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Contra Dei

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ORDER OF THE NINE ANGLES ....................................................................................................................24
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DEMONIC ART.........................................................................................................................................49
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CONTRA DEI we pronounce these words to the world, stating that reigning principle, which lives
within each one of us and encourages us to fight. Enveloping by the words that dominant which assumes
the form, that is more preferable in the certain moment of life and death, we are aware that we continue
this principle onto minds and souls, capable of perceiving it.
For us CONTRA DEI are not just words of pathos, not just futile challenge to the society and not a
claim on an authentic concept. This is what is able to express all within us our Hatred, our loyalty to
Devils work and our kinship with Darkness.
We are capable of realizing, feeling and expressing via ourselves this principle and of carrying it onto the
world by our words, deeds and first of all we are capable of standing for that exclusive right, equal to all
the Dark Ones, -- the right to be adversaries of god.
CONTRA DEI is one of manifestations of our relations with Devil.
This is the right to take part in the eternal War and the right for deicide.
The right which we deserve by the sincerity and the endless faithfulness for Darkness.
The divine and its embodiments in the humane contradict what is natural for us, reflecting the alienation
of light to each one of Darkness. But by the Will of Darkness we are here to fight, to acquire Darkness
over and over again And when we speak about god, we speak about annihilation of the primordial
adversary of Devil, about annihilation of our primordial enemy.
While speaking of deicide, we mean the Triumph of Devil and the Victory of Darkness over light and
We chose the magazine as one of accessible for us forms of expression of this idea, in order that the
words CONTRA DEI would be heard by many. In order that Satanism, instead of being a synonym of
hedonism and egoism, would acquire the lost values of approach to Satan and belonging to Darkness.
The great traits of the initial rebellion. The purity of dark principles. The constant loyalty to ones nonhuman aspirations. Only this can be opposed to the humane and to the divine.
We wish to share the honor of deicide with few only. We wish that at least one of you would kill god,
god within yourself. And this act will belong to all the dark, as well as our experience and our acts
belong to them.
Our words witness of the truth of the knowledge that stands behind us, of Devil. Many have forgotten
Him and their essence, many are just unable to know Him, many rejected Him being too feeble for
We sincerely speak about Devil, Evil and deicide. We wish to grant the opportunity to speak about it also
to the humans, first of all to those of them, who has deserved this right by their deeds and qualities.
Acting so, we wish that many viewpoints would be stated, also those which cannot stand the ordeal of
time. But be aware, we are against reconciliation, we are against compromises between the human all
too human and the dark from its origin, we are against the cunning attempts of replacement of concepts
by one another in endeavors to justify ones own human weakness only.
We want the separation to triumph. The separation is into black and white, dark and light, truth and
falsehood. We want to grant to everyone the right to judge about what stands behind deeds and words,
either rejecting or accepting them entirely.

We hear words about Devil and Evil. The words addressed to humankind, or the words unacceptable for
humankind, destined to awake within it the non-human origin. But in any case, these words are about
what is endlessly priceless for us.
Weve been orientating on those who state and manifest their attitude towards Devil and Darkness. These
appeared to be creative people, those people who dare to step aside from the humane in the measure of
their own strength and honesty.
Amidst them there are those who indeed have touched darkness and speak about their experience, but
there are also those who invent this experience of theirs, or deceive other by it. We knew this, we know it
now, when the own words of these people might eloquently witness, either confuting or confirming this.
We often get bewildered by the hypocrisy, cowardliness and stupidity of many of those, who wish to
speak of Devil, attempting just to whiten their own lies and to add some significance to themselves. But
also these words ought to be heard, no matter whether they sound like a condemnation or a revelation.
We intentionally asked the same questions. We wanted to have learnt only one thing the truth, we
wanted the truth to belong to all those who are able to coexist with it.
CONTRA DEI is the result of efforts of many. All the participants of the project are nameless, you wont
know those who are gone, and you wont know the freshmen of the project, either. Each one made
exactly as much as he could.
Who are we? We are slayers of god, its more than enough.
What you think of us is a falsehood from the start. It would be honest to say that we dont exist, but there
is your opportunity to be CONTRA DEI, to be us. Our lives are dedicated to Devil, dedicated to
Darkness. We know nothing about your lives.
CONTRA DEI. Speaking and acting so, we doom to death, we need neither captives nor renegades.
Fame and esteem dont interest us, and also the opposite side shame and blame dont, either. We
comprehend all that as phenomenon of the same order. Those who spill dirt, while not having done
anything by themselves, are as primitive as those who spill praises. Many will compare our words with
the words pronounced by others, compare the magazine with the already existing ones. Act as you think
worthy for yourselves. Because we need not anyone, but the equal with us.
Our contact adress is left not for everyone. We know the price for our words, our deeds and our time.
Firstly get to know the price for your words and your deeds.
Learn what is CONTRA DEI.

Entering to your life, and as always, we proclaim and state Evil, Its doctrine and spiritual values. For us
they are constant and unexposed to any external influences. For many of you they are alien, for many
they are unclear, because they are distorted possibly by your own hands. For us it does not change
anything. Your alterations are possible. We wish only to open your eyes.
CONTRA DEI stands for Satanism, as for something dark, sacred. This is our choice.
We dont want to suggest you our choice. We are not going to rehabilitate Satanism in the eyes of the
disappointed in their choice. But we are aware of the vile things and crimes and we wont let profane
whats precious for us.
CONTRA DEI stands for Satanism here and now. And if for someone Its traditions and spiritual values
are old or new, then for us they are just immortal.
CONTRA DEI takes the right to stand for Satanism and to speak from Its name. Because it is our choice.
The very name of Satanism is defamed and disgraced by the vile creatures, which comprehend and
spread its ideas as comfortable and seems rational to them. The ideas of Evil are reduced by them to total
self-indulgence and mundane freedoms, which, in their opinion, delivers them from slavery and from
human pre-determinism. Unchained in their vile essence, they hurry to share their rotten enjoyments,
triumph and consolation with those kindred with them, and by exposing their pervercity they wish to
involve into their filthy tribe also inexperienced wanderers. Manifold of their web-forums all over the
world is filled up with twaddle about the satanic freedom of human, with paradox stupidity that Satanism
is the path to become god in ones own universe and with other heresies, which abuse the name of Devil.
They know quite well what they want from Satanism. They deny the very possibility to demand anything
from them. They know their price. But they do not know the price theyll have to pay. Their ignorance
wont diminish their responsibility and the inevitability of retribution. They deserve a disgraceful death.
And when seldom appear wolves on their pasture and either grin in their faces or bite them for unveiled
vices, they snap with their vile speeches, showing their offended selfish pride. And only wolves are right
and are free to do with them what they use to do. They just fulfil their vulture destination.
CONTRA DEI stands against degenerates in Satanism, as well as against degeneration of principles and
spiritual values of the Doctrine of Evil. Despise degenerates and curse them as enemies.
Another tribe of people also brings distortion into the perception of principles and of spiritual values of
Satanism, romantizing and overidealizing its image and distorting its ideas. These losers, unhappy ones,
knights/ladies of the sad image express their feeble souls with silly decadence poems/prose and
untalented empty pictures, and whats even worse with their own faces. With all their decadence, they
are able to have intrigued many with their attractiveness of the forbidden and somber image, and
gather large audiences of the kindred feeble souls to their primitive confession. Their tribe is doomed to
carry on their unhappy destiny, in which they find their consolation, destination and their death of
CONTRA DEI stands against decadence and against spiritual feebleness under the name of Evil. Accept
Evil and Its might without embellishments.
Much of what belongs to the idea of Satanism is dissipated and absorbed by the mechanisms of
establishment. As practice shows, this system with all the greed, prudence and ignorance inherent to it, is
able to turn any ideas, including spiritual, to merchandise. Of course, it itself is not almighty without
those who make it so. These are those modern people, whose spiritual void is filled with the same gray
ignorance, and whose souls are kind of consumers baskets themselves. The contemporary world grants

them all the opportunities to buy/add into it evil as much as they can afford, and often quite for free.
World of consuming is either tolerant to incorrectness and consequences, or does not take them into
account, because it counts upon the profit as long as Evil ideas and traditions in any form belong to the
conjuncture. For this works the demand of the society of ignorant consumers, as well as lots of thieves
and deceivers who fulfil the supply. Also entertainment works for this, fulfilling thus also a useful task of
qualitative propaganda. All that mostly repulses the orthodox followers of Evil. The influence of all this
mostly gives a wrong education to the young generation, whose perspective is very ephemeral, with few
exceptions. The alternative of a completely made product makes them weak and devoid of initiative.
Moreover, it just blinds them with opportunities. Not many question/analyze what they have possessed.
And yet more outstanding are those of their number, who are capable of the experience of their own. And
when, sooner or later, they have to be responsible for their desires and deeds, they understand how they
are far from their choice and how close to the unregulated death.
CONTRA DEI stand against system(s). Discover the paths to Evil and cognize their difficulties in full
measure. Keep the precious knowledge and experience away from dirty hands.
Being invulnerable from outside, Satanism as the doctrine of Evil can be harmed only due to inner
disorganization and dirt. And as always, human hand has something to do with this. Having discovered
his exclusiveness and steadying himself on the path of service to Evil, he undergoes qualitative
alterations, but not too soon. Having achieved a little success, human often gets blinded with his
imaginary dignity, and the dream of him, who was born to crawl, being accomplished even in a small
part, ceases to alarm him with questions why? and what for? The relapse leads to the situation when the
most humanly morally strong and power-loving people unjustly state their superior position with regards
to their environment, diminishing thus the merits of the equal and the perspective. In such a situation,
adherents and brethren in arms appear in the group of subordinates and useful personal at the thrones of
impostors black counts and countesses. As a feeble creature by his essence, an uplifted human
secures the support of his closest and fairly strong persons (also because he needs a constant estimation
and confirmation of his state) and shares with them achievements and ideas his own as well as those
which come to him from the lower instances, whose destiny remains either ignorance or lack of
capability of assistance. The exterior politics looks doomed too.
There exist many pieces and their suites upon this chess-field, who fill up themselves with Dark wisdom,
accumulate the Dark power in their hiding-places, but do not have and do not think about opportunity to
realize it and do not wish to give life to this. The initially prejudiced approach from the height of their
throne dooms to death perspectives of the development of any Satanist or Satanic
community/group/order etc. In ultimate case, they can condescend to purely formal business-like
relations. Their ultimate crime, with all that, is that sometimes they cover themselves with the name of
CONTRA DEI stands against the monopoly on Satanism and exploitation of free will of those who aspire
to cognize and incarnate the Idea of Evil. Evil cant belong to human, but a worthy human can give
himself to Evil.
Satanism ought to be intolerant to all the crimes and distortions of its essence. It ought to be ultimately
true, natural and perfect, just like everything where the very name of Devil is present. Human can easily
escape from responsibility of his intrigues on the territory of Evil, but only before his kind. He might be
justified either by his free-thought or stupidity, which we dont regard as justification. Of course, it wont
be enough for him to know about what the perceived doctrine of Evil oughtnt to be, and naturally not
many will have enough valor to tell what it is. CONTRA DEI takes the opportunity and the responsibility
to state its principles here to tell what Satanism ought to be. How is it possible? Its simple. We are
aware of this, as well as of our own life, as well as of lives of those who truly realize these principles.
Satanism is inconceivable without Satan and inseparable from Him. Satan is Adversary, Enemy,
Hindrance. He is first of all the enemy of the divine, but His essence is not bounded by resistance only.

Satanism is the aspiration to accord with Satan. Uncovering and cognizing the essence of The Great One
In The Dark, to act in accordance with His rebellious nature, manifested in each dark one, - namely this
is the kinship with Satan.
Satanism, touching human, does not puts him in the center of aspiration. Humanism, gedonism and other
phenomena of human relations do not mean Satanism.
Yes, human is able to give himself to Evil. To give his life to the service for the idea of Evil. To give his
soul to Devil. To search and to find his destination on the path into Darkness. Because human is capable
of crime. Human is capable of murder. Human is capable of murder of human within himself. Human is
capable of murder of god within himself. Human is capable of being against god at all. Of being against
god by everything, which he initially possesses and which he acquires further. Of being against god
actively and initiatively. Of being against god ultimately and categorically. Of being against god to the
spite and to death. Of Being against god sincerely and selflessly.
Why? Because human is capable of making choice and he can be chosen. Because human is capable to
stand For Devil.
How? Standing for and stating his choice and his exclusiveness in the fight. In the fight for Devil and
against god.
Knowledge strategy and methods of fight come with experience. Means and weapons are what is
acquired and what is primordial, and what just gets quenched and perfected.
CONTRA DEI stands For Devil. For us sacred is His name and sacred is all that bears His name.
CONTRA DEI stands against god. For us hateful is his name and hateful is all that is obedient to his
We told you much. We told you enough. But this is our words only. We just opened your eyes. Such is
our choice.


