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COURSE SYLLABUS 1316 Foundation Drawing SEMESTER: SPRING 2005 INSTRUCTOR: CHANCELLOR PAGE TIME: Monday 7-9:50 Office Hours

are TBD. My schedule is packed, so the best time to meet is after class, or we can arrange another time, just call me at 214-402-3116 in advance or email at

GRADING Your grade in this class will be determined on in-class projects (30%), a final project (20%), homework (20%), sketchbook assignments (10%), attendance (10%), and class participation/critique participation (10%). You have the opportunity to rework any drawing for a better grade. A = 100 – 90; B = 89 – 80; C = 79 – 70; D = 69 – 60; F below 60. Your homework will be critiqued by the group at the beginning of every class. Save all of your assignments as they will be part of the cumulative/final review. Sketchbook assignments are private and I will look at them individually. One (1) is due every week. Attendance: Because this class only meets 1 day a week, it is vital that you are here every Monday, and on time. I can’t stress this enough. I will take off 5 points off of your final grade for every class you miss beyond 2. You are responsible for knowing all that goes on in class!

January 10
Class introduction, policies and procedures, grading, expectations, goals and objectives of the class. Initial materials handout. Interpretation and discussion of a drawing. In-class quick contour exercises and slow-contour drawing of still life. Positive/negative space discussed. Homework: 1. Blind contour on an interior space 2. Continuous line drawing of your image 3. Negative space contour drawing of a group of trees + 2 sketchbook assignments.

January 17
Martin Luther King Day No Class

January 24
Critique contour assignments. In-class quick contour exercises. Cross-contour drawing of still life. Homework: Cross-contour drawing of a mound of clothing + sketchbook assignment.

January 31
Critique cross-contour assignment. In-class quick contour exercises. 1. In-class hatching and crosshatching drawing of a still life (same image). Homework: Cross-hatching/hatching drawing of a bush + sketchbook assignment.

February 7
Critique cross-hatching assignment. Introduction to value. In-class value drawing of still life. Homework: Create a value drawing of your dresser or wardrobe + sketchbook assignment.

February 14
Happy Valentines Day Critique value drawing assignment. Continue and finish in-class value drawing of still life. Homework: Create a value drawing of your reflection and the space behind you + sketchbook assignment.

February 21
Critique value drawing assignment. Intro to the figure. In-class gestural, mass, contour and flash pose drawings of the figure. Homework: Self-portrait drawing, including the space behind you + sketchbook assignment.

February 28
Critique self-portrait drawing. The Figure cont’d. Quick gestural exercises. Two long poses. Homework: 2 sketchbook assignments due on March 14th.

March 7
No Class Spring Break

March 14
Intro to perspective. In-class one-point perspective drawing. Homework: Create a one-point perspective drawing of a landscape + sketchbook assignment.

March 21
Critique one-point perspective drawing. Discussion of two-point perspective. In-class two-point perspective drawing. Homework: Create a two-point perspective drawing of a

March 28
Critique two-point perspective drawing. Intro to Expression. Expression in line and space. In-class expressive drawing of still life. Homework: Recreate an expressive drawing from a segment of an old painting or drawing.

April 4
Critique expressive drawing assignment. In-class expressive drawing of still life + use of scale. Homework: Create a small drawing that is large in scale.

April 11
Finish in-class expressive/scale drawing. Begin Final Project

April 18
Work on Final Project

April 25
Final Critique and cumulative review.