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The Holistic Quantum Spiritual PsychoSomatic Connection in Relation to Healing.
By: Luciano A. Pulido
Student of BSHH

I was really highly impacted with the article I read in the March 2004 issue of
the Life Extension Magazine, on Iatrogenic deaths (that is, deaths induced
inadvertently by a physician or surgeon or by medical treatment or diagnostic
procedures), in the US. It said textually:
The estimated total number of iatrogenic deaths in the US annually is
783,936. It is evident that the American medical system is itself the leading
cause of death and injury in the United States. By comparison, approximately
699,697 Americans died of heart in 2001, while 553,251 died of cancer.
In this article, where a comprehensive statistics of the multiple deaths caused
by Iatrogenesis have been combined as never before, we can see Adverse Drug
Reactions (106,000), Medical error (98,000), Bedsores (115,000), Infection
(88,000), Malnutrition (108,800), Outpatients (199,000), Unnecessary
Procedures (37,136), Surgery-Related (32,000), as the main factors of death.
But as though it could be not enough, the article adds: Using Leapes 1997
medical and drug error rate of 3 million multiplied by the 14% fatality rate he
used in 1994 produces an annual death rate of 420,000 for drug errors and
medical errors combined. Using this number instead of Lazorous 106,000 drug
errors and the Institute of Medicines (IOM) estimated 98,000 annual medical
errors would add another 216,000 deaths, for a total of 999,936 deaths
According to this prestigious Life Extension magazine, conventional medicine
in U.S is not taking into consideration some other critically important aspects of a
healthy human organism like: stress and how it adversely affects the immune
system and life processes; insufficient exercise, excessive caloric intake, highly
processed and denatured foods grown in denatured and chemically damaged soil,
and exposure to tens of thousands of environmental toxins.
These statistics represent a tremendous disappointment for the American
people, who is depositing their faith in a health care system which is supposed to
provide healing, but instead, it is producing insecurity and a dangerous risk for
their lives. But, unfortunately, the possibility to stop this entropy in the American

health care system, is too far from the capacity of the people who control it, as
long as they keep the western wrong approach to, just treating the symptomatic
manifestation of the disease in the physical-molecular dimension, and not
promoting the human healing as what it is: a spiritual-mind-body whole.
The foundation of this asseveration is based on the fact that this western
approach is constructed on the Material-realist science which in its more than 350
years of existence has adopted the dogmas of objectivity: (teaches that the
material world exists independent of the observer consciousness of the human)
Causal Determinism: (teaches that material world is a huge machine whose time
and changes are determined by the initial position and velocity of its objects and
the material forces that act on it, making in this way, a division of reality into dual
worlds of mind and matter and splitting the human in turn, into two different
entities, mind and body); Continuity: (all movement is continuous. When you
close your eyes for several seconds and you open them again, you assume that
the environment is identical to the same environment you saw before you closed
your eyes. This wrong assumption of continuity is what enables us to study
physics mathematically, objectively and logically to apply them rigidly in just an
area of the human life); Locality: (the cause of everything that happens is local
and with a finite velocity. This denies the possibilities of the instantaneous actionat-a-distance and makes the modern western medicine find the causes of a
disease just in an organ or system of the human, leaving the door opened to
misdiagnosis, mistreatments and some other medical malpractices; Material
monism and reductionism: (considers that everything is made of matter, atom or
elementary particles; and energy along with force fields are elements in nature
correlated to that matter. In this way every phenomenon has a material origin to
which it can be reduced); Epiphenomenalism: (subjectivity and consciousness
itself derive as a secondary effect of underlying material interactions. They dont
have a causal efficacy by themselves.
The new Physics (Quantum Physics) and the new Biology (Epigenetics) have
beaten those dogmas of the classic Physics down to the ground, and have
reduced them to dust in the wind. In order to overcome the increasing trend of
the Iatrogenesis, the American health care system has to change its vision of

the human as an isolated physic-molecular machine in a continuous and rigid
There is a large string of scientific evidences that the human being is a Holistic
Quantum Spiritual Psycho-Somatic Connection in a Holographic Universe
working constantly in favor of balance, which is the same as to say, healing. This is
the main subject that the scientific evidences of this thesis, will focus on.


