The Book of the Prophet Habakkuk

A descriptive vision of ‘The Abomination that Causes Desolation’

A new End-Time translation by author Frank Nic. Bazsika 1997, 2010 ©

Not much is known personally about Habakkuk excepting that he was of the Priestly tribe of Levi the son of a Joshua and held office in the Temple musical choir. As with most prophets chosen by God the emphasis is always on their message and not themselves. Habakkuk’s (which means Embracing) prophecy is primarily for the End Time,-the time of Jacobs Trouble covering the 42 month period of the Tribulation that Judah (the Jews) and the so-called ‘Lost 10 Tribes of Israel’ will endure for their offenses towards God and their degradation. The vision that Habakkuk saw was so appalling that it made him violently sick to his stomach! This is our very near future and what awaits us as the nations of ‘Jacob’ unless we heed and change our ways. But the prophecy also provides hope for the future establishment of a new Age Lasting Kingdom when the Eternal returns to punish the ‘tool’ nation He employed to correct us and he begins His reign as King.

Extensive use of lexicons, concordances and other translations were diligently compared in composing this new modern English translation. CHAPTER ONE
The heavy song of the prophet Habakkuk stemming from his vision; (2) O Eternal, just how long must I cry out for help and You do not answer? I shriek out to You about the violent maltreatment and still You do not set me free! (3) Why do You require me to gaze upon vain works and to behold toiling in misery? Destructive savagery and violent wrongs confront me while they bring about controversy and discord (to brawl over the Law). (4) As a result,-the Law is being slacked and righteous judgments are never in action. Because the wicked (heathen) besiege the righteous and cause perverse rulings to go forth. (5) You peoples (nations) should take notice and intently gaze with fearful amazement,-fearful amazement,-because an ordained Work will be carried out in your time that you will not support to be true even though it is inscribed for you! (6) Look here! I Am rousing up the Chaldeans (Kasdites,-Babylon), a bitterly swift nation that will whirl across the entirety of the earth to forcibly occupy the dwellings of others. (7) Inspiring frightful reverent fear as their judgments are exalted when they go forth (their decrees). (8) Their horses (symbolic war machines) are even swifter than leopards and fiercer than evening wolves. Their steeds are spread out for expansion. Yes, their steeds will come from a far off place and they will fly even as the eagle is eager to devour. (9) Their company comes for violence, their assemblage comes in the face of the east wind and they will take away captives (slaves) as easily as sand (is blown about). (10) They will disparage kings, - and rulers they will consider to be nothing more than jokes. They will laugh in sport at every defensive fortification as they mass the earth (technology of) to capture them like a trap! (11) Then he will have a change of mind and hastens away to his punishment; this is he whose forces are due to their ‘god’. (12) Do You not precede eternity O Eternal my God, - O Holy One? Are we not put to death O Eternal because You appointed them for judgment? Yes, You our Rock have set them up for our correction. (13) Your eyes are too pure to gaze upon evil


and You cannot tolerate oppression, - so why is it that You regard those that deal treacherously and You keep silent when the wicked swallows up one more righteous than himself? (14) Are human beings to be as the fishes of the sea,-as swarms without rulership to lead? (15) He brings them all up with a fishhook, they are dragged out by his dragnet and gathered up in his net, - and as a result he is gleefully spinning in emotion! (16) Consequently he sacrifices (slaughters) to his dragnet and by fire offers incense to his net; because by them his apportion makes a fat and plump food supply. (17) Is he to go on emptying out his net and to go on without mercy to destroy nations continuously?

I serve as the Watchman (sentry duty) stationing myself in the Tower (a fortress of ‘Rock’) as I expectantly search to mark out what intentions He speaks through me,and how we are to turn back upon correction. (2) And The Eternal responded with the command; Write descriptively of the revelation and dig out (search scripture) the explanation upon booklets (tablets) in order that they may run to proclaim (publish) it. (3) Because the revelation has an appointment for the End Time. They will scoff (see Isa.28:22) at it, but it does not lie. If it seems to be delayed,-still expect it,because it will absolutely come true and loiter no longer. (4) Look here, those living with swollen pride will not be justified, - but the righteous will live by his faith. (5) Yes indeed, wine (symbolic false doctrines) deals deceitful consequences,-for the proud will not Rest (Sabbath keeping) at home (symbolic kingdom of God) because he broadens his mind to the grave and like death is never satisfied. He (the ‘Chaldean’ power) will appropriate for himself all nations and grasp at the Flock of Congregation (see jer.13:15-17). (6) Will not all these (victims) come up with a parable against him? Ridiculing that it will all backfire with the statement: “Woe to him that is multiplying what is not his own! Just how long will he burden himself with pawned goods?” (7) Will they not rise up un-expectantly to demand oppressive interest on the loan when they wake up to violently shake you? Then you will be plundered by them. (8) As a result of your plundering of numerous nations, - all the 3