In 1966 Anton Szandor LaVey founded the Church of Satan.
On the 30th of April, on Walpurgis-night, he shaved his head and
started the new Satanic Aeon. In that way the Church of Satan marks
the fact of its birth, the birth of mystery, conspiracy or simply a
scandalous funny trickery.
The following was said by the Church officials about its
establishing: We were established in 1966 c.e. by Anton Szandor
LaVey, who declared the Year OneAnno Satanas, thus opening the
floodgates to a revolution designed to smash the hypocrisy and
unreason which has reigned for the past 2000 years. We have, since
1966, stood as the most formidable threat to those who would halt
progress in the name of spirituality. We are explorers on the
untrodden paths of science, human motivation and mysteryall that
is most truly occult. These words meet with approval, their meaning
echoes deep inside, but they also conceal subtle and corrupt practice.
The words may imply a lot, and nothing but the process of creating an
extraordinary organization in ordinary, mediocre world, too. One can reveal real significance of its
establishing and its ideology, see the final results through the cited above quotation and its correlation
with the activity of the CoS. As an outstanding mystifier and psychologist, LaVey created the most
discrepant and unique organization in the world. Awesome and provoking curiosity, rustic and simple by
its form and essence, though keeping enough room for persons own conjectures, attractive for men in
the street as well as for brilliant personalities.
The history of the Church is too contradictory and obscure to be given here entirely. Truth and skilful
fiction have intermixed so much that they are a single whole. Yet the doctrine of the Church cant be
handled ignoring its history; they are interrelated. Scoundrels and criminals, famous producers, actors
and people of crowd, gifted natures who became oversatiated with drab existence of the gorged world
everyone of them has added something new to the history of the most vicious organization of the 21st
century. Charles Manson, Susan Atkins, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield, Kenneth Anger, Marilyn
Manson, Glen Benton here are just a few names that either used the fame of the Church or had a hand
in boosting the myth.
The Church of Satan very quickly became a phenomenon of Underground culture. The very fact of
membership in the organization extremely heightened cultural
workers scandalous status. They wanted some high-quality
abnormality, some onvenient freakness.The Church gave an
opportunity to feel not like most, granted exclusiveness and
wrapped its members in mystery and conspiracy. That works at
nowadays, too. A pink membership card at the cost of $100
showers its owner with some kind of infernality. Moreover, the
very fact of reading The Satanic Bible becomes a distinguishing
feature for a man in crowd.
Life that LaVey lived was inseparable from the Church of Satan.
His personality excited burning curiosity, his secrets drove the
crowd mad, his private life was compared with the most terrible
secrets accessible to mankind. The 21st century is the century of
delusion and boredom. A human being wants to be stuffed with
scandals and forbidden lacunas. LaVey made good use of it.
Everybody lusted for being like him. He was associated with the
true image of Satanist crafty, cynical and free. Conjectures and

curiosity completed this image. LaVey touched humans latent sensitive chords using shocking word
combinations regarding Satanism like Church, Bible etc. He transferred the meaning of the words and
their sacrality to the phenomenon he had created. The organization he established assumed the aureole of
a church where supreme mystery is kept. His work gained the status of revelation the same as Christian
books had, but reverse to it. These facts confirm his ingenuity; they also represent the true face of church.
Deprive a thing of mystery and youll see something very ordinary.
The fact of the Churchs official registration abolished true Satanic
tradition. For most people the essence of Satanism has been determined
by the policy of the Church and its theoretical works since that moment.
In 1969 LaVey wrote the Satanic Bible the principal ideological work
in the Church Of Satan. The Church had dwelled in ideological vacuum
before its publishing. The book became popular in a short of time. The
large edition didnt mean the popularity of Satanism, but the foolishness
of the crowd. Everybody carved for having a share in something
forbidden. Darkness and Evil suddenly became popular. Sacred and
veiled changed its meaning to something primitive and accessible.
Henceforth everything LaVey wrote gained the status of true evil
tradition and was determined by the satanic crowd that way.
The primary tradition of Satanism was simply used by LaVey to complete his image and image of the
organisation. The Church of Satan practices ritual elements in worshiping the Dark Prince, but even so it
alleges that Devil doesnt exist. The only deity for a man should be his own self. It sounds paradoxically
but Devil and man traded their places. Man suddenly had got power. His own interest and his own
universe became the only reality. Darkness was dislodged to a very unpretentious place, cause its too
easy to declare that this Reality doesnt exist in the animal universe of two-legged deities.
Satanic wedding, Satanic funeral, Satanic baptism they are absolutely similar to the same human
actions, just arranged with some mystical entourage. It is a game; a professional performing of something
dark that gives aesthetic and moral satisfaction. Like any another game early or late it should result in
failure. Footsies with Darkness are impossible. Its dishonourable, as dishonourable is a medieval
popular belief that one should swindle Devil. The Church of Satan notifies through its authoritative
members about its truck with Satan: We accept Satans name merely as a concept. Satan has been just a
symbol defied a fruitless thinking, appealed for indulgence, revolting against thralldom, so it really
reflects the human nature and the pleasures of flesh. Satan himself did not participate in His Church.
After a lapse of several years the Church began to alter its
policy. Organizations like CoS, satanic sects and grottos
appeared all over the world. Being headed by crazy nuts as
well as by devoted to Darkness persons, they all pressed
towards strengthening the power of the Prince of Evil. Rather
than to support the satanic movements all over the world the
Church held itself off from them: Satanic Bunco Sheet Because Anton LaVey has made Satanism so popular,
everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. If youre new to
the Realm of Darkness, suddenly feeling the fires of Satan
burning within you, be warned: there are unethical
individuals out there who will prey upon you, claim to teach
you how to become a Great Black Magician overnight, who
will promise instructional fellowship and activities with True Masters, who may claim unverifiable
links with the Church of Satan or other such lineage. Heres a tip sheet to recognize pseudo- and antiSatanic groups that have sprouted up since LaVey started the original Church of Satan. There is just a
slight distinction between upholding ones principles and hiding behind them. The Church started to
assert its sole right, isolated itself within its conceptions and treated all the rest alike. There was disunity.
Some persons were connected with the Church and supported its actions; others have been making

useless things drawing on its experience. Accusations of borrowing and envy were numerous That is
no wonder, because the Church is elite.
A schism began in the very Church in the 1970th when a group headed by
Michael Aquino left it and founded their own organization, the Temple of Set
which revived the cult of Egyptian Set by identifying him with Satan. That
wasnt simply a discrepancy; that was a glaring contradiction between
conceptions, the conflict between praized flesh and castrated spirit. The Temple
of Set differs from the Church of Satan but limitations in understanding of Evil
spirit point the implication of Temple to the phenomena of the human world.
Satanism presented by the ToS lies in the following: Satanism is the belief in
the existence of Satan as a sentient being or spirit in the universe, and the
worship of Satan and obedience to his perceived principles, standards, and
goals. As Satan is defined as a metaphysical being - Devil or Archangel, such
belief in him constitutes a religion rather than a rational philosophy or
ideology The ToS is too anxious to be unlike the CoS, contradicts it and thus the activity of them both
depreciates the essence of their aspiration regardless of the fact that it might be true. Being a
phenomenon created within the limits of American lifestyle, the ToS is very humane, too.
LaVey more and more concerns himself with his own business, for example, he creates artificial
companions, which could change attitude toward other people and sex. He devises a method to turn
people into vampires and creates pieces of music. His daughters Carla and Zeena, who administered the
Church at this period, later broke off any relations with it.
The period of performances, orgies and craziness seems to be gone. The new phase of evolution began.
In 1970 inside the CoS a new magical society The Order of the Trapezoid was established. It carried
out magical researches and also managed security affairs in the Church. Governing body of the CoS was
appointed of a list of its members. These magical investigations have never revealed themselves
anywhere. As times goes by the veil of mystery became thicker. Priest and Priestess, Maga and Magus,
Magister and Adept; the Church persisted in its being an organization. Titles and offices contradict the
declared love of freedom and dont mean immediate proximity to the Power of Darkness.
In 1980th the Church tries to expand its activity and comes across many progenies all over the world.
This resembles ripples spreading in a puddle. Hedonists and atheists, egoists and bond freedom-lovers
caught up the unsteady standard of the CoS. There was no promised revolution, the new Satanic Aeon
resembled the evolution of a man childhood, impetuous youth, wise mature age, inevitable old age and
The mysterious LaVeys death in many respects signified disability to develop the Church. An
outstanding satanic personality died of a heart attack in a Catholic hospital. Bitter irony lies within the
fact; he didnt manage to avoid the presence of god in articulo mortis.
His death muddled the Church up. Numerous charismatic individuals began sharing the corpse and its
legacy. Reciprocal accusations and claims sounded generously, voices became strained in frequent rituals
of damnation.
At present there are a few persons who might be able to fill a gap. Blanche Barton, LaVeys biographer
and partner, became the High Priestess after his death in 1997. Peter Gilmore became a new High Priest
in 2001, but Blanche Barton remained the High Priestess; they administer the Church jointly since then.
Web affairs are the responsibility of Peggy Nadramia who is the High Priestess, too. We didnt succeed
in finding out if she fulfils the duties of Blanche Barton.
Present-day CoS is conservative. In spite of development and creativity the Church has preached, it is
unlikely that it will create something new. It exercises its freedom just within the words that once were

spoken, within fading echo of the words LaVey one day made public. The significance of the
organization may consist in bringing the conception to perfection, but repeated attacks from the hostile
environment have restrained its ardour and stifled the flame. The Church tries to look respectable,
scandals rob it of vitality. The Church ceased to be categorical. Trying to keep Satanism under its thumb
it is willing to say irreconcilable things trying to find compromises. Paradoxes and bored sneers are the
dominant tone in its correspondence.
The image of a bugaboo for people, of a near enemy, of a
challenge has become an ordinary thing. Moreover, the Church
and its hostile environment have become inseparable. They are
two of the same kind.
Because of Laveys works and activity of CoS satanism has
become an integral part of human culture. Satanism ceased to be
sacral and it ceased to arouse fear. The Dark tradition has been
violated and opposed by something very simple and humane.
Satanism lost its dark spirit that allows contacting with Dark
The Satanic Bible gives too simple and at the same time too wise answers. Satanism has become an
intellectual, human phenomenon. Simple answers, clear philosophy have created an illusion of an easy
access to the Darkness and begot a great number of satanic hacks. One of them, the present-day CoS
leaders defined Satanism simply as atheism, accent upon magic and self- absorption. LaVey himself said
that Satanism is merely free-thinking. Statements, sins and rules to a great extent resemble a instruction
how to be a Satanist, some kind of Satanism for dummies. Its very difficult for an average man to find
inside The Satanic Bible nothing he agrees with without being a Satanist. Common things for an usual
human such as rationality and psychology, bearing and true value of ones own words and behaviour,
desire for something greater and ability not to waste one's energies, scorn on foolishness and respect for
power, love for unknown and aspiration for development all these may define Satanism by LaVey.
Does this mean that Satanists of that kind are numerous, and all of them are simply men of sense?
The CoS is humanistic, with all its cynical cruelty it heads for a man, who is the midpoint of its ideology
and philosophy. Speeches on the subject what a man should or shouldnt ever be can be heard too often.
Flesh and mind form the indissoluble alliance which is the essence of their Satanism.
Accusations of commercial basis are just a particular case of our disagreement with the position of the
CoS. The accusations arent groundless. Not only can the membership be purchased, but a chance to feel
oneself more satanic than others. The very Satanism is purchased. During the first years since the Church
was established there were over 10 000 membership applications. There are more than 1 000 000
members at present. The CoS declares that no membership card is necessary to be a Satanist, but anyway
such Satanists are regarded as secondary ones, less involved into Satanism. They call such policy a
tradition, a standard.
The Church was produced by American way of life, American morals, values, trucks and double
standarts. Something of it is given as negative, something is accepted as absolute. American attitude
toward money differs from the same of the rest of the world. The means of consumption is their pulse,
their personal deity. True Satanism does not correlate with such a viewpoint. Satanism is beyond any
human relations, social or economic. Satanism implies Satan; it is the path into Darkness.


Another important feature of the CoSs doctrine is magic and rituals. The Satanic Bible divide magic into
minor and supreme and these types belong to the same field. They are something that can be easily
understood, something that emanates from a man and is pointed at a man. Magic is defined as changing
situations and events according to a persons will, impossible by using ordinary means. Having in mind
occult, the Church speaks of ordinary. It asserts materialism and praises carnal desires and flirts with
supreme matter at the same time. Even denying spirit the Church didnt manage to declare Satanism
without its principal characteristic the interaction with the powers of Evil.
Their magical practice is absurd in its
simplicity. It obliterates the border between
them who are able to interact with Forces of
Darkness, and others who are not. The points
of key importance are removed again
rituals and magic are considered as a means
of reaching wretched human goods.
Interaction with Evil comes to nothing more
than repetition of names given by humans.
But these names sound nonsensical,
geographical and historical pieces of
knowledge. This is not interaction with
Darkness but simply begging for a chance to leave another day, begging for a human need. First a man
then everything else. The Church of a Man wouldnt it be more rational? But at the same time some
aspects of their magical legacy are true. Will, belief and desire it is difficult to see no way of changing
oneself in accordance with Satan.
Myth has become necessary. Myth has become a forcible argument in defining Satanism. There is no use
when many repudiate the contribution LaVey made, there is no use when others say he was
misinterpreted and his Satanic Bible should be understood correctly. LaVey was a brilliant personality. It
is difficult to underrate his irony and sarcasm, unexpected turns of speech and conclusions. Its up to a
reader to consider him a Satanist or just a gifted person. His personality is the integral part of the
organization and religion he founded. The very fact of establishing the CoS was remarkable. But how
much correlates their doctrine with Satanism? Is it a real Church of Satan or just a handy name for a
human phenomenon? The problem of correspondence lies within defining what Satan conception,
symbol, archetypical egregor, egregorial archetype or Evil Spirit, the Enemy, Great Devil - is.
LaVey often being accused of plagiarism, of adoptions from Nietzsche, Mark Twain and Ragnar
Redbeard. The attitude of the Church toward this item is as follows: If anything LaVey writes is or
seems similar to past concepts, oftentimes, it is augmented with modern circumstances, his own thoughts,
and is analogous to our philosophy. Seeing that Satanism is a work in progress, something like science
meets philosophy; we are fully justified in choosing the concepts of old, working with them in our context
and taking them into the future. He acted as a talented propagandist, his activity made ruinous
conceptions widespread. He set many personalities on the right track by creating a certain basis for
Satanism; others couldnt step the Path being pleased with hedonism, atheism and with all written words
of The Satanic Bible. Everyone choose for himself - to take or not to take an advantage to release
oneself from the Churchs viewpoint upon Satanism and this way to approach the truth, to find Darkness.
But still some ideas ventilated by LaVey are fascinating. They are alien in the organizational
arrangement of the CoS. There is much difference between two aspects the realm of ideality and carnal
form of human relations where the first is realized. Socking ideas represent LaVey as a madman who was
searching for answers, for truth. Angles and vampires, artificial companions and sound vibrations all
these didnt manage to develop and accumulated in cellars of the Church as the Black Popes legacy.

We are not the apologists of the Church of Satan and its creator; we are not against them both. We
are against man and god. Using the principle of responsibility for responsible, we decided to ask some
interesting for us questions. You can see the answers below. As usual, they contain truth and fantasy
which makes a single whole. The truth is really to be known in comparison.
The questions asked by Contra Dei will be answered by the Reverend Matt G. Paradise who, on behalf of
the CoS, communicates with Underground press for over then 10 years. Being the head of Purging Talon
Publishing, he publishes a well-known and broadly welcomed magazine for the followers of Satanism
with the title Not Like Most and Supurhighway To Hell virtual year-book as well. In addition he acts as
the producer of two TV shows Subterranean SINema and Satanism Today video version. He is also in
charge of the Book of Satanic Quotations editorship and publishing.
CONTRA DEI: What is new about Church
of Satan? Are you satisfied with results of
your work?
M.G. Paradise: At its core, nothing is
necessarily new with the Church of Satan as
we've always remained faithful to the original
intent of the organization and the religion it
codified and established -- well-evident in the
literature of its most notable members, starting
with its founder, Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey.
However, a sizable number of our members
have certainly taken advantage of modern
technologies and media through which have been relayed accurate information on Satanism -- either in a
direct or demonstrative sense -- so I suppose that could be read as "new." Ultimately, I'm very satisfied
with much of the innovation, creativity, and intelligence that has come out of the existing generations of
Church of Satan members I've met or with whose work I've been acquainted, and I'm completely
confident in the leadership of our High Priest, Peter H. Gilmore and our High Priestess, Peggy Nadramia.
CD: How do you estimate the whole history of CoS?
Matt: If I understand your meaning, I'd say that we've remained consistent, dedicated, and focused
through both our individual Wills and through Satanism's founding organization.
CD: How do you see the future of CoS and of Satanism in particular?
Matt: Since the events of 9/11, our watchword has changed from "indulgence" (which has been more
than achieved at this point) to "justice." Given this, you may see slightly more emphasis on this topic in
writings from our members, officials, and administrators, particularly as the United States and other
nations gear up for war. Other than this, and as I mentioned before, we will continue to recognize and
champion concrete manifestations of the Satanic philosophy illustrated in The Satanic Bible.
CD: What were the purposes (aims) of CoS and what are they now?
Matt: The Church of Satan will still function as it always has: spearheading the world's most feared
religion, releasing media which accurately represents Satanism, and serving as the "mutual admiration
society" it has always been, praising the productive and passing on the procrastinators.

