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Spring 2015

Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Dissertation title: In the Palace of Possession: Neobaroque Exile and the
Pleasure of the GhostDefense date: Feb 2015; Director: Jose Quiroga

Summer 2013

M.A. Department of Hispanic Studies

University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Spring 2012

M.A. Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Spring 2008

Graduate Certificate, Department of Social Theory

University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Summer 2007

Graduate Program, Middlebury Language School

Middlebury College, Middlebury, VT

Summer 2006

B.A. Spanish, Latin American Studies, and Philosophy

University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Spring 2005

Semester Abroad, Universidad de Palermo

Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Winter 2004

Brazilian Portuguese Intensive Study

Instituto Brasileiro de Lnguas, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Fall 2004

Semester Abroad, Universidad Catlica de Valparaso

Facultad Valparaso, Chile

Spring 2002

Academic Exchange Program, Instituto Ordoo II

Colegio La Palomera, Leon, Spain

Winter 2011

Narrative Intervention and Black Aesthetics: Cirilo Villaverdes

Cecilia Valds and Martin Mora Delgados Sofia.
Decimonnica, 8.1 (2011): 5775 (Blind Peer Reviewed)


Exorcising Global Oppression: Papi by Rita Indiana Hernndez.

21st Century Gender in the Hispanic World. Ed. Tania Gomez. Indiana UP


Oct. 2014

Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference Award

PAMLA Scholarship Committee, Riverside, CA

June 2014

Professional Development Funds

Laney Graduate School, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Training funds to conduct interviews, visit archives, develop study-abroad
materials, and attend a literature course and theater program in Cuba.

Apr. 2012

Professional Development Funds

Laney Graduate School, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Support funds (competitive) to conduct research at Princeton University
Librarys and the Cuban Heritage Collection at the University of Miami.

Summer 2009

Archival Research and Paleography Funding

Laney Graduate School, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Scholarship to attend a paleography course at the University of Salamanca
and access colonial transatlantic and Cuban archival materials in Seville.

July 2009

Research Grant
Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Grant facilitated travel to Madrid and resulted in an article publication.

Feb. 2015

Best Graduate Writing Tutor in Southeastern Region

SEWCA Conference, Nashville, TN
Nomination and pending award for Writing Center instruction.

Feb. 2013

Elected Faculty, Emory Scholars Program and Phi Beta Kappa

Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Guest faculty who encouraged students to excel and exemplified
intellectual rigor and enthusiasm for scholarly pursuits.

Oct. 2012

Doctoral Examination Honors, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Qualifying Examination Honors: 90+ pages for 5 areas, written in 4 days

Aug. 2006

University Scholars Program, Dean of the Graduate School,

University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
Selected into M.A. studies by Enrico Mario Sant after junior year of B.A.

Summer 2006

Cum Laude and Departmental Honors in Spanish and in Latin American Studies
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Fall 2014
Spring 2015

Doctoral Fellow in the Writing Program, Laney Graduate School

Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Fall 2008
Spring 2014

Arts and Sciences Teaching Fellowship, Laney Graduate School

Fall 2006
Spring 2008

Teaching Assistantship and Tuition Scholarship, The Graduate School

University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Fall 2003
Spring 2006

University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Scholarship

Aug. 2009

Graduate Instructor, Laney Graduate School

Aug. 2014

Emory University, Atlanta, GA

(Courses above 202 were independently designed and instructed)
Spanish 460: Modern Latin America: Baroque and Neobaroque
Spanish 400: Cultura en Prctica (Study Abroad Laboratory)

Nelsen 2

Spanish 302: Modern Hispanic Literature and Culture (Transatlantic Survey)

Spanish 300: Reading Texts and Contexts (Transatlantic Survey)
Spanish 212: Advanced Reading Practice
Spanish 202: Intermediate Spanish II
Spanish 201: Intermediate Spanish I
Spanish 201: Summer: Intermediate Spanish I
Spanish 102: Elementary Spanish I (2 sections)
Spanish 101: Elementary Spanish I (3 sections)
Aug. 2012
May 2013

Teaching Assistant, Goizueta Business School

Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Business 634: Strategic Management (MBA level)
Business 365: Business Communication

