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Go, Tell it on the Mountain!

The Word of the Lord stands forever.

Comfort, Comfort, my people, says your God.

shall be revealed.
The glory of the Lord


Go up to a high mountain and say,

"Behold, the Lord God comes

(Isaiah 40:1-10)

As we enter the season of Advent, we do so as a church family. We prepare by repentance, reading, singing,
encouraging, and service. This Advent, the words of Isaiah 40 are guiding our reflection in worship, and
they give us a strong message that our Lord is coming with good news for us. Indeed, when Jesus comes at
Christmas, he comes for us. Jesus comes today through his word and sacrament; he comes for us. Jesus is
coming on the last day, and he will come for us.
The time of preparation during Advent reminds us that, while Christ has done all that is needed "for us and
our salvation, we still have to live in the world as we wait for his coming. As we live here, he calls us to be
the people he has made us- his people. He calls us to be the ones in whom comfort, glory, and his word is
Our Advent waiting at Church of All Nations will be interrupted on December 14 with the Family Christmas
Celebration. Through the songs and the stories
the children will share, we get an early glimpse
of the joy of Christmas that comes at the end of
our Advent waiting. The Love, Peace, Joy, and
Hope of define who we are as people of Christ.
So, we can follow the words of Isaiah and go up
on the high mountain tops say, that Jesus
Christ is born for us!

Pastor Joel

Christian Parenting
Does It Make a Difference?
A few weeks ago Pastor Joel shared Gods Word with us focusing on how God does not
need us to do good things for Him, but other people do! He put forward a few scenarios
and asked us Does it make a difference? We walked away with the reassurance that
the little things make a big difference and that God equips us to minister to each other
daily. But maybe some of you are still overwhelmed with the How?!
Every week I have the privilege to share life with so many of you to share in the joys, hurts, and challenges. Over
and over again I hear you share about your families, especially your children and so often there is an underlying
current of how to best handle the busyness and maintain a balance. Time is a precious commodity one that can
starve us not only of time within our church community but also within our family lives. So, how do we care for
our families amidst this reality?
I recently read an article sharing the findings of The National Study of Youth and Religion (NSYR) which followed
youth through young adulthood with the intention of finding out why some young adults have clung to their faith
as foundational as they embark on adulthood while so many others find faith inapplicable to this new season of
their lives.
I myself have struggled with this truth especially being in a position of responsibility for the children and youth
ministry programming that happens here at Church of All Nations. Ive thought, Should we offer more programs
additional VBS programs? After-school activities? More fellowship opportunities? Etc. As a community you
have echoed that the spiritual health of your family is important, especially as your children grow but how do we
do it well?
The NSYR found that just 1 percent of teens ages 15 to 17 raised by parents who attached little importance to
religion were highly religious in their mid- to late 20s.
In contrast, 82 percent of children raised by parents who talked about faith at home, attached great importance to
their beliefs and were active in their congregations were themselves religiously active as young adults. 82
percent! Overwhelmingly, you are the greatest resource to nurture the faith of your children. In fact, factors such
as youth ministry or service projects or religious schools pale in comparison to your influence as a parent. Your
faith has the biggest impact on the faith your children will carry with them into adulthood!
With the reassurance that your faith is impactful on your children, how do you live it out?
Worship together. Your child learns what worship is all about from you talk about the songs, encourage them
to attend the childrens message, write down questions from the sermon to talk about later that day.
Read Gods Word together. Make bedtime an opportunity to read together stories of how God has always been
working in the lives of people and remind each other of why we need Jesus.
Pray together. Take time in the day to share hurts and joys with each other and then share those things with
Ask for help. There is great joy in being a part of a community of believers if you need help or advice on how to
start, restart, or rethink how you approach or talk about faith as a family let me know!
Take these words of mine to heart and keep them in mindTeach them to your children, and talk about them when youre at
home or away, when you lie down or get up. Deuteronomy 11:18-19

May this Advent be a time to prepare your heart (and the hearts of your children!) for our savior Jesus,

