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Exploration of the Arts 1301.

001 Fall 2005 --- Syllabus
Instructor: Kathryn Evans, Associate Dean Office: AS1.106 Phone: 972-883-2765 E-Mail: Office Hours: By appointment, call the Art and Performance office at 972-883-2982 TAs: Maryam Baig (students whose last name starts with A-L) Kim Tapp (students whose last name starts with M- Z) WEEK 1: Intro/Arts & Aesthetics F 8/19 Reading Assignment: pp. 1-14 & 404-407 Take home Event Web Site Scavenger Hunt Reading Assignment: pp. 407-428 Responding/Describing/Evaluating Monday Turn in Scavenger Hunt Sign up for Workshop #1 8/22,24,26 JO 4.310 972-883-2110



Reading: pp. 260-271 (MUSIC) 8/29, 8/31, 9/2 + Handouts -- Musical Styles Monday WORKSHOP #1 Friday QUIZ #1 – Aesthetic Studies/Music Terms Reading: pp.53-66 Monday Labor Day, no class Wednesday Sign up for Workshop #2 9/7, 9/9



Reading: pp. 233-259 (THEATER) 9/12,14,16 Monday WORKSHOP #2 Friday QUIZ #2 – Goals of Criticism/Theater Reading: pp.429-443 (VA & VIDEO) 9/19, 21, 23 + (Go to what do you see?) Wednesday Sign up for Workshop #3 Reading: pp. 294-318 (DANCE) 9/26, 28, 30 Monday WORKSHOP #3 Wednesday Hand in Event Paper #1 (Bernstein/Monteverdi to Verdi/Space Invaders) Friday QUIZ #3 – Visual Arts/Dance (MUSICAL THEATER) Monday MIDTERM 10/3, 5, 7





Reading: Handouts/websites 10/10,12,14 Monday Presentation Workday - Hand in Proposal Reading: Handouts/websites 10/17,19,21 Weddnesday Hand in Event Paper #2 Friday Work day for presentation groups (EXPERIMENTAL/NEW ARTS) 10/24,26,28 Reading: Websites for Medea (see assignment on WebCT) Friday In class readings of Medea Class Presentations Class presentations continue Reading: pp. 404-444 Wednesday Hand in Event Paper #3 - Medea Reading: None Monday Presentation Papers due today Quiz #4 available on WebCT (THANKSGIVING BREAK) 10/31, 11/2, 4 11/6, 9, 11 11/14,16,18

WEEK 10:

WEEK 11:

WEEK 12: WEEK 13: WEEK 14:

WEEK 15:

11/21, 11/23

WEEK 16:

EXAM REVIEW /EVALUATIONS 11/28 Check off Quiz #4 during class Hand in Optional 4th Event Paper to make up an absence; must have other three turned in first

GRADING: Attendance & participation Workshop participation Quizzes Midterm exam Presentation Three Events papers Final exam TOTAL

20 9 16 10 10 15 20 100

(3 points for each workshop) (4 points for each quiz)

(5 points for each paper)

This syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor.

IMPORTANT POLICIES: 1. Attendance is required in this class. If you arrive after attendance is taken, you are absent. 2. All official student email will be sent to the student's UT Dallas email address. UT Dallas provides each student with a free email account. The Department of Information Resources at UT Dallas provides a method for students to forward email from other accounts to their UT Dallas address. Students may go to the following URL to establish or maintain their official UT Dallas computer account: 3.. Academic integrity is an expectation in this course. For official UTD policies, go to 4. We work closely with Disability Services. If you have a disability, let us know now so we can accommodate you. 5. We strongly discourage incompletes in this class. Please note the drop dates below carefully. Incompletes can only be granted if 70% of the coursework is done. IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER
Last day to drop a class without a W Friday, September 2 Labor Day Holiday Monday, September 5 WP or WF withdraw period begins Thursday, September 22 Last day to withdraw with WP/WF Thursday, October 20 (After this time, any withdrawal requires approval and lots of signatures) Last Day of Class Monday, November 28 Final Exam Wednesday, November 30

Students in ARTS1301.001 and ARTS1301.002 are required to attend UTD events as a part of the course. Note that all events are free to UTD students. Free tickets are available at the door only. In most cases, latecomers will not be seated. Concerts are often sold out; make sure you arrive early. You must choose one event from each area, that is, one concert, one play (Medea) and one art exhibition. You will be required to write a response paper on the three events you choose to attend. Specific instructions about the response papers will be found on WebCT. No other events will be accepted. No exceptions. Plan your event attendance now! 1. Attend one of the following UTD sponsored concerts: 8 pm 5 pm 8 pm 8 pm 5 pm 8 pm 8 pm 5 pm 7:30 pm 8 pm Trouble in Tahiti From Monteverdi to Verdi David Korevaar, pianist David “Fathead” Newman Annie Lin, pianist Carlos Perez, guitarist La Boheme/Rent Grave Performances Clavier Trio 20th Century Greats University Theatre Performance Hall Performance Hall Conference Center Performance Hall Performance Hall University Theatre Performance Hall Performance Hall Performance Hall

Sept. 9. Sept. 14 Oct. 1 Oct. 7 Oct. 10 Oct. 14 Oct 21/22 Oct. 31 Nov. 6 Nov. 11


Attend the following UTD sponsored play: University Theatre

Medea, by Euripides, directed by Venus Reese

Performances are November 4, 5 & 6 and 11, 12 & 13. Friday and Saturday performances begin at 8 pm; Sunday performances begin at 2:30 pm. 3. Attend one of the following UTD sponsored art exhibitions: Space-Invaders (opening reception Friday, Aug. 19, 6:30 pm) Unreal (opening reception Friday, Sep. 30, 6:30 pm)

Aug. 19 – Sep. 17 Sept. 30 – Nov. 5

All exhibitions are in the Main Gallery of the Visual Arts Building, hours are Mon - Fri,: 9 am - 10 pm Sat: 9 am - 6 pm, closed Sunday