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Windhoek 12 December 2014 - It is incredible how smart phones have changed our lives. Today we are either reading
emails, busy on social networks, or sending or watching videos, which means that our smart phones are always in our
hands at any time of the day. All this activity has drastically increased the demand for data and in order to support this
new trend in lifestyles, and to ensure that customers get full value for their money, MTC is proud to introduce a new
way of billing for data across its Postpaid Select and all Prepaid customers, as announced by MTCs Chief Human
Capital & Corporate Affairs Officer, Tim Ekandjo.
So how will this new data charging work? To the prepaid customers, after you have used all your free data or megabytes
included in any Aweh weekly subscription, a daily fee of N$2 is charged when the data session is initiated at the
beginning of the day (00:00). The small fee allows customers access to 10 Megabytes until midnight. When the
customers reach their daily usage limit, the data session will be suspended until the next day cycle so that there will be
no surprises. We have also introduced a functionality where the customer will now receive a notification sms when they
reach 8 Megabytes (meaning 80% of their daily 10 Megabytes per day), simply notifying the customer that their daily
data session is almost exhausted, and will recommend that the customer buy a new data bundle by calling *682#.
We will apply exactly the same principles to our Postpaid Select packages; when a customer reaches 80% of its data on
monthly subscription on his/her package, an SMS will notify the customer about the pending data depletion and that a
daily fee will be charged once depleted. The daily fee will depend on the subscription; the higher the subscription, the
more data the customer can use during the day, so please see information on our website pertaining to daily fees that
apply to different packages. Also important to note is when postpaid customer reaches their daily data usage limit, the
data session will be suspended till the next days cycle unless the customer opts to buy a new data bundle. The same
SMS notification will be send to the postpaid customer as the prepaid.

This new system is consistent with the data bundles that MTC introduced in the market some years back. And to make
this even more exciting, Ekandjo explains that MTC has now doubled the Megabytes of the data bundles, i.e. with the
same price customer will get double Megabytes. The data bundles also generate an SMS that will always notify the
customer when usage reaches 80%, which puts the customer in much better control of their usage.
MTC believes that introducing these new ways to charge data usage, and notifying per SMS, will significantly support
the customer and avoid nasty surprises of data charges incurred by applications that the customer might not be aware of
running on their devices. Ekandjo remarks: in adapting to market demands, trends and patterns, we have noticed that
more data is consumed by the average Namibian hence our offer of doubling the data volumes on our data-bundles,
introducing a standard daily fee for data and notifying our customers by SMS which is a clear demonstration of MTCs
commitment to its customers by offering improved data access at affordable and most competitive rates.
Ekandjo concluded that MTC will always look for innovative ways to support growing customer needs, so be poised for
very exciting times ahead as we provide world-class, future-proof technologies, communications solutions and best
prices that are relevant to the Namibian market.
MTC (Mobile Telecommunications Limited) was established in 1995 as a joint venture between Namibia Post and
Telecommunications Holdings (NPTH), Telia and Swedfund. During May 2004, NPTH concluded a deal that saw it
hold 100 per cent of the shares in MTC by acquiring the 49 per cent held by Telia Overseas AB and Swedfund
International AB. During 2006 the sale of 34% of MTC shares to Portugal Telecom was concluded for N$1.34 billion
while the Namibian government retains the remainder of the stake through NPTH.MTC currently covers 98 per cent of
the population of nearly 2 million citizens with more than 650 base stations and repeaters and offers a dual band
900/1800MHZ. The company also expanded its cellular coverage to all major towns in Namibia, including the major
arterial roads. The Companys 3G HSDPA+ Network allows for a download speed of up 7.2 Mbps in Namibias major
towns. It further runs two modern MSCs (mobile switching centre) in Windhoek and Oshakati with capacity to
accommodate rapidly rising number of customers of over 2 million active users. In May 2012, the company also
launched its 4G technology making it the second mobile operator on the continent to have 4G technologies. MTC
operates the only full service customer contact centre in Namibia dealing with service queries ranging from telephony,
sms, fax, GPRS, data, voicemail and 3G/HSDPA. A staff compliment of 421 persons serves a diverse market of both
pre- and postpaid subscribers
Contact Person
Tim Ekandjo
Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer