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Not the News

What never ceases is the onward march for greater control over the minds and behaviour of
citizens, since they are seen as the enemy of the totalitarian Pentagon structure that obeys the
unlawful orders of their oligarchic masters. If this system of false patriotism is not Devil-worship,
then what would you call devotion to a technocratic regime that directs their surveillance
apparatus as a means to deceive and subjugate the local population? Sartre -

On December 14, 2014, America will remember the second anniversary of a false flag operation: the fake
school shooting at Sandy Hook, Connecticut. The Sandy Hook PSYOP is also featured in Australia, where
Scarlett Lewis, a new peace activist, is celebrating Universal Peace and Love in a Festival of
Transformation as a speaker at the Israeli-funded New Age UPLIFT Festival in Byron Bay.

Scarlett Lewis is on a mission to improve the world. This is

her story of transforming personal tragedy into eternal love:

When a crazed gunman began killing young children with a

shotgun at Sandy Hook Elementary School, brave Jesse
saved 11 classmates
then took a fatal hit.
Before his sacrificial
death, intuitively knowing
he would soon be a
hero, 6-year old Jesse
left a prescient chalked
message: Norurting Hel
in Love, understood as
Nurturing Healing Love.

Scarlett Lewis claims

that Jesse still speaks from
beyond the grave, calling for help to fund behavioural reform
programs that will transform the world by turning anger into love.


The heartbreaking story may inspire some who swallow the hook,
but is Scarlett Lewis authentic?

On the second anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting there

is compelling evidence that lurking under a cynical cloak of
compassion, the story of Scarlett Lewis overcoming unimaginable
tragedy is a total fraud.

The facts of the conspiracy establish that the Sandy Hook tragedy
was entirely simulated. Hyper-realistic filming
was screened by controlled media as
breaking news of an actual event, with real
The Scarlett Lewis
people suering violent death. This deception
story of Overcoming
pulls on purses and plays the soul-strings of
Unimaginable Tragedy
a scripted fiction in which no-one was shot
is a total fraud; a
and no children were killled.

betrayal that pulls on

purses and plays the
soul-strings of a
scripted fiction in which
no-one was shot and
no children died.

Two years later, with 28 total fake

d e a t h s , i n c l u d i n g 2 0 c h i l d re n , 6
educators, a crazed assassin and his
mother, the fiction is still fraudulently
presented as fact, and widely believed.

Not the News - Sandy Hook: Fleecing the Asleeple!


The stage was a closed school in Newtown. The story had

scripted roles for highly paid crisis actors and professional
performers who adopted fake identities. Stolen identities of
living children were also used and inserted into
photoshopped family pictures.

SHH - the Sandy Hook Hoax - flies under the radar of

discernment with the mainscream media cheering-leading
in celebration of the naked Emperors imaginary clothes.
Who dares break the well-heeled ranks of unity to defend
truth and justice?

Some of the first clues to alert the astute that the Sandy Hook school shooting was
a false flag operation were multiple anomalies plus poor acting, fake grief, no blood and the identification of
professional crisis actors. Suppression of information, intimidation of independent investigators and a
strange death confirm that something foul is being covered up.

Hollywood producer/director Nathan Folks explains that the US military

often use staged events with professional crisis actors to brutalise
neophyte combat troops by exposing them to highly realistic simulations of
terrible trauma. Director Nathan Folks reports that an actor in the Boston
Bombing hoax is the same crisis actor he cast in one of his own films.

Other crisis actors have been identified, including a professional actress

posing as Alex Israel at Sandy Hook, who also played Katie Foley, fake
sister of James Foley, a fake victim of a fake beheading.


Have child
actors Emile Parker and Jesse Lewis
been rewarded with a Presidential
photo-op two days after their faked

Evidence is compelling that the US

DOD and Homeland Security are
deliberately exposing American civilians
to false flag operations, military drills
and fake emergencies, including fake
terror, bombings, assassinations and

Not the News - Sandy Hook: Fleecing the Asleeple!

Military false flag operations use

trauma-based mind control, similar to

religious cult induction, to shock civilians

for nefarious purpose. These fake events

advance a deceptive political agenda
by herding entire angry populations into fearful conformity.


Robert David Steele, publisher of Public Intelligence Blog, is a former CIA clandestine services case ocer.
He promotes open source intelligence and claims that both Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing are false
flag PSYOPs.

From where I sit, both the school in Connecticut and the Boston Bombing were false flag operations. The
school in Connecticut had been closed for years. There were no students, no teachers, no parent-teacher
associations. The paramedics were not allowed into the school.

