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It has come to our notice that some of the students are facing visa problems due to the adjustment
in the immigration rules and regulations. The list below covers most of the guidelines for visa
renewal and visa application .However, for more clarity you are advised to check with your
respective university to be more specific and relevant. The following list is based on Asian
Pacific University (APU).
Visa Renewal
Youre required to:

Check and note the expiry date of your student visa in your passport.

You are required to submit your application for visa renewal no later than eight (8)
weeks prior to expiry of your current visa.

You may submit your application for renewal as early as three (3) months prior to
expiry, and you are encouraged to do so.

If you submit your renewal documents less than 4 weeks, it will not be accepted and you
may need to re-apply for a new visa from home (Rwanda).

Note that Overstaying (i.e. not renewing your Visa on time and remaining in the country beyond
the expiry date) is an offence, and you will be subject to a heavy fine, and EMGS and the
Immigration Authorities will have absolute discretion in deciding whether or not to process your
renewal application. The University is in no position to negotiate on your behalf, and you may be
required to return to your country.

Visa application outside Malaysia

The process is as follows

After the school has approved the students application, the student will be given an
Offer Letter from the respective university.

The student has to apply for a Student Pass Approval (VAL) through the university.

Kindly proceed to the Malaysian High Commission in Kenya, show them your approval
letter (VAL) to obtain your single- entry Visa (SEV).

You may then proceed to travel to Malaysia, kindly remember to carry with you the
student approval letter and offer letter to avoid any problem.

The student pass Approval Letter is usually valid for three months. You must arrive in
Malaysia one month prior to the expiry of your student pass Approval letter (VAL) and
proceed immediately for the medical checkup and handover your original passport to the
international office of your university to process a one year visa.

Please inform your university before you travel to arrange for the airport pick-up. Pleae
note that if you come as a student you cannot clear yourself from the immigration at the
airport. You will need a school representative.

Note: Social visit visa, Visit Visa and Tourist Visas are NOT allowed effective January 4014.
Please make sure to travel with a valid passport. A passport with less than 6months to the expiry
date cannot be used to travel. Therefore, make sure your passport is valid for at least 6months
before you travel.
Hope you find this information helpful, we wish you the best of luck during your stay in

Best Regards