CD: Does CoS pursue the political and social purposes?

Matt: Within the Church of Satan, we have members of all political stripes: democrats, libertarians,
fascists, monarchists, etc. The reason for such diversity is that, although Satanism defines a common
foundation of which Satanists agree, upon that is built the "Is-To-Be" of each individual Satanist. Each
Satanist contemplates his or her environment and then finds the political or social means which allow for
maximum achievement and freedom. Knowing this, it's safe to say that of the Satanists who involve
themselves in the political process (and some don't, by the way), the overwhelming majority of them are
voting pragmatically -- for issues, and not "personalities.
CD: Many musical groups represent interests of
CoS and support it. How does it happen? Please
name the groups which are taking part in such
Matt: We have many members who are involved
with music, either in a mainstream or independent
sense. Some choose to keep their affiliation a secret
(and we, as an organization, respect such anonymity
as it is standard policy to not reveal the identities of
our members unless said members wish it so), while
other musicians are in a position to stand publicly and
proudly in their Satanic affiliation. Some of these
musical acts include NON, Blood Axis, The Electric
Hellfire Club, King Diamond, Marilyn Manson, and
numerous others. For a list of CoS-affiliated bands, refer to the Links section at
CD: LaVey negatively responded about Black Metal. Does this attitude reflects position of all the
Matt: I believe this would depend upon what aspect of Black Metal we were discussing. Firstly, the
Church of Satan, in no way, shape, or form, condones any criminal acts committed by some (and I stress
the word, "some") Black Metal musicians shortsightedly waving what they consider the banner of
Satanism -- a definition that, unfortunately, is faulty at best. And that includes church-burnings.
However, if we are speaking of the musical form, there are many Satanists who truly love and sometimes
resonate with Black Metal, and that's fine. You won't find the Church of Satan dictating musical tastes to
its members.
CD: Is the doctrine created by LaVey still universal, or nevertheless it demands changes and
updating? Are you sure that CoS will sustain check by time( will exist in far future)?
Matt: This question was answered earlier.
CD: Was there any possibility of creation of CoS without participation of LaVey? How significant
was his contribution to creation of church?
Matt: Considering that Dr. LaVey founded the Church of Satan, the first legally established Satanic
church and the first organization in world history to establish and codify Satanism as a philosophy and a
religion, I would say no. By that alone, his contribution was beyond significant, it was necessary. But, for
those who may misconstrue the Church of Satan as a mere cult of personality, they'd be disappointed to
find out that the Church of Satan abhors and condemns the "follower" mentality, instead praising those
who make the mindful decision to align with Satanism. Put simply, the true Satanist reads "The Satanic
Bible" and sees himself reflected in it. The mere follower type tries vainly to be what the book
represents. In the first, we have alignment. In the last, a pseudo-Satanist.

CD: Life of LaVey was a mystery. Who was he actually?

Matt: Much of LaVey's life is transcribed in his biography, "The Secret Life Of A
Satanist" by Blanche Barton, as well as some supplementary material in "The
Church of Satan" by the same author. However, a more direct gauge of the man
may be found in his more personal writings contained in his books, "The Devil's
Notebook" and "Satan Speaks." Therein, you'll find a witty, sarcastic, insightful,
and irreverent gent who didn't suffer fools lightly (if at all), who didn't waste
anyone's time saying it like it isn't, and all the while, maintaining an appreciation
for the people in his life who really mattered. For me, he was a true and mindfully
approached role model. I am proud to be an official of an organization which
upholds my standards and counts among its members some of the most impressive
and outstanding individuals I know.
CD: Do you feel any need now in strong and charismatic leader?
Matt: Although I don't believe that anyone could replace Dr. LaVey on this planet on any level, Magus
Gilmore has earned the respect and admiration of many through his various pursuits, his media
representation, writings, and overall intelligence and insight. And I find no reservation in stating that he
is the most natural choice to lead this organization well into the 21st century.
CD: What is your attitudes to other satanic organizations, such as Temple of Seth, Order of Nine
Matt: Non-recognition, mostly. None of these supposed "organizations" represent
Satanism and are merely riding the coattails of what the Church of Satan founded and established first.
Most of these groups come and go, while many steal bits and pieces of our philosophy with one hand and
reject the group from which they appropriated with the other. And what little of theirs isn't cribbed from
us is often stale, spiritualistic, and in few cases, illegal. (For further elaboration on this, I refer you to
"The Satanic Bunco Sheet" found at the CoS website.)
CD: What do you think of Darkness and Absolute Evil? Whether there is a place for this in
Matt: Both terms are highly subjective, so we would first have to establish what is meant by each. If by
"darkness," you mean that which is of the mysterious, hidden, or lesser explored, Satanism has always
encouraged Satanists (and, often enough, encouragement isn't even needed) to ask the critical questions
when approached with common concerns and amusements but, conversely, to also not blanketly dismiss
the unpopular, the obscured, or the heretical simply because it has been deemed by some assumed
authority as "bad."
Which brings me to the next term, "absolute evil." In Satanism, good and evil, in a universal sense, do
not exist. Rather, we approach that which normally is consigned to such shortsighted labels with
questions: Why is something the way it is? What benefit or harm does it bring to me? How does it effect
those I love and my environment, culture, etc? Religions such as Christianity prop up the absurd human
constructs of "good" and "evil" because adherence to them requires less brain power, and since
Christianity is based on belief (read: anti-reason, anti-fact) and is geared towards the servile and the
simple-minded, asking too many questions detracts from such control.
CD: If you claim Darkness and Absolute Evil to be subjective categories (constructions) what
about your personal benefit, is it objective? Is it possible to say that the sum of personal benefits
of Satanists reveals the essence of Satanism?

Matt: If by such, you are asking if that which benefits the self is the essence of Satanism, I would say
yes, but with a caveat -- that hand in hand with self-glorification comes responsibility. We reject, for
example, the shortsighted slogan of "Do What Thou Will" because that stance alone often is destructive
(often, self-destructive), ignorant of one's own social environment, and in extreme cases, criminal, the
last of which can lead to a lack of personal freedom via a prison sentence. Rather, Satanists act with a
recognition of how the world operates and avoid activities which would encramp his or her personal
freedom, such as crime, drug abuse, etc. Further explanation of "responsibility to the responsible" is
aptly covered in The Satanic Bible.
CD: How do you see the Apocalypse. And is an activity of CoS approaching the end of all life.
Where do you see advantage for the Devil from the activity of church?
Matt: I don't see the apocalypse, since it is the mythical construct of an alien religion -- a construct
whose consideration would be laughable at best, dangerous at worst.
CD: What is the attitude of Cos to global conflicts and wars?
Matt: Much of the attitude could be inferred from reading "The Nine Satanic Statements" in "The
Satanic Bible." However, as for the attacks of 9/11, the Satanic response would be to locate the specific
aggressors (and not assume who did what because the media says so), make sure they are undeniably
culpable, and then deliver swift and severe retribution. And that could involve more than just military
assault. Other options are embargoes, alliances, and other more strategy-oriented choices.
CD: Your attitude to world religions besides christianity? An islam for example.
Matt: Since Islam doesn't affect me domestically, I don't really concern myself with it at this point in
time. However, a Satanist in a largely Muslim country would probably take a markedly different stance
and be able to provide you with a more personal answer.
But, to sum up the God religions in general, I can't be concerned with them for the most part. The amass
of their scriptures, morals, and values are so alien to who and what I am that I see no need to fuss or wax
extensive over their outdatedness or irrelevance to me. But, that's my position. Others may vary in theirs.
CD: We see CoS as a product of the American culture with the certain values and moral. Is it so
for you?
Matt: First of all, I believe you speak for yourself as there are also Russians who view Satanism with
global relevance and applicability. As someone who's had considerable exposure to Satanism and its
founding tome, it seem that its concentration on the human condition far exceeds any perceived
American leanings. Personally, I don't see much if any of the latter, aside from the condemnation of a
religion that decreasingly predominates in America.
CD: When we were talking about CoS as a product of the American culture, we meant
organization only. We see satanism only as a global phenomenon, but our experience shows that
there are many aspects which are related to satanism, but which are not connected to the
philosophy of CoS. Do you have a right to speak for all satanism in a whole? Are you obtain the
monopoly for satanism?
Matt: Again, the Church of Satan is the first organization in the history of the world to establish and
codify a religion and philosophy called Satanism. Anything after the fact calling itself such is a cheap
imitation. Satanism has already been defined and needs no watering down or rewriting to suit the frail
egos of powerless individuals who couldn't find a commiserating pal in Jesus Christ and are trying to
project that onto a "Satan" instead. One would think such behavior to be more than transparent.

CD: While many ones understand satanism in terms of spiritual action, we see that
understand satanism as the phenomenon of the human world only. Your comments.


Matt: Well, since we are Satanists, then the anti-spiritual stance is more than just an "understanding," it
is established fact. If other people have other opinions, then they are not Satanists.
CD: Your position is inadmissible humanistic (is focused on the human) in relation to such a
phenomenon as Satanism. To what extent your vision of satanism is based on the human values,
on his place and a role, i.e. and finally on the matter? What is the measure of the spiritual
beginning is presented in COS?
Matt: Firstly, Satanism is not a spiritual religion at all. If anything, ours is the first carnal religion in
the world, accepting man as a carnal being and not one dedicated to the assumed demands of a fictional
deity. To practice such spiritual worship is merely Christianity inverted, or
imore specifically, just another form of Christianity, choosing one figure in their Bible to follow instead
of its main deity. We deny that Christian model altogether, viewing Satan as a representation of man and
all of his productive earthly qualities and possibilities. As many know, the word Satan and/or its concept
are not solely the property of Christianity as Satan has (markedly different) roots in Judaism and, before
that, Persian and Egyptian cultures, to name a few.
CD: We have opportunities to summarize opinion of many satanists from all over the world and
just a few numbers of them follow the doctrine of Cos. The others, without borrowing (or even
without knowing) the ideas of Cos, have independently developed a psychological line of behavior
similar to ideas that Cos puts in the centre of its doctrine. These individuals see this line of
behavior as a natural way of living in this human world. Their strivings are directed in beyond,
and against to this world, basing on that you name subjective constructions. (Absolute Evil,
Darkness, Chaos) Please comment this.
Matt: There have been a limited number of small groups that pop up from time to time (and often
disappear just as quickly) that claim the mantle of Satanism falsely, but check those copyrights. They
have by and large cropped up after the founding of the Church of Satan. For those who claim to predate
the CoS, I'd ask them to prove it with more than just a website and internally-generated propaganda. One
of the dangers of the Internet, for example, is that far too many people believe what they read on it,
assuming authority where none often exists.
Also, the implication that "many" do not adhere to real Satanism and instead use the label to mean
whatever they want, as opposed to the so-called "few" who are aligned with Satanism and/or the Church
of Satan, is grossly misleading. Just because someone calls themselves a Satanist does not make him or
her so. On that line of reasoning, anything could be Satanism, which would render the term useless and
meaningless. You may as well change the name of the religion to "Anything." And also because
someone claims to have "many" members to their imitation of a Satanic organization doesn't make it
CD: Many ones does not consider Satan as being derivative from human mentality. What He
means for you?
Matt: Though, I've answered much of this already, I'll add this instead: Satanism is a base foundation
for Satanists, but we differ in term of personal wants and needs. That's individualism. Also, we as
Satanists align ourselves with a religion and a philosophy that agrees with us, instead of trying to
"follow" and make ourselves into something we are not. In that sense, we are truly playing the role of
the "adversary." Not only in respects to the God religions but also to devil worship types who try to play
Satanists but are still stuck in the same rigid and spiritual bunk of the religions from which they are
desperately claiming to be so divorced. Put simply, Satanism is a natural representation of us -- not

something we try to be but, rather, something we are in a default sense. So much for those small minds
who accuse us of trying to be exactly like the founder of the CoS.
CD: Where do you see an advantage for the Devil from the activity of church?
Matt: You've more or less already asked this question. And I've addressed it throughout.
CD: Why there is an entrance fee . For whom it is necessary, personally to you or to the Devil?
Matt: The fee for registered membership in the Church of Satan is necessary to support the
administrative functions of the organization. It certainly doesn't run on good intentions and a hearty, Hail
Satan. As is stated on our website and in official literature, membership isn't required in order to consider
yourself a Satanist, for obvious reasons. Many members find that their membership is a means of support
for and recognition of an organization which represents them, while others also wish to participate in a
more active capacity, such as media representation or forming a grotto, a sub-group of the Church of
Satan. Also, a side-benefit of the fee is that it deters the insincere. Further details on affiliation, as you
can well imagine, are at
CD: In Moscow there is a Moscow Church of Satan. They distribute the literature (books of Lavey
translated in Russian), they make a profit from selling those books, and they also have
significant number of followers. They declare themselves as authorized representatives of Church
of Satan. What is your attitude to such an activity? What do you think about the fact of existence
of the organization that is independent from yours (Church of Satan) and which is based on the
same ideas, writings?
Matt: I have no knowledge of any "Moscow Church of Satan" and I would suspect that neither does
The Church of Satan.
Well, if they're "independent" and also claiming to be "authorized" representatives of the Church of
Satan, that obvious contradiction should shed some light on the credibility of this so-called
organization.Upon checking with my associates, it is certain that the Church of Satan (and that includes
even our most cherished members in Russia) has never heard of this group of copycats. They are in no
way affiliated with us and if they are espousing to be such, the claim is fraudulent and deceptive. Also,
their translations of our texts are a violation of copyright and HarperCollins/Avon as well as Feral House
(the real publishers of these works) may choose to legally pursue the matter.
All in all, I would caution those sincere Russians who wish to join the real Church of Satan to avoid this
groups as they are not us.
CD: What acts from listed below correspond to doctrine of CoS and can be called satanic acts:
- Betray your belief publicly, or to be burnt on a fire of the state inquisition.
Matt: Absolutely, cloak your affiliation if death or harm is likely. Satanism and martyrdom do not mix.
- To be an egoist, even if it damages those who share your philosophy and belief.
Matt: This would depend on the acceptance of consequences, and who is specifically "damaged." It
would make no sense to harm those you love, so they would be out. Others would have to be dealt with
on a case-by-case basis with full responsibility for any outcomes. And just because we're members does
not mean we are obligated to form meaningful relationships with each other or even like each other.
Satanism champions the idea that love and hate are to be deserved based on individual qualities and
experience, not affiliation or because you're "supposed to." Leave such love thy brother nonsense to the

- To shut eyes on truth if it provides quiet existence.

