A. Background of Research Language is one of the communication means of vital importance in human life. With language one can propose and express feeling they, communicating and interacted with where even also he present environment. Pass human communication can submit brainchild or idea, propose opinion, And even can develop sciences whom they have. These days language English at most used, good in international communication also science area. proved with 1.500.000.000 or around 87 % earthling uses language.

( In Indonesia, English obligatory foreign language is studied. this is proved into school curriculum begins from elementary school to college. And even at junior high school and senior high school is putted into to into national test. And sometimes to apply a certain job in Indonesia, we must can English-speaking tongue and article. In Indonesia, regional language as a pride for nation that must at maintain and preserved. one of the regional language exist in Indonesia language Rejang, follow Richard Mcginn language Rejang that is unique, in his the watchfulness submits language Rejang has emphasis by the end of word, for that necessary

watched over the existence. Especially language Rejang Curup very necessary at preserve because Curup town very many mix with another terms and influenced from language Curup itself city. Still very thick with language rejang curup follow watchfulness Richard Mcginn which Dusun Sawah as sense of care that regional language is important at guard, government Rejang Lebong put into language rejang as a lesson in elementary school. Every language has identity self. languages at has many differences in the case of intonation, for example ”register”, that is distance between bottommost tone and highest in intonation, in language one and other vary. For example, register from intonation in French more ”small” than intonation in American English, and American intonation more ”small ” than English British . or in language same often register intonation women than register of man intonation (J,W,N. Asas-asas linguistik.gadjah mada university press.2006: hal 57).

Intonation of vital importance in a act to say especially moment ask so that we understand purpose from speaker , for example in what do you want sentence? moment someone that ask to the friend. of course differ secretor intonation moment interrogative sentence “ what do you want? ” if somebody asks to the enemy. Example other moment we ask with opponent speaks different position with us. We shall produce different intonation although question kind same. moment between a ask to teacher" what now clock? " sure differ intonation between a pupil with another pupil. in trade even also intonation very necessary, with interrogative sentence wants to buy to what? if the intonation appropriate

influential to the purchase. so important intonation position in interrogative sentence because will influence purpose and aim from speaker that ask in English language, we are know some of interrogative sentences : yes-no questions, Wh-Questions, tag questions, alternative questions, and rhetorical questions1. All of interrogative sentences has grammatical respectively. And every sentence has intonation aloof moment submit it. in every language sure has intonation rule aloof moment ask and there is with that sentence will produced to pass to act to say, in also language Rejang Curup of course has also rule each. author finds phenomenon between english there has intonation similarity with language rejang curup in WH-Question Bahasa Inggris Where do you, go? . . . ’ Bahasa Rejang Curup Lak Maipe, Ko ?( specific question ) . . ’ want to preserve regional

Based on the fact above the researcher

language, as ancestor inheritance so that awake the authenticity with on phenomenon. So from that is author wants to know furthermore about similarity between language Rejang in another kind interrogative sentence intonation. of course because condition and different culture between English and Rejang, will evoke different language. also in the case of intonation, author besides want to look for intonation similarity between language Rejang with also want to look for difference both.

during study English approximately 9 year author experiences difficulty in English interrogative sentence intonation pronunciation, and the reseacher during approximately 6 year reside in region Curup author experiences difficulty to learn intonation as according to use Rejang Curup . for that the reseacher decides to know language interrogative sentence intonation Rejang Curup and English.

B. Question of the Research Based on the background above, the writer gets some problems, they are : 1. What are similarities of intonation between English and

Rejang in interrogative sentences ? 2. What are the differences of intonation between English

and Rejang in interrogative sentences ?

C. The objective of the Research In this case, the objective of the research are: 1. To describe what the similarities of intonation between

English and Rejang in interrogative sentences. 2. To describe what the differences of intonation between

English and Rejang in interrogative sentences.

