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List of providers

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//Data Center Checklist


Company Profile

1 2 3


Compliance Available

Publicly held or venture backed

SAS 70 / SSAE 16

Multiple data centers


Multiple service locations


Reputable reference accounts

Core Power

Core competency designs, engineers and delivers

data center products and services

1 2 3

Total capacity available at data center (# MW)

On-site substation

Provides a 100% uptime SLA

If yes, is substation dedicated to providers use?

Offers modular data center products and services

Diverse high voltage feeds from utility

Offers enterprise-grade private cloud Infrastructure

as a Service

If yes, what is capacity (in kV/KVA)?

Standardized data center hardware

Offers software optimized data center infrastructure

Critical Power

Meets ultra-high security requirements

# backup generators on-site

Tier III Design Certified by the Uptime Institute

Total backup capacity currently available (# MW)

Environmental Threats & Location

# gallons diesel fuel stored on-site

How long at full load? (# minutes)


Proximity to diesel fuel filling station (# miles)


Battery backup capacity at load (# minutes)


Tidal flooding

Uninterruptible Conditioned Power

River flooding

Concurrently maintainable design


UPS currently available (# MW)

Blizzards/Hail storms

Total UPS available at site (# MW)

Located in flood plain

Diverse UPS manufacturers

Located in flight path

Diverse PDU manufacturers

Adjacent to highway with hazardous shipping

Power density across entire data center (Watts UPS/SF)

Adjacent to railroad tracks

Spot densities per square foot (# Watts)

Easily accessible from airport/highway

Color-coded power cabling

Distance from street (# feet)

Hand-sewn, wax string used

Major delivery services available

Data Center Structure

1 2 3

1 2 3

Overhead cabling

LEED Certified

Energy Efficiency

Steel reinforced concrete

LED lighting

Square footage

Motion activated lighting

# stories

Ultrasonic humidification

On-site office space

Variable frequency drive chillers

# freight elevators

Variable frequency drive pumps

# truck/shipping bays

Variable frequency drive cooling towers

Burn-in staging center available

Variable frequency drive air handlers

Secure storage

Sealed cabinets

Managed shipping and receiving

Insulated roof

1225 W Burnside Street, Suite 310 Portland, OR 97209 // // 503.972.6677 // Opus Interactive 2012

//Data Center Checklist



1 2 3


Network Carriers

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) option available


% of time free cooling can be used


Heat Rejection

1 2 3

# of compressors/chillers

Bi-directional, welded, valved chilled water loop

Integra Telecom
Level 3


LS Networks

Diverse water mains

Paetec (Windstream)

# gallons water stored on-site

SilverStar Telecom

Domestic well on-site

Verizon Business
Spectrum Networks

Air Handling


Concurrently maintainable design

tw telecom

# modular CRAH units


Capacity of CRAH units (kw or tons per unit)

Zayo (360 Networks)

High-efficiency raised floor

High-efficiency chilled water system

Network Connectivity

Variable speed plug fans

Free cross-connects

Access Control


Traffic bollards/car traps

On-site Meet-Me-Room

Digital video surveillance

# diverse fiber entry vaults

Customer defined access lists

# network providers on-site with gateway access

Visitor tracking

Enterprise-grade internet bandwidth w/minimum

Biometric screening

10GB connections to each provider


Private data transport between data centers

Locking cabinets, cages, suites and modules

Dark fiber available

Private access control systems allowed

Wireless service available

24x7xForever customer access without delay

Redundant controllers
HSSD smoke detection

Global Crossing

Capacity of chilled water plant (#tons)

Discreet PLC system automation

ACS Alaska

# evaporation towers

Environmental Controls

1 2 3

1 2 3

Support Services
Complimentary remote hands
24x7 On call engineers
Managed Services Options

Interlocked, multi-zone, pre-action dry pipe and clean

agent gas fire suppression
Rope-style leak detection
Single point grounding system
UL approved perimeter lightning protection system

1225 W Burnside Street, Suite 310 Portland, OR 97209 // // 503.972.6677 // Opus Interactive 2012