Matt: If ignorance of the truth quells an individual (outside of the
contrived state of ritual), then they are no Satanist.
- To divide a piece of a pie which does not belong to you.
Matt: If you mean theft, we are against it. This is covered in "The
Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth" (found at the website) as well
as in all material on the concept of "responsibility to the
responsible" found in The Satanic Bible.
- To use any opportunity for the statement of your minute
Matt: This sounds like the act of empty posturing. If so, we are also against it. As Satanists, we support
those of quality, individuals who can back up their words with action, and not just more words. But, even
in those with marked intelligence or ability, one must always keep the degree of that in proper
perspective, or fall into the trap of counterproductive pride (another Satanic "sin").


Temple Of Set - one of few remarkable world satanic organizations, with advanced structure of internal
orders and basic groups (pylons) incorporated by one purpose. The temple is based in 1975, but defines
its roots in prehistoric times.
We repeatedly tried to have a conversation with Temples representatives.
All our attempts have failed.
We decided to publish the samples of the introductory article taken from an official site of this
organization. This information is valuable because of historical estimation of occurrence and
development of Satanism in the western culture.
Also this information characterizes organization in a statement of its philosophy and answers to the
questions interesting for everybody who is involved in Satanism, including our edition.
At all obvious contradictions with Satanism (It is indubitably that Temple of Seth use the term Satanism
for the personal purposes of attraction of the followers), this organization has doubtless plus - unique
working structure and an opportunity of internal and external interaction.


What is Satanism?
Satanism is the belief in the existence of Satan as a sentient being or spirit in the universe, and the
worship of Satan and obedience to his perceived principles, standards, and goals. As Satan is defined as a
metaphysical being - Devil or Archangel, such belief in him constitutes a religion rather than a rational
philosophy or ideology.
Can one be a Satanist without believing in the existence of Satan?
Not if words are to have their generally-accepted meanings. A Satanist is one who believes in the
existence Satan, just as a Christian is one who believes in the existence of Jesus Christ, a Buddhist in the
existence of Buddha, and a Muslim in the existence of Mohammed. A person who claims to be a
Satanist but who denies Satan is simply using the title for ulterior motives such as personal
glamorization or commercial exploitation. If that person denies the existence of all metaphysical beings,
he is by definition an atheist, not a Satanist. If he professes to believe sometimes and not others, when it
may suit his convenience, he is a hypocrite.
If the Temple of Set does not believe in Judeo/Christian/Islamic mythology, why does it call itself a
Satanic religion?
For the last two thousand years most of the social cultures in which the Temple currently exists have
been dominated by one or more branches of Judeo/Christianity. This influence is far more pervasive than
most people consciously realize, extending into these societies most basic assumptions about group &
individual relationships, law, justice, ethics, social mores, family units, cosmology, and metaphysics. It is
easy to not be a member of a Christian church, or to call oneself a non-Christian; it is far more difficult to
escape from J/C social conditioning.
Within this climate many of the aspects of Set are symbolized in religious imagery by the positive
attributes of the J/C Satan. While Judaism, Christianity, and Islam created their Satan distortion of the
Set neter of ancient Egypt in order to fashion an evil scarecrow to intimidate and control their
societies, they could not help endowing Satan with such Setian attributes as independence, creativity,
honesty, artistry, and intellectual genius - as these same attributes, except in severely controlled and
approved forms, are sins against God in J/C/I culture.

Therefore many persons of Setian disposition and potential first became aware of their true nature
through an unusual interest in and attraction to Satan and Satanic imagery. [This was the case of the
Temple of Set as a whole, which from 1966 to 1975 - as the Church of Satan - was exploring the LeftHand Path from within J/C terminology.] Hence it is sometimes necessary to use the Satanic metaphor
to initially communicate with J/C-socialized individuals concerning the Setian interests and capabilities
they are otherwise incapable of expressing. Once such persons understand a little more what they are
actually awakening in themselves, they are more easily able to recognize and jettison the entire cage of
J/C reference-points, then enter a much larger universe of thought and being as Setians.
The Contemporary Environment
In the United States the 1960-70s CE, despite [and in part because of] periodical psychopolitical strains
such as the Vietnam War, generally represented a period of flourishing liberalism and freedom in
personal affairs. Exploration and innovation were tolerated and encouraged in society. It was a time of
breakthroughs in civil rights; of increased respect for racial, ethnic, sexual, and religious groups. There
was controversy; but on the whole it was constructive and progressive in tone. By the end of the 1970s,
despite continued growing pains, Western culture appeared to have moved decisively into the utopian
Age of Aquarius.
The 1980s, however, heralded a sharp and surprising reversal of this climate into conservatism and
intolerance. The most primitive, fundamentalist branches of Christianity gained converts and sought
political power. And controversial minority groups were assaulted with fresh waves of discrimination
and repression.
Nowhere did this new Inquisition strike more directly than at New Age religions in general and at
Satanism in particular. Invoking the same despicable tactics that their predecessors used over the
centuries against alternative creeds, fundamentalists now began to disseminate hate-propaganda accusing
Satanism of the most hideous crimes imaginable: human & animal sacrifice, cannibalism, the
kidnapping/sexual abuse/murder of children. That none of this was in the least true mattered not at all to
the accusers. If the Big Lie could be repeated loudly & often enough, it would catch hold. Suddenly it
became dangerous to be an avowed Satanist in communities infected with anti-Satanic hysteria. The
witch-hunt eventually spread to several other countries as well, among them the United Kingdom, Italy,
New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and Germany.
Why should the same post-World War II generation that had grown up in the open atmosphere of the
60s-70s tolerate, even encourage a relapse into the brutish hatreds and persecutions of the Middle Ages?
Perhaps for the very reason that it was a generation unprepared for what might be termed humanitys
religious impulse. During the 60s-70s religion was generally dismissed as something quaint and
obsolete: superstition embarrassing to an age of science, computers, and Project Apollo. God was dead,
and Christianity was invoked merely as an excuse for Christmas revelry and other entertainments (such
as Jesus Christ Superstar & the Jesus Freak revolution of 1970). Even the formation of the Church of
Satan in 1966 was somewhat anticlimactic: It didnt arise in response to a threatening Christianity - for
Christianity already appeared to be a dead horse. The carcass was there to be kicked around a bit for the
sake of theatre, but there was no expectation that it had any energy left to get up and kick back.
The religious impulse proved to be important to both Satanists and non-Satanists. In the case of
Satanists it brought about an increasing interest in exploring the human equation and the metaphysical
and psychological roots of the great Satanic/psyche-centered philosophies of history. Even had Anton
LaVey not provoked the crisis of 1975, it is clear that the evolution of Church of Satan into something
like the Temple of Set - a completely non-Christianized, positive high Satanism - would have
proceeded inexorably.
Non-Satanists, meanwhile, found themselves adrift in a society whose Judeo/Christian moral values had
disintegrated into materialistic hypocrisy. In such an arid wilderness of steel and stone, there arose a
longing for something/anything spiritual - and the remnants of Christianity were there to offer the
appropriate opium after various New Age fantasies had been tried and found to be wanting.
In the 1980s, however, there was a difference in Christian evangelism. The new herd of converts had not
received a gradual education enabling it to see Christianity in at least some historical context. Rather it
perceived Christianity as a completely novel experience - and so it was far more vulnerable to Christian

propaganda than the previous, more worldly generation had been. The result was an eruption in the 1980s
of a fundamentalism as mindless and brutish as that of the Middle Ages. Now, as before, it needed a
scarecrow - and Satanism was a word with an appropriately scary sound. Christian fanatics who knew
[and cared] nothing whatever about actual Satanism suddenly embarked upon passionate [and financially
profitable] campaigns brandishing the scarecrow before credulous followers.
Complicating the situation was the perennial impulse among alienated youth and antisocial elements to
deliberately shock society by flaunting its bogymen. If prudish elements of the community were going to
terrify themselves with scarecrow Satanism, then Heavy Metal rock music would affect this same
image, as would the occasional psychotic criminal and teenage gang. Fundamentalists happily showcased
such aberrations as proof of the scarecrows existence.
The Temple of Set, now the worlds preeminent Satanic religious institution, found itself in the awkward
position of having not only to defend authentic Satanism against the shrill screams of the scarecrowmerchants, but also to reject superficial glorification of the scarecrow that would return Satanisms image
to nothing more than anti-Christian Devil worship. Both challenges have been addressed, but not
without the cost of time and energy drained from the Temples own magical and philosophical interests.
By the 1990s the initial danger was largely averted. We were able to establish the truth about Satanism
sufficiently to expose the falsehoods of the scarecrow-merchants in all but the most ignorant backwaters
of society. That same society, however, continues to flail about for the moral anchor that the large massreligions claim to offer. Christianitys strength lies today, as throughout its history, in the absence of
intellectual education and mental effort which it demands of its sheep. It has also become quite
accomplished at exploiting humanitys fear of death, sexual neuroses, and other irrational hatreds and
The new century is therefore a time of challenge for the Temple of Set. Our philosophy has never been
more sophisticated, yet we pursue it in the midst of a confused, superficial, and paranoid social
environment. It is not the task of the Temple of Set to be a savior of the masses - but rather to
encourage suitable individuals to apprehend and attain their own divinity. The wisdom with which our
Initiates exercise this divinity may well determine whether humanity advances to the stars - or succumbs
to the entropy of the universe as one more inconsequential curiosity of nature.

The Setian Philosophy

Since movements dedicated to the Prince of Darkness have been so ill-tolerated by the masses of
humanity wherever and whenever they have appeared, why have they survived at all? Why do they
continue to exercise such uncanny attraction, and why now should you consider approaching this
particular one?
The appeal of occultism is much the same as that of conventional religion: Logical positivism and
scientific materialism, though they have made great strides towards explaining the how of existence,
have failed entirely to explain the why. Hence the curious seek answers in metaphysical philosophy or
religion. Metaphysical philosophy requires a logical base from which various suprarational principles are
induced. Conventional religion is the simplification of such a philosophy into a crude ideology, which
adherents need not understand, but only accept as an act of blind faith.
Conventional religions, with their colorful mythologies analyzed in terms of the underlying philosophical
principles, represent simply the primitive longing of man to feel at one with the Universal harmony he
perceives about him. White magic, as advocated by primitive pagan and modern institutional religions,
offers devotees the illusion of re-inclusion in the Universal scheme of things through various ritualistic
devotions and superstitions.
The Black Magician, on the other hand, rejects both the desirability of union with the Universe and any
self-deceptive antics designed to create such an illusion. He has considered the existence of the
individual psyche - the core you of your conscious intelligence - and has taken satisfaction from its
existence as something unlike anything else in the Universe. The Black Magician desires this psyche to
live, to experience, and to continue. He does not wish to die - or to lose his consciousness and identity in

a larger, Universal consciousness [assuming that such exists]. He wants to be. This decision in favor of
individual existence is the first premise of the Temple of Set.
The second premise of the Temple is that the psychecentric consciousness can evolve towards its own
divinity through deliberate exercise of the intelligence and Will, a process of becoming or coming into
being whose roots may be found in the dialectic method expounded by Plato and the conscious exaltation
of the Will proposed by Nietzsche.
Ironically it is the very ease with which any individual can apprehend and appreciate his or her personal
psyche that has frightened the many religions of the world which deny and oppose the power of that
psyche. Clothed though they may be in riches, ritual, and respectability, they always have been and
remain obsessed with the suppressed knowledge of their own essential falsehood. They endeavor to
distract attention from this by sponsoring shows of mind-numbing drugs, mantras, masses, privations,
entertainments, and penances to coax or cow their flocks of adherents into a confused, apprehensive, but
trusting state of faith and automatic obedience. They shudder with horror at the psyche; they paint it red
and add horns, cloven hooves, and a forked tail to dramatize how dangerous it is. Yet they can never
escape it or defeat it, because they have never really succeeded in opposing themselves to it - merely in
distorting and perverting it. How could they destroy something which, in the final analysis, is the
conscious self of every human being?
The worship of Set is thus the worship of individualism. In the Church of Satan this was taken to
mean indulgence in all [legal] desires of the body and ego. Since many such desires are impulsive and
destructive, the Church found itself in the unexpected and awkward position of de facto endorsing many
practices which were degrading rather than exalting, and which simply accelerated the tensions resulting
in the eventual crisis of 1975.
The Temple of Set determined to preserve the principle of individualism, but to add to it the evolutionary
higher self aspirations of Aleister Crowleys pre-O.T.O. philosophy of Thelema. Glorification of the
ego is not enough; it is the complete psyche - the entire self or soul - which must be recognized,
appreciated, and actualized. The process by which this exaltation of the psyche is sought is called by the
name Xeper [pronounced kheffer; it is the Egyptian hieroglyphic term for to become or to come
into being].
The means by which Setians seek to Xeper are many. As a matter of principle the Temple declines to
standardize its approach to Initiates. Each may pursue topics of greatest personal interest with whatever
emphasis and at whatever rate desired. The Temple seeks merely to be a forum for Setians to
communicate and cooperate with one another constructively and courteously. Many ideas and
philosophies are discussed within it, but such discussion does not constitute the dictation of dogma.
Indeed dogma - to include fixed ideology in any form - is repugnant to the Temple. We strive rather
towards an atmosphere of best possible premises, which are always subject to constructive, intelligent
examination and criticism. That same atmosphere is Socratic, however, in that foolish, pretentious, or
destructive egotism under the guise of exploration is neither respected nor endured.
While it is obvious that Setians have more than enough interests to occupy an organization with many
times our membership and resources on a full-time basis, the Temple of Set is not intended to consume
the energies or lifestyles of its Initiates. Since a truly Adept magician must interact constructively and
comfortably with conventional society, encouragement of monastic isolation within Temple circles
would be counterproductive to personal development and even constrictive of the flexibility necessary to
the entire Temple. Setians are accordingly advised to pursue as wide a variety of secular interests as
possible, and to let Setian philosophy apply to them only as appropriate.
Post Office Box 470307
San Francisco, CA 94147


The Order of Nine Angles is unique and mysterious organization, whose concept of Traditional Satanism
has opened absolutely new way for everyone who are searching for occult knowledge. Position of ONA
concerning human sacrifice and national socialism put us in the center of contradictios many times,
causing accusations of "heresy" from the so-called "satanists"...
These words are taken from the web site ( of ONA followers.
Even if this order is not unique, it is mysterious for sure. Our attempts to contact this organization didnt
result. However in this article we tried to state some aspects of their activity, giving to the reader the right
to make conclusions.