To have a complete understanding of the Holistic Quantum Spiritual-PsychoSomatic Connection we have to analyze the quantum holistic concept of the
universe first.
This concept finds its foundation in the Quantum Theory or Quantum
Mechanic when his founder Max Plank, a German theoretical Physicist, who won
a Nobel Prize in Physics with this theory in 1918, discovered that energy is not
exchanged continuously but finite bit by finite bit. He called this smallest bit of
energy radiated and absorbed between two bodies, quantum energy.
This theory found the contribution of another guru winner of the Nobel Prize
of Physics in 1922, the Danish physicist Niels Bohr, who developed a model of the
atom, whose orbits were the only places where the electrons are allowed to be.
They were not allowed in between the orbits, in this way, these electrons would
try to find their stability jumping from higher orbits to ground orbit emitting
quantum of energy in a discontinuous movement.
More than a decade later, based on the analysis and several version of the
Double Slit Experiment carried out by the English Polymath Thomas Young in the
nineteen century, was found that the electrons quantum-leaping ability had its
origin from its wave nature which was called waves of possibility. This experiment
explains that electrons have a wave-particle duality and their state depends on
someone trying to observe it or measure it. When we are not observing an atomic
electron, due to the interaction with the electromagnetic field, turns into a
superposition of being at two or more orbits at once in form of waves (the states
of possibilities), but when we observe or try to measure the waves, those
possibilities collapse into actuality of being in one place momentarily; but this
collapse of the electrons possibility wave to the actual electron particle we see
takes place instantly. So it is discontinuous, there is no local collapsing through
space with a finite speed taking a finite time. The discontinuity of the quantum
leap remains.

Based on this experiment, Niels Bohr stated that quantum objects are
transcendent waves in potential but they collapse as localized particles when are
observed. He gave a wider version and explanation about the Double Slit
Experiment. He said and proved that, if we make tiny balls of marble pass through
a double-slitted screen, each of them will pass through one slit or the other but
never through both slits at the same time, this is because their condition of being
particles; if we put a screen at the bottom, those particles would form to lines on
the screen, reflexing in this way the two slits they were allowed to go through.
But, this is not the same when we use electrons instead of marbles, in spite of
that they are considered smaller particles of matter as well. If we triggered
electrons against a double-slitted screen and measured their properties with a
wave-measuring device we would notice that the electrons would pass through
both slits at the same time. It happens like this, because electrons are also waves,
and waves can be at to places or more at the same time. So, they exist as
possibility waves in nature, thats why they would go through both slits in
possibility, as possibility waves, creating in this way two waves, which would
recombine or interfere after passing through the slits. If we detected the waves
on a fluorescent screen, the result would display the effect of all these wave
splitting, recombining and interfering. Sometimes two waves would arrive to the
screen with identical phases, peaking and troughing at the same time, with the
same frequencies or amplitude; these would be the places where the square of
the wave phase would provide the electron to manifest as a particle, as was
stated by the work of Max Born; that is the probability of finding an object in a
particular actuality. There would be places as well, where the two waves arrived
out of phase with one another, two cancel each other producing zero probability.
This process would produce on the fluorescent screen bright fringes (waves in
Phase) and dark fringes (waves out phase). This alternation is called interference
pattern, exclusive of wave phenomenon that could not be found in electrons if
they were just particles like marbles.
There is a group of Nobel Prize Winning like, Max Born, Werner Heisenberg
Erwin Schrdinger, Louis de Broglie, and Paul Dirac, to mention some of them,
whose findings cant be ignored in the architecture of the Quantum Physics. The
first one mentioned, Max Born, was the first to give the probable interpretation

of quantum objects as waves, that is, that they are waves of possibility. He also
stated that the electron act like particle when they are being detected through
observation or measuring. Werner Heisenberg enunciated the Uncertainty
Principle: we cannot measure both position and velocity of a quantum object
simultaneously with upmost accuracy. It means, we can never determine those
initial values (initial position and velocity), therefore without those initial values it
is impossible to predict the trajectories of movement of objects, even with
accurate knowledge of the causal forces. Schrdinger, provided the
mathematical language through equations to quantum waves, also known as the
wave function () and it describes, all we know or can know about the electron as
wave of probability. His equation was applied to systems of many electrons and
to any system requiring a quantum treatment. Louis de Broglie, invoked a new
symmetry: if waves can be particles, then particles (electrons) can be waves. He
devised a way to assign electrons a wavelength related to their energy.But we
want to pay special attention to whom is considered by many, the greatest
scientist of the XX century, Albert Einstein, who, in spite of he cannot be
considered a quantum physicist, his works on relativity, photoelectric theory,
action-at-a distance, gravity and the description of energy through his equation
E=m.C laid the foundation of the new understanding about the physical
world. Einstein showed through this equation that energy and matter are the
same and that, we dont live surrounded by independent physical objects
separated by dead space. When we talk about matter, we are talking about a
disguise that the energy takes to give the appearance of mass. Three prominent
scientist of our times, Harold Puthoff, Bernie Haisch and Alfonso Rueda, shed
more light on this subject with their research about inertia, and stated that, there
is no such thing about mass only electric charge and energy, which together
create the illusion of mass. The Physical universe is made of massless electric
charges, immersed in a vast, energetic, all pervasive electromagnetic field. It is
the interaction of those charges and the electromagnetic field that creates the
appearance of mass. In other words, the magazine you hold now in your hands is
massless. As they affirmed later, mass is not an equivalence of energy; mass is
energy.There is only charges.

