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2D Design Foundations 2380 Instructor: Kace Davis

Wednesdays 3:30-6:15 p.m.

Thursdays 3:30-6:15 p.m.
Room 1.116

Office Hours are Wednesday and Thursday: My schedule is packed, so the best time to
meet is after class, or by email at

The objective of this course is to introduce the student to the elements and principles of
design. A large portion of this class will be spent on assignments that specifically
challenge various art techniques along with design problem solving. Demonstrations,
slide lectures, group and individual critiques will be given throughout the course.
Familiarity with the terminology, concepts and basic materials utilized in the studio by
visual artists will be explored.

The major topics to be covered are:

The Elements of Design: Line, Shape, Value, Texture, Perspective and Color.
The Principles of Design: Balance, Emphasis, Variation, Proportion, and Rhythm

Class Objectives: At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Define, and articulate the elements and principles associated with design.
2. Make and justify judgments regarding aesthetic merit and quality in their work.
3. Discuss the importance of art in the larger context of the art making process.
4. Experience an increase in their powers of observation, invention and creativity.
5. See and experience art in a new and more comprehensive way.
6. Personal growth in the semester. You receive a grade averaged in with the
Develop visual perception along with verbal analysis of the visual elements such as line,
shape, color…and their use in 2-D design.
Allow the student to experience art as a visual language and its ability to communicate
without words. Give the student the understanding that “visual language”: is the look and
feel of an item of design, created by elements such as color, shape, space, proportion,
texture…it communicates on a level independent of the descriptive elements, literal or
symbolic. It can express emotional messages to its audience and they feel something

Your grade in this class will be determined by 8 Projects (40%), midterm portfolio
(10%), final critique, three paintings (20%), reading list assignments (10%), and class
participation (20%).

Grading in this class is as follows:

A = 100 – 90; B = 89 – 80; C = 79 – 70; D = 69 – 60; F below 60.
Class Rule (20% of Grade)
1. I expect nothing less than complete respect in the following areas:
instructor’s given assignments, each other’s art work, and studio work space.
Failure to follow this class rule can result in class dismissal.

Last day to Drop with a “W” is Monday, March 13th.

• Because this class only meets once a week, it is important that you are here every
Wednesday or Thursday, and on time. I can’t stress this enough. I do not excuse
or unexcused absences. You have three absences to use however you see fit. With
the 4 absences, your grade will be lowered half a letter grade. After the 4th
absence an “A” will be dropped to an “A-“, and so forth. Slide lectures and
demonstrations over class assignments are not repeated.

Tardiness will affect your grade also. I consider tardiness arriving 10 minutes late or
leaving 10 minutes early. If you arrive late or leave early more than 3 times, it will be
the same as one absence. At all times, you are responsible for knowing all that goes on
in class.

Cell phones/pagers ringing in class will be treated as an absence. Sleeping or working on
material for other classes during class or films will constitute an absence
(obviously you are not there!)

Cheating and/or Plagiarism: No cheating or plagiarism will be tolerated. Please refer to

the Student Handbook for school policy. My policy is an “F”

Extra credit of 2 points will be added on top of final average for a 2 visits to museums
and or galleries. Credit is not given for visiting 1 institution. Turn in 1 page review for
each visit along with a ticket or brochure stapled to the review. Extra credit reviews are
due the last day of class.