The way of Satanism

The way of Satanism is the way of liberation: internally and externally. There is a desire to know based
on experience, ather than a faith. There is a desire to be proud and exultant, to revel in life and to fulfil
the possibilities that life offers. In other words, to really live, completely, and to extend to frontiers of
existence: to achieve, to prosper, to excel. To set the standards, the example, for others rather than to
follow those of someone else.
Thus, because of 'human nature', Satanism is suited to a minority - the few who can really defy and go
against accepted norms. For it is a fundamental principle of Satanism that each individual Satanist finds
his or her own limits and thus lives, and if necessary dies, by their own morality or ethics. That is, a
Satanist accepts no standards, no code of ethics, no morality: they create their own standards, and live by
their own morality, however dark or evil that morality may seem to others or 'society'.
This principle means that Satanists are amoral in the conventional sense: they accept no restrictions other
than those they impose on themselves.(1)

a) Satanism is a quest for self-excellence, involving real danger, real challenges and requiring real
It involves taking your body to and beyond its physical limits of endurance. It involves real action, alone:
It involves accepting challenges - physical, psychic, intellectual and triumphing solely by one's own
It involves the triumph of pure, individual will and desire.
b) Satanism is, in part, an Inner quest, an exploration of the `hidden' (and overt) aspects of consciousness:
a dis-covery of the darkness within and beyond the individual psyche. This involves 'magickal acts' such as rituals. This magick, however, is a means, not an end.
c) Satanism involves ordeals, both physical and magickal. Those who are suitable triumph; the others
fail. [One such ordeal is the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept - where the candidate lives alone and isolated,
bereft of everything except the bare necessities for physical survival, for a period of three months.]
d) Satanism requires the practical experiencing of all moral limits, and then a mastery of the feelings,
desires, pleasures, terrors, pains and so on that these imply.

e) Satanism involves the individual defiance of all subservience: a Satanist accepts guidance only, and
refuses to be dominated or intimidated by anyone. This guidance is toward practical experience, and it by
this experience that the novice learns and develops a genuine Satanic character.
f) Satanism involves sacrifice - this is a necessary test of character [qv. the MSS, "Satanism, Sacrifice
and Crime - The Satanic Truth", and "Satanism - The Sinister Shadow, Revealed" for more details.].
g) Satanism is a means - a method, or way, and the purpose of this means, method or way is to produce a
specific type of individual: the next stage of our evolution as a species. Satanism is thus an expression of
evolutionary change - on both the individual level and in respect of `societies' and 'history'. The
individuals so created often inspire in the supine majority a certain terror/awe/admiration/fear/jealousy.
h) Satanism is elitist. It does not compromise - its tests, ordeals, methods and character-building
experiences are severe and will never be made easier to make them acceptable to more people or easier to
i) Satanism is esoteric by nature and intent: it is both a 'secret' way, by virtue of its methods etc., and it is
not nor probably will be suitable for the majority for many, many centuries. (13)

Perception of Satan and concept of dark gods

The acausal is the realm of the Dark Gods - and these beings are not imaginative symbols for the
titillation of consciousness, nor simply a part of the psyche, to be transcended or negated or whatever by
forces of light. Rather, they exist independent of our consciousness yet such is the nature of the acausal
that they are also part of what is dormant within us (3)
Those who wish to know the Dark Gods are required to pass the Abyss - the experience of
Going beyond 'opposites' - to understand what these energies are in essence (i.e. they just ARE) and to
remain sane and in one piece. (4)
Satan is not merely a form to be considered "outmoded", to be thus replaced with another deity of one's
personal choice: the form itself IS the essence This is the esoteric reality(5)
For us, Satan is both an archetype or symbol of our defiance, and some-thing real - the re-presentation of
what we describe as 'the acausal'. That is, we understand the 'darker forces' as not simply a part of our
psyche (as most modern so-called Satanic groups do) - but as beyond our own, individual psyche. These
darker forces - or the acausal - are beyond us, as individuals: they are beyond our conscious control (and
even real understanding) until we become a part of them. (2)
In Initiate (and exoteric) terms, this new apprehension is an understanding of Satan as one of the Dark
Gods (or even as the Father of the Dark Gods) and a further understanding of the Dark Gods themselves
as chaotic, primal, sinister entities which provoke, create, cause change and evolution, and without which
evolution is impossible. (6)
They lurk at the threshold of existence. Preening their wings and eyes and sounds which they send forth
to all who have ears to hear and minds to know. And they wait and reside in the space between worlds,
the space that is the corner of the meeting of dimensions. They are the destroyers...(4)

The Aims of the ONA

1. To increase the number of genuine Adepts, Masters/Lady Masters, by guiding individuals along
the path to Adeptship and beyond.


2. To make the path to Adeptship and beyond [the 'Seven-Fold Sinister Way'] more widely
available, enabling anyone, should they possess the necessary desire, to strive toward the ultimate
3. To extend esoteric knowledge and techniques - i.e. to
a) creatively extend our esoteric knowledge and understanding and thus increase the
consciousness of our species;
b) develop new techniques which make this new knowledge and understanding useful to
those following the Seven-Fold Sinister Way;
c) implement this knowledge and understanding in a practical way, thus causing change(s) in
society/societies. Areas of importance for the immediate future are:

musick, Art/images/'film' etc.;

the creation of an 'esoteric' community;

the development and extension of an abstract symbolic language ('beyond the Star
4. To implement sinister strategy - i.e. to presence the acausal (or 'the dark forces') via nexions and
so change evolution. One immediate aim is to presence acausal energies in a particular way so
creating a new aeon and then a new, higher, civilization from the energies unleashed.

ONA Rituals
We would like to notice only two moments of ONA ritiuals i.e. using Satanic Our Father (!!!) and
Satanic Creed .
Our Father which wert in heaven hallowed be thy name In heaven as it is on Earth. Give us this day our
ecstasy And deliver us to evil as well as temptation For we are your kingdom for aeons and aeons. (8)
Prince of Darkness, hear us!
I believe in one Prince, Satan, who reigns over this Earth,
And in one Law which triumphs over all. I believe in one Temple
Our Temple to Satan, and in one Word which triumphs over all:
The Word of ecstasy. And I believe in the Law of the Aeon,
Which is sacrifice, and in the letting of blood
For which I shed no tears since I give praise to my Prince
The fire-giver and look forward to his reign
And the pleasures that are to come! (8)
Main ritials:
1. The Black Mass (In several variants, including the one for homosexuals)
2. The Ceremony of Birth (dedication to Dark Gods and naming a newborn)
3. The Death Rite (funeral of ONA member)
4. The Pledging
5. The Rite of Initiation
6. Consecration of the Temple
7. The Dying time (compulsory sacrifice and magic murder of the enemy)
8. The Ceremony of Recalling (sacrifice voluntary or compulsory)
9. Invokation to the Dark Gods
10. The Black Mass Of Life (The Promethean Office - daily ritual)
11. The Mass Of Heresy (ritual of worshipping swastika Adolf Hitler has been sent to us by our
Gods to lead us to greatness .) (7)
12. Synestry: A Sinister Ceremony (accumulation of energy)
13. The Rite Of The Nine Angles (opening gates for Dark Gods).
14. Dark Pathways (interaction with Dark Gods).


Human Sacrifice
In genuine Satanism [primal Satanism] sacrifice is accepted, and indeed necessary. In former times, it
involved both animal and human sacrifice. Today, however, it involves human sacrifice only - since there
are an abundance of suitable specimens, due to the increase in human dross. (9)
the sacrifice being regarded as a gift to the Prince of Darkness. This gift, however, is sometimes
offered to the dark goddess, the bride of our Prince.
Human sacrifice is powerful magick. The ritual death of an individual does two things: it releases energy
(which can be directed, or stored - for example in a crystal) and it draws down dark forces or 'entities'.
The act itself is one which glorifies the Satanic, which affirms Satanic values - that is, it aids evolution in
a positive way, enhancing the lives of individuals. (11)

The 21 Satanic Points

I Respect not pity or weakness, for they are a disease which makes the sick strong.
II Test always your strength, for therein lies success.
III Seek happiness in victory - but never in peace.
IV Enjoy a short rest, better than a long.
V Come as a reaper, for thus you will sow.
VI Never lover anything so much you cannot see it die.
VII Built not upon sand but upon rock. And built not for today or yesterday but for all time.
VIII Strive ever for more, for conquest is never done.
IX And die rather than submit.
X Forge not works of art but swords of death, for therein lies great art.
XI Learn to raise yourself above yourself so you can triumph over all.
XII The blood of the living makes good fertilizer for the seeds of the new.
XIII He who stands atop the highest pyramid of skulls can see the furthest.
XIV Discard not love but treat it as an imposter, but ever be just.
XV All that is great is built upon sorrow.
XVI Strive not only forwards, but upwards for greatness lies in the highest.
XVII Come as a fresh strong wind that breaks yet also creates.
XVIII Let love of life be a goal but let your highest goal be greatness.
XIX Nothing is beautiful except man: but most beautiful of all is woman.
XX Reject all illusions and lies, for they hinder the strong.
XXI What does not kill, makes stronger. (12)

Everyone, who belongs to the Dark Path, can see doubtless statements in doctrine of ONA. These
statements valid in relation to the Darkness and proved by the experience of passing of the Dark Path.
This experience is the general for all dark ones, and it reflects the real laws of mutual relations between
an individual and Darkness. All of it can not be the sacral property of ONA or any other satanic
For these reasons, we do not consider any possibility for us to criticize the doctrine of ONA totally as
well as the doctrine of any other group in which Darkness is shown at any degree. In other case we would
reject that is belonging to the values of Darkness.
It is necessary to remember that Darkness can be manifested in whole set of doctrines and philosophical
systems. Degree of Its manifestations depends on honesty, literacy, a maturity and disinterested
purposefulness of ones who are conducting Darkness through themselves.


Doctrine of ONA consists of true metaphysical ideas and of the obvious elements of PR used for the
attraction of persons of any ideologies and any world outlook - hedonism, national socialism,
homosexualism and so forth.
Therefore we strickly advise everybody to analyze and correlate any so called dark ideas with personal
experience, and mainly to have this personal experience.
Used literature:
1. Satanism - A Basic Introduction For Prospective Adherants. O.N.A.
2. An Introduction to Traditional Satanism. O.N.A.
3. The Lands of the Dark Immortals. O.N.A.
4. The Dark Gods. The Watcher #5. Christos Beest. O.N.A.
5. Temple 88. O.N.A.
6. Darkness Is My Friend: The True Meaning of the Sinister Way. O.N.A.
7. The Aims of the ONA
8. The Black Book of Satan I. O.N.A.
9. Satanism, Sacrifice and Crime - The Satanic Truth. O.N.A.
10. A Gift for the Prince - A Guide to Human Sacrifice. O.N.A.
11. Culling - A Guide to Sacrifice II
12. The XXI Satanic Points
13. HYSTERON PROTERON The Inner Teachings of the O.N.A. Copyright 1992 eh Anton Long &
Order of Nine Angles
In the conclusion we offer fragments from interview with Vilnius Thornian taken from - 13 Questions for
Vilnius Thornian of the Order of Nine Angles.
I. Can you explain the meaning and definition of the word "Satan" from the perspective of the
"Satan" to the ONA is the herald of change, both within the individual and civilization as a whole. Satan,
or Satanas, is the image in which we place on something that ultimately cannot be contained in any
purely causal understanding. Satan is representation, or a way of identifying, something very real, a part
of that primal chaos which is beyond our perceived dimensions. Thus Satan represents those forces of
consciousness and cosmos which we seek to bring to surface, to cause change. This involves both a
confrontation with the Shadow-self (leading to an eventual synthesis of those "dark energies" in
individual consciousness - a step towards balance), and the presence of real darkness within the current
social climate - Chaos. To put it simply, Satan is a gateway to what lies beyond, to the acausal - a causal
representation of the acausal, through which we increase the amount of acausal energy present on earth,
via the rites and practices of Sinister Tradition. This is important since the intrusion of the acausal upon
our world brings the change ultimately needed to progress, to achieve the next step in human evolution
on a widespread scale.
II. Can you describe, as far as you are willing or able to, the inception of the ONA?
The ONA was formed of several different working groups in the 1960's. The decision to form the groups
into one was made by the then Grand Mistress. At the time some of the groups had access only to part of
the Tradition, or variations of the Tradition. Anton Long was initiated by this Grand Mistress, and
eventually informed that he was the chosen heir to the Tradition. The Grand Mistress then disappeared,
obviously leaving Anton Long with an enormous weight on his shoulders. But an heir to the Tradition is
never chosen in haste, and someone who has attained the grade of Grand Mistress or Grand Master (these
are grades, which are attained through years and years of hard struggle, and not simply titles given for
amusement or to satisfy the petty egos of those who usually give themselves such titles) certainly has
such a level of insight as to make the appropriate decision and never look back. And she was right in
choosing Anton Long, as he eventually worked his way through the difficult challenges and after some

