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rom the local iron foundry founded in 1860 to the global corporation of
today Bühler delivers leading technology and solutions for processing
grain into safe and healthy finished products. Bühler stands for
straightforward and cutting-edge solutions. State-of-the-art process
technology, innovative plant engineering and a deep knowledge of
the related processes maximize both quality and product yields. But
there is even more to it: Bühler know-how also enables customers to create
the most cost - and energy-efficient process solutions from stand-alone
machines to complete plants.

Success comes with the original product. Quality always pays off. Bühler is setting standards in the grain processing industry for more than 150 years. Whether
you grind wheat, corn, rye, oat, buckwheat, soy, or malt grain – our processes
and equipment are finely tuned to get the most from your grain. And this kind of
process quality quickly pays off. The highest flour yields and best product quality
ensure fast return on investment. www.buhlergroup.com

Innovation. One of the key terms in this connection is innovation based on
the art of engineering. Without an additional healthy dose of enthusiasm
and persistence, the spirit of discovery so typical of Bühler would never have
thrived. Time and again, this spirit has enabled the organization to roll out firsts
in the global marketplace, for example in the field of roller mill development.
Quality leadership. This attribute is manifested in quantifiable and transparent
quality targets which are defined in an open dialog with our customers so
that promised performance is achieved and the edge in confidence can be
further increased.

Bühler AG, Grain Milling, 9240 Uzwil, Switzerland, T +41 71 955 11 11, F +41 71 955 66 11
milling@buhlergroup.com, www.buhlergroup.com

Focus on solutions. Focus on solutions means to center all efforts on our
customers’ profitability. This requires an understanding of and a capability to
improve their complete value chains and thus to offer our customers an edge
in performance over pure equipment manufacturers.
Global reach. Bühler has been a global player for many decades, with a
multicultural team and a local presence extending across all the major
markets of the world. This edge in availability, whose significance will further
increase in the future, pays off in the results it allows to be achieved.

Innovations for a better world.

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Brabender® GmbH & Co. KG is a family-run enterprise, founded in 1923.
Today, the Brabender® group employs about 400 people and has a presence in
over 116 countries with 80 distributors.
As a leading supplier for the food and chemical industries worldwide, Brabender®
develops, manufactures and distributes instruments and equipment for the testing
of material quality and physical properties in all areas of research, development
and production.
In the Food area, Brabender® offers a broad range of instruments for sample preparation and quality control, especially for the milling and baking industry. It is famous
for its three-phase-system, consisting of three standard instruments worldwide for
measuring the product quality of flour and dough – Farinograph®, Extensograph®
and Amylograph®.
With its most recent innovation, the Brabender® GlutoPeak®, the company offers a
rapid method to measure the aggregation behaviour of the gluten and glutenin
proteins in a sample, for the purposes of describing their baking properties.
A crucial part of the company’s philosophy is customer orientation. Brabender®
provides its customers with a comprehensive advice and support, e. g. in the field
of material testing, optimization of production processes and sample preparation
on a laboratory scale. The company‘s headquarters in Duisburg (Germany) also
owns a technical applications laboratory in which customers can test the instruments themselves.
For 2015, Brabender® is striving, as always, for an optimum customer satisfaction
and looks forward to meeting you at one of its trade fair stands, e. g. at the
Anuga FoodTech in Cologne or at the IBA in Munich.

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Always leading to meet customers’ evolving needs - As the world’s
leading supplier of aquatic feed and pet food processing systems,
Wenger supports customers in new product development, lowering
energy costs and expanding viable recipe options. In the last few
years, Wenger introduced more than 30 new innovations and was
issued numerous patents in response to rapidly changing needs in the
Innovative designs - Available in both single screw and twin screw
configurations, Wenger extruders boast capacities up to 22 tons/hour
in multiple configurations. Two new innovations - Wenger diverging
cone screws and oblique die technologies - make extrusion the
superior choice for production of even high capacity micro aquatic
feeds. In addition, Wenger designs and manufactures dryers, coating
equipment, and ancillary hardware, which can be computerized, integrated and automated for complete process
Knowledge, research, training and support - Every Wenger product comes with exceptional personal service.
Customers have access to the 27,000-square-foot Wenger Technical Center and laboratory to test ideas and formulas.
Technical support includes pre- and post-installation engineering assistance, operator training and on-site attention
to quality control and operational needs. An extensive replacement parts inventory keeps customer downtime to a
Operating around the globe - Wenger engineering, manufacturing, research and administrative facilities are based
at their headquarters in Sabetha, Kansas, USA, with additional research sites, sales and service locations around the
world. In fact, Wenger serves producers of hundreds of different agri-food products in more than 90 countries.