From where I sit, that was a complete false flag. It was a drill.
Others have exposed the actors who were involved, financial relations with the families that were allegedly
victimized, who had their homes bought and were then given exit pass. All of that is on the record, but you
dont see the media covering that. - Robert David Steele

Jim Fetzer is a former Marine Corps ocer and McKnight Professor Emeritus at the
University of Minnesota Duluth. He is an expert in state-sponsored terrorism and an
editor at Professor Fetzer was among the first to expose the
9/11 false flag PSYOPs. He confirms that the Sandy Hook Hoax is another PSYOP
using hyper-realistic filming of staged drills.

The school had been abandoned by 2008, for which we have proof after proof
after proof. No children died there because there were no children there. That is the
single most salient fact about Sandy Hook, which should be used to convert the
gullible who have been taken in.

Acts of terrorism
by the US
against its own
people, with
tentacles reaching

Sandy Hook was deliberately staged to be an

event with maximum emotional impact to instil fear into the
American public in order to make us more amenable to political
manipulation. That is the classic definition of terrorism, which
means that the American government has been perpetrating acts of
terrorism on the American people. And the mass media has been
playing its role in promoting the deception.

We have been abandoned

by our leaders and the media upon which we have depended in
the past for reliable information. Take nothing for granted. We now
have a government based upon lies, damn lies and statistics.
Professor James Fetzer


Professor Fetzer and other researchers have compiled convincing

evidence that the school shooting is a hoax:

The Ocial Master File of the US Social Security Death Index

(SSDI) has no record of birth or death for any of the Sandy Hook
child victims. Only one death certificate was shown to the public.
It is fake.


The FBI Consolidated Crime Report

records zero murders in Newtown Connecticut, December 14, 2012.

The US Department of Education confirmed to Los Angeles school safety expert

Paul Preston that the killings were only a drill and no children died.

Danbury State Attorney Stephen Sedenskys Ocial Report does not connect the
alleged shooter with his purported weapons or victims.

Lead Investigator, Connecticut State Trooper suddenly died. Gag Orders were
issued to residents within 25 miles of the Sandy Hook school. Independent
researchers have been attacked and intimidated to keep silence.

Sandy Hook Elementary School was not compliant with ADA regulations and was
closed in 2008. The school was then used by FEMA and the Department of
Homeland Security to run para-military exercises.

No internet activity was recorded from the school from 2008 until Dec 14, 2012.

Not the News - Sandy Hook: Fleecing the Asleeple!


Forensic photos of the crime scene show no blood,

no disarray, no major damage as would be expected if a
crazy assassin fired a shotgun at little children.

Three DashCams in the parking lot show no

evacuation of over 600 children and adults.

Archive video of an active-shooter drill recorded at

a dierent school at an earlier date, was presented by
controlled media as news of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

There were no photos, no eyewitnesses and no

surveillance video of the school shooting. News
reports and interviews of supposed victims show
inappropriate and fake emotion with no tears.

This picture of children in a line with eyes closed

was presented as evidence of a Sandy Hook
school evacuation. The image is from a paramilitary drill at an earlier date in a dierent place.

Many investigative researchers agree: There were no deaths! There are no victims and no heroes!

Shopping Cart Networking serves a global agenda through lucrative

merchandising and generous donations. This benevolent cause paid a quick
$27 million to Sandy Hook victims from various compassionate kitties. The
victims home mortgages have been paid o, and Newtown received $50
million for a new school.


The profitable Sandy Hook

Hoax has been used to prepare
the entranced asleeple

for gun confiscation.

Do Sandy Hooks cash-cows shed tears for every widows dime bilked from
the uplifted and inspired?

SHH is certainly profitable for the victims, but it has also been used to drive the entranced asleeple
into passive acceptance of gun confiscation. News of the school shooting shocked the American nation
and immediately new gun-control laws were proposed that would undermine the American Constitution.

Since September 11, 2001, a series of contrived terror attacks have been exposed as false flag operations.
These PSYOPs have successfully deceived and terrified the bloated asleeple. NeoCon Israeli dual-citizens
have eectively hijacked the American Government and now use State security agencies and US military
force as the cats claws of global governance and a genocidal resource-grab.

An inspiration: Scarlett Lewis!

The Byron Echo features an adulating story
about the Sandy Hook second anniversary
coming to Byrons UPLIFT Festival with a
mission to transform hearts and minds.