25 years (approx.) became a Grand Master himself. This is a level of achievement only fulfilled perhaps
once or twice a century. The Tradition he received from his Grand Mistress was garbled - but contained
the basic underlying attitude, or ethos, that is the foundation for Satanism. Some of the aspects of the
Tradition handed down to Anton Long were the chants, some rites (including sacrifice), insight roles
(which in themselves exemplify what genuine satanism truly is), claims to lineage, grade rituals, mythos
of the dark gods, and so on. Anton Long later, through his own experience and striving, codified what we
know today as the Seven-Fold Way, and brought such advancements as the Star Game and Aeonics. He
also used other means, such as the Deofel Quartet, to provoke the understanding of new initiates, and
created a framework which for centuries will be expanded upon by the insights of new initiates - but
never made easier. Sometime in the early 1990's, Christos Beest became the order's "outer
representative," and thus handled the ONA's journal Fenrir, any public dealings, trained new initiates,
and continued his quest along the Seven-fold Way, also making several contributions. He explored new
ways of presencing the acausal through musick and artwork; drafted the Sinister Tarot; wrote and
recorded the Self-Immolation Rite and other musick; expanded the corpus of sinister chant; and greatly
advanced the understanding of Satanism - in what has proved to be an extremely provocative manner,
thus through his own experiences giving a direction to the strategies of the ONA. Christos has since
"retired" from the public spectrum, and I now have the honor of being "outer representative" for the
order, and at an interesting time. Right now Sinister Tradition is experiencing a new phase, centered in
America amongst its initiates. The Tradition can be understood to have a life of its own, to be a vessel for
the will of the cosmos - and one cannot really express the significance of this new phase in words. Thus
you have a brief (very brief) history of the ONA - from the perspective of what the public sees. What is
not expressed here is how the initiates of the tradition have and continue to implement sinister strategy,
in a move to bring the world to what is inadequately termed a New Aeon. [q.v. Aeonics MSS, Sinister
Dialectic, so on.]
III. How long has the ONA been in existance?
Since the early part of the 1960's, as a collective Order. The lineage of tradition itself is said to have
been handed down from Master to Initiate throughout the centuries all the way back to Albion (probably
via various "forms").
IV. What is the structure and operation of the ONA like?
, , , The
Seven-Fold Way is intended to be followed by the initiate working mostly alone. Thus the structure of
the ONA exists, on the level of new initiates, only to give guidance. Each initiate, if admitted into the
order, is given an order guide, who will give direction and advice to the initiate. Whether this direction
and advice is followed is up to the initiate. We simply offer the understanding of those who have
traversed the path before, and are thus more experienced. Beyond this, the ONA operates under a system
of cells, as this is the most effective means of implementing our strategy. Aside from this, most work
alone, following their own destinies, and each taking on a different means to achieve specific collective
V. Do you agree with Anton LaVey's statement that Satanists are born, not made? If not, why not?
No. I consider such a statement indicative of the lack of potential inherent in what some term "modern
satanism." Satanists are most certainly made, and not born. Genuine Satanic character is the result of
experience, of getting your hands dirty, striving to achieve important goals, loss of face, learning from
failure, succeeding in great feats, and pursuing absolute excellence in everything we do. Those who
believe they were simply "born satanists" have no understanding of what real Satanism is - rather they
are dominated and consumed by their own egos and laziness, and are the antithesis to Satanism. This is a
good indication of what "american satanism" has dwindled into. Rather than being an honorable pursual
of excellence and self-advancement through great struggles, "american satanism" largely exhibits
pretentiousness and never escapes the ego. This is what we might call "first stage" Satanism - where ego29

gratification, blasphemy, and so on serve a great purpose in both catharsis and in self-understanding.
However, though for a real Satanist this first stage is brief, the Church of Satan has never escaped it, it
has never moved on to what is really important. It has never advanced to the next stage. Genuine
Satanism has a scope which reaches far beyond the egos of its initiates, and it would not be far off to
presume that someone who is consumed by their own ego has hardly even began to touch on revealing
what they, in essence, really are. The only instance in which the above statement holds any water, is in
the fact that we are all born with potential. Satanism, ultimately, is the fulfillment of this potential, but
there is no one to fulfill it for you, and it certainly does not fulfill itself. To believe simply that you were
"born" a Satanist relieves one of all responsibility to actually be a Satanist, and exhibit satanic character.
This will not be what most would like to hear. One other point I should make; I used the term "american
satanism." This is used to describe satanism as expounded by groups such as the Church of Satan and the
Temple of Set, which have simplified satanism into an inherently anti-western "philosophy." However,
such a term is really no longer appropriate, due to the number of American initiates in Sinister Tradition
who are changing all this.
VI. Do you really believe that magical attainment "implies a loss of self-image"? Isn't the relation a
paradoxical one: that is, a strengthened ego co-existent with a greater harmonizing of the self with
acausal forces?
Magick implies a loss of self-image both because the adept is working towards supra-personal goals goals that are in accordance with the natural willed flow of the cosmos/essence, to which the causal "selfimage" is ultimately sacrificed; and because as one progresses along the sinister path, they are in turn
emitting both into their consciousness and into the world more and more acausal, until the initiate/adept
crosses the abyss, which means the destruction of the "self-image." This destruction (and a withdrawing
of projections, moving beyond opposites, and so on) is when one's understanding is ultimately of the
essence as it is, without the aid of "forms" or "images." Archetypes, forms, images and so on are useful
in the beginning, but are discarded in the crossing of the abyss, since they are only causal representations
of the acausal, which is essentially something which cannot be wholly understood in terms of the causal.
XI. Can you describe the role of "National Socialism" in the strategy of the ONA?
National Socialism is a means whereby the world can be changed for the better, and thus is a key element
to Aeonic Strategy. It enshrines the ethos of the West in its most evolved state, and carries great potential
for human development, and in establishing what has been termed a "new Aeon." It should be noted, in
light of the controversy which always follows, that Satanism reaches far beyond such forms and what
they may achieve - into those future forms which at present cannot even be imagined. Such forms are
only a means - and in this case, a means which possesses the conquering Faustian/Aryan spirit and hurls
it toward its destiny.
The Order of Nine Angles
P O Box 105
Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY1 2WS


Here is Darkness. Here is the Spirit of Drakness. Here is the Power of Dakness.
Its halls are raised here by the efforts of those, who are Darkness.
The will of many is to enter here. Only those, whose place is in Darkness will stay here.
They will be able to increase Darkness.
Here are the voice and gaze of those, who are united with Darkness.
Here is an abode and a union of those, who are devoted to Darkness
and serve to the Highest One in Darkness.
Here are the Will, Strength and Honour of those, who are the servants
of the Devil and the enemies of god.
Here is the doom of lies. Here is the triumph of truth.
Here is a stronghold of the legions of sunset and a gaping jaw of Abbadon.
Shall light be ruined. Shall Darkness arise.
So be it.
Regnum Tenebrarum
Res Satanae

Web-resource Ecclesia Tenebrarum (Church of Darkness) has appeared in internet in the year 2003, with
the purpose to bear the Idea of Darkness in to the world and to call Its tribe.
Those who stand behind this name categorically deny an opportunity to consider their union as the next
hierarchical organization existing on principles which are legalizing human ambitions.
The structure of the site contains some sections in which original works of participants of the project are
represented, reflecting their experience of spiritual way, and also various documents and books about
Darkness and Dark practices, both modern writers, and unknown persons.
Contra Dei considers necessary to enable you to look in Darkness directly, without our intervention. For
us Darkness is sacred, as well as all Its sacraments. Perhaps here is the one of them to be realized right
now, at participation of the one who is capable to look in to the Darkness and see.
From the very beginnings of Darkness It is presented in all things of the Universe;
In every single potential, in the base of everything and in each aspiration dark quantity is set, and in
absolute of own essence Darkness stands firm.
Darkness is revealed through the material aspects of the entity and through the spiritual spheres.
The nature of Darkness takes the forms of incarnation by the ways that can transmit the spirit of
Darkness and keep the movement aspired to Its incessant development. On the joint of spiritual and
material worlds Church of Darkness is a result and an advanced post of Darkness.

Church of Darkness is given for realization and development of principles of Darkness in the Universe;
Church, as a Temple and an Altar, answers to the highest aims and It exists for incarnation of Darkness.
The sources of the Church are beyond space and time, so that the Church is beyond the power of space
and time.Church of Darkness is spreaded on all sides of existig entity and It was existing immutably.
Church of Drakness is invincible and indestructible stronghold that stands in defiance of all being as in
heaven spheres, as on the earth. The principle of unity and harmony of forces of Darkness lays in the
base of the Church.
Church of Darkness is manifested as One and Indivisible essence, as a conjuction of existence and
essences of many those, who are Darkness from their beginning or in the moment of their top.
Church of Darkness - it is the union of those, who are originally dark in their nature.
First of all, Church is manifested as an Idea and It gets the body through thesoul of chosen by Darkness,
and It is realized by their deeds. Church of Darkness has no other walls if not the hearts of deserved
followers of Darkness, and it has no altar, because It is an Altar in itself. That is why church is
invulnerable and never merged with mean and human.
Church of Darkness is not a intermediary between a man
Church is a Gates, a bearer of Darkness in man and a guide of man into Darkness.



Church of Darkness can not accept the efforts of human hands in Its creation, because It never accepts
the way to the Church of a man. Those, who are summoned and changed by Darkness are able to raise
the Temple of Darkness inside their souls and to become Its competent part and to get a knowledge of
Darkness when realizing all the mysteries of Gloom and offering the gifts on the Altar of Darkness.
Every single part of Darkness is selfdependent and rightful in the Church. Hierarchy of Experience and
Deeds legitimates the ancient relationships and it expresses the equality of rights inside the Church and
equivalent status before the face of Darkness. Originally and invariably Church is given for elite of
honest before Darkness.
Church of Darkness as an essence in itself accepts or does not accept new followers, and Darkness gives
a trial to a new-comer.
Knighthood of Darkness will become an example for those, who come into Darkness...
... nostri cordis altaria ornans..



Black Fire Pandemonium - one of the well known satanic resources in the
russian Internet ( It exists since July, 1997.
Satanism submitted to be one of the sections of a site, has quickly turned
to its mainstream.
The resource is so huge, that only few other sites are capable to make a
competition with it. This resource possesses features of monopoly on
Russian satanism.
Value of this resource is hidden here - on this resource we see materials
which allow some one to learn to think independently, allow some one to
Black Fire Pandemonium is constantly updated and imperceptibly
changing. Here are some materials collected from the sites which were
already closed. But it is not just collection, it is the working material.
Warrax - the owner of this resource. He defines its development and the contents, including the material
which has nothing to do with satanism. Volume of his site, it sometimes inconsistent content, big amout
of polemic materials with Christians and false satanists - all these created the image of Warrax which is
far away from the validity.
During our personal meeting Warrax said some very important words. Words about dark metamorphosis,
about disposal from human, about Satan.
We respect Warrax for his honesty, and consiousness. His point of view is interesting for us. He is
engaged in development of theory of Satanism not for self - proudness, but for gaining an existing level
of this phenomenon, for having an opportunity to speak reasonably about Satanism. Warrax - the bright
representative of so-called intellectual Satanism. It is possible to agree with him, it is possible to argue
with him, but as always - the one who does nothing is not mistaken
Make your own conclusions.
CD: How did you come to Satanism? What made you think of yourself as a Satanist?
Warrax: Even as a child I was very different not in the sense of the usual teenager non-conformism,
but in the sense of a very precise feeling that the world around was not the way it should be. And this
again not in the sense that it just needs to be changed a bit, and then everything will be
perfect rather, I knew that cosmetic repair will change nothing, it was simply that there is something
wrong in the way the world is. It is really hard to explain this.
I came to Satanism gradually. Unlike the majority of Satanists I know, I did not come to it through
occult practices but in a purely intellectual way. Now I wonder at myself, at how I was able to do it at all
back then I did not have the knowledge of psychology, epistemology, and philosophy I have now. I
simply felt a Satanist. For about five years the way I thought of it was, I would define myself as a
Satanist, if Satanism was not about the Bible upside down (at that time information about Satanism
was not as public as it is now).
Then I got access to the Internet, and I came across the well-known article by the CoS Magister P.
Gilmore, Satanism the feared religion. That was when I got the insight I found out that Satanism is
not based on the Bible, that it is not secondary relative to Christianity, etc.
Of course, I still knew very little about it and did not yet have a fully developed life philosophy, but that
was certainly the beginning of the Path.

CD : Which materials (articles), in your opinion, are basic to satanism?

W: Thats a hard question. If we are talking about satanism per se, there is almost nothing worthy of
reading among the longer papers, except for the book I wrote together with Olegern, Princeps Omnium,
and Maledictum by Valentin Skavr. Also, I find the works by LaVey rather valuable, given that one
always keeps in mind, when, where, and why they were written. Its useless to read them superficially.
In general, there are many authors whose works I would recommend to anyone (not just to satanists): F.
Nietzsche, A. Schopenhauer, C.G. Jung, R.A. Wilson, B. Russel, etc. I think that a satanist should have
some knowledge in philosophy and psychology (of course, one should not forget about the natural
sciences, either).
CD: Can you name a few authority figures in the satanic movement? Who or what has had an
influence on you personallly?
W: I find it difficult to answer. From my point of view the expression an authority figure in satanism
itself seems strange.
As for who has influenced me Lets say: Mike (who, strictly speaking, does not define himself as a
satanist) and Anton. If they are reading this, they will recognize themselves, and of course, I am not
going to publish their full names and addresses. I just want to express my gratitude to them for their
support when I was just beginning. And most important, they had the right methods: satanism is not a
doctrine, so it is only possible to help someone understand what he has already come to by himself.
CD: What qualities distinguish the true satanist from the person who just pretends to be one?
W: Right away, I definitely do not agree with the expression the true satanist. From it follows that
there is such a thing as a false satanist. Of course, there are those who just pretend to be satanists without
being such, but in general, there are simply satanists and simply not-satanists, and nothing else.
As to the answer to the question itself, it can be found in the FAQ on my site ( Since
this is a printed journal, I will quote an abbreviated version of it.
A satanist is the person who shows features of Satans archetype in his/her worldview and also does not
have any features that are incompatible with this archetype. He/she might have some features that are
not part of the archetype but they will not have anything to do with satanism. For example, whether a
satanist can be a philatelist or is prohibited from this is not part of the criteria. A satanist can be relatively
undeveloped with respect to accumulated knowledge, etc. (e.g. because of his young age) but a person
who is much more advanced on the same parameters will not be a satanist if he has a feature
incompatible with Satans archetype.
This does not mean that a satanist can just have a couple of the required features developed to just above
zero, and nothing else, even if there is no incompatibility present. Only a developed personality, or one
on the way to becoming such, can become a satanist.
The most adequate (in my opinion) definition of a satanist is an individual having a involtation
(disposition) towards the egregor of Satan.
CD: Certain people call you the father of Russian satanism do you agree with this? What is
your attitude towards this definition?
W: I disagree and my attitude towards this is accordingly negative. I dont like the type of people that is
always trying to make an authority out of someone. I am Warrax and Im nobodys father, neither am I
going to be.
By the way, it is typical of these people, when they look up to someone, to start demanding from the
object of their worship guidance, explanations, etc. And if they dont get these, they immediately take
their former idol down from his pedestal. And what is most amusing, the pedestal never existed except
in their imagination I never had an intention of getting on it.

CD: Do you have monopoly over the [Russian] Internet satanism?

W: Hmm.. Im not sure
On one hand, my site is the biggest and most often updated one. But I dont think of it as being purely
satanic, it is my personal site with materials that are interesting to me. From my point of view they teach
independent thinking. This is the basic criterion for publishing anything on my site.
On the other hand, except my site, there is only Olegerns which is small and rarely updated and Skavrs
which is now closed for reconstruction It is possible to find some more small projects, e.g. The Twilight
throne, CotD, etc. but the majority of websites are either pseudosatanic, or they remain at the stage a
small home page with a couple of trivial articles, and most often both of these. Its a pity that some
interesting projects were shut down, for example, Church of Darkness.
Note: this interview was taken in the summer of 2003. Now, Skavrs Maledictum is open again
( Both are exclusively in English.
So I will answer the question this way: I do not want to have monopoly over the [Russian] Internet
satanism, but de facto you could say that things are close to this. A satanic site is not characterized by the
number of pentagrams per unit screen area, but by its contents, and I would very much like that there
were a few sites but with a content that is worth reading. I think that there are very harmful to satanism:
sites reducing satanism to worshipping your own ego or publishing occult materials, at which I dont
know whether to laugh or cry, and also sites which, instead of articles, have forums or chats, where
people come just to hang out.
To those who want to make a satanic site, I recommend to first think what exactly are you going to
publish there, keeping in mind that the site has to be updated regularly? And if you cant answer this
question, it is better to not increase the number of pages deserted a couple of months after they were
CD: You represent the intellectual component of satanism. In what would you like that satanism
which you personify to result?
W: I dont divide satanism into types. As I wrote in the intro to my FAQ: The attempt at describing an
integrated perception of Satan from the psycho-philosophical point of view, which Olegern and I
undertook in Princeps Omnium; the description of the satanic worldview in a art-philosophical way by
Valentin Skavr in Maledictum. If you can combine these two works without contradictions and clashes in
one whole concept then maybe you will be able to understand what satanism is. If you, however, see
there completely different views well, sorry
So, I dont personify a type of satanism, but rather, I develop the philosophical and psychological
aspect of satanism. And development itself is infinite
CD: The development of the person and his/her perfection cannot be determined by one factor
only. Is it possible to limit oneself to the intellectual component of satanism, without touching the
spiritual one, and are the spiritual and the intellectual necessarily opposed to each other? Is the
spirit less creative than the mind? Can you define a spiritual principle even though it is not present
your system of guiding principles?
W: If we assume that creativity is part of intelligence (and I, unlike many psychologists, support this
position), then yes, we can do this. But since I do not agree with the idea that the occult has nothing to
do with intelligence, then it all comes down to intelligence anyway. Actually, a non-intellectual
component of any worldview we can call only the preconscious a priori perception of metaphysical
categories, and this perception is by definition present in all satanists (it is that same involtation to the
So, frankly speaking, I dont quite understand, what exactly would be the non-intellectual component of
satanism for a satanist.

