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Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association (GREPA) Signs MoU with meQasa for

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)


On December 5 2014, meQasa (A Technology Company in Ghana) historically signed an MoU with The
Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association (GREPA) to create and develop a Multiple Listing Service
(MLS) as a Platform which will be the trusted central Database for the Real Estate Industry.
According to Mr. Kelvin Nyame, CEO of meQasa, “meQasa„s vision is not only to provide a reliable
marketplace, but also to bring more sanity, transparency, and, above all, professionalism to the real
estate industry”
For this reason, meQasa considers GREPA, whose core purpose is to promote professionalism among
real estate professionals, and shares its vision for the Institutional development of Real Estate in Ghana
as an ideal partner to move forward in this direction.
“All of these are to reduce the stress involved when an individual or group looks for a place to rent or buy
in Ghana, said Mr. Nyame.

According to Mrs. Sampah, President and Founder of GREPA, “the purpose of the MLS
( is to streamline Real Estate Transactions in Ghana and promote transparency and
trust between Agents and their Clients within the Industry” will be Ghana's First multiple Listing service and will serve as a useful tool and source
for property information and data management.
Sampah, stressed that the MLS will serve as a common marketplace for Brokers and Agents
The GREPA MLS ( will serve as a Data portal which will accumulate correlate and
disseminate information to enable Real Estate Brokers, Government Institutions, Researchers, Investors,
Valuation companies and students follow Best Practices in Real Estate Transactions.
“An MLS Platform has been a priority for GREPA since it's conception. It is the single most important tool
that will drive our business” says Mrs. Sampah.
GREPA Executives in attendance include: Mr. Jules Williams, Co-Founder, Mr. Richard Mantho,
Executive Vice President, Mr. Herbert Lawson, 1st Vice president, Mr. Nartey Tetteh, Director of Events,
Nana Oye Larbi, Director of Professional Development & Research, Anita Adjei, General Secretary,
Dorcas Adjei-Mensah Treasurer and Gadaf Ahmed, Executive Member
In furtherance of this, Mr. Nyame, announced during their Design Accra event on Friday 5th December,
2014, the benefits of the MLS as follows:
1. The MLS is a tool to help listing brokers find cooperative brokers working with buyers to help sell
their clients' homes.
2. Provides a system of cooperation, allowing for a more consolidated property information
database and doing away with the currently existing fragmented system in the industry.
3. Transparency: All member agents have access to information of a property as well as which of
them has representative rights over it. This makes transactions/deals involving the property more
hassle-free when it gets to payments.
4. Data Syndication: Allows Properties entered into the MLS to be automatically publishes to various
online listing websites for the general public.
5. IDX - (Internet Data Exchange) – will enable real estate professionals to display the most
comprehensive and up-to-date property listing data from the MLS on their own real estate
websites. This means that Agents who have their own websites will be able to pull all listing in the
database onto their website
6. Buyers and sellers can work with the professional of their choice, confident that they have access
to the authentic largest pool of properties for sale in the marketplace
7. Through the MLS, Agents are guaranteed their compensation.

MLSs are a powerful force for competition. They level the playing field so that the smallest brokerage in
town can compete with the biggest multi-state firm.
He said, “We, at meQasa, believe this is a positive step towards clearing up the real estate system and
bringing more credibility to the professionals operating in the industry. Home seekers have the confidence
that they are working with professional agents who know their business, and real estate professionals
have the appropriate tool, platform and data to make their work much more efficient.”
Source: Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association – GREPA document Libriary