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The Gravitational Isolator

© Mihail Vrapcea 2003 - 2011

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This paragraph can be skipped by a hurried reader, while it is explaining only some parts of my background,
along time, which made possible such a simple but very important discovery. Since I was a child I became
interested about gravity, first time, when my father told me about Space, Stars and Black Holes. I was
fascinated how light is captured by the huge gravitational field of the black hole, and cannot escape from it. I
have been always interested also about flying and how to improve it to be closer to the way Superman flies
into the movie. I remember once, being in high school, when I promised to a close friend of mine that I will
discover something, which will revolutionize the way people fly (also transportation generally). Later, like most
of us, I found out about Einstein and his proved theories, so that my idea came from the fact that according to
the general theory of relativity, a ray of light will experience a curvature of its path when it will pass through a
gravitational field. Based on this proven interaction between light and gravity I have made my discovery,
presented below.


First, let us remember here, through a simple image, the deflection of light by a gravitational field, fact resulted
from the general theory of relativity, also proved experimentally:
light and gravity interaction
The light from the star is deflected by the gravitational field of the Sun, so that from the observer from Earth
the position of the star appears at a different location than its true position. Therefore, having the proven
interaction between light and gravitation, here comes my idea, by thinking to invert the values of this process,
so that a high enough density light field "will create some troubles" to a weak enough gravity field. It is like the
inverse phenomenon from a Black Hole, regarding light and gravitation, but at a much smaller level. This
inverted phenomenon is valid/functional, being a consequence of the Action Reaction principle, in other words
to the light bending gravity action it is opposed a corresponding action from light to the gravitational field.

Next step, I have created my Gravitational Isolator, which is using a laser for the "high enough density light
field" mentioned above, captive inside of a disc, with total reflection surfaces on its interior, to counteract
(isolate) the Earth gravity, like in the image below: Function of the power of the laser the level of gravitational
isolation is smaller or greater, varying direct proportionally with the laser power (if we use the R symbol for the
reflection coefficient, which can have values between 0 (no reflectivity) and 1 (total reflection), LP for the laser
power, ë for the laser wavelength and GI for the gravitational isolation value, then one way to quantify it is: GI
= R * LP / ë, so that, because a smaller wavelength will help, a high power high frequency laser should be

For using on Earth the level will be smaller (to not cause atmosphere damages) and for using it into outer or
deep space the level can be much higher. Into the short demonstrative movies, from, I have used a weak laser with power < 3 mW, also the surface inside the
disk was only close to total reflection. However, when it will be built in a corresponding laboratory it will be able
to isolate Earth's gravitation, above it, up to 100%, being not only efficient but also cost-effective. I should
mention that the shape of the gravitational isolator can be different than a disc, actually it can have any flat
form (with round corners) as long as the interior surface has total reflection and its position in use is parallel
with the Earth surface, actually perpendicular on the gravitational waves.
laser captive inside total reflection disc

Numerous applications:

Like in the images from, my discovery can be used to make much easier
the launching and moving into space of a spaceship, at the base of the Space Elevator, or to make vehicles
use less fuel, becoming more efficient through their weight/mass decreasing, the red arrow indicating the
direction of movement for those two spheres sample (flying cars etc.). Not only flying but also the trips outside
of our planet will become available/affordable for everyone (spatial tourism). One of the most important
applications will be the "Free Energy Generator", the rotation being produced only by the gravity force acting
on the not isolated half of the wheel.
It can be used also in many other areas such as the much easier moving of huge/heavy structures into
industry (like the pyramids were probably built about 5000 years ago), building less expensive microgravity
laboratories, the "close to imponderability" flight into amusement parks, and so on.


The Gravitational Isolator is efficient because the strong laser, captive inside it, can resist many years function
of how correctly the interior surface is made as close as possible to the total reflection (to have only very small
energy/laser waste over time). Therefore the energy consumption (required for building/using such devices) is
small, the laser being used very efficiently, because as soon as the "enough laser density" is accomplished
inside the total reflection interior, the isolator surface will be entirely closed, and then stopped of course the
laser radiation, used to fill it, so that there will be no more energy consumption, but a wise using of it by
keeping for a long time (many years) the desired value of the laser inside the Gravitational Isolator.

Note: The exclusive rights to make copies, license, and otherwise exploit the Gravitational Isolator, whether
printed, audio, video, also production, sale etc. are protected for the author, Mihail Vrapcea