This group of prominent scientists, were able to prove along with many others
that, we live in a quantum world with quantum fields mediated by exchange of
energy which is constantly redistributed in a dynamic pattern as intrinsic property
of particles which are nothing more than tiny knot of energy that briefly emerges
and disappears back into the underlying field. They also have taught us, that in
this quantum world, individual entity is transient and insubstantial. Particles
cannot be separated from the empty space around them. They are intrinsic part
of a whole, a matrix, a field which is recognized among the scientific community
as the Zero Point Field (ZPF) and also called the vacuum, but the word vacuum
gives the idea of nothingness, and the Zero Point Field is referred to the lowest
possible energy state at absolute zero temperature. It is the energy present in
the emptiest state of space, out of which no more energy could be removed. But
according to the uncertainty principle of Heisenberg there will always be some
residual of energy due to the virtual particle exchange. This energy of the Zero
Point Field exceeds all energy in matter by a factor of 10, and its magnitude was
described by Richard Feynman, when he said that, the energy in a single cubic
meter of space is enough to boil all the oceans of the world. The existence of
the Zero Point Field implied that all matter in the universe was interconnected by
waves, which are spread out through time and space and can tie all part of the
universe as a whole in a dynamic-equilibrium basis.
This holistic character and the 3D appearance of the physical elements of our
universe finds support in the holography created by the Hungarian Dennis Gabor
in 1940, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971. A hologram is
a 3D image created by the interference of waves frequencies of energy. The word
hologram comes from the Greek hlos: whole grama: messages. We can
interpret it as all the messages given as a whole. Lets analyze how a hologram
is made, to get a better understanding of its analogy in the universe. If you make
a beam of laser pass through a splitter, it will divide into two new beams. These
beams have unique coherent wavelengths. One of them called reference and the
other operator. You can guide the reference beam onto a photographic plate
using lenses and mirrors. Then you direct the operator beam first, on an object,
lets take an apple, and then onto the photographic plate too, using mirrors.
Those split beams will make an interference of wave frequencies on the plate,

and the result will be a 3D image of the apple. But the most interesting result is
not this 3D image you got, but the fact that, if you cut that holographic apple film
into small pieces and you examined it under the illumination of laser light, you
will get the same 3D image of the whole apple as well. This is because each piece
of the hologram, contains the information of the whole.
An example of the use of this technic with good result, was the Michael
Jackson hologram performing Slave to the Rhythm, in the 2014 Billboard Music
Awards. It was so real that, must of the people present had to cry to express their
astonishment. Lionel Richie commented: I must tell you it freak me out because
its Mike. I have to tell you it was brilliantly done, but it just make me a little
uneasy because it was justI keep waiting for him and then I realize that is him
but its not him. Yes, Lionel was right. It was just an illusion. If you had tried to
touch him in order to feel him, you would have felt nothing. It was just Michaels
energy information reproduced in a 3D image.
This discovery was the spark that fired the interest of a group of scientist to find
evidences to prove that the universe we live in, is what we take for granted: a 3D
holographic projection of reality written in a 2D screen. These searches gave birth
to what is known as the holographic principle proposed first by Gerardt Hooft
and promoted by Leonard Susskind, Juan Maldacena (1997) and others, where
the holographic aspect of the universe is explained by the AdS/CFT
correspondence, which states that, the boundary of the anti-de Sitter space (AdS)
can be regarded as the three-dimensional space-time for a conformal field
theory (CFT). The conformational field theory is like a hologram which captures
information about the higher-dimensional quantum gravity theory. In other words
we live in an indivisible 3D image universe where information is at the core and
never is lost.
Regarding the importance of information in the universe, Wojciech H. Zurek, a
leading authority on quantum theory, stated that information is one of the most
fundamental component of it. In a manifesto titled Complexity, Entropy, and
the Physics of Information, John Archibald Wheeler, who was advisor to many
important physicists; among them, the Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman, was
more explicit on this subject and coined the idea it from bit. He suggested that

every it-every particle, every field of force, even the time-space continuum
itself- derive its function, its meaning, its very existence entirelyfrom the
apparatus-elicited answers to yes-or-no questions, binary choices, bits. The it
from bit principle symbolizes the idea that every item of the physical world has
at bottom an immaterial source and explanation: that what we call reality,
arises in the last analysis from the posing of yes-no questions and the registering
of equipment evoked responses; in short, that all things physical are informationtheoretic in origin and that this is a participatory universe. Throughout these
words, Wheeler points out very clear that information is the base, the origin of
everything. When you make an effort to lift a bucket full of water or a sac filled
with pebbles, is the energy who tells how much tense or contraction of the body
muscles there must be, or is the information who indicates how much energy the
cells of the body have to use and produce to finally lift both things?
Bohm defined the power of information as a quantum potential force that
guided the particles movement and, that force lies in the implicate order outside
of our 3D experience. He used the analogy of a ships movement on the ocean
which had no crew but was being guided by radio signals. The radio signal could
be sent from a control room for the ship, to set coarse the degrees to port. There
was no local guidance on the ship which by itself determined the course. The
intelligence that guided the ship was far away on shore. In Bohms view,
information was the fundamental for both matter and energy.
Quantum physicist Fred Wolf states that, What makes up things, are ideas,
concepts, information.
I personally believe, taking into account the evidences already mentioned
above, that, information is not something different from energy and matter; but
both, energy and matter, are manifestations of the information, as in the same
way matter is a manifested state of energy. Even when Einstein described the
speed of light squared(C) in his equation E=m.C he was talking about the basic
condition needed for the information manifested in form of mass, to turn into
information manifested in form of energy. /C/ was, lets say, a conditional to
change the states of the information.