Let It Snow?
I have been in Hong Kong for over three months now, and though I
have adjusted to a many things, some will simply take more time. One
of these is that I now find myself quickly moving towards my first
Christmas in Hong Kong, though to me it feels nothing like the
Christmas season. After spending my whole life in the northern
Midwest of the United States I have become accustomed to Christmas
meaning cold weather, snow on the ground, an abundance of
decorations, and plenty of Christmas cookies and candies. Now, 7000
miles away from that, is seems unreal that the Christmas season is
upon us. However, it has made me think about what Christmas really
means and how it can become diluted so easily. As Christians, we know of course that Christmas is a
celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ yet it is so easy to get caught up in all the frills
and decorations and secular traditions that we do indeed lose sight of what we are celebrating. Maybe a change
of scenery is just what I needed to remind me of what Christmas is all about.
One constant that I have found so phenomenal about my move to Hong Kong is that I have come halfway
around the world and have found people that worship that same God with as much passion as anyone I knew
back in the States. Though the culture and people change, the God stays the same. We celebrate the same birth
of the same Jesus and that is something that will not change no matter how much snow there is on the ground.
So, this Christmas, take some time to see past the feeling of the Christmas season and focus on the truth of our
Savior coming to earth.
Nic Cass

Advent & Christmas Services

On December 17, at 5:00-5:45 p.m. We will
continue to gather around story and song in the
balcony of the church. The worship services are
planned to include families, young children,
individuals, and friends. Soup dinner follows!

Dec 24 Christmas Eve Services -
5:00 p.m. , 7:30 p.m. & 11 p.m.

Dec 25 Christmas Day Service - 10:00 a.m.

*There will be bus services departing Tai Wai at

6:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. respectively on Dec 24
and Dec 25. Please call the church office at
2812-0375 if you have any questions.

Sunday Worship at CAN

Regular Worship: 9am & 11 am

Pastoral Acts

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Jan 4th & 11th
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The First Communion of Alec Brayko

Voters Meeting Nov 2014

On November 16th, 2014 we held our twice yearly voter's
mtg after the 11 AM service.
This voter's meeting is an important aspect of church life as
we "do the business" of managing a church entity and
provide support to our church staff and congregation.
A few of the highlights of this meeting:
Staff reports from Pastor Joel, and Megan Birney.
Our intern, Nic Cass also talked about his first few
months at CAN and some of his future projects while
in Hong Kong.
We voted to approve the October 2013 Audit Report of
our finances.
Several of the board committees talked about
stewardship, social ministry and property.
The current financial status of the church was
Elections were held for several positions on several of
the church boards, but is was noted that key
leadership positions are still vacant.
Most importantly, we voted by ballot to change the
constitution of the church to better reflect and
manage the property of Church of All Nations, both

Worship Attendance Figures

Oct 19
Oct 26
Nov 2
Nov 9
Nov 16
Nov 23
Nov 27*
Nov 30












Offering Figures

Oct 19
Oct 26
Nov 2
Nov 9
Nov 16
Nov 23
Nov 27









Nov 30

HK$61,162 HK$2,885

Thanksgiving 2014

Nov 2014-Feb 2015


Let God Shine Through You!


Courtesy of


"...for once you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord;
walk as children of light...."
Ephesians 5:8 (Revised Standard Version)

As we approach the season of thanks and gifting, we remember that:

God shines the light of his unbounded love for us in his son Jesus;
We are nurtured here and now in that light of love;
In joyful thanks we can let God's light shine through us, using the many gifts he
has first given us--including our talents, time and resources.

With God's blessings, we each have unique opportunities to let God shine through our
lives into the lives of others.

CAN thanks God and our church family worldwide for the talents, time and resources
that enable us to share and spread the good news of God's great love.

We also ask each of us at this time to consider prayerfully and deliberately how
we can let God's light shine through our personal and congregational
ministries. With our recently installed pastor and newly arrived members, we
have fresh opportunities to let God shine!

Please join with us as God blesses CAN with minds to understand needs, hearts to
care, and hands to give.

To find out more, connect with any of us listed below, or call Pastor Joel or Megan
Birney at 2812-0375.


In God's love,
CAN Stewardship Board
Vincent Li, Thom Garetson, Paul Strecker

Fellowship at CAN
Soup Lunch, Nov 2
On November 2, a Fellowship (Soup) Lunch with silent
auction was held at the HKIS HK Campus in Tai Tam. The
FPSC and nine CAN families provided soup and food.
Art from HKIS, Savior Lutheran School and the Philippines
was auctioned. A total of $5,770 was raised from the sale of


Fridays 7:00 - 7:45 a.m. in Room 502
on the HS campus in Tai Tam
Contact Pastor Joel

16 pieces. Approximately 60 HKIS community and CAN

members joined the soup lunch.


