanging TVAA show. Will assign walls and layout for hanging Finish lighting *Feb 24 and 25 must hang show. Mar. 1 * Off site visit ‘The Contemporary’ Not for Profit spaces: Directors Joan Davidow. Meet at Dallas Center for Contemporary Arts by 7:30 pm Mar. 8 Spring Break *March 12 Sunday Reception TVAA *Week March 13-14 wall prep for Subrealities Mar. 15 Designing and lighting for exhibition. ‘Distance and Trace’ we will light Exhibit * Mar. 17 ‘Distance and Trace’ Exhibition opening Mar. 22 DIY Gallery Scene: the alternative artist run gallery… below the radar. Randall Garret: Dallas Plush Teresa O’Conner: CSAW Houston

Mar. 29 Artist /space-gallery relationships. Riley Robinson ‘Art Pace’ artist /facilitor. also featuring Gary Sweeney Art Pace Resident and National Artist *April 1 (sat) Apr. 5 Field trip (sat) Howard Rauchofsky Collection

Installation exhibition design - Greg Metz Field trip: Nasher Sculpture tour and DMA

*April 8 (sat) Apr. 12

Ted Pillsbury: ‘The Auction’ business *April 15 dismantle show (Fri.) *Accepting work Weekend (Sunday) Art Services: Nerwin and Martin the business of servicing a gallery *April 22 Arts Festival Juried show

Apr. 19 Apr. 26

Finals day: Graduate presentations of show proposals Undergrads turn in documentation journals and notes. All must attend class this day Field Trip Schedule : Jan 28 Saturday 11-2 Gallery Hop Conduit, Valley House, Dunn & Brown, Mar. 1 Wed 7:30- 9:30 Dallas Center for Contemporary Arts Apr. 1 Sat. 11:00 Howard Rauchofsky House Apr. 8 Sat. 11-2:30 Nasher Sculpture Garden- DMA bring lunch FIY*Feb. 19 is gallery walk usually noon to 7 all galleries open sponsored by DADA Speakers/ Visiting Lecturers: Jan. 18 Rick Brettell ‘making of a blockbuster’ utd Jan. 25 Pigeon Stone Productions./ UTD Feb. 1 Barry Whistler, Christina Reese, Suzanne Weaver, UTD Feb 8 Lisa Taylor/ utd Feb. 15 Gina Fieser/ utd Mar. 1 Joan Davidow/ at the Dallas Center for Contemporary Art Mar. 22 Randall Garret/ Teresa O’Conner at UTD Mar. 29 Riley Robertson/ Gary Sweeney at UTD utd Apr. 12 Ted Pillsbury at UTD Apr. 19 Nerwin and Martin at UTD _________ Work Schedules/ points: Jan. 14 1:00-3:00 Friday install ‘Building Visions 2 persons Jan. 28 Gallery Hopping 11-2 pm + Feb 13 m dismantle ‘Visions’ show prep walls 3 people 2hrs. Feb. 17th clean and set up for sat. 3 people 2 hrs. Feb. 18 Take in art Work 10am – 4pm Feb. 19 su Help jury/ dispatch work 9:00am- 4pm. Design Hanging 6-9pm Feb 19m-22 w Install show Feb 22w Do lighting in class- finish hanging Mar. 12su Work Reception 1-6 pm (sun )Mar 12su-13w Prep walls anytime Mar. 14 Install show Tues. even. 4 students 7-9 ‘distance,trace’ Apr. 14f dismantle Show 1-5 pm 4 students Apr. 16 su Accepting work for festival show 12-3 Design Team design show 4-6pm Apr. 17m-18t Hang student show. Apr. 19 w Lighting show class 2 nd half

Apr. 28

Work Festival opening 5-10pm

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