The Zero Point Field has been analyzed as a field of interaction which
constitutes an underline, stable bottom rung vacuum state in which further ZPF
interaction simply reproduces the existing state on a dynamic-equilibrium basis.
This implies a kind of self-regenerating grand ground of the universe. It has
imprinted everything that ever happened in the world through wave interference
encoding which acts as a non-biochemical memory in the universe. In this way the
ZPF has demonstrated that the real currency of the universe the very reason for
its stability is an exchange of energy information. We are talking about
something that is invisible and immaterial in origin but with intelligence and
power. These are the main features of a spirit.
According to Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary, the definition of spirit
is: a supernatural or immaterial being with intelligent information. The
Oxford Guide of Philosophy defines spirit as: a non-material intelligent power.
The ZPF is a non-material matrix where the intelligent information resides. So, the
holistic quantum world where we are inserted, would also constitute our holistic
quantum spiritual reign. To resonate with those high frequency patterns of
energy information, would constitute our spiritual development.
The fact that information in the ZPF can be processed, transformed, reduced,
elaborated, stored, recovered and used, makes of the ZPF not only a spiritual
reign but a place of cognition processes, a region where forces influence and
build thought forms and behavior; in other words, a universal mind.
The words mind and psyche are used interchangeably to describe the totality
of conscious and unconscious processes of cognition that give access to the
consciousness and enables perception, thinking, judgment, feelings, will and
memory. According to A Greek English Lexicon by Henry George and Ridley
Scott, the basic meaning of the Greek word (Psh) is life with a derive
meaning of spirit. This etymology of the word psyche supports the idea of the
ZPF as a spiritual dimension and universal mind. But the universal mind of whom?
The processes of the mind and the meaning of the information cannot emerge by
itself. The collapse of the possibility wave needs someone to do it, at least an

observer. In brief, who then executes all those processes? We now know, for
example, that DNA molecules are made from four nitrogen-containing chemicals
called basis (adenine, thymine, cytosine and guanine or A, T, C, G).We also
know according to Watson and Cricks discovery in 1953 that, the sequence of the
A, T, C, and G bases in DNAs structure spells out the sequence of amino acids
along a proteins backbone, but those are only instructions to make the proteins,
then, who gives the instructions and direct those bases to do synthesis? John von
Neumann in his book the Mathematical foundations of Quantum Mechanics gives
the answer: It is consciousness!
Consciousness exits, but it resists definition. Stanford Encyclopedia of
Philosophy says: Consciousness is a complex feature of the world, and
understanding it, will require a diversity of conceptual tools for dealing with its
many different aspectsthere is a great value of having a variety of concepts by
which we can access and grab consciousness in all its rich complexity.
David R. Hawkins M.D; PhD famous scientific psychiatrist who made
investigations during 20 years on the consciousness subject, wrote in his book
Power vs. Force; The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior: Life is the
expression of consciousness in the observable or experiential world of form. But
the totality of human experience attests that consciousness is both manifested
and non-manifested. The awareness of consciousness within form is common; the
awareness of pure consciousness, beyond form, is exceptional.
There have been a contemporary recognition of Higher Consciousness nonmanifested within the scientific community. Since 1994 a series of conferences
have taken place in several countries around the world, under the title Toward a
Science of Consciousness, organized by the Center for Consciousness Studies at
the University of Arizona. This is the largest and longest-running interdisciplinary
emphasizing broad and rigorous approaches to the study of consciousness.
Topical area include neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, biology, quantum
physics, meditation and altered states, conscious and experiential
phenomenology. Among the works presented in theses conferences,

