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Pemain transformers: Josh Duhamel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Shia LaBeouf, Tyrese Gibson

Director: Michael Bay

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 157 min
Label pwg : alfa record

Summary: Transformers: Dark of the Moon features Sam Witwicky taking his first tenuous steps into
adulthood while remaining a reluctant human ally of Optimus Prime. The film centers around the
space race between the U.S.S.R. and the USA, suggesting there was a hidden Transformers role in it
all that remains one of the planet's most dangerous secrets. The villain of the third film will be
Shockwave. (DreamWorks Pictures)

Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix

Pengenalan / Orientasi
I absolutely love the Harry Potter series, and all of the books will always hold a special place in my

Evaluasi :
I have to say that of all the books, however, this one was not my favorite.

Evaluasi 2 :
When the series began it was as much of a feel good experience as a huge mug of hot cocoa. The
stories were bright, fast-paced, intriguing, and ultimately satisfying.

Tafsiran (Interpretative recount) :

Order of the Phoenix is a different kind of book. In some instances this worksyou feel a whole new
level of intensity and excitement by the time you get to the end. I was truly moved by the last page.
Other times the book just has a slightly dreary, depressing feel. The galloping pace of the other
books has slowed to a trot here, and parts of it do seem long, as if were reading all about Harry just
hanging out instead of having his usual adventures. Reading in detail about Harry cleaning up an old
house, for example housekeeping is still housekeeping, magical or no, and Im not very interested
in doing it or reading about other people doing it.

Rangkuman :
A few other changes in this book the real world comes much more in to play rather than the
fantasy universe of the previous books, and Harry has apparently been taken off his meds. I know
that he had a lot to be grumpy in this book, especially with being a teenager and all, but the sudden
change in his character seemed too drastic. He goes from being a warm-hearted, considerate person
to someone who will bite his best friends heads off over nothing. It just seemed like it didnt fit with
his character, like he turned into a walking clich of the angry teen overnight.

The real story seemed to happen in the last 1/3 of the book, and this part I loved. I actually liked
the ending (and yes, I cried!) as sad as it was. It packed a punch and it made me care about the story
even more. Still a really good book, with some editing it would have been great.
Never thought I'd find myself sticking up for the ungracious Megan Fox who appeared in the first
two Transformer pictures, but she's a helluva better actress than the comely Rosie HuntingtonWhiteley who comes to this movie direct from a Victoria's Secret runway.

OK, that's not saying much as Fox isn't a great thespian, but she can utter lines better than
Huntington-Whiteley does in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the third in director Michael Bay's
series of sci-fi epics featuring the heroic Autobots and the nasty Decepticons.

For those of you who have been living on a planet far, far away, you should know that Fox was
dismissed from Dark of the Moon before shooting began for dissing Bay in a magazine interview.

Looks good: But Rosie Huntington Whiteley can't act for toffee in the new Transformers movie Dark
Of The Moon

Huntington-Whiteley plays Carly Miller who works for some Washington government organisation.

Stunning in sapphire: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley breathtaking in barely-there blue gown at London
premiere of Transformers 3

She hooks up with the movie's human hero Sam Witwicky ,played ,for the third time by Shia

Huntington-Whiteley shows up in a figure-hugging, tighty-whitey dress but she's all window dressing
and doesn't exactly excel at delivering her banal lines. Poor Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She may be
beautiful but she can't act for toffee.

As one wag joked after the screening I attended in London, 'Rosie makes Megan's acting look as
good as Kate Winslet's'.

Well, that might be stretching it a bit, and bringing Kate Winslet into it is a bit of an insult, but I knew
what he meant.

Dream team? Not so much... Rosie stars alongside Shia LaBeouf in the new movie

And, it could be said that this kind of automated, 3D extravaganza doesn't require actors with great
thespian skills, although Oscar winner Frances McDormand playing head of the national intelligence
agency is class personified.

It's the action between the good guys, sorry, robots, led by Optimus Prime and the Deceptiicons that
counts and Bay doesn't disappoint.

There are some fabulous action sequences and epic battles that take your breath away.

It's technically sublime, but if does go on a bit. After two and a half hours I did feel as If I was
suffering from metal fatigue.

No match: Rosie doesn't live up to previous Transformers star Megan Fox

However, Bay sets the story up well with a prologue set in the early 60s, when Kennedy was in the
White House, and the movie suggests that the space race between The USA and Russia was kicked
off when each nation detected an unknown vessel had crashed on the dark side of the moon.

By the way, this is the second summer blockbuster that begins in the Sixties .Remember , Matthew
Vaughn's briliant X Men:First Class. That , too, was set against a backdrop of the 60s.

Anyway, the American moon astronauts had a secret mission, they had the task of finding out what
had crash-landed there.

Decades later, with President Obama in office (we get to see Nixon in the White House, too) the
'package' from the moon turns out to be more than bad news.

Could this be the end of the Earth as we know it? Not if Optimus and his transformers can help it.

The original: Megan with actor Shia in the first Transformers movie

There's plenty of deception and betrayal to add to the mix and a pretty scary giant metal worm
creature that causes a lotta havoc.

These Transformer movies are nonsense, of course, but they allow Bay and his team to push the
envelope as far as movie technology is concerned and at least you feel get a sense of the shock and
awe of giant hulking metal creatures clashing.

After a while though your brain yearns for signs of intelligent life in the universe. You know,
creatures who can, perhaps, hold a sensible conversations instead of merely booming in a baritone
voice about the end of this and the end of that.

That said, I enjoyed the odd flashes of wit ,like a scene showing a bit of Star Trek featuring Spock
and, as every Transformer fanboy knows, Leonard Nimoy provides the voice of Sentinel Prime.

And Bay has a couple of mini Autobots deliver a withering smackdown of Fox's character Mikaela

It's an amusing moment, to be sure, but a bit below the belt.

Bay didn't need to make such an obvious dig about Fox,especially as she's not in the movie and
doesn't have a right of reply.

Jeezus, can't believe I'm still sticking up for that woman!

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