Architecture Award 2010 Passive House

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Architecture Award 2010 PASSIVE HOUSE

For the first time, within the framework of the annual Passive House Conference, the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt is announcing an Architecture Award (prize awarding), which will be awarded for outstandingly creative building projects which have been realised in accordance with the Passive House standard. This year's sponsoring partner are SAENA GmbH - the energy agency for Saxony and the Chamber of Architects of Saxony in cooperation with the Chamber of Architects and Town Planners of Hesse.

The built environment has a significant influence on our well-being. It has always been the natural duty of architects to incorporate the developments and challenges of society as a whole into their designs. One of the greatest challenges of our time is the contribution to climate and environmental protection. The Passive House technology provides effective sustainable solutions for these problems.

Architecture has always been more than just superficial design. Good architecture embodies a unity of function, wellbeing and artistic value. Good architecture is capable of representing functional, structural, economical and ecological requirements artistically.

We therefore call on all architects, who have proved all this with their certified and high quality designed Passive Houses, to take part in the

A r c h i t e c t u r e A w a r d 2 0 1 0 P a s s i v e H o u s e.

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PHI ⋅ Rheinstraße 44/46 ⋅ D-64283 Darmstadt

Guidelines for submission of documents

Rheinstraße 44/46 D-64283 Darmstadt Tel. +49 (0) 6151/826 99-0 Fax. +49 (0) 6151/826 99-11 mail@passiv .de

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Architecture Award 2010 Passive House
Documents to be submitted: Identification: The documents should be submitted with the name and address of the author. Poster: Save the poster in Power Point and as a PDF file and save onto a CD. The presentation should consist of two posters, which are to be printed in size A1 for judgement and if necessary for exhibition later on. The names of the building and of the designer should be entered on all posters (as a title at the top). On the first poster in the text box (above right), the technical details of the building and information about the parties involved should be entered. The second poster is optional and can be used to position further pictures and illustrations if needed. Any other posters should not be added and will not be considered. At least the following pictures and illustrations should be included in the poster: a) all floor plans (for multi-storey buildings at least the respective system layouts e.g. the ground floor and an upper floor) b) at least one section c) outside exposures (photographs) d) inside exposures (photographs) The pictures and illustrations should be placed within the grid intended for this purpose. Bigger or smaller picture sizes may be used (see Kinderkrippe Lengdorf example). Information may be entered in the text box but the text box may not be moved out of its intended place (above right on the first poster). The posters should then be submitted without the grid, measurements and explanatory notes (blue). A file without a grid is provided and an example is also shown. Please enclose all pictures and illustrations which have been used for the poster as separate files on CD (as JPG or TIFF). Forms: Project data sheet Author's declaration Publication rights (1 form per photograph/illustration) A copy of the certification document (or scanned PDF file) Submission: All documents should be sent by post to the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt (see address above).

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