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Mara Dworkin

Plan of Attack
A) The audience for this memo is the administrative staff at Central College.
Administrative staff is defined as all personnel employed by the following
departments: President Office, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, College Relations,
Admissions, Financial Aid, Alumni Financial Services and the technical/secretarial
support staff for academic departments. This message will also be passed along to
students working in administrative departments. The message is the same for all
who work for the college because we want everyone to follow the same guidelines
for representing the college.
B) Yes more information is needed before completing this assignment. Information on
the background of the college and the dress code policy all ready in place. The most
important information is from the Central College information pages. They give you
an idea of the way Central College is run and the atmosphere on campus. Looking up
other university dress codes would be helpful in crafting Central Colleges look as
well. It will be helpful to look up examples of business causal attire and give some
examples of what to wear.
C) This assignment fits into my employers goal for getting Central Colleges name out
to the public. My employers want to boost Central Colleges reputation and raise
their ranking. Getting rid of jeans and causal wear among staff members will give a
more professional look to Central College as a whole. It will help boost Central
College as an elite school.
D) Central College is a college therefore has a different culture than most companies do.
It is still a professional institution and the vocab and tone must be serious and
appropriate. The message is going out to staff members who are all educated adults.
The college employs hundreds of teachers and it is important that all understand the
policy. We want to convince them of the benefits of the dress code. What I write
must be grammatically correct and use clear language that everyone will
understand. The language should be short and concise and shouldnt use a lot of fluff
words. The format in the policy manual follows these rules. Each paragraph quickly
addresses a situation and explains what should be done.
E) The writing will be effective as long as it follows the other paragraphs in the policy
manual. All staff must follow those rules and therefore should follow the newest
addition. If the staff stops wearing casual clothing and wears more appropriate
attire then it will be obvious the message worked.

Mara Dworkin
Policy Manual Addition
The administrative staff is a representation of the professional image Central
College presents to the public. All administrative staff must dress in appropriate business
or corporate causal attire at all times. This selection includes, but is not limited to: button
down shirts, dress pants, loafers, blazers, dresses, skirts, and heels. This attire prohibits the
wearing of t-shirts or jeans as well as low-cut necklines and short hemlines. No
inappropriate or offensive slogans or graphics may be present on any item of clothing.
All student workers in administrative departments are subject to the dress code.
The college expects student workers to live up to dress code standards while working for
the college. Vice Presidents and Department heads are required to wear formal attire when
attending special functions. For special functions coat, tie, dresses and heels are expected.
Human Resources will be monitoring administrative staff dress choices and any violations
of dress code will be reported.

TO: All Administrative Staff
FROM: Mara Dworkin, Director of Public Relations
DATE: September 30, 2014
SUBJECT: Dress Standards for Administrative Staff
A new dress code has been added to the policy manual for all administrative staff. This
dress code describes appropriate workplace attire and Central Colleges expectations for
their employees. As staff members, we embody the present and future of the college.
It has come to our attention that many staff members casual wardrobes have made it
difficult for those seeking assistance to distinguish the staff from the students. Our college
has grown over the past 112 years and we would like for our employees to dress as such.
As the college evolves, so does its image. As one of many academic institutions in
Philadelphia, we want to distinguish ourselves with professionalism.
This new dress code will prohibit certain articles of clothing in the workplace, including tshirts, jeans, low necklines, and short hemlines. All employees will be asked to dress in
business casual attire to show our unity as a professional organization. Human Resources
will monitor staff outfits, and first-time violators will be issued a warning. Subsequent
violations will warrant administrative intervention as deemed appropriate by the Director
of Human Resources Susan Anderson.
Within the next few years, we would like Central College to garner recognition as a leading
competitor among colleges and universities. Our new Early Support program will increase
admission standards for incoming freshmen in the interest of improving our academic
standing. As we do this, our overall appearance as administrative employees must improve
accordingly. We hope this new look will motivate the public to invest both time and money
in our institution. A more professional image will demonstrate our dedication to discipline
and innovation. This will impact our ability to obtain research grants and funds. We want
our reputation as leading educators to match the publics expectations.
We hope you understand the importance of this dress code and its benefits for the future of
Central College. For suggestions on inexpensive options or if there are any questions about
appropriate attire, please contact Susan Anderson at