The Vox Populi is tired of the spiral of hatred

and vengeance ramped up by the mainscream
media after the 9/11 attack that demolished
New Yorks Twin Towers. Enough Already!
The drum of fear has throbbed too long. The
local Byron newspaper echoes the heartbeat
of the community. Uplifting stories turning hate
into love are the flavour of the month.

The annual UPLIFT Festival in Byron Bay is all

about the presence of the Divine manifesting
into a global movement that celebrates oneness
and empowers people by the magic of love to transform the Earth.

UPLIFT always has a One-World theme with intoxicating messages of

global peace, unity and sustainability that mingle oneness-blessing with
the wisdom of Indigenous elders, eclectic gurus, music, art and
quantum physics. Divine goddess pampering and long lingering hugs
that last a week whisper the lie, Its all good!

Its all is good except, perhaps, good questions? Good questions could
be a shocking manifestation of reality upon the festivals esoteric bliss. UPLIFTs friendly Israeli security
guards will make sure that wont happen.

Not the News - Sandy Hook: Fleecing the Asleeple!


Liking the New Age Oneness theme, Byron Echo events editor, Mandy
Nolan, is impressed that Scarlett Lewis will bring to UPLIFT a way to
change our thoughts and choose a life without fear and hate.


Sounds nice, but doesnt it matter that the inspiring story of a tragic
school shooting is demonstrably a fiction that fleeces the beguiled?

Scarlett Lewis now brings added value to the Sandy Hook Hoax by
also embracing global genocide with miracle tales from Rwanda.
One heart-breaker features a child who saw her entire family
slaughtered, her throat was cut and she was buried. This girl somehow survived and now lends shockjock hooks to fundraising lures with beautiful messages of oneness, forgiveness and nurturing love.

Donations are solicited by Scarlett Lewis to entrain children to turn

anger into love. Compassion-based learning programs are oered to
equip educators with social-emotional behaviour modification tools.

Educational reform is proposed to increase psychiatric surveillance and

introduce new mental health programs into schools. The State-contrived
tragedy also lends legitimacy to possible State removal of children from
parents care for their own protection.

What the slick marketers do not say is that some of these reforms are an
eective form of mindwars to be imposed on the asleeple of America and
Australia using post-human thought-police without empathy. These
draconian controllers of a globalist gulag want to turn mental health into
a new psychiatric system, similar to the former Soviet Union where dissidents were certified mentally ill,
institutionalised, forcibly medicated and re-educated. Mindwars are intend to fill the
coers of the pharmicide industry, silence sedition and control the asleeple.

I hope the people

Unity prevails over Truth in the New World Dystopia!

According to the world-transforming mission of Scarlett Lewis everyone will be
safe in la-la-land when the people are disarmed because scary wing-nuts like the
fearsome Sandy Hoax killer will become happy little vegemites, not angry
anymore. Just make a donation and turn hatred into love!

of Newtown dont have it

crash on their head later.

Connecticut Medical
Examiner Dr Wayne Carver

By embracing the Sandy Hook Hoax, devotees blindly feed the face of a deception that controls and
exploits them. The new lie of SHH is the New Consciousness mantra that oneness manifests as planetary
peace. Reality checks warn that if Love is devoid of Truth and Justice is trampled, then Oneness is only
psychobabble, Unity is Orwellian Newspeak for betrayal and Peace is a delusion.

Obviously, the real tragedy of the hoax is the entrancing and entrapping
of many compassionate souls who swallow the baited hook and believe
the lie. With its passionate appeal for empathy evading truthful
investigation, the Sandy Hook Hoax is an ongoing bamboozle to
traumatise and seduce caring family people into abandoning their sanity,
liberty, autonomy, right to parental control and self defence.


Be warned! Sauron appears as a goddess of light, shining bright, singing

sweet honey lies, but hes still the devil in disguise!

SHHH! The Emperor has no clothes and Some Dare Call It Treason!



Not the News Radical Perspectives on Suppressed Issues

Not the News is compiled by Gi Linda, an award-winning documentary filmmaker and former
BBC researcher/reporter who values humanity, love, truth and justice. Gis media-activism began
in the 70s with LBC Radio and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in London. Based in the
UK, USA and Central/South America during the 1980s-90s, Gill was a news reporter for BBC
Radio, NPR and the London Sunday Times; a religious aairs researcher with BBC TV; and an
independent documentary producer/director/writer. Currently moderator of Byron Forums, a discussion
group on global issues with local impact, Gi runs VIDEOART, media mentoring in Byron Bay, Australia.

Not the News - Sandy Hook: Fleecing the Asleeple!


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Not the News - Sandy Hook: Fleecing the Asleeple!