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SROREISSIFIED DECLASSIFIE ADVERTISING AND OUTREACH INTRODUCTION + As part of Economic Action Plan 2013, NRCan received $30 million over two years (fiscal years 2013-14 and 2014-15) to execute an International Stakeholder and Outreach Campaign to protect market access for Canadian energy and mining resources. The campaign has two components: 4) international advertising and public relations; and 2) an international and domestic outreach fund, The funds provide $27,250,000 for advertising and outreach activities, and $2,750,000 for staffing and internal services. MINISTER AND NRCAN ROLE + NRCan is responsible for developing and delivering advertising and outreach campaigns, in partnership with other federal organizations, including Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Development. + _ The Minister is responsible for approving advertising and outreach expenditures. BACKGROUND ‘Advertising and Public Relations + The total advertising and public relations budget over two years is $25 milion. We spent $6,200,000 in 2013-104 on advertising in the Washington DC area. Below s a summary of spending to date: Funds Available Spent in 2013-14 ‘Available for 2014-15, ‘Advertising $22,750,000 $6,200,000 '$16,550,000 + Advertising in 2013-2014 focused on raising awareness of the Canada-US energy relationship and countering misinformation about the proposed KXL pipeline. (Examples attached in Annex 1). The ads have appeared in print and online media, as well as on billboards and in transit system signage. Ads have been targeted to those most likely to be informed on and engaged with public policy issues, The ad campaign dives viewers toa "Go With Canada’ website s.21(1}{c) 8.21(1)(a) Intemational and Domestic Outreach Fund + The total Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement Fund (the Outreach Fund) budget over two years is $5 millon. Itincludes $3.5 milion over two years to support proposals from NRCan and other Government of Canada departments to develop and deliver tallored information and engagement activities targeting key international and domestic stakeholder groups. «+The fund also includes grants and contributions funds ($1M over two years) fo support research by third partes to fil information gaps within the public dialogue or inform policy and outreach acthities relating to Canadian natural resources, primarily the energy sector. “tf NRCan-RNCan_A-2013-00683-p.0123 ee re + Approval for spending the Outreach Fund isthe responsibilty of the Minister, and is usually obtained through a briefing note. Below is a summary spending to date: Funds Available | Spent in 2013-14 Available for 2014-15 Operations $3,500,000 $930,500 $2,500,000 Gsand Cs $1,000,000 [ $444,000 $500,000 +n 2013-2014, the Outreach Fund was used to: © conduct policy research relating to Europe's Fuel Quality Directive; © create communication products, to partner withthe Intemational Eneray Agency and advance knowledge of unconventional natural gas production; © work with Foreign Affairs to create conferences and workshops to advance Canada's interests on Canadian energy issues; © work with First Nations leaders to advance energy literacy among BC First Nations communities. + Priorities for 2014-2015 include continuing to advance Canada's reputation as a global energy leader by partnering with other government departments and third party stakeholders to hold events and generate communications and outreach products, CONSIDERATIONS 8.21(1)(b) + The US ads are currently in market and will finish on April 27. ‘A survey has been conducted on the ads to determine their effectiveness. Results of the survey indicate that that the ads succeeded in eaming strong respondent recal, recognition ofthe intended message, and identification of the Government of Canada as sponsor. + Work is ongoing on a strategy for advertising in Europe and Asia. In Europe, advertising could support outreach on the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD) or more broadly o brand Canada as a responsible and secure energy supplier. + We are working closely with your office, the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada and central agencies to ensure key decisions on advertising and outreach are aligned with strategie priorities + NRCan was also responsible for domestic advertising fo promote our plan for Responsible Resource Development. Funding for this campaign was $9 milion for FY 2012-13 and $16.5 milion for FY 2013-2014. $.69(1)(9) re (e) The domestic ads finished running iast November and currently there are no plans for any further domestic advertising. NRCan-RNCan_A-2013-00683-p.0124 DEEMRSSIFIE” KEY MESSAGES (Our Government is strongly advocating for Canadian jobs and economic growth. We will continue to promote and defend Canada's interests, The Intemational Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement Campaign wil raise awareness in key intemational markets that Canada is an environmentally responsible and reliable supplier of natural resources. It will challenge, correct misinformation and seek to balance the current discussion about the development of Canada's natural resources. Responsible development of our natural resources wil create high-quality jobs and growth 2s well as provide revenues for important social programs like pensions and health care which are fundamental to our envied quality of life in Canada In fact, natural resource development currently supports 1.8M jobs across Canada and accounts for just under one-fith of all economic activity in Canada. On average, over the last5 years, natural resource firms have contributed on average $32 bilion per year in government revenue. NRCan-RNCan_A-2013-00683-p.0125

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