Tuesdays 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. at CAN
Contact Robyn Steuernagel

Mondays 8:30 - 9:30 a.m. at the CAN
Parsonage on Shouson Hill
Contact Iantha Scheiwe

Saturdays 9:30 a.m. at Starbucks in
Alexandra House, Central
Contact Megan Birney

Thursdays 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. at CAN
Contact Ha Gavlik

Wednesdays 7:10 a.m. at HKIS Tai Tam
Contact Pastor Joel

Sundays 10:00 a.m. in the UP Cafeteria
Contact Carl Hanson

Coming up on Saturday,
December 13...

! Ministry / Youth Ministry


Buzz Sunday School

Children Age 3 Grade 5 are invited to join every Sunday
morning at 10:10am for songs, games, and interesting
lessons from the Bible!

Age 35 in Room 503 with Mrs. Alice & Mrs. Tara

Grades 1 & 2 in Room 507 with Mrs. Karen & Mrs. Cat


Grades 3, 4, & 5 in the 6/F Lounge with Mrs. Iantha & Mrs.

Ask your kids about their Faith Buzz at Home



CAN Kids Praise Team will resume when school after the new year. All
interested HKIS Upper Primary students can register through the CAN

Have a gift for sharing the

Gospel with kids?

CAN Childrens Ministry can always

use more willing hands and hearts!
Contact Megan if you interested in
using your gifts to enrich the spiritual
nurture of children in our community!

Hong Kong Lutheran

Social Services

A Note from Concordia

Childrens Services
Dear Friends at CAN,
No words can describe to express how thankful we
are for your unending support to our ministry.
Thank you for being part of these children's life and
for being a "good samaritans" to give these children
an opportunity to have a better future. From the
deepest part of our soul, THANK YOU...You will
always be remembered in our prayers.

Twenty-one members of Church of All Nations

participated in the Service Saturday event at the
Martha Boss Lutheran Community Center in Ho Man




Oct 14, 2014


Oct 4, 2014

for vehicle rent

including drivers fee


Oct 4, 2014

EAS basketball set

(ring,board and ball)


Oct 1, 2014

Additional funds for

Pipe-in music

Tin on October 25. Daniel Cheng along with social

workers from other departments, presented to the
CAN team about the services provided by HKLSS.
The team also had the opportunity to sing and play
games with elderly, do crafts with youth in the
community center, help with the dementia prevention
program. HKLSS gave many small gifts to the CAN
team made by clients.

Hong Kong Lutheran

Elderly Home Visit
Thanks to all those who prayed, joined,
and participated in the visit to the Mr.
and Mrs. Lawrence Wong, Hong Kong
Lutheran Elderly Home at Siu Sai Wan,
Chai Wan. The Elderlies enjoyed the
singing fellowship and requested more
songs. One of the Elderlies present
shared about her life and it was quite
touching to hear. All attendees were 26
from Church of All Nations who cheered
the thirty Elderlies who were on their
wheelchairs and some on the on chairs. We hope
to visit the Elderly Home again in the near
future and seek to provide interactive activities.
The members of the FPSC group felt very blessed
for the precious soul experience at the Elderly
Home. God is good, indeed!Hallelujah!

My warm regards.


Total: P42,000.00
Anna Bella Caballes
Executive Director


Kowloon Community Caring Party 2015

The 18th Annual Kowloon Caring Party (former Street Sleepers party) will be
held on January 17, 2015. More than 130 low-income families would receive
food, clothing, and Christian fellowship at this event. CAN has long supported
this charity event in a variety of ways:
Collection of Donations:

Leftover holiday goodies (cakes, cookies, fruit, chocolates, candies or snacks, etc.) collection points are at
CAN and at the LP and UP school offices or the MS and HS Teachers lounges

Gently used clothing

Monetary Gifts to help purchase groceries including rice, oil and others. We are looking to raise HK$11,000.
Donations may be put in the offerings, marked Kowloon Community Caring Party

To sort donations prior to the party

To attend the party and help with activities (There will be a bus service departing from CAN)

Date: Sunday, December 14

Time: After late service

Venue: Sheung Shui, Lo Wu
Members of the FPSC will visit and sing
Christmas carols at the Home of Loving
Faithfulness (HOLF). Everyone is invited to
share their talents in music or join in this
annual event at HOLF. Please contact Mary
Ewing ( for more
information. The more the merrier :)