Aug. 2006

Graduate Instructor, Department of Hispanic Studies

Jun. 2008

University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Spanish 202: Intermediate Spanish IV (2 section)
Spanish 201: Intermediate Spanish III (2 sections)
Spanish 102: Elementary Spanish II (2 sections)
Spanish 101: Elementary Spanish I (2 sections)
Spanish 101: Elementary Spanish Laboratory I (6 sections)


The Chinese Smoking Pipe,El puesto de frer,and Goodbye to Shampoo

Havanna Reader, Jos Quiroga (ed.), Duke UP (Literature Translations)

Spring 2009

disClosure: A Journal of Social Theory, No. 18: War

U of Kentucky P, Lexington, KY (Coeditor of yearly issue; Publication Manager)

Nelson Rodriguezs Name: Alterations in Survivor Scripts
Studies in Latin American Popular Culture

Sierra Maestra or Secrets in the Stacks: Resetting Reinaldo Arenas Celestino

Antes del Alba as a Readership Ritual Confluencias
The Architectural Uncanny: Diego de San Pedros Textual Prison
New York Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies

June 2012

Caribbean Spectrality: Neobaroque Poetics

Institute for Economic and Social Development, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Apr. 2011

Celebration: An Interdisciplinary Event (Opening Notes)

The Institute for Liberal Arts Community Dialogue Series, Atlanta, GA

Apr. 2007

The National in Argentine Literature

Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, Lexington, KY (Panel Chair)

Nelsen 3

Apr. 2007

Escritores del Boom ayer y hoy, Sexual Textualities, and Escritoras Chilenas
Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, Lexington, KY

May 2015

Cecilia Valds and Norge Espinosas Virgencita de Bronce: The Puppet Unstrung
LASA, San Juan, Puerto Rico (accepted)

Apr. 2015

Stock Characters to Spain and Back: Victor Landaluze and Oscar Micheaux
 MELUS Atlanta, GA (accepted)

Feb. 2015

Insular Ghosts of the Cross-Rivers Region: Gullah and igo Comparisons.


Oct. 2014

Exorcising Masculinity: Rita Indiana Hernndez Papi

PAMLA, Riverside, CA (special session on global exile)

Nov. 2012

Exile and the Page: Severo Sarduys Colibr

SAMLA, Durham, NC (special session dedicated to attendee Gustavo Prez Firmat)

Nov. 2011

Espectros neobarrocos: Entre Jos Lezama Lima y Severo Sarduy

Comparative Caribbeans Conference, Atlanta, GA (professoriate-level conference)

Mar. 2010

Black Aesthetics: Villaverdes Cecilia Valds and Mora Delgados Sofa

NEMLA, Montreal, Canada

Oct. 2010

Parody in Paradise: The Spatial Discourse of Jose Lezama Lima

X Congreso Internacional Poesa y Potica: Centenario del Natalicio de Jos
Lezama Lima, Benemrita Universidad Autnoma de Puebla, Mexico

Oct. 2009

Aesthetics of Silence: Images of the Mexican Revolution and Nelly Campobello

XXI Annual Conference in Romance Languages and Literatures, Boston College,
Boston, MA

May 2008

Historia y Terror en la Ruta de Corpes

UCLA Annual Conference in Spanish and Portuguese, Los Angeles, CA

Apr. 2007

The State of Exception: Clothing Size Laws in Buenos Aires

Descendencias, New York University, New York, NY

Apr. 2014

Reinaldo Arenas: History and the Self

Graduate Student Colloquium, Department of History, Emory University

Feb. 2012

Transformers and Hummingbirds: Neobaroque Ghosts of Severo Sarduy

Department of Spanish and Portuguese Colloquium, Emory University

Apr. 2012

Representation of A.I.D.S. and Exile: Otero, Arenas, Sarduy

Rollins School of Public Health Lecture, Emory University

Feb. 2008

The Grail of Orality in 'Cirilo' Valds: Superpositioning Exile/Asylum/Prison/Voice

Spectral Symposium, University of Kentucky

Nelsen 4

Fall 2014

Freedom University Instructor, A DREAM Initiative

Emorys Center for Community Partnerships, Atlanta, GA
Led undergraduates instructing high school students without papers.

