The Hardy Boys

The Secret Agent on Flight 101
By: Franklin W. Dixon

Submitted by: Jan Shariff M. Marohombsar

Submitted to: Mrs. Esther Bajuyo

Section: 2 – St. Peter Claver


The setting of the story is in a stormy night on their hometown. The first area that they gone into was a theater. The story ended on an airport called “The Great Circle Airport”.

Protagonist Joe Hardy is the 17 year old, blond man who likes joking and much more impulsive than his brother. Frank Hardy is 18 year old, dark haired man who takes business seriously. They are both all around athletes. Fenton Hardy an former detective and their father. He was very famous before when he was still a detective. Chet Morton is their childhood and family friend.

Antagonist The antagonist of the story is Hexton the Magician. He led a gang for four years. Vordo & Stony are his assistants; they do his dirty work for him. Hexton kidnapped Mr. Hardy by leading him into a trap.

Introduction Joe and Frank Hardy go to a magic show with their dad. After the show is done, their dad asks Hexton how the vanishing act was performed. Hexton offers to do the trick on Fenton Hardy. When their dad disappears, he does not reappear. Hexton says their dad is simply playing a joke on them; Joe and Frank do not believe this. They suspect he was kidnapped.

Rising Action Joe and Frank study some of their dad's records, until they found out that Hexton is a leader of an international gang who is disguised as a magician. The first place they look is in a light house that they suspected he might be in. They entered the lighthouse and started to search if there are guards. They only saw Stony Bleeker who tried to escape after attempting to kill the boys. After the long run, Stony was caught by the boys Climax Stony was interrogated by the boys, forcing him to tell where their father is. Though not sure, the boys suspect that their dad was purposely moved to a more secretive place. The boys check in Hexton's castle but got caught by his guards.


The boys were able to escape, but as they escape the castle, they overheard the guards about Hexton stealing jewels. They hurried to their car to catch Hexton.

Ending Hexton steals the jewels and takes a ride on Flight 101. Joe and Frank also take a ride on flight on Fight 101, but saw nothing suspicious. When everyone was exiting the plane, the boys think they saw Hexton. As they try to capture him, another person helps in the capturing of Hexton. It ends up that the person was Fenton Hardy. All along with Joe and Frank's dad was spying on Flight 101, they easily caught Hexton. They were all able to go home with their dad safely.

Theme Family is the most important part of every person’s life. Family is important because you can only have one family in a life time. Our parents helped us grow up as good man and woman and we should pay them with love and respect.

Values Learned I learned that there could only be several people that we could lean our backs on, our brothers and sisters, and our parents. We should learn how to take care of our parents because they could not be always there in order to take care of us. Evaluation/Recommendation I liked the story because there are many lessons. I would like to recommend my brothers to read this book so that they could learn the lesson of respect.