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Rebels of the Party

In the book 1984 by George Orwell, a new world order has been introduced. The book
revolves around a member of the Outer Party of Oceania, Winston Smith. In the year 1984, the
world is divided among 3 sections, Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia. Oceania is split into 3 classes,
the Inner Party as the upper class, the Outer Party being the middle, and the proles being the
lowest. The Party is the government of Oceania, it controls everything, it sees everything and it
is everything. It is led by Big Brother, a mysterious figurehead who is never actually seen in person. Winston questions the Partys actions and everything they stand for. The only thing pleasurable to Winston, about the party is a fellow Outer Party member he meets named Julia. She unlike Winton who is middle aged, is very young. They form an instant forbidden relationship, as
relationships are against the law between Outer Party members. Winston is unhappy and angry
with his life which fuels his rebellious tendencies towards the Party, while Julia is much more
educated about the Party and has a very different idea of rebellion.
Winstons and Julias opinions on party doctrine are highly distinct. Winston dreams of
rebellion and the downfall of Big Brother and the Party. (Orwell 18). Julia, although hates the
Party as much as Winston, cares nothing for the Partys actions, only about her own rebellious
acts. (Orwell 122). Julia, even though wanting to rebel does not really understand what she is
rebelling against while Winston is overwhelmed with the lies Big Brother and the Party has been

forcing upon Oceania. In my opinion they will never successfully rebel due to the fact that the
Party is too powerful. Winston and Julia lack the power and motif as well, especially Julia.
In the 1984 Rand Paul video, he spoke of many similarities between todays world and
the world of 1984 by George Orwell. One such similarity is the power the government has over
the people, much like the powers implemented by the Patriot Act. The Patriot Acts goals are to
strengthen domestic security and to enhance the powers of law enforcement agencies with in order identify and stop terrorists. It also grants the power to unlawful searches and seizures. The
government can tap phone calls as well as survey a person if they believe that person is a threat
to national security. Although this act was rectified in order to prevent attacks and secure the
safety of the United States, it still violates the basic rights granted to citizens by the Constitution.
1984 is a concept, not a reality. The world of 1984 and the world today is much different.
1984 contains telescreens that spy on almost everyone at almost all times, a government who has
restricted even the simplest things as being in a relationship or thinking for ones self, and a
whole department dedicating to rewriting history so that it becomes non-existent in the present.
(Orwell 4-6). This is hardly comparable to the world of today. The world today consists of democracies, peoples rights, and peace. There are some conflicts between countries but they are
mainly resolved by peaceful means, unlike never-ending warfare as present in Oceania. One
would have to be crazy to force this kind of government and oppression upon their country and
citizens. Laws are in place in society to govern the people, but only to have order and the people
have freedoms, unlike 1984 where the government acquired power to have power. If 1984 was to
exist today the world would be a horrid place, the world today isnt the best but it is considerably
more habitable.