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Quick Facts on us:

Established since 1981

Group Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Mr.P.Arumugam BSc , MBA.

100% owned by the Arumugam family.

The Market leader in open-well and mini submersible segments.

Worlds Largest Producer of Vertical Open-well Submersible Pumps

Indias Second largest Producer of Horizontal Open-well Submersible


Indias largest Producer of Mini-Submersible Pumps.

Two Industry leading long standing brands Deccan and EKKI with a
rich operating History in the industry

3 State of the art- manufacturing plants with latest CNC machines and
manufacturing technologies located at the Pump City of Asia,
Coimbatore, India.

A fantastic Global Headquarters and Business Development Centre

well equipped for the future.

The EKKI Academy trains more than 50,000 installers every year.

11 Sales Companies and 500 exclusive distributors strategically

positioned across India to address the primary markets Agriculture;
Residential, Industrial and Public Utilities Sectors.

Winner of 8 National Awards from the Government of India for

outstanding contribution towards Pump Industry Leadership and High
Quality Pumps.

One among the two pump manufacturers in India with ability to

manufacture Submersible motors upto 150 HP.

First to introduce a unique style of its own in winding closed winding

system instead of open winding in submersible motors.

First to develop Openwell Submersible Pumpsets and get BIS

certification mark IS : 14220 for them.

First Pump Manufacturer in the world to create and develop jet pumps
without control valves.

First in India to win ISI Certification and First in South India among
pump majors to win IS0 9001 Certification.

Our Open-well Submersible pump manufacturing factility has Indias

largest testing facility for clear water pump sets.

As a family business, we place great value on responsible

actions that take the long view into consideration.

The Arumugams family ownership have a strong policy of long term

thinking, value creation, reinvestment and putting all the profits back
into research and development programs and the purchase of
machinery and automated systems that improve productivity, quality
and overall performance of its organizations.

The Group has a strong culture of understanding and collaborating with

international companies, partners and consultants for adopting best
processes and developing world-class competitive products for the
markets it serves.

The group is more than a pump manufacturer, a strong socially

responsible company with its foundations focusing on Care of the
Elderly, Rural Education, Rural upliftment activities and employees

Group through its foundation runs a privately held engineering college

where more than 3000 engineers are educated every year, this
provides a massive access to its skill set and academic researchers for
development activities from our Info Institute of Engineering specialized
in electrical / mechanical / materials working in their respective fields.

75% of Higher HP special Pumps installations in public utilities and

government projects across south India are from us.

Approved Certifications and for all major government and public utilities
projects in India. Government of India recognized export house.

96% of our production are sold in India

Guided by our values of Family spirit, Integrity and Innovation

The Group Employees more than 800 People in its various companies.