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Dual-fuel flexibility and reliability

MAN Diesel & Turbo

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MAN Diesel & Turbo, as the name suggests, is best known for its robust diesel
technology. But we also have increasing expertise in clean-burning gas and dualfuel engines. Developing efficient, viable green technology is a key focus for our
Our dedication to quality is legendary. Our gas engines are entirely designed and
built at our own facilities, giving us unbeatable hands-on control and visibility.
So our engines are built to last, with more uptime and less maintenance.
Whether stand-alone engines, gensets or turnkey power plants, we create one-stop
solutions that precisely meet your needs. We offer a true partnership: expert advice
and lifelong support. And whenever and wherever needed, our global network of
service hubs delivers expert, rapid on-the-spot assistance.

MAN B&W Diesel

51/60DF Dual-fuel flexibility and reliability

Modern and Innovative Technology

Short description of major engine parts

The 51/60DF engine from MAN Diesel & Turbo is a dual-fuel engine that converts

MAN Diesel & Turbo turbocharging system

liquid fuel (diesel operation) or natural gas into electrical power efficiently and with

The constant pressure turbocharging system lever-

low emissions. Being able to switch smoothly and seamlessly from gas to diesel

turbochargers with long bearing TBOs. They ensure

ages state-of-the-art MAN Diesel & Turbo TCA series

operation (and vice versa) enables multiple applications with a variety of fuels. The

thorough combustion with very low residues and low

engine delivers maximum output combined with maximum flexibility and reliability.

In addition, high efficiency at full and partial loads results

thermal stress on combustion-chamber components.

in substantial air surplus. Plus, very high efficiency of
the turbocharger at low-pressure ratios enables good

Key features and components at a glance

Stepped piston

operation at part load. Both vee- and inline 51/60DF

All our engine parts are designed and built with the

Forged, dimensionally stable steel crown (with shaker

engines are charged by a single TCA turbocharger with

aim of achieving reliable operation, straightforward

cooling by using oil), made from high-grade materials

the advantage that only one common exhaust gas

maintenance and the longest TBO*. The 51/60DF

with skirt in nodular graphite iron. Chromium ceramic

pipe is required for all cylinders.

features the following:

coating of the first piston ring with highly resistant

Engine frame

ceramic particles in the ring surface, resulting in low

Service-friendly design


wear of ring and liner.

Hydraulic tools used for tightening and loosening cylinder

As with all MAN Diesel & Turbo engines, the NOx emis-

The engine is housed in a rigid single-cast monobloc

head nuts make for easy servicing of the 51/60DF.

sions of the 51/60DF meet the requirements set by

frame, further strengthened by tie bolts running from the

Connecting rod and bearing

The engine also features clamps with quick release

the World Bank 2007/2008. In gas mode, the engines

suspended main bearing through to the top edge of

Optimised marine head design to allow piston over-

fasteners and/or clamp and plug connectors. And the

emissions are significantly below the permissible World

the engine frame, and from the cylinder head through

haul without removal of the connecting rod bearing

access covers are generously sized for simple access.

Bank limits. To comply with stringent NOx limits, we also

to the intermediate bottom.

cap. Specially designed bearing shells in the connect-

In addition, 51/60DF has hydraulic tools for crank-

offer selective catalytic reduction technology (SCR) for

ing rod for increased reliability.

shaft bearings and big-end bearings and the sleeve

this engine type.

Cylinder liner
The thick-walled design of MAN Diesel & Turbo cylinder

spring vibration damper is practically maintenance free.



liners offers high resistance to deformation, enabling

Exhaust gas valves with propellers on the shaft for


optimum running conditions for the piston.

self-turning effect in the exhaust gas stream and seat-

The 51/60DF engine is equipped with the SaCoS-DF

gaseous fuels. In liquid fuel operation, the engine can

The 51/60DF is designed for operation with liquid and

ing in armoured, water-cooled valve seats, resulting in

safety and control system. SaCoS-DF guarantees re-

be operated with HFO with a viscosity of up to 700

Cylinder head

low valve temperatures. The inlet valves are equipped

liable engine operation in diesel and gas mode with

mm/s (cSt) at 50C. It is designed for fuel qualities

Improved combustion chamber geometry optimises

with Rotocap mechanical rotators.

an optimum operation range between knocking and

specified in CIMAC 2003 H/K700/DIN ISO 8217. With

misfiring in gas operation. All cylinders are regulat-

liquid fuels, continuous HFO operation is possible be-

tion of the injection spray with no negative effects on


ed individually. In diesel mode, control is based on

tween 20% and 100% load.

