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Contra Death Penalty for Corruptors

1. The Fact
According to Jeffrey A. Fagan Professor of Law and Public Health from Columbia Law
School, There are no scientific proof that it claims death penalty making corruptors afraid. For
example China where carries out it still fails to prevent corruption. China is the first
corruption country.
2. Constitution
a. Article 28D
Every person shall have the right of recognition, guarantees, protection and certainty
before a just law, and of equal treatment before the law.
Comments: The corruptors is a thief. According to the passage above, corruptors must be
punished like a thief.
b. Article 28A
Every person shall have the right to live and to defend his/her life and existence.
c. Article 28I
The rights to life, freedom from torture, freedom of thought and conscience, freedom of
religion, freedom from enslavement, recognition as a person before the law, and the right
not to be tried under a law with retrospective effect are all human rights that cannot be
limited under any circumstances.
Comments: Corruptors have a right to life and in international law, every member of United
Nations, including Indonesia, must erase death penalty from their constitution. Death Penalty
is a penalty which lower human values and is contradiction in Human Basic Rights.
3. Punishment
The corruptors must be punished but its not death penalty. They must get a hard punishment
like make them poor, take back their asset, get a jail for a long time, erase giving remission.
When the death sentence was handed down could be realized so that instead of the state
without corruption but instead gave rise to a new crime figures who were born because the
effect of the pressures of life in economic terms because after after the death of his father
could be sentenced to death or the country could be destroyed by the kids her father became a
victim of the death penalty because based on revenge. Things like this should also be kept.
4. The effectiveness of death penalty for corruptors
Corrupt are criminals were indeed very deplorable and everyone knows it. But we can not
forget that he is human just like us all. Actions that we hate is not the culprit. He also had a
future, have become family responsibilities, have an environment that sometimes expect his
presence. All this is a consideration for given death penalty for a corrupt person. In the theory
of criminal law when the judge was about to decide a case relating to an offense, regardless of
its form then the Judge should see 2 sides, the first is the past, which indeed it became a

problem because it never committed a crime, the latter needs to be seen is the future First, in
the sense that human beings by nature always want the good will be better able to be beyond
even what we think. It means that there is still a possibility of change in moving towards a
better course with coaching. Then the future of the family who became its responsibilities, his
son, his wife, and other family members who became her responsibility.
5. Law in Indonesia
The corruptors can be smaller than before time by time. Unfortunately, its apart for the fact
that the system of law in indonesia still bad, weak and mess. So many judges in Indonesia are
affected by kkn. And I suspect lots of dirty work in every case of making judgement for
corruptors. I think we should focus to the law of Indonesia at first . We need to control and do
surveillance for all of police and judges in Indonesia . So that there are will no the suspect of
corruption who gets the jail out before they have time to depart. And there are no inmates who
feel good inside prison. We know that the jail for corruptors are different to any others right ?
their jail are too good and lavish. The system of law in Indonesia have to be repaired and
reviewed. The KPK should check and inquire anyone who are reported and accused by the
suspect of scandal corruption. I dont understand its right or not that maybe the KPK itself
has influenced by dirty politic. We should not reside the death penalty as the number one.

Addition. Read it friends ^.^

1. Wrong Convictions
Since 1973, more than 130 people have been released from death rows throughout the
US, due to evidence of their wrongful convictions. We do not know how many people are
charged for crimes and murders they have never committed. However, the legal system
has found some cases wherein, they have wrongly accused the innocent. Factors such as
inadequate legal representations, police and prosecutor misconduct, racial prejudice, jail
house "snitch" testimony, political pressure to solve a case, misinterpretation of evidence,
etc. can work against an innocent person and conduce to harsh death penalty.
2. Costs
Most of us fail to realize that executing a death sentence is 2.5 times more expensive than
keeping the same criminal in prison for life. This is because, the cost incurred prior to and
during the trial, involves an endless stream of appeals, legal wrangling, etc. For such
trials, special motions and extra time for jury selection are required. Investigation charges
also rise exorbitantly, especially by the prosecution. Thus, spending finances on death
penalty is tantamount to reducing essential financial and time resources needed for crime
prevention, mental health treatment, rehabilitation, valuable victim's services, etc.
3. Deterrence
The other school of thought says that death penalty will help reduce the number of
homicides. On the contrary, statistics have revealed that countries with death penalty as

punishment, have higher homicide rates as compared to countries that have abolished
capital punishment. This shows that the threat of execution in the future is unlikely to
deter people from executing the horrendous crime under the influence of alcohol, drug,
fear, rage or mental illness. Most murders are done in the heat of passion, wherein a
person fails to think rationally, so it's baseless to think the fear of death penalty will
reduce homicides.
4. Rehabilitation Failure
Putting somebody on death row does not accomplish anything. Death penalty closes all
doors for the criminal to acknowledge his mistakes. Family members of the convicted
may want to see the murderer punished, but death penalty will not ease the pain caused
by the loss of the loved one. Retribution will not pacify the pain or fill the vacuum caused
by the loss. This does not mean we are not to punish the guilty. A life imprisonment is a
terrible punishment, amplifying the agony of the convicted over the decades spent in
prison. Moreover, if we take away the murderer's life, how are we different? Isn't giving a
second chance more humane? Although lethal injects and electric chairs are not as
barbaric as medieval torture devices, it still is taking somebody's life.