Consciousness in the Universe: Neuroscience, Quantum Space-Time, Geometry
and Orch-OR Theory, took an outstanding relevance. This research made by the
guru Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff proposes: Consciousness implies
awareness: subjective experience of internal and external phenomenal worlds.
Consciousness is central to understanding, meaning and volitional choice with the
experience of free will. Our views of reality, of the universe, of ourselves depends
on consciousness. Consciousness defines our existence.In one hand, they give
us a model in their orchestrated objective reduction (Orch OR) scheme, of how
the universal consciousness is manifested in the humans brain. The term
reduction in quantum physics describes the action of setting in one state or
possibility, the different states or possibilities that waves exist in superposition in
the universe; this is also known as the collapse of the wave function. In other
words, how different invisible possibilities that exists superposed in the universe
can be brought into one physical thing. In the other hand, Niels Bohr and Werner
Heisenberg proposed, in what is called today the Copenhagen interpretation that,
the collapse of the wave of possibility into one state from the different
possibilities offered in superposition, only could be carried out under
observation or measurement. So it means that an observer has to be
present. The Orch OR proposal is a bridge, open to the different viewpoints that
claim the wave collapse caused by environmental decoherence, or from
observation and measurement by a conscious observer or some others.
Hameroff and Penrose state that consciousness is manifested biologically, as an
orchestrated quantum computations in collection of microtubules in the brain
neurons that, these quantum computations correlate with and regulate neuronal
activity and is taken to result in a moment of conscious awareness and/or choice.
The orchestrated objective reduction of the quantum state suggests a connection
between brain bio-molecular processes and fine-scale structure of the universe,
throughout organized activities inside cells, accomplished by these selfassembling polymers of the peanut-shaped protein dimer tubulin called
microtubules. Each of the brain cells has 10 tubulin dimer being composed of an
alpha and beta monomer arranged in thirteen linear tubulin chains (protofilaments) align side-to-side to form hollow microtubule cylinders (25 nanometers
diameters) with two types of hexagonal lattices. Along with actin and other

cytoskeletal structures, microtubules establish cell shape, direct growth, take part
in the cell division and organize function of cells. These microtubules are
interconnected by various types of microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs) to
define cell architecture like girders and beams in a building. This structure allows
an orchestrated coherent resonance once the stimuli have been received. The
intelligent function and periodic lattice structure of microtubules suggest a
function as some type of bio-molecular computer. Membrane synaptic inputs
interact with post-synaptic microtubules by activation of microtubule-associated
protein 2 (MAP2, associated with learning), and calcium-calmodulin kinase II. Such
inputs according to Penrose and Hameroff, tune, or orchestrate OR-mediated
quantum computations in microtubules by MAPs, hence orchestrated objective
reduction, Orch OR.
This Orch OR scheme is suggesting that, consciousness can reduce the
superposed waves of possibility into one state, without the free will of an
observer, as was supported by the findings of the pioneering scientist in the field
of human consciousness, Benjamin Libet, who was the first recipient of the Virtual
Nobel Prize in Psychology from the University of Klangenfurt, for his pioneering
achievements in the experimental investigation of consciousness, initiation of
action and free will. Libets recordable cerebral activity (readiness-potential,RP)
that precedes a freely voluntary act, reported several hundred milliseconds (up to
800ms) of different between the onset of cerebral activity and the conscious
intention to act. It is concluded that cerebral initiation of spontaneous, freely
voluntary act can begin unconsciously, that is, before that there is any (at least
recallable) subjective awareness that, a decision to act has already been initiated
cerebrally. This introduces certain constraints on the potentially for conscious
initiation and control of voluntary acts. These evidences provided by
Penrose/Hameroff in one hand and Libet in the other hand support the idea that,
universal consciousness using the intelligent information contained in the ZPF
works at the cellular level constantly and spontaneously doing its best to reduce
the waves of possibility into the best state throughout the Orch OR scheme, in
order to keep quantum holistic homeostasis in our human body physiology and
that, the quantum superposed possibility states, and also allows us, the free will
to consciously reduce (Copenhagen interpretation or subjective reduction) them

as a second and voluntary option, to decide what to learn, through conscious
repetition until we make a stock of knowledge which will become attractors
stored as possibilities to build our perceptions and conduct ourselves later on.
In the information which is recorded in the ZPF, we can find the one expressed
in high frequency of energy patterns, and some other of low frequency of energy
patterns. Natures consciousness is always generating those patterns which are a
field of dominance of high frequencies in order to create harmony, coherence
and balance; they are the ones expressed in love, joy, peace, great patience,
gentleness, willingness, goodness and some other powers of that natural spiritual
reign, that exits as superposed waves of possibility even when chaos could be
temporarily manifested. The first real evidence, into the existence of the patterns
behind Chaos Theory, arose from the disparity between two results from the
same computer model made in 1960 by the French meteorologist Edward Lorenz,
when he was running weather data through 12 equations in an attempt to predict
future weather patterns. The result gave rise to what has become known as
the butterfly effect, which describes a small change at the input in a system
resulting in a dramatic difference in the output. In fact the Chaos Theory states
that in those systems which are out of equilibrium and it seems to be
unpredictable and chaotic at macroscopic level, new quite organized patterns are
actually arising at the microscopic levels. This fact was also evidenced by the
Nobel Laureate chemist Ilya Prigogine, who is the foremost authority on Chaos
Theory describing complex systems. She found that in non-equilibrium
systems, heat loss becomes its own dissipative structure. Instead of creating
entropy, or disorder, it actually contributes to creating a form of supra-molecular
organization. At microscopic level, the system behaves as a whole and is selforganizing. This Prigogines finding takes a relevant importance because, is the
evidence to explain the basic principle that controls the consciousness work in
human beings, throughout Orch OR model; even when our attractor patterns of
dominance could provoke chaos, when we subjectively reduce (Copenhagen
interpretation) the possible states of the wave functions into one state of low
frequency patterns of energy.