either operating modes enables a good air-fuel ratio

In operation with liquid fuels high-pressure injection

well proven engine management of the MAN Diesel

for highly effective combustion.

with improved atomisation ensures good combustion

& Turbo medium-speed diesel engines. This sys-

For gas operation, the gaseous fuel must comply with

of fuel with the lowest, but still acceptable, qualities of

tem is tested at the factory together with the engine,

the latest valid MAN Diesel & Turbo quality require-

the combustion of gas and diesel/HFO. And atomisa-

Rocker arm casing

HFO. In gas operation pilot fuel is injected through a

making fine tuning and functional testing easier and

ments. MAN Diesel & Turbo can also deliver solutions

The weight-reduced design of the rocker arm casing

common rail injection system.

smootherwhen the power plant is commissioned.

for lower methane numbers.

facilitates fast removal for the overhaul and service of

injection nozzles in gas and diesel/HFO operation.

51/60DF Dual-fuel flexibility and reliability

* TBO = time between overhaul

For gas operation, the gaseous fuel must comply with the latest valid
MAN Diesel & Turbo quality requirements. For lower methane numbers,
MAN Diesel & Turbo is prepared to deliver well-adapted solutions.

51/60DF Dual-fuel flexibility and reliability

51/60DF The reliable one

Engine data for 51/60DF

Engine cycle: four-stroke

Reference conditions according

ISO 3046-1: 2002

Turbocharging system: constant pressure

Number of cylinders, V-engines: 18, 14, 12

The stated consumption figures refer to:

Number of cylinders, L-engines: 9

Bore: 510 mm

n Ambient

Stroke: 600 mm

n Relative

Swept volume per cylinder: 122.6 dm3

n Ambient
n Charge

air pressure:

1,000 mbar



air temperature: +25C (77F)

air temperature: According

Cylinder output (MCR)


at 514 rpm, 60 Hz: 1,000 kWm

temperature before charge air cooler







at 500 rpm, 50 Hz: 975 kWm

Power unit output
Between 8,538 and 17,514 kWe
Cylinder cooling (single-stage): fresh water
Charge air cooler (two-stage): fresh water
Fuel injector cooling: fresh water
Starting method
Compressed air
The engines comply with the World Bank guidelines for thermal power plants

The consumption figures stated refer to the ISO reference values

listed above and an engine type specific reference charge air temperature before cylinder of 43C. The heat rate for diesel operation
refers to fuel oil with a lower caloric value (LHV) of 42,700 kJ/kg.
The heat rate for gas operation refers to a LHV of 28 MJ/Nm 3
(Nm corresponds to one cubic meter of gas at 0 C and 1.013 bar).

Consumption figures are given with a tolerance of +5% and without

engine-driven pumps. Figures for gas engines refer to natural gas
with a methane number higher than 80.
The specific lube oil consumption is specified at MCR with a tolerance of 20%.

Specific fuel oil consumption in diesel operation:

(g/kWh) =

heat rate x 1000


The electrical power quoted depends on the make of
alternator. Power and consumption values may vary
according to specific configuration.

51/60DF Dual-fuel flexibility and reliability

51/60DF Dual-fuel flexibility and reliability

Technical Data

Dimensions and Weights


Four-stroke dual-fuel engines V51/60DF and L51/60DF

Specific fuel consumption of GenSet (5% tolerance)

Gas (incl pilot fuel)

100% load*

Gas (incl. pilot fuel)

100% load**

100% load


7,687 kWe

7,848 kJ/kWhe

7,965 kJ/kWhe

*WB2007/2008 ** TA-Luft

Lube oil consumption L+V51/60DF (20% tolerance)

Cyl. No.








GenSet output* (kWe )

Engine 51/60DF

500 1/min, 50 Hz (kWe )

514 1/min, 60 Hz (kWe )







Engine type
No. of cyl.








*Alternator efficiency: 97.3%






Dry mass*































Mean piston speed

10.0 m/s

10.3 m/s

* The dimensions and weights are given for guidance only. Dry masses apply to the complete GenSets. More information is available upon request.

Mean effective pressure

19.1 bar

19.1 bar

* Depending on alternator

51/60DF Dual-fuel flexibility and reliability

51/60DF Dual-fuel flexibility and reliability

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support solutions for all aspects of running a power or

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running a power plant while you concentrate on your

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10 51/60DF Dual-fuel flexibility and reliability

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purposes only and is especially not guaranteed in any way. Depending on the
subsequent specific individual projects, the relevant data may be subject to
changes and will be assessed and determined individually for each project. This
will depend on the particular characteristics of each individual project, especially
specific site and operational conditions. CopyrightMAN Diesel & Turbo.
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