Flock of Congregation will make a spoil of you,-because of the bloodshed of mankind and the violent maltreatment of the earth, the cities and their inhabitants. (9) Woe to him that gathers plunder by unjust gains for his household (individual or national) in order that he may set his nest high up to escape the hand of trouble! (10) Your consultation has brought confusion to your household;-by destroying numerous ones of the Flock of Congregation you have forfeited your own life: (11) For the stone will shriek from the wall and the beam of timber will testify to it. (12) Woe to him that builds a town by bloodshed and rises up a city through iniquity! (13) Look here, - is it not ordained by The Eternal of Hosts that the Flock of Congregation will toil during The Fire (Tribulation),-and that the Gathered Ones (saints) will not endure flight without purpose? (14) Because the earth will be filled with the Instruction of the splendor of The Eternal, - even as the waters fill up the seas. (15) Woe to him that provides his brother a potion to drink to cause his disenfranchisement and he becomes tied up to your bottle of drunkenness! Yes indeed, - so that you may examine his nakedness (d isgrace). (16) You will be satiated with dishonor instead of splendor, - together go get drunk and expose your uncircumcision as the cup of The Eternal’s right hand swings around to you and disgrace comes upon your splendor! (17) The violent maltreatment done to Lebanon (WHITE mountain; symbolic righteous) will inundate you and the terror that the animals have of violent death will be upon you,-for the bloodshed of mankind, the violent maltreatment of the earth and the cities with their inhabitants. (18) Just what is the benefit of an idol that the fabricator has carved from his cast (physical or mental)? A teacher of sham untruths (counterfeit) that the fabricator conceives to be a trusting refuge as he brings forth speechless refuse! (19) Woe to him that says to a stick of wood, “Wake up!” and to a silent stone, “Open your eyes!” Where is their instruction? Look here, they are overlaid with gold and silver but there is no life within them. (20) But The Eternal is within His Holy Temple; let the entire earth be silent in His presence.


The prayerful hymn of the prophet Habakkuk accordingly in dirge;(2) O Eternal, I have heard Your announcement and am in reverent fear. O Eternal, give life to Your Work in the coming years, - in the coming years let it be recognized; During the commotion Mark those for loving mercy (alludes to Book of Remembrance). (3) God (Elohim) comes from Teman, - even the Holy One from Mount Paran (ornamental). Selah. His grandeur fills the heavens and the earth is full of His praise! (4) His radiance is like the sun light with rays emanating from His open hand; and therein is the hiding of His strength. (5) From His face pestilence is delivered and fiery thunderbolts are kicked up by His feet. (6) He stood up to measure (shake to make measurement) the earth. At His stare the nations jolt in fear,the perpetual mountains are dashed to pieces and the ancient hills bow low. His ways are as distant times (eternal are His ways). (7) I gazed at the tents of Cushan exerting themselves and the curtains of Midian quiver in fear. (8) Is it the rivers, O Eternal, is it the rivers that kindle Your anger, - or is it the sea that prompts Your wrath when You ride upon Your horse with Your chariots of deliverance? (9) Your bow is unsheathed and revealed. The sworn oaths of a rod are promised. Selah. You go about dividing the earth with the rivers. (10) At the sight of You the mountains (symbolic nations) tremble. The flood of waters cause the sound of the deep to sing out it’s voice while lifting it’s hands up high. (11) The sun and the moon stand still in their habitations in deference to the sun light of Your constant arrows and to the brilliancy of Your flashing lance. (12) You go marching through the earth in fury as You tread down the heathen in anger. (13) You have come forward for the liberty of the Flock of Congregation,-for the deliverance of Your anointed (the Elect). You crush the head leader out of the household of the wicked by severing the body at the neck. Selah. (14) You pierce through his chief leaders with his own rod,-the ones that rushed forth as a whirlwind to dash to pieces and disperse us and who exulted to devour the humble by covert means! (15) You tread the sea (symbolic peoples) upon Your stead even over the waves of mighty waters. (16) After having heard (this


announcement),-inside of me there was trembling, my lips quivered at the sound, and rottenness entered my bones. I stood there trembling in expectation of that Day of Trouble when he comes against the Flock of Congregation to invade them. (17) Even though the fig tree does not blossom, the vines fail to produce fruit, the produce of the olive is a failure, the fields yield no food, while the flock is destroyed in their pens and the herd is gone from their stalls; (18) Still I will rejoice in The Eternal, - I will find joy in the God of Deliverance. (19) The Lord Eternal is my valor, - He grants me the feet of a doe and causes me to tread upon the heights. To the choir director; my poem for instrumental music Author notes and aids; Text aids and references have been employed throughout translation and are inserted in (RED). As stated at the introduction, little is known about Habakkuk’s personal life. His time period was at the rise of the Neo-Babylonian Empire around 620 B.C. but his prophecy is about an End Time modern ‘Babylon’ which is mentioned in the books of Revelation and Daniel. His book is placed among the ‘minor’ prophets of the Bible but God certainly did not give him a minor prophecy! All prophecies of the Bible are to be given their due respect and considered for their importance. All Bible prophecy is meant to be understood in the End Time by the ‘wise’ (Dan. 12:9-10). Habakkuk’s prophecy deals with a descriptive invasion of the modern day nations of Israel (USA & Britain) and the Middle East nation of Judah by a revived ‘holy’ Roman Empire consortium of nations led by the ‘Beast’ leader and the False Prophet of the Babylonian Mystery Religion (counterfeit of Christianity). Study the entire 28th chapter of Isaiah as it compliments Habakkuk’s prophecy. After desolation of our countries by ‘natural’ catastrophes, drought, famine, disease epidemics, economic collapse, race riots, terrorism, gang warfare, crime, perversion and wars,-we will be occupied by the Babylon power and the remaining ‘survivors’ taken into captivity as slaves to pay off our debts!


Should you stockpile provisions and build a bomb shelter or maybe join a militia group? If you continue in His Word, keep His commandments, watch world events and pray to be accounted worthy to escape all these things to come,-then as Habakkuk stated you may also state: The Lord Eternal is my valor, - He grants me the feet of a doe and causes me to tread upon the heights.

Doe treading the heights


The Good Shepherd knows those of his flock and watches over them



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