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apco Inc., St. Louis, MO, USA manufactures
the most widely accepted line of nonmetallic
elevator buckets in the industry. Buckets are
available in polyethylene, nylon, polyurethane,
ductile iron, aluminum and fabricated steel.
Popular styles include CC-HD (Heavy Duty),
CC-XD (Xtreme Duty), Super EuroBucket™,
AA, AC and Continuous. n With over 1 million
buckets in 178 sizes in stock for immediate
shipment, Tapco has what you need, when
you want it. Certified FDA-compliant (food
grade) resins are standard in polyethylene and
urethane buckets. FDA-compliant nylon buckets
are available by request. n Tapco inventories
15 million elevator bolts in six styles in carbon
steel, zinc plated, stainless – along with belt
splices, abrasion-resistant sheeting, drag flights,
and hanger bearings. Call +1 314 739 9191 for
more information or free samples. n


Measuring Moisture in Grain, Nuts and Pulses
Controlling moisture in grain, nuts and pulses throughout different stages of
processing can be one of the biggest problems for manufacturers. Many
factors affect the moisture level in the raw product and they will have a contributing factor in the amount of moisture that either needs to be added or
evaporated during processing. Hydronix sensors successfully measure moisture
in all types of grain, whole kernel corn, wheat or maize as well as cut maize
and flaked oats.
• Reduce the amount of energy required for drying
• Reduce the amount of wasted materials
• Consistent, repeatable end product
Correct moisture control during the drying or conditioning of the grain enables a direct cost reduction in
terms of energy consumption and an efficient use of raw materials. Knowing the precise moisture content
of the material also reduces the likelihood of product waste due to microbial growth.
Microwave moisture measurement provides an easy method for the producer to precisely measure the
moisture content of the material and to make real time adjustments to optimise the process. Microwave
sensors are not affected by dust and vapour and have proved easy to use, reliable, accurate and cost
Hydronix range of sensors can be positioned in many different locations. The Hydro-Probe XT can be installed
inside a bin, underneath the gate, or in the material on a conveyor, and takes measurements as the material
flows over the sensors measuring surface. For applications with a high ambient temperature, the Hydro-Probe
Orbiter can be mounted above belt conveyors, taking measurements as the grain or other material flows
around it. Finally for applications that use a screw conveyor, chute or mixer, the Hydro-Mix is a flush mounted
sensor that enables the material to pass across the faceplate without impeding the flow of material.

The expansion of Silos Cordoba is following the strategy of diversification. A lot of new markets are
keen to invest in new storage facilities due to the price evolution of different grains.
The increase of the number of high qualified Area Manager at Silos Cordoba is contributing to a new
sales increase of around 20% for 2014. The new Area Managers are focused on Central Asia and
Southern part of Africa where we identified high potential for the near future.
For these positive sales increase, Silos Cordoba has started building the new factory in Cordoba where the production surface will be doubled up to 10.000 m2. The newest technology like laser cutting will be introduced in order to guarantee the
customer the highest product quality.
All these means will surely help Silos Cordoba to strengthen his position in the very competitive market for grain storage. The
complete solution, silos and machinery, offered by Silos Cordoba is getting more and more success at the customers in the
different countries in the world.
The new R&D department of Silos Cordoba has developed in 2014 new modern machinery to a very competitive price which
can be seen on our website.


Symaga is a Spanish company specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of
galvanized steel silos for storing needs, seeds, cereals, malt, oilseeds, grains, pellets,
rice, and, in general, for agriculture, agro-industry, biofuels and biomass.
With more than 30 years’ experience and over 15 million m³ of storage installations
executed worldwide, our manufacturing capacity is able to meet any project requirement
Symaga supplies a wide range of silos, flat up to 25.000 m³, and hopper silos, reaching 12 meters in diameter with 45°
hopper and 2,643 m³ capacity, completely galvanized and with double welded compression ring, which is also available
with 60° and 66° hopper, depending on models.
We provide Z600 galvanization, ensuring the highest service life of the market. We continue investing in research and
development, slowing us to develop new products to reach customer needs, including ventilated cone and fully perforated floor, among others, and becoming the first silo manufacturer company obtaining CE certified.

VIGAN, a reliable partner in dry bulk handling
Belgium-based VIGAN Engineering SA designs and manufactures handling equipment for
dry agribulk cargo: grain pumps, ship unloaders and loaders (pneumatic or mechanical),
reaching capacities up to 1,500 tons per hour.
Widely recognised worldwide as an expert in pneumatic bulk handling technology, VIGAN also delivers turnkey projects
for port terminals that include conveyors, silos, warehouses and bagging lines.
Since its foundation in 1968, VIGAN has sold more than 1,200 machines all over the world.
Successful 2014 - Basically, the sales pattern has been similar to previous years. The interest in VIGAN technology in ship
unloading remains important, with numerous inquiries from existing ports or new facilities. We have also seen a growing
demand for ship unloaders with larger capacities.
A reliable solutions provider - For more than four decades, VIGAN has forged its reputation by offering reliable equipment
adapted to the customer’s requirements: technical characteristics most suitable to each particular project with valuefor-money machines.
To remain competitive, VIGAN offers a highly professional technical assistance, a strong after-sales service and the
guarantee of long-term supply of spare parts from most well-known suppliers.
Moreover, VIGAN maintains permanent technical development, keeping in mind
major concerns: the environment, dust suppression, safety, efficiency and
A bright 2015 - With several long-term projects in the pipeline, VIGAN is
confident for next year. The demand for grains remains strong. As
grains are a basic staple food in many countries, governments
and private companies are both continuing to invest
in handling equipment.


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