Amit Goswami gifts us a point of view based on scientific information, about
how consciousness creates soma (body), as the lowest link of the holistic
quantum spiritual psycho-somatic connection. He states that the purpose of the
universe is creatively to manifest the ideas of consciousness. It means that,
manifestation is necessary for consciousness to see itself and its ideas which
exist as non-manifested information archetypes possibilities, until it evolves as
matter. These are the famous Platonic archetypes such as truth, love, beauty,
justice and the like. Taking into consideration the law of manifestation, there is
the ultimate possibility of self-consciousness, seeing oneself through manifested
eyes, materially separate from the world. Regarding this statement, the polymath
George Spencer-Brown said: We cannot escape the fact that the world we know
is constructed in order to see itself, but in order to do so, evidently it must first
cut itself up into at least one state which sees, and at least one other state which
is seen. In order to an eventual subject-object split to occur, it is necessary
that the possibility waves be classified into two types: quantum matter and near
classical matter. Sub-microscopic quantum matter, because of the uncertainty
principle, spreads quickly in possibility; we can never lay down the trajectories of
behavior that small conglomerates of quantum matter will follow. But large
conglomerates of quantum matter, on the other hand, spread so slowly (due to
resistance of the charge particles interacting with the different forces in the ZPF
according to Puthoff, Haisch and Rueda) in possibility that, we can assign their
future trajectories of behavior for all practical purposes.
Thus it is that, the world starts its evolution as a triad of possibilities: the
unchanging themes, the quantum objects that present creative opportunity by
spreading rapidly in possibility and the near-classical objects with which to obtain
stability when consciousness is ready to collapse actuality from possibility.
Whereas the simple possibility forms, atoms and molecules are stable, their
complex conglomerates making up the macromolecules of life are unstable
because of their interaction with the environment. They form and break up until,
via evolution, a symbiotic quantum-measuring-aid apparatus dual-system evolves
that is stable and has the property of what we call a self-referential object. The
first such system, a living cell, can self-organize, self-preserve, and self-reproduce

The basis of all this self-action is conscious choice. Consciousness is the chooser.
The quantum dynamics, gives possible courses of action and bifurcations, when
the will and choice is needed to collapse the pathway that leads to life. The selfreference co-arising of Gaia (this is the way that consciousness is acknowledged in
the west, in its role of self-referentially choosing the self-organization of life)
along with the living cell and its environment manifest for the first time the
possibility of life into actuality. This manifestation consists of the choice of the
one causal pathwayover all other pathways leading only to non-lifethat leads
to self- referential quantum measurement in the living cell. This first act of
creation by the creative universal consciousness is complete from the very
moment that the first living cell manifests life, and it retroactively flows back to
the original environment, so that the entire causal pathway subsequently can be
studied as the past.
The study of this connection of the cell with the environment as the center of
the information that produces and controls its life, is the base of the new biology
called Epigenetic (Greek: -epi: above, out of, around genetics). The science
of epigenetics, which literally means control above genetics, profoundly
changes our understanding of how life is produced and controlled.
In the chromosome, the DNA forms the core, and the proteins cover the DNA
like a sleeve. When the genes are cover, their information cannot be read.
Imagine your bare arm as a piece of DNA representing the gene that codes for
blue eyes, and a long sleeve of your shirt covering it. In the nucleus, this stretch of
DNA is covered by bound regulatory proteins, which covered your blue-eye gene
like a long shirtsleeve, making it impossible to be read.
Bruce H Lipton in his book The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the power of
Consciousness, Matter & Miracles, gifts us a detail explanation how the conscious
universal information of the environment creates life throughout proteins. He
states that living organisms are distinguished from nonliving entities by the fact
that they move; they are animated. The energy information driving their
movements is harnessed to do the work that characterizes living systems, such as

respiration, digestion, and muscle contraction. To understand the nature of life
one must first understand how protein machines are empowered to move.
Each protein is a linear string of linked amino acid molecules, comparable to a
childs pop bead necklace. Cells use twenty flexible link amino acid molecules to
form a protein backbone. This flexibility enables the each protein backbone to
adopt a variety of shapes. Most of the linked amino acids have positive or
negative charges, which act like magnets; like charges cause the molecules to
repel one another, while opposite charges cause the molecules to attract each
other. This condition allows the proteins flexible backbone spontaneously folds
into a preferred shape when its amino acid subunits rotate and flex their bonds to
balance the forces generated by their positive and negative charges. In order to
do that, the proteins receive the signal from the environment (as it is stated also
by Penrose/Hameroff in the Orch OR scheme). The final three-dimensional shape,
or conformation (technical term used by biologist), of a protein molecule reflects
a balance state among its electromagnetic charges. This three-dimensional shapes
also give them the ability to link up with other proteins when they are physically
and energetically complements, like gears in a watch. Cytoplasmic proteins that
cooperate in creating specific physiology are grouped into specific assemblies
known as pathways. They are identified by functions such as respiration,
digestion, muscle contraction and the like, pathways.
According to Lipton most of these proteins are located on the cell membranes
outer surface, where they act as antennas, downloading environmental signals.
These proteins are called Integral Membrane Proteins (IMPs) which can be
subdivided into two functional classes: receptor proteins and effector proteins.
Cells possess a uniquely tuned receptor protein for every environmental signal
that needs to be read. Some receptors respond to physical signals like the
estrogen receptor that binds the estrogen molecule in a perfect lock and key fit,
the receptors electromagnetic charge changes and the protein shifts into its
active conformation. Some other receptor antennas read vibrational energy
fields such as light, sound, and radio frequencies. The antennas on these energy
receptors vibrate like tuning forks. If an energy vibration in the environment

