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Next generation internet consulting firm.

Accelerating innovation for their customers.
Combination of digital agency and a technology firm.
Focused on web, mobile and social media
We are best knowledgeable for building up mobile presences, new age web presence.
60 million user experience every day.
Sales growth rate 67% each year.
25% of fortune companies are our customers.
Primary growth drivers has been a growth of smartphones.
Launch of iPhone is the game changer for a company.
Our most of the investment is for smartphones, social media and new age web.
Digital agencies are our customers. AAQA, TBWA, RAZER FISH AND MORE.
We play a part between the agencies on the one hand of keeping the brand presence for our
We compete with agencies as well as traditional outsourcers, we play between them.
Our value is that we are technologist who provide innovation as our value proposition.
Not raised any capital from any 1 for start.
Worldwide revenue is about 350crores with a profit of 100cr.
Most profitable company in india.
17th most profitable software company.
Business model is business to business.
Plan for b2c by 3d games.
Photon is the largest global provider of Cloud-to-Consumer User Experiences
Cloud-to-Consumer User Experiences (C2C-UX) are cross-platform, multichannel solutions
that include mobile, social, web, kiosk, and in-store/3rd screen consumer touch points.
Photon is growing aggressively with sales growth (from March 2009 to today) of 65% year over
year and a Customer Base exceeding 700 customers.
The challenge of C2C-UX is in crossing the deep divide between the IT departments
Enterprise Cloud technology and the Marketing departments potentially
explosive mix of Global, Mobile, Social, Local, and Viral creative designs. Photonbridges this gap
by bringing the creative design capabilities of an agency but with a scalable, process
driven Global ITservices capability. As the leading company in this emerging
space, Photon is uniquely able to guide its customers fromideation to implementation and


Photon combines the creative design skills of an agency with the robust IT delivery capacity of
a Global Services provider. This unique combination enables the seamless delivery of Cloud-toConsumer User Experiences.
Photon has the experience, scale and methodology to deliver core cloud backend services as a
close onsite partner with your organizations IT Department. Unlike other global service
providers, however, Photon has an in-house design agency 72 pixels that can work with
your Marketing Department to deliver front-end creative and user-centric experiences. The
ability to span core IT systems and front-end creative makes Photon a unique partner for the
cloud-to-consumer era.
Because of this unique fusion, Photon can drive multichannel project success from ideation,
through implementation and beyond into iteration. The seamless combination
of design and engineering through Photons culture and methodology, we are able to deliver
finished product faster and with less risk than any competitoravoiding the pitfalls and fingerpointingthat can come from artificially separating design from execution. We are happy to take
a small piece of a project such as porting a user experience to a new platform, but we are
uniquely capable of taking responsibility for a cross-platform cross-Enterprise strategic initiative.
Our innate ability to read and predict technology trends and guide our
customers innovation roadmap is driven by our unique business model. We have worked with
over 700 customers, including a mix of hundreds of innovative startups with
the largest Fortune 100 companies. These conversations allow us
to identify emerging technology trends well ahead of the pack long before the competition. We
call this the Technology Roadmap.

72 Pixels is at the crossroads of function and form. Innovative visual communication conveys
ideas with potent sting, but when mixed with strategic thinking, your ideas get laced with
72 Pixels is a division of Photon, dedicated to providing the high end creative services of a digital
agency with the knowledge resource of a mobile engineering firm. It's the perfect symbiosis of
function and form.
From the very first meeting, to the final stages of execution, 72 Pixels takes your creative project
through to the finish line in an agile methodology constructed for discovery, design and delivery.
72 Pixels is Photon's in-house design agency, dedicated to ensuring that your websites and
applications stand out among the rest of the crowd.


Photon has delivered Cloud-to-Consumer User Experience to over 700 clients including over 30%of
the Fortune 100 such as the world's largest bank, the world's largest specialty retailer, and thelargest
Electronics Retailer. Photon employees proudly work side-by-side with your team and canscale when
Our experience with Silicon Valley Startups gives Photon the aggressive culture of "Just Ship It". We have
tremendous visibility into emergingtechnologies and how they can be applied to business contexts, and
we know which new technologies are a flash-in-the-pan and which ones are here to stay.


At Photon, we work with the best whether a Silicon Valley VC backed Startup or a Fortune
100 CIO orCMO. We actively define the industry through ourWORK, events, PRESS, Twitter and
other Socialchannels. Like an Analyst, we stay on top of all the latest trends and buzz from Augmented
Reality toNear-Field Communications (NFC) and beyond.
Unfortunately talk is cheap. What matters is solving hard problems. So we know what works and can cut
through the hype to provide the most strategic advantage with least risk. We have a strong point-ofview and were happy to share some of it with you below.