D. The significance of the Research Directly, the results of the research could give valuable information about : a. The similarities of intonation between English and Rejang in

interrogative sentences. b. The differences of intonation between English and Rejang in

interrogative sentences. Indirectly, this research hopefully would be useful for a. Teachers of English who teach English. They can know what are

intonation of interrogative sentences is appropriate with rules of English language and also appropriate with condition. b. Student who learn English the researcher hope this research will be get

knowledge about to produce interrogative sentences. c. And for other researcher can be additional information to make their

further research better. d. And also for the writer, this study can make her to master the

interrogative sentences of both languages and can enhance her knowledge about linguistic.

E. Delimitation of the Research Delimitation of the research only focuses on similarities and difference of intonation between English and Rejang in interrogative sentences. Especially

Rejang part Curup that is rice field village region based on watchfulness Richard Mcginn, Dusun Sawah that still thick language use rejang curup. Author compares language Rejang curup with English general that worn whole world.


Operational Definition Before discussing the idea of this research further, in this sub chapter, the writer tries to define several key term are used in the discussion. The pointed to be made in the operational definitions are contrastive analysis, intonation, English, Rejang, and interrogative sentences Analysis A resolution of anything, whether an object of the senses or of the intellect, into its constituent or original elements ; an examination of the component parts of a subject, each separately, as the words which compose a sentence, the tones of a tune, or the simple propositions which enter into an argument. It is opposed to synthesis. 2. Intonation

Intonation is rise and fall of the voice in speaking. Intonation is often described, somewhat impressionistically, as a matter of ‘musical feature’ or speech ‘tone or melodies’ (O’ Connor and arold 1973, p. 1) English The main language that people speak in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and some other countries.

Rejang Language rejang language that used at regency rejang lebong, regency bengkulu north, regency lebong, and regency kepahiang ; all belong in area provinsi bengkulu, Indonesia. http//

G. a.

Methodology of research Kind of the research The method used in writing this thesis was a descriptive method. As Subana and sudrajat (2001 : 89) states that : Descriptive method explained the data which have correlation with fact, situation, variable and phenomenon which happened when the researches were made and present it naturally. The form which is research can be a behavior and the perspective which phenomenon now. The relation between variable (correlative), the contras between two condition or more. The steps taken in doing this study are presented below : a) Reading about linguistics books to be analyzed especially about intonation in English. b) Transcribe conversation that contain language interrogative sentence intonation Rejang Curup, taken from DUSUN SAWAH.

c) d)

Learning some previous studies that analyzed the same topic. Contrasting English intonation with Rejang in interrogative

sentences to find out : • • e) Drawing conclusions b. Population and sample The similarities The differences

Population from watchfulness DUSUN SAWAH region because follow. RICHARD MCGINN this region is that stills thick language rejang curup. And about sample Taken around 10 person adult consist mans and woman c. Technique for collecting the data

In collecting the data, the writer used some techniques : a) Observation

Here researcher uses observation method, in this case researcher wears library reseach and field research. in this watchfulness is researcher keeps off direct (non participant) and method that used method corrects reading. b) Interview

Interview informanuntuk memeinta data that need.

b. Technique for analyzing the data After collecting the data , the writer begins to analyzed and study the data by following steps : 1) The data collect are presented dealing with the objectives of the study. 2) The data are analyzed based on the method of the study in other to get the similarities and the differences of intonation in interrogative sentences between English and Rejang. 3) The writer takes some conclusions on the data analysis of intonation in interrogative sentences English and Rejang.


Organization of the Research The systematic of this research is as follow; 1. Chapter one is the introduction to the research it tells about

background of the research, problem of the research, objective of the research, operational definition, significance of the research, and organization of the research. 2. Chapter two will cover some theoretical foundation on translating and

interrogative sentence structure in English and Indonesian 3. 4. Chapter three tells about methodology of the research. Chapter four tells about the research and findings


Chapter five tells about conclusion and suggestion.

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