resonates with a receptors antenna, it will alter the proteins charge, causing the
receptor to change the shape.
Eva Jablonka a Polish-Israeli geneticist known especially for her interest in
epigenetic inheritance along with the biologist Mario Lamb wrote in their book
Epigenetic Inheritance and EvolutionThe Lamarckian Dimension: In recent
years, molecular biology has shown that the genome is far more fluid and
responsive to the environment than previously supposed. It has also shown that
information can be transmitted to descendants in ways other than through the
base sequence of DNA.
The capacity of the cells of our body to receive and perceive the information
contain in the fine-scale structure of the universe as has been evidenced by
Lipton, Penrose/Hameroff and others was defined by Walter Schempp as
quantum holography. Walter a mathematics professor from the University of
Siegen in Germany, specialized in the mathematics of harmonic analysis, or the
frequency and phase of sound waves, proved mathematically that all sorts of
information about objects, including their 3D shape, is carried in the quantum
fluctuations of the Zero Point Field, and that this information can be recovered
and reassembled into a three-dimensional image. He showed that through
Fourier transformation, MRI machines could take information encoded in the Zero
Point Field and turn it into images. This means that perception occurred at the
most fundamental level of matter, that what we see is not objects but only their
quantum information and out of that, we build our image of the world. In other
words, our memory doesnt reside in our brain but instead is stored in the ZPF.
With the intelligent information of the environment, in charge of the
formation of living organisms and their life control, as the higher consciousness
mind expression, making the best choices from its waves of possibility in the
universe to keep harmony and balance, as well as leaving opportunities of free
will for its extended human consciousness, to make decisions too; the holistic
quantum spiritual psycho-somatic connection is completed, to work as a whole
system in favor of the human constant healing and development.


Unless the western medical system approach changes its objective, causal
determinism, that let them keep seeing the material world as independent of our
consciousness and that, every phenomenon comes from a material origin, and
finally start upgrading their scientific knowledge, in order to match with the
standards of the XXI Centurys view of the quantum physics and the new Biology,
the problem of Iatrogenesis will keep standing as the first cause of death in the
Quantum physics has come to give us the basis of how nature works
holistically in a dynamic coherence. Our universe is a big hologram where the
humans are a piece that reflects that whole. So, we are also an intrinsic part of
that dynamic coherence which cant be ignore. Gregory Bateson said; The major
problems in the world are the result of the difference between the way that
nature works and the way people think . Albert Einstein also stated on this
subject: A human being is part of a whole, called by usuniverse, a part
limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as
something separated from the resta kind of optical delusion of his
consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our
personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must
be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to
embrace all living creature and the whole of nature in its beauty. These two
quotations are solid invitations, to make reflections on the need to insert
ourselves, consciously and harmoniously into our environment as the matrix of
our life.
If our physical bodies, are a consequence of that constant interchange of
charge particles with electromagnetic field, and other forces of the ZPF, then, the
causes of disease cannot be found in our classic physical molecular dimension,
but in our quantum world, quantum mind, quantum spiritual life: in the levels of
our consciousness. Candice B Pert, the famous American neuroscientist who
discovered the opiate receptors in the brain, asseverated that your brain is
extremely well integrated with the rest of your body at a molecular level, so much
so that the term mobile brain is an apt description of the psychosomatic network