I agree that we must not call harmonious development the one-sided hypertrophic growth of one aspect
at the expense of another. This question, however, is very complex: lets say that I do not look at mind
over emotions as inharmonious (NB: here I mean controlling emotions, not totally excluding them).
As for the spiritual principle: I really dont use it. At all. So, there is no such thing in my system of
guiding principles in satanism. In someone elses system there might be such principle (including the
possibility that that person might be able to see such principle in my system). So, if you are asking me
about my attitude towards the spiritual you must first define what this means. The same goes for the
spirit it is not in the vocabulary I use, either. I prefer to operate with occult (involtation) or
psychological (entelechy), but not scholastic, terms.
The harmonious development of personality in my view means working in the direction of acquiring a
self. Naturally, for a satanist, the archetype corresponding to the self would be the archetype of Satan.
CD: Is it possible to gauge intellectual development by the number of books read/articles written?
W: Knowledge is not wisdom, as was long known. Not the quantity of what is read or written is
important, but that which is in ones mind. I have often bumped into potentially sensible enough humans
whose database was much greater than average, but their critical thinking skills were quite average.
Exactly among this type of people you can find those who think that an atheist cannot be an occultist or
that differential calculus refuted Zenos aporias, etc.
The way I gauge intellectual development is not based on erudition, but on ability to logically defend
ones point of view on any topic, and also on the presence of systematical thinking.
CD: What benefit do you think would the Devil get from your activities?
W: The development of a theory of satanism. Of course, not as a doctrine, satanism cannot be reduced to
that, but as a development of philosophical and psychological aspects. As for the question How is a
satanist different from the usual human? many satanists (including myself) do not count themselves as
humans. But this is a subjective opinion, and how well it is grounded, is a very complex and interesting
The Devil has always patronized Knowledge.
CD: What is your view on the differentiation between satanism and devilworship? How much are
these phenomena different? Characterize each of them. To which one do you belong? Your
W: The difference is basic: devilworship means worship, which is incompatible with what satanism is
about. Satan, to recall mythology, started a revolt because he did not want to worship. Well, attributing to
him a desire to be worshipped thats de facto accusing him of having an inferiority complex: what, if
you think about it, does the need of worship appear for, if not as a compensation for ones own
I myself belong to the satanists, of course. And an enemy in my opinion bears too much significance to
be given as a name to just anyone. I have no enemies, just people who wish me ill.
CD: How possible is this differentiation, or is satanism just a convenient way of realizing ones sick
W: What do you mean how possible? It exists. Another thing is that many people surfing the Internet
and finding that satanism is cool, start calling themselves satanists, not having any rights to this. Now
this is the realization of ones sick dreams. That same feeling of belonging, about which E. Fromm
writes in Flight From Freedom.
I completely support Olegern in saying: I would only call a satanist the one who can contribute to the
satanic culture (egregor) through philosophy, art, or his way of life, and not the user, who, excited,

reads all the necessary books, continuing at this to be a grass root. For this last type I have coined the
term undersants.
This exactly subclass of the population is way further from satanism than even the devilworshippers.
CD: The satanic Internet milieu has given devilworshippers extremely primitive features. How
much of this is a result of your efforts, and do you think that the basic features of devilworship are
primitiveness and fanaticism? Could worshipping the Devil mean communication with Him?
W: Much of it is definitely due to my efforts. Well, Ill specify: fanaticism is inherent to any kind of
worship, but primitiveness is not. I can very well imagine a quite non-primitive devilworshipper.
Primitiveness here shows in the statistics in pogroms in the cemeteries etc.
I will explain why I adhere to this position: I believe that the semantics of the terms we use is very
important (the psychology of the unconscious shows this without any doubt). Therefore I completely
understand a reaction of the kind, We are satanists, but if this word fills with the Infernal Fire only in
our case, and in all other cases is just empty, a fig leaf to hide ones own stupidity and humanness, then
we will be Devilworshippers, Demons, Carrying Hell in our Hearts, Satans Servants forever, a
reaction to the profanation of satanism in the Internet, but I do not agree with the idea that we must give
up the term satanism and replace it with a different one. Besides the fact that satanism is the most
appropriate word, such a deed would also be useless, because all the same sheeple scum will drag
themselves towards the new term, since they do not feel a union with Satan, but just try to get on the
It must be noted that I have rarely come across a definition such as Devilworshippers those, who
believe in the Devil as a person. I think that such a definition is incorrect, since it is not derived, unlike
the worship one, from the semantics of the term. I see no reasons for a conflict between a personal and
an impersonal view of the Devil: satanism is not dogmatic.
One of the meanings of worship can be strong respect; but in this case I will again remind of the
psychology of the unconscious: homonyms whose meanings belong to the same category are perceived
by the unconscious simultaneously. Ergo, there is not a single reason (from my point of view), that a
satanist should call himself devilworshipper.
However, I do not deny that worshipping the Devil can be a way of communication with him but this
would be a form of communication which is incompatible with satanism. Devilworship is the aspiration
to the form, without any understanding of the essence.
Satanists are allies of the Devil; devilworshippers at most toadies who dont even know what the
boss wants from them.
CD: Does satanism mean that everything is allowed? Is there room for discipline in the life of a
W: Yes, satanism means that everything is allowed, especially self-discipline.
Speaking seriously, there is nothing forbidden in satanism. There is no such thing which a satanist must
not do. However, it is easy to just fall out of the definition of a satanist (this is actually possible not for
the satanists, but for those who only named themselves so and just had not shown any incompatibilities
with the definition before). The thing is that grassroots understand the absence of bans as I can do
whatever I feel like, although such realization of ones desires may not be a rational activity at all. So to
speak, no one forbids that I use heroin. However, doing this, I will not be doing something which is

forbidden to the rational being, I will simply stop being rational; more precisely, in this case I would
have never been rational, since I decided to use in the first place.
There is a more important aspect to this: a satanist is an already formed personality, which is close
enough to the state of self so that he can clearly perceive the corresponding archetype (Satan). And a
personality by definition has a spine, which defines its structure: the presence of inner principles
preserves the wholeness of the said personality.
What models of behaviour then become unacceptable? Only someone very incompetent in psychology of
personality will think that these limitations mean a decrease in the abilities of the satanist. Can the
normal homo breathe chlorine gas? No this will kill him. So, is this a limitation in his freedom of
choice? Can a formed personality just for a minute give up his/her own basic principles? No, because
this will kill the personality. And all reasons or excuses for such betrayal mean nothing, since such a way
out of a situation is fatal (for the personality in this case), and the results from such a decision will be
used by someone else: the pathologist in the case of breathing chlorine gas, or whatever is left instead
of the personality in the same physical body after a break-up of the personality spine.
CD: Is satanism possible without Satan? Will this be satanism at all?
W: It is impossible and it will not be satanism. The question, I understand, is caused by the fact that
nowadays on the Web there is much talk of the kind, I think that a satanist does not really need
Satan Satanism is the perception of being god oneself, a refutation of the false values imposed by
society, and raising oneself to the highest value
Such position, in my opinion, is simply delirious: why would we call such trivial infantile egocentrism
satanism? This is just the usual love of the trash for rights without responsibilities. Becoming god in
their view means not responsibility, which is part of freedom, but the usual dream of the trash for
omnipotence packed with irresponsibility
Actually, it is formally possible that someone de facto is a satanist, but does not call himself so and does
not use the name of Satan at all. I have never seen anyone like this in practice everyone gets to a certain
stage, usually even before the stage nigredo, when there is a clear disposition towards certain Names and
So, satanism without Satan in the uncorrupted sense is theoretically possible only at the beginning of
the Path, and then either the archetypical structures are formed and Satan appears in person, or the
person will fall out of the Path as it is not the right path for him.
CD: The need for destroying the human in oneself is indisputable. How do you understand this
destruction? What exactly do you define as human, and what measures do you take to destroy it?
W: I understand it as very simple: as the revealing as the phenomenon in the process of introspection
with further structured work at elimination. Say, compassion or infatuation I have eliminated, as much as
I can assess myself, almost completely.
As for the definition of what is human, here I divide it precisely into two categories: that of sheeple and
that of people. The former was well revealed by Friedrich Nietzsche in Human, Too Human: these are
the different forms of herd thinking. This is the unconscious part of the crowd, the grassroot, the trash,
plebs, mob, rabble, la canalie, ocloV...
With the truly human it is more complicated. Thing is, the official name Homo Sapiens has two aspects:
the biological one (human a two-legged animal with no feathers and with flat nails. Plato), and the
psychological (essential) one. Besides, following from the literal translation, man does not qualify for his
species label: only few per cent of the population are rational (wise), sapienses.


Thus, the task is divided in two. That-of-the-sheeple is destroyed also by those who can be called People
with a Capital Letter the worthy representatives of the Homo genus. Their number, however, is no
greater than the number of nonhumans.
Nonhumans destroy the human in themselves as well; since this is an interview after all, and not a
treatise, I will make it short and simple: people need the survival of the biological species homo;
nonhumans (including satanists) do not.
All in all, for such work at ones psychology which initially includes parasitic human patches, there is
only one rule: first, one must respect oneself, second, one must not pity oneself. Actually, the latter
follows from the former...
CD: Is ritual magical practice something that you find as close to yourself? How much are such
practice and satanism compatible?
W: I practice it, but not often. It is very well compatible with satanism. Many satanists realized they were
satanists as a result of occult practice.
I must note here that a ritual is not at all something that must strictly follow a supersecret ancient
Grimoire, it is a fully creative process. So, what would be incompatible with satanism, would be the
belief that you just need to know the spell, and if you pronounce it right, it will all work right, as well
as any similar nonsense. Actually, this would be incompatible with occultism as well.
CD: In your early stages you gave an Oath to Satan. Have you broken it on your Path as a
satanist? How easy/difficult is it to keep your oath?
W: In my opinion, I have not broken it. As for whether it is hard or easy this is a philosophical
question. From a grassroots point of view, to do something more than just live as you want, go with the
tide is an unnecessary complication. The thing is, though, that as a Satanist, living the way I do is
natural to me. What a grassroot takes for a pleasant convenience will eventually kill me as a person, even
if not immediately. So the word difficult is simply not applicable here.
CD: Do you consider yourself a brave human? How consistent are you in your satanism?
W: I dont consider myself a human at all. And to speak of my own courage I think is strange. It has to
be shown, if needed in a situation, not talked about.
I have not noticed any inconsistencies in my satanism. Of course, there are still remains of the sheeplish
in me, which I have not yet gotten rid of, but this is more of a need to work on certain parts of my
psyche, than an inconsistency in my satanism.
CD: You said that a satanist is a demon in a human body. Is this a given or is it a consequence of a
change in the human nature? Do you think it is possible to change the human nature? What are
the consequences of that presence of a demon in a person.
W: In the terminology I used when I said that, a demon is either an original inhabitant of Hell in a human
body, or one who has been human before but has developed to transitory stage. I myself consider myself
the second type since I very well remember my human nature, motivations, defaults...
I was human once. I am not ashamed of it everyone is born by chance.
I am now far enough from the human to not call myself human. I would be even proud of it if the
human in me were more than it is now. I feel this as something natural to me: a very appropriate allegory
would be the caterpillar changing into a butterfly.

CD: Who is the Devil for you?

W: The way I perceive him is not as a person, but we may say that the Devil (Satan) is a personification
of satanism. After all, the very name satanism was not invented by chance. So, I will answer with a
quote from Princeps Omnium:
Satanism is an alloy of ideas and images, personifying Development, Variety, Greatness, Strength,
Power, Creativity, Individualism, Boldness, Pride, Knowledge all that which supports Life and its
In practice, it is the confirmation and investigation of the Self, of ones genius and strength, the
development of all its kinds. It is a life lived to the fullest on ones own terms, not by someone elses
plan, under whatever names morality, duty, virtue, etc. it is enforced.
Philosophically, it is a look from the Darkness, i.e. an objective and somewhat ironic look from the side
on any issue
This is what he is like Satan, ipse philosphus, daemon, heros et omnia, the father of knowledge,
irreconcilable with stupidity, the torch lighting over the deepest abysses of life, a clairvoyant leap into
the future, an outlaw and a rebel, creating and destroying, demolishing all rules and norms
the eternal enemy of humanity, the one thanks to whom reason still has a chance on Earth.
CD: What is Darkness and the Absolute Evil for you?
W: Knowledge is Light, cognition is Darkness. Knowledge can metaphorically called a lighted, clearly
visible spot. If you are searching for the unknown, you must go into the dark and grope around there.
Besides, Darkness is the Basic force: for Light you need a source, but Darkness is self-sufficient, it
comes always when Light goes out. Darkness as the Abyss contains Everything in its not yet displayed
I never use the term Absolute Evil. Simply to avoid any confusion: the usual good/evil as absolute
moral categories only exist in the sheeplish distorted understanding, where they are not just relative
categories, but practical fictions, where the use of the word evil inevitably calls for certain
associations, even if just subconscious ones. However, I understand metaphysical Evil as that, which
people cannot understand. Not just dont want to, but cannot in principle they are not adapted to this
kind of understanding. And what people cannot understand, they always take as Evil.
CD: How do you understand the antagonism between Darkness and light (Satan and god)? Is this a
struggle and unification of contrasts, is it a conflict of a sphere outside this world, or is it a war in
which everyone must choose a side? What do you think is necessary for the victory of Darkness? Is
it appropriate to say that a satanist is the opponent of god and the divine?
W: This is a rather metaphysical question. I cannot answer it without quoting the whole of my article
The Theology of Satanism.
But what I can say is that every Satanist is Dextra Nahemoth, an enemy of God by birth and by vocation
by his very nature.
As for Darkness victory, not forgetting about our birth in human flesh we need to Cognize it.
Everything else will follow.
Only the one who has had the courage to gaze into the Abyss can perceive its gazing back; only the one
who has felt his affinity with this gaze can dissolve in the Abyss, and yet remain himself; only the one
who is a part of the Abyss can overcome his earthly being. And only flying into the Abyss can we
cognize the Dark


