Number the Stars

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Study Guide questions to helpyou notethe details important Directions: These are and themes in
the book aswell as the writer'scraft in creatingthe book.Yourteacher will directyou in r e c o r d i n ga n sw e rs-me n ta l l y,in wr itten notes r eady for or al discussion, m or e or formally. Somestudents find it helpfulto reviewthe questions beforereadinga chapter. Chapter'1,"Why Are You Running?" Pages1-10

1 . How doesthe author grab your attentionat the startof the firstchapter?

2. What is the setting(time and place)of the novel? How do you know?

with the Cermansoldiers? 3. What was the encounter Why were the girlsscared?

4. Why do Ellen and Annemarie decidenot to tell their mothersabout the soldiers?

5. What is the mood of the chapter?

Chapter 2, "Who ls the Man Who RidesPast?" 1 . Ex p l a i n e ch a p te rti tl e . th


2. Why did ChristianX feel saferiding his horseJubilee through the Cermansoldiers on the streetsof Copenhagen?

either in your answeror the pageon which you foundyour answer, prease write down NOTE: by ,,The grabsmy attentionat the start of the first chapter next to it! fExample: soldiers." [p'6J) by beingstopped the German and "ulho, Annemarie Ellensuddenly showing


Number the Sfors e StudyCuide- Pag 2

so to X 3. Why did Christian surrender the Germans quickly?

4. What happenedto Lise?

Chapter 3, "Where ls Mrs. Hirsch?"


1. How did lifechangein occupiedDenmark?

2. Why is the button shop important in the story?

3. How can the Danesbe bodyguards?

4. Why did Peterarriveafterthe curfew?

imposea curfew? 5. Why did the Cermans

Chaptef 4, "lt Will Be a Long Night" 1. What arethe fish shoes?


birthday? on 2. What were the "fireworks" Kirsti's

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Number Stors the 3 Study Cuide Page

3 . W h y d o e s Mr. Jo h a n se n once again have thr ee daughter sat the end of the chapter?

Chapter5, "Who ls the Dark-Haired One?"- Pages39-49 1. Howdo Ellen Annemarie whentheygo to bed? and act

treatthe lohansens' 4 a.m.? at 2. How do the soldiers

hold the Starof Davidso tiqhtly? 3. Why doesAnnemarie

Chapter 6, "ls the Weather Good for Fishing?"-


1. Why did Mama and Papadisagree this chapter? in

2. Why did Papatalk of bringing cigarettesto Uncle Henrik when there were no cigarettes the stores? in

worry Mama and Annemarie? 3. How doesKirsti

4. U/here Cilleleie? is

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Number Stors the Study Cuide Pag 4 e

Chapter7, "The Houseby the 9s2,,_ pages60_66 1' How doesthe authorexpress lookwith "fresh a eyes" the startof the chapter? at

2- What was Mama'swarning? Wasit justified?

3. What contrasts doesthe authorsuggest this chapter? in

Chapter 8, "There Has Been a Death" _ pages67_73 1. what is Annemarie's joke about the butter? why do Mama and Elen raugh?


Henr ik ?

H o w d o Ma ma , E l l e n ,A n n emar ie,and Kir stioccupy themselves while vi s i ti ng
'r 'Jr L'r ': ,

3' What explanations comments and from adultsseemmysterious strangeto and Annemarie?

Chapter9, "WhyAre you Lying?" pages7+g1 _ 1' ffil".Ttt Uncle Henrik answer Annemarie's accusation he and Mamaarelying that

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Number the Stsrs StudyCuide- Page5

2. Why doesthe family stagethe mourning of Great-aunt Birte?

3. Who rluppears the end of Chapte g? at r

chapter 10, "Let Us open the Casksftr Pages82-BT 1 . Who poundedon the cottagedoor in the night?

2. How do Annemarie and Mama display their brave ry?

3. What is revealed the psalmPeter in readsaloud?

Chapter 11, "Will We See You Again Soon, Peter?"1 . What is found when the casket opened? is


2. What is Peter's role in the proceedings?

3. How do the Rosens changetheir sources prideas they entrustthemselves of to Peter Henrik? and

4. What do you think the importantpacket Henrik for is?

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Numberthe Stors StirdyCuide- page6

Chapter 12, "Where Was Mama?,,- pages 95-f 0O 1. what is Mama'stask in Chapter 12? whatmakes it difficult?

2. How do Ellen and Annemarie good-bye? say

3. Why doesAnnemarie in search her mother? qo of

4. How doesthe chapterend?

Chapter '13,"Run! As FastAs You Can!"1 . W h a t ha d h a p p e n e d Ma ma? to


2' what disturbs Mama and Annemarie when they find the packet UncleHenrik? for

3. How do Annemarie and Mama hope to "save the day?,,

4. what is in the packetfor uncle Henrik?

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N ame

Numberthe Sfors StudyCuide- Page7

Chapter 'ld "On the Dark Path" -

Pages 106-1,,2

1. Why is it uncomfortable Annemarie as hurries takethe packetto UncleHenrik? to

2. What doesAnnemarie think about as sherunsto UncleHenrik's boat?

3. What is the realgrowl Annemarie hears the end of the chapter? at

Chapter '15,"My Dogs SmellMeat!" -

Pagesl l3-l 19

1. How doesAnnemarie follow Mama'sadvicein dealingwith the soldiers?

2. How doesAnnemarie distract the soldiers?

3. How do both Annemarieand the soldiers show displeasure with eachother?

4. why doesUncleHenriksayhe hopesthe soldiers chokeon his bread?

Chapter 16, u, Will Tell You f ust a Little" -

pages 'l2O-,/ 27

1. How can you tell the climaxof the book haspassed?

2 . Wh y d o e sU n cl eH e n ri k suggest m ilkinglesson? the

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Number Stars the StudyCuide pageg -

3 . what explanations doesAnnemarie asto the events get at the farm?

Chapter '17,"Ail This Long Timg'f_ Pages 128-',llz 1 . How do the Johansens other and

charactersin the book fare after the Rosens ffee?

2. How does Lowryend the book?

Afterword - pages133_137 1' what answeti do", Lowry provide in her Afterwo


2' what information abouthistorical fictiondoesLowryprovide the Afterword? in

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Name Class


Number SfarsContext the ClueOrganizer

Context ClueOrganizer
Please writedownthe pageon whichyoufindeachword.(Thenumber parentheses the in is you'llfindthe wordin!)Thenwritewhatyou thinkthe wordmeansbasedon context. chapter Finally, lookup the wordin the dictionary. helpyou lookup words,rootwordsare (To underlined.)

1, l a nk y ( 1)

Page What I Think lt Means Basedon Gontext Clues

Whatthe Pictionary Says It Means

2. rationed(3)

(6) 3. mourning

4. haze (8)

5. wail (9)

UnknownWord 6. commotion(11)


WhatI Think lt Means Basedon Context Cfues

What lt Means in the Dictionary

7. winced(13)

8. enrage(15)

9. bleak (171

10. sabotage (Afterword)

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