through which intelligent information travels from one system to anotherevery
second, a massive information exchange its occurring in your body. Imagine each
of these messenger systems, possessing a specific tone, humming a signature
tune, rising and falling, waxing and waning, binding and unbinding, and if we
could hear this body music with our ears, then the sum of these sounds would be
the music that we call the emotions. With this statement, the thought that is
the intelligent information from the environment, who rules the physicalmolecular aspect of our body, is confirmed; and in this way, our emotions are the
nexus between matter and mind, going back and forth between the two and
influencing both, as she affirmed later in her book Molecules of Emotion. The
mind is not only manifested in our brain, but all over the body; hence the term
body/mind expressed by Dr. Candice B. Pert. Researches made by the Institute of
HeartMath, indicate that the heart is far more than a simple pump. It is, in fact, a
highly complex, self-organized information processing center with its own
functional brain, that communicates with and influences the cranial brain via
the nervous system, hormonal system and other pathways. The pioneer in
neurocardiology, Dr. J, Andrew Armour, introduced the concept of a functional
heart brain in 1991. He discovered that the hearts intrinsic nervous system
contains around 40 000 neurons, called sensory neurites, which detect
information from the environment and translate them into circulating hormones,
neurochemicals, sensed heart rate and pressure. Once the information has been
processed by the hearts intrinsic neurons, the appropriate signal are sent to
sinoatrial and atrioventricular nodes as well as the muscles in the heart, thereby
any information carried in our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions influence
directly our heart and body health.
We get sick spiritually before disease is manifested in our physical body.
Symptoms are not causes, as well as treatment is not healing either. Treatment
comes from outside, to be applied in our physical body, where symptoms take
place as the manifestation of disease. Healing comes from the quantum world we
have inside, as a result of the nature open-ended intelligent and purposeful work,
making use of a cohesive learning feedback process of information, being fed back
and forth between us and our environment. Its unifying mechanism, is not a
fortunate mistake but, information which has been encoded and transmitted

everywhere at once. Our brain has the capacity to analyze movement, to break it
down into wave frequencies, and to transmit this wave pattern shorthand to the
rest of the body, to use this coherent information to promote healing, according
to the remarkable neurologist Karl Pribram. The theoretical biophysicist FritzAlbert Popp, showed through his experiments that, we have a photo-repair
system guided by natures information, that is regularly working in favor of our
healing inside. No body cures us, our body cures itself. It is quantum
programed to do that. It is the task of the health practitioner, to tap into that
quantum program, in order to investigate the real cause and promote such
healing. The healing is not in the physical molecules of a pill, or any other
medicine, or in the molecules found in the food; what the body uses, is the energy
information that those molecules contain. It is impossible to cure a cardiovascular disease with a drug, if the damage is at stage, due to a repressive love or
abundant grief in the heart. None disease can be cured with hormone therapy or
surgery, if it is caused by chronic stress due to our incapacity to handle the
emotional demands of the family, work or social environment, because of
ignorance, stupidity, stubbornness or carelessness. If we are made of atoms
which are tiny amount of energy information, and we are intrinsic part of the
environment, where this energy information comes from; How come can we
made a correct diagnosis of a patients health if we dont take into account their
environment, thoughts, feelings, emotions and stress demands they are under to?
There is a theory in Mathematics and Physics called the critical point analysis
which states that, in a complex system, there is a point where the least amount of
work applied will create a maximum result. It means, for example, that we
could stop a ship with just a little stick, if we are able to apply a little pressure
with it, just in the critical point of its engine. To use this concept in the health
care, will allow us to meet with the right procedures in order to promote the
healing with little effort. In other words, no matter how much medicine we apply,
or how much minerals, vitamins or antioxidants we take, and not even surgery
could solve a health problem, if we dont take into account the critical point
analysis, along the holistic quantum spiritual psycho-somatic connection of the
person. The real critical point of the human being lies on consciousness, in the
levels of energy where she is working on. We act as biological antenna reading

the information from the environment every nanosecond of our lives; we receive
the information, and then we perceive it. This is the role of our mind, to which I
simply define as, the capacity to receive, perceive and store the signals of
structural bands of energy frequency information emitted from the intelligent
forces of the environment. It is the quantum holography system, the one that
bridges consciousness with the body, in order to bring the non-manifested
quantum energy information reign to a manifested 3D matter information
world. We dont really create anything. We actually identify or discriminate waves
of possibility which already exist. It is like the gestalt pictures; we dont really add
anything to the draw, we dont participate in the creation of the draw. All what
we simply do, is to recognize or collapse possibilities in existence. The human
capacity to perceive, has its base on the experience and knowledge we have
recorded and stored. We cannot see or perceive what we dont know. Our
human consciousness cant voluntarily collapse from all possible wave
frequencies available, those ones which are unknown. Consciousness cant
discriminate them, if she doesnt have a previous reference of them. Its like
searching in internet an information that hasnt been entered before, the result
displayed on the screen is: no found. That incapacity, is the one found in autistic
children and adults, according to researches made by Dr. Natasha CampbellMcBride, who is MD, MMedSci (neurology), MMedSci (nutrition). The toxins
clogged in the brain cells, dont allow them to process certain bits of information
or catch certain frequencies. Those toxins come from different sources,
including knowledge learned from experience. If what we have recorded in our
mind, is just information of low frequencies of energy like shame, guilt, apathy,
grief, fear, desire, anger and arrogance, these will be the kind of wave functions
that well collapse from all possibilities available in the environment, and our lives
will be out of balance in all aspects, bringing fatal consequences in our mental,
emotional and physical dimensions. In other words, dis-ease. So, increasing our
knowledge and understanding, will be a wise way to meet our critical point;
observing the way that nature works, adjusting our antennas to those of high
frequencies of energy of the higher consciousness, like love, piece, patience, joy
and the like, and improving our knowledge about the right nutrition, we will
definitely contribute with the healing process provided by nature inside us.


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