Fall 2014

Arrendale State Prison Chaplaincy

Candler School of Theology, Emory University
Co-taught "Writing Spiritual Memoirs" and "Bioethics" at women's penitentary

Summer 2012

Study Abroad Assistant Director, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Center for International Programs Abroad, Emory University, Buenos Aires, AR
Developed activities, led international trips to Uruguay, lectured on site,
established budget, mantained records, and updated website information.
Sample Excusions Led:
"Calle Florida (historical circuit route)
Baslica Nuestra Seora de Pilar
Camarn de las Musas (theater)
Catedral de Tango (dance instruction)
Centro Cultural Jorge Luis Borges
Centro Cultural Konex (theater and concert)
Club Atlntico (ESMA site under construction)
Colonia, Uruguay (excursion)
El Zanjn (event space and art museum)
Feria Puro de Diseo 2012 (artisan fair)
Fundacin Proa (art museum)
Galeras Pacficos (mural site)
Museo de Arte Latino Americano de Buenos Aires
Teatro Colon (rehearsal screening)

Summer 2009

Summer Abroad Graduate Assistant, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Center for International Programs, Abroad, Emory University, Salamanca, Spain
Organized excursions and reviews, tutorial hours, and cultural discussions.
Sample Excusions Led:
Convento de San Esteban
Casa Museo Unamuno
Casa de las Conchas
Convento de las Dueas
University of Salamanca /LEUDU\$UFKLYHV

Spring 2008

College of Agriculture, Business Spanish Instruction

University of Kentucky and Kentucky State Extension Services
Designed and taught a business course, then administered assessments.
Needs-based functional Spanish

Fall 2014

Writing Scientific Research Papers Biology 141 Breakout Sessions

Department of Biology, College of Arts and Sciences, Emory University

Fall 2014

Creating a Domain of Ones Own Website and ESL Tutoring Techniques

Emory Writing Center, Emory College of Arts and Sciences, Emory University

Fall 2013

Style and Tone, Top 20 Grammar Errors, and Structuring Memos

Goizueta Business School, Undergraduate Program, Emory University

Nelsen 5

Literacy Instructor

Oct. 2011
Mar. 2012

A Better Chance Tutoring, L.L.C., Atlanta, GA

In conjunction with No Child Left Behind state initiatives, taught literacy
to underprivileged children (grades 35) in homes of migrant families.

Communication Editor and Board Member

May 2010
Aug. 2011

ALPFA, Atlanta, GA
Edited all communications with national chapters for largest and longest
standing association for Latinos in accounting, finance and consulting.

Kentucky Senate Bill Proposal for H.R. 4437

Aug. 2007

May 2006
Aug. 2007

Feb. 2006

Kentucky Coalition for Refugee and Immigrant Rights, Lexington, KY

Coauthored an initial proposal (sponsored by Sen. Ernesto Scorsone)
concerning access to state licenses and automobile insurance.

Intern in Public Relations and Non-Profit Initiatives

Kentucky Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, Lexington, KY
Contacted public officials; attended city-hall meetings; and created
archives entitled Citizenship, Deportation, Detention and Human
Trafficking and Gang Prevention.

10-10-10 Courthouse Plaza Rally Assistant and Coordinator

Latino Student Association, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
Promoted largest state rally in history (10,000 attendees).

Summer 2011

A Dangerous Crossing: Buford Highway

Blueprint, PBS Television Translation, New York, NY

Mar. 2011

Sophomore Year Reflections: Spanish 201

Emory Student Radio, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

May 2007

Immigrant Communities Support the Jena 6 Movement

Fair Immigration Reform Movement (online publication of press release)

June 2007

Athletes will run 65 miles for immigration reform

Border Angels (online publication)

May 2007

Immigrants Rights Action Alert in Lexington

La Voz de KY (online publication)

Apr. 2006

Latino Music Today

University of Kentucky Radio (Guest DJ)

May 2015

AP Exam Evaluator: Hispanic Literature

The College Board, New York, NY

Aug. 2011

Praxis II Exam Evaluator: World Language Exams

May 2013

Educational Testing Services, Princeton, NJ

Nelsen 6


Spring 2014

Shorelight Education Consultant

International Programs, Boston, MA
Presented on Latin American education system for a higher education
firm and answered questions on business contexts in Latin America.

