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Winston Churchill once said A man

does what- he must- in spite of personal

consequences in, in spite of obstacles and
dangers and pressures- and that is the basis of
human mortality. This quote means, one does
what they have to do, no matter what stands in
there way, or the ways in can impact them
latter; to stick to their beliefs and morals and
get though hardships. The truth in Winston
Churchills words is evident in the literary
works, like the Sun, by R.K. Narayan and the
interlopers, by Saki.
In like the Sun, Winston Churchills
words are shown to be true. There are many
ways throughout the story this is shown. The
first, is the characterization of the main
character, Sekhar. Throughout the story he
fights to tell the truth for one whole day, no
matter what it takes, due to his belief he must
do so. Second, is the conflict between Sekhar
and his wife. He sits down to a meal she has
made and provides to find a piece of bad meat.
Instead of telling his usual white lie, that hes
full, he tells her it is bad. He does this despite
the difficultly and knowing he will anger his
wife. Finally, Sekhar has a conflict with the
headmaster, of the school he works at, that
presents an obstacle to telling the truth. The
head master invites him to a concert that he
has been working hard on, to get Sekhars
opinion. Sekher realize quickly that the
headmaster sounds bad; however he debates
with himself about telling the truth, since he
does not wish to anger the headmaster,
especially since he has given him extra time to
grade papers. However, he tells the truth, even
though he then has to grade all his students
papers in one night. Therefor this story clearly
represents the truthfulness of Winston
Churchills words.

In the interlopers Winston Churchills

words ring true. The first example of this truth
is a conflict faced by the character, Ulrich Von
Gradwitz. He fights though the woods, in a
storm, to find his enemy Georg Zneym and
protect his land. Also, as Georg Zneym is also in
the woods looking for Ulrich, they both wish
that something bad would happen to the other;
witch foreshadows later events. This is because
both men get caught under the same fallen tree
in the storm. Despite their eminent danger,
both from the storm and creatures lurching in
the words, the men continue the fight; they
argue over whos party will arrive first and will
not give up their conflict with one another.
Finally, when they do become friends it is too
late because neither mans party finds them
first, wolfs do. This fact is both the tragic
conclusion to the story, Irony, and the
consequence of their actions. This is ironic
because those to arrive first are of neither
mans party. As a result of this evidence this
story shows the truth in Winston Churchills
In conclusion, both like the sun and
The Interlopers are stories that show Winston
Churchills words to be true. Sekhar, Georg, and
Ulrich all face difficulties sticking to their morals
and beliefs and face consequences. Winston
Churchill long ago stated, A man does what he
must-in spite of personal consequences, in spite
of obstacles and dangers and pressures- and
that is the basis of all human morality. The
truth is his words rings though both stories as
well as in our daily lives.