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AIM 7334

University of Texas at Dallas, School of Management AIM7334: Research workshop, AIM, Summer 2005

Instructor: Ashiq Ali, SOM4.434,, Extn: 6360 Class: Monday 1 to 5pm; Room: 2.112; Objective The objective of this course is to help students develop skills that are useful for producing research papers. The final deliverable for the course is a working paper of publishable quality. Choice of research projects First year students: If you have an interesting proposal from your previous Ph.D. seminars, you may develop it further and carry out related empirical work. Alternatively, refer to recent conference issues of top tier accounting journals and identify in your area of interest a high quality paper that is accompanied by discussant comments suggesting ways to significantly improve the paper. Replicate the main results of the paper and carry out the extensions suggested by the discussant. Second year students: The guideline is the same as for the first year students except that the second year students are more likely to have a well developed research idea from before and they may find it more fruitful to pursue this ideas further. Third year and above students: In Fall 2004, I had discussed with the third year students strategy for finding a research topic. These students were required to come up with three research questions by the middle of the spring semester and were encouraged to talk to the faculty to help them identify a topic for their dissertation. These students will work towards developing their dissertation topic further and carry out related empirical analysis. Class presentations Each student will present a research proposal. It will include background papers, research question, hypotheses, research design, available results, and potential contribution. Also, towards the end of the summer term, students will present the paper that will result from the analyses they will carry out during the semester. It is the presenting students’ responsibility to make copies of the papers that he/she will present available to me and the students at least three days (preferably a week) before the presentation.

Professor Suresh Radhakrishnan


AIM 7334 Submission: All students are required to turn in a proposal towards the beginning of the semester and a paper towards the end of the summer semester. The paper should follow the Accounting Review guideline. The conclusion section should list subsequent work planned to be done. Class time The first class meeting will be held on Monday May 16 at 1pm. I will provide a detailed schedule of the remaining class meetings at that time. Given that the second year students will have their qualifying exams on June 16th and also I will be out of town from May 23rd to June 16th, we will schedule our subsequent meetings after that date. I suggest that you all start thinking seriously about your research proposal as soon as possible. Refer to the notes of the discussion that I had with you in the Fall semester about how to identify a research topic. If you are comfortable with the choice of your topic you may also start your empirical analyses. When we meet on May 18, I will ask you about the status of your research topic search.

Professor Suresh Radhakrishnan