Aug. 2012
Dec. 2013

May 2006
Aug. 2007
Sep. 2006
May 2008

Research Consultant, Business Writing Center

Goizueta Business School, Emory University, Atlanta, GA
Led a team of 6 undergraduates in peer mentoring, and tutored MBA
and BBA students in writing for intensive business courses.

Summer Programs Cultural Activities Coordinator

Sayre Middle School, Lexington, KY
Planned activities for 300+ K12 students aimed at decreasing prejudice.

Afterschool Programs Director and K6 Instructor

Lexington Montessori School, Lexington, KY

Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Laney Graduate School, Emory University, Atlanta, GA
External Review Committee Member, Graduate Student Recruitment Committee; Graduate
Student Conference Co-Organizer and Panel Chair; Graduate Student Council Representative,
Undergraduate Honors and Awards Committee; Annual Youth Latino Leadership Conference
Volunteer; Woodrow Parent-Teaching Volunteer Program Founder

Department of Comparative Literature, Laney Graduate School, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Callaloo Conference Volunteer, Comparative Carribeans Guest Speaker Host

Institute of Liberal Arts, Laney Graduate School, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Community Dialogue Series Conference Co-Organizer, Visual Arts Innitiative Member

Emory Writing Program, Emory College of Arts and Sciences, Atlanta, GA

Requirements Committee Member, Undergraduate Honors Staff Group Leader, Dissertation
Boot Camp Tutor, Emory Writing Center ESL Lead Tutor, Domain of Ones Own WordPress Liaison

Laney Graduate School, Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Graduate Student Committee on Giving Member, TA Microteach Peer Evaluator, Commission
on the Liberal Arts Member, Graduate Student Association Departmental Representative

Department of Hispanic Studies, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Professional Workshop Series Co-Organizer, Alicia Partnoy Visit Graduate Student Assistant,
Victor Gaviria Visit Graduate Student Host, Rutas de Investigacion Series Volunteer

Department of Social Theory, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Interdisciplinary Lectures Volunteer Committee, Interviewer, Library Publications, Editorial
Committee, Seminar Series Participant (co-taught by four professors and eight guest professors)

Graduate School, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Graduate Student Congress Founding Member and Treasurer, Academic Open House
Volunteer, World Language Festival Judge, First Annual Conference Committee Member

Nelsen 7

Latin American Studies Association
Puerto Rican Studies Association
Sigma Delta Pi, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Sigma Iota

GIS and Archival: Archive Grid, Omeka, ESRI, Teaching Analytics Tools
Suites: Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop; Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher
Organizational: Blackboard, WordPress, Webspiration, Doodle
Instructional: Quia, Gradebook, Itunes-U, Prezi, Vimeo, Databases
Emory Center for Interactive Teaching Workshops: Digital Story Telling
Moocs, Creating Online Exhibits, Teaching and Learning Analytics
NEH Workshop: Automated Dectors of Affect and Engagement (scheduled for 2015)

Spanish: Doctoral Level Proficiency
Portuguese Advanced Intermediate Proficiency
French: Advanced Intermediate Comprehension and Translation

Jos A. Quiroga, Department of Spanish, Department of Comparative Literature
Emory University, 510S Callaway Center, Atlanta, GA, 30322
(404) 727-4062,

Maria M. Carrin, Department of Spanish, Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies

Emory University, 515S Callaway Center, Atlanta, GA, 30322
(404) 727-2297,

Hernn Feldman, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Emory University, 511N Callaway Center, Atlanta, GA, 30322
(404) 727-6529,

Enrico Mario Santi, Department of Hispanic Studies

University of Kentucky, 1127 Patterson Office Tower, Lexington, KY, 40506
(859) 257-7066,

Andrew Doolan, Department of Social Theory and Department of English

University of Kentucky 1337 Patterson Office Tower, Lexington, KY, 40506
(859) 257-1488,

Elena del Ro Parra, Spanish Literature and Language Department

Georgia State University, 38 Peachtree Center Ave., Suite 841, Atlanta, GA, 30303
(404) 413-6592,
Nelsen 8