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Drawing Foundations AP1316.

Spring 2006, Wed 12:30 text: "The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" “The process of drawing is before all else, the process of putting the visual intelligence into action…Unlike painting and sculpture it is the process by which the artist makes clear to himself, and not to the spectator, what he is doing. It is a soliloquy before it becomes communication.” – Michael Ayerton “The material thing that is before you, that is It.” Huang Po We think we know what the world is (the persistant clamor of the left brain.) The point is to not know, and to find a deeper, most authentic, more felt knowing (the too often ignored domain of the right brain.) Drawing can be a primary tool to access this. In this class we will explore the process of seeing, and translating that inquiry into tangible form on a two dimensional surface using traditional art materials- charcoal, graphite, pen, and paper. We’ll keep our approach simple and direct. I will also be introducing you to elements of art, both historical and contemporary. Please suspend your egos at the door, have the courage to make “bad” drawings, and throw yourselves into this process. Grading: This is not a contest to see who “draws good.” I care only about effort, attention, and willingness. Class participation is extremely important- when we look at each other’s work I want to hear perceptions and feedback. Have the courage to speak out! You will learn as much or more from each other as you will from me. There won’t be tests per se. I will be regularly assigning work between classes- every week in fact. You are expected to work outside of class as many hours as you are in class. Your progress will be readily apparent and proportional to the amount of effort you put in. When I say spend 30 minutes on a drawing, I will be able to tell you if you spent less, or more. The proof is always in the work. I will look at your collected work, your portfolio, at the end of the term. Save everythin g unless I say otherwise. You will be provided a space to store it. After 3 absences, your grade will be reduced by one half letter grade per absence. Please be on time- if you are consistently late without valid excuse your grade will reflect this. You will not be compared to others in assessing your grade, but measured by your own persistance, dedication, and consistency. Sometimes people think that this is "just an art class" and therefore it will be easy. My students soon learn diffferently. Materials: -14" x 17" spiral bound sketch pad (Strathmore and Canson are good, but any will be fine.) -18" x 24" Strathmore drawing pad (not 'sketch') -2B, 4B, and 6B pencils. Sharpener. -Jumbo Sharpie -Pink Pearl and white Magic Rub erasures -soft graphite stick