CD: People who not acceptyour ideas, your concept of satanism, assert that your authority is based
on your priority, on your superiority in stating commonsense axioms, instead of on your own
merits. Your comments?
W: "If you cannot attack an idea, you attack its inventor". Paul Valerie.
CD: What is your attitude towards the Black Metal?
W: Its positive as towards a kind of music. Most of all I seem to like Immortal, Satyricon and Limbonic
I do not accept the claims that there is a certain black metal ideology which some consider more
important than the music itself.
CD: What is your attitude towards the CoS? Do you really support them? How much do you agree
with the claim that CoS is a by-product of American culture?
W: My attitude is ambiguous. On the one hand, they do a useful thing at least they print the same type
of literature. On the other hand, I personally believe that it is extremely inelegant to sell member cards to
anyone, even provided that this gives no one anything. Or, that they still call satanism a religion, which is
not true. What is more, to the question Why? I got from them the honest answer that they do it for no
particular reason, its just a tradition. All in all, there are things to be improved, but in general I respect
They probably do not need my support anyways.
As for the by-product of Americanism, I dont agree with that. Of course, it shines through to an extent,
say in copyright issues, including for Internet publications, but in my opinion this is not enough to call it
a by-product, especially since they were the original founders of this type of satanism. CoS has an
american accent, no more than that.
CD: What do you think about the other satanic resources, the organizations represented in the
Internet? For example, the Order of Nine Angels (ONA), the Temple of Seth?
W: About the private resources I have already answered in previous question. As for the organizations
mentioned, its all simple: ONA from my point of view is an eclectic mix of rather reasonable (but
already well known among specialists) occult theses together with the standard devilworshipping ideas.
In general, it looks like an unsuccessful attempt to organize something like CoS, but in a more mass
version, with more fanatical and less intelligent contingent. The postulation of a strictly hierarchical
structure is itself not very compatible with satanism: it is an attempt to restrict the Black Fire in a system
of rules.
As for ToS, it represents the crowd of those who split off LaVey in the mid 70s just because they needed
an object to worship - which they (for some reason) chose to be Seth. I watched a video interview with
Michael Aquino I dont like this word, but I must say that he is an obvious poseur.
Note: Now I know that the reason for ToS splitting off was the bargain for the title of Magister CoS.
Another illustration of this is the symbol of the organization: whereas the CoS logo is a semiotic
representation of knowing the world through magic (a double circle with the inscription Leviathan),
in the ToS logo the points of the pentagram do not touch the circle, which in all occult symbols
represents Universum. I.e. ToS in a kind of a Freudian slip give themselves away their conception
does not touch the earthly world, their ideas are those same spiritual aspirations about which LaVey

CD: You witnessed the development of satanism in Russia. Could you outline the key stages of this
development? Are you pleased with the situation nowadays?
W: It started before me. More precisely, I existed then, but had nothing to do with satanism, if only
because I was too young it was still in the times of the hippie movement. This culture brought about an
interest that is not common to the Soviet person the esoteric. Of course, 99% of it is absolute bullshit,
but still there were those who could not only sift out the sensible, but also, as a result, the occult
practice of satanists. Further development remained for a long time within the occult.
As for the stages of development, now to the occult aspect (which did not disappear it is just less
known in internet circles) were added the philosophical and psychological aspects, which in my opinion
was firstly, natural, and secondly, long needed.
Unfortunately, this popularization not of satanism itself, but of the word satanism evoked not only
the positive effect of being able to contact other satanists from far away through the Internet, but also a
negative one.
I am pleased with the situation now in the sense that I can now contact some really advanced satanists,
from whom I can learn myself, but am not pleased with the fact that all kinds of sheeple have come to
satanism, especially in the Internet with its virtual reality.
Here is an excerpt from an article on this topic I wrote in co-authorship with Den-M:
This egoistical unscrupulous scum has stolen a name that does not belong to them. Their sweaty hands
are groping in the Darkness to grab with hairy fingers the Prince of Chaos for his black coat, and get him
for themselves Because the definition Darkness is the aspiration to receive from the surrounding
world everything you need comes from the dictionary of satanism. And there a breed of vain egoists
has appeared who can only look at the World from the point of view of their own flat ego And if there
are altruists on this pathetic mud ball thats us, the Dark ones! Our hearts are so full of Life, that we
cannot keep it within ourselves and it flows over, giving the world strength to live to the next day. The
Black Fire of Reason flaming in our hearts gives off the sparks of knowledge, which do not let the human
herd fall in the mud and start happily grunting. Our word is a pledge of honour, and no mortal has ever
had the occasion to accuse in a lie the comrades-in-arms of the Devil. And it was US who made
sacrifices to Satan we sacrificed OURSELVES instead of the useless human material. Burning at the
stakes of the inquisition we were opening the doors of Hell another inch, not because of stupidity, but
with the furious understanding that every our life thrown in Satans furnace gets us closer to His triumph!
I am disgusted to know that you exist. Not because you dishonour Satan or satanism the bleating of
sheep herd cannot evoke even a contemptuous smile from the Prince of the World. I am disgusted only
because I could be confused with you those who are ready to sell Hell, to which you do not belong, to
the first xian for dough
Know it you are nothing but lather. You only exist because the internet gave you access to information
which was secret to the scum before. And you will go extinct because lather is made of bubbles,
inflated with air and nothing else. But now, now you are the main obstacle on the path of Darkness
because Darkness has never before been associated with dirt and mud. But rejoice you not for you are
nothing but a small outflow caused by the satanic impact on this world. You will be swept by the next
wave by those who come after us. Armed with our experience they will go further, and you will be left
to the side to look with envy at those who only GO FORWARD. No one will remember you. You are
fully virtual. You do not exist in our dark tomorrow. You are already dead even the most stupid will
not remember people like you. You are nobody. And this is precisely why I loathe you by calling
yourselves satanists, you are trying to make nothing of me and my respected colleagues. But I will fight
this for that is my STRUGGLE FOR EXISTENCE.

CD: What do you think would be a threat to satanism? The state? The dominating religions?
Satanists themselves?
W: This is a complicated question. Of course, the state in alliance with religion represents a serious
threat just try to imagine an Orthodox Taliban.
But still, right now, the biggest threat to satanism are the masses calling themselves satanists from a
desire to shock someone or because it is in vogue. Well, fashions like this always go away.
This, naturally, is not a catastrophe, but such a situation prevents those who are capable of self
comprehension, who are just starting on their Path, to realize themselves. Figuratively speaking, the
undersants are a fifth column. And one too strong not to pay attention to thats why I spend time
writing articles to explain the situation, time that I could use to work on the development of that same
psychological-philosophical aspect.
CD: What future do you see for satanism?
W: Satanism is not an ideology and is not meant for the masses. Its development consists of the
development of the aspects of the individual worldview system. In a very remote future it is possible to
scientifically explore occultism, which is naturally related to satanism, since the so-called light esoteric
is not capable of creating a single non-contradictory system.
From my point of view, satanism could never become a state religion or anything of that sort, but many
of its consequences are fully applicable to society, i.e. that same alienation from the human, too human
the domination of religions, humanism, bioethics etc., which are in the way of Development and
CD: What are the questions you most often ask yourself?
W: What am I?


Valentine Scavr is known enough in the world net. His works are really unique. Ideas present at them can
ruin one and approve another. We have made this conclusion on the basis of acquaintance to materials of
web site Maledictum (, and on the basis of personal meeting with author. It
is impossible to separate him and that is created by him.
We had an impression that Scavr not simply describes the things that he apprehended. There is also one
important thing - he creates the possibilities for Evil and asserts them. And it may confirm his words
about himself of being an independent creative unit of Hell.
Many people accept or deny what this person does. Some of them simply convict their nullity and
untidiness by using his works as advertising for their personal purposes. All of them finally get what they
In our turn we, as always, are categorical concerning to any acts of an antagonism against divine in the
name of the Devil. This antogonism is always simple and unequivocal. We were glad to communicate
with this person and have received much more answers to our questions, many of which cannot be in
following interview.
Scavr is natural in his desire to fulfill of his duty. He is natural in using of language of Evil when
proclaiming knowledge and principles of It. He realizes and actualizes all of these principles and
knowledge as the attendant son of Devil should do.
Contra Dei: What was at the beginning of your Path? How do you see the end of it?
Valentine Scavr: I can hardly distinguish between my Path and Path of Darkness, it is realy hard for me
to separate them, and because of this it is wrong to speak about the beginning and the finishing.
Demon awakes in human, and it takes a lot of time before he finally prevails the human nature. The
beginning of this prevailing can be making an agreement between the human and Hell, internal death of
the human or invasion of thye Demon of the human body. This process of the awakening is only the part
of the Path.
CD: Are you free in your creativity and activity? What is freedom for you?
VS: I cant and dont want to be free from the duty, from perception of necessity of my actions, from
responsibility before Hell and myself. I can choose, as it has always been before, but I subordinate all my
incentives to Hell, which is the part of me, and part of what I am.
Freedom for me is the possibility to do what I consider necessary to do, and also responsibility in the
process of realization of my plans.
CD: Who is the Devil for you?
VS: Father
CD: What are Darkness and Absolute Evil for you?
VS: .: The essence and processes of the Higher Necessity of existence of Hell. Darkness is not a
metaphor; High Evil is not a moral category.
CD: Your vision impresses with its uniqueness. Where did this knowledge come from? What is
your source of inspiration?

VS: There is nothing unique in my vision. This vision as well as knowledge belongs to all dark by their
right of birth. All of it is natural acquisition in the process of understanding the heart of Hell, Darkness,
and Chaos.
Hell is the source of all my incentives and of my existence.
Only those who observe and inact wait and search for inspiration and intuition. They simply wait for
seduction and possession by something.
CD: What is Maledictum? Is it your point of view, your vision and understanding the essence of
Hell or is it simply the literary work?
VS: Maledictum is the appeal to those, who neednt be tempted with wellness.
CD: What was the reason of creation of the What was the purpose of the
material placement?
VS: To make the penetration of Evil easier towards minds and souls of those people, who are capable to
become its bearers, its creators, and its continuers here in this world. To make possible the
comprehension of the dark principality (origin, incipience, beginning) in human flesh, and making
awakening more appreciable both for human and for the Demon.
Maledictum is visible, rather accessible part of the plan.
CD: You want the establishment of the Hell here. But who are you? How it can be possible?
VS: I see myself as a free initiative part of Hell. The Hell is establishing in the minds and souls of the
most honoured and dignified, Hell changes an essence of processes in the system of divine, Hell ruins
anything, what is generated by this system.
Expansion of the Hell on this world is carried out by efforts of elite, of chosen ones.
All resistance will be broken with their Will.
CD: Whether materials submitted on your site are accessible to the human? What do you think,
whether the usual person can understand their applicability?
VS: He is able to feel, but, being only a human, he is not able to perceive and use.
CD: Imagine that the person has familiarized with materials of your site. What in your opinion
should be his following step? Is it interesting for you?
VS: Attempts of becoming a demon, alien being should be undertaken after absolute prevailing of
several qualities, which are outstanding even to human measures. These qualities are strong will,
sincerity, devotion to his desire.
Only when he realizes an overwhelming demand to merge with Darkness inside him and posesses all
potential for achievement this purpose, he should find the ways for becoming a demon.
Until the inhuman principle will triumph over the human, all the person proclamations of his foreighness
to the humanity cannot represent interest.
CD: There is an impression, that your works and their essence are separate from the world, its
values and opportunities. They seem to be alien.
Whether you receive the response overcoming a precipice between essence of your works and the
world, were they are represented?
VS: Of course this works are alien, and they are directed not to the interaction with this world, as a
divine system is, but to its destruction. Only the raising contraction is possible to consider as the

CD: Tell us about Inferion. What is it?

VS: Inferion itself contains much more, than I can tell about it. Only thing, that is possible to add,
Inferion is pernicious inherently, in Its very structure and essence.
But for the worthy ones It can become a key for understanding of Hell and for interaction with It.
CD: Codex Tenebrarum the work that concerns the questions of cosmogony. A lot of ideas in this
work intersect with the human heritage, with his perceptions and legends. Is it coincidence or
confirmation of your point of view? Your comments.
VS: This is the vision of current events from the point of the tribe of Darkness.
CD: What is the Chaos in your understanding?
VS: Chaos is the fundamental principle of everything, it is the primary choice of Darkness, Its
damnation, Its blessings.
CD: What is Codex Decium? Is it collection of invocations, which can give
a possibility to some one to learn how to communicate with the Devil or thise is simply your sincere
words to Him?
VS: It was not my aim to teach a person to say these words to the Devil, I just wanted these words to be
spoken in this world.
CD: Ritual magical practice, is it close to you? How close are such practice and Satanism
VS: Inner development means outer actions, realization of the knowledge of Hells law, usage of this
knowledge in practice, getting an experience of interaction and communicating with the Superiors in
Darkness, and essential patricipation in the Evils deeds.
It is the following of Hells necessity and internal need.
By developing something, we develop ourselves.
CD: We have had an impression about you as of an adult and serious person. Regarding to your
experience and knowledge how can you evaluate the developing and change of such phenomenon
as Satanism? What do you think about modern Satanism?
VS: It is impossible to separate development of Satanism from development of Hell because of their
interrelation. Satanism is beyond time, beyond the realities of human world, beyond the human
perception of forbidden things. Satanism is deeply alien and contranatural to all human things, everything
else only human games, human parodies to their own imagination about Satanism, the substitution of
its concepts for the sake of justification of their own weaknesses.
I perceive Satanism as development against laws of divine universe. It is development that goes from the
reality of Hell, from the understanding of the necessity of Hells being. Development, which wholly
grasp the internal nature of those, who were born as human but had managed to become a Demon, and
continues this process in external world, according to Hells laws and to the nature of Satan.
CD: Many inconsistent ideas and tendences now mean Satanism. Imaginations and banality are
determined as Satanism by persons who are not really related to it.
Is it natural development of the idea or its degeneration?
What do youn think about future of Satanism?
VS: That, what you mean, is not Satanism, because it is dim in its essence and adapted to human needs.

CD: Are you familiar with the point of view of Russian Internet Satanists on separation between
Satanists and those, who worship the Devil? Or you see Satanism as indivisible? What do you think
about Satanism without Satan?
VS: Everything that is originates from Satan is indivisible; anything without Satan is not Satanism.
CD: Who is capable to stand by your side? Who are you against of?
VS: Iam against any manifestations of human filth and scum. Nothing like that had ever been and will
ever be in Darkness.
I always close to those, who are devoted to Hell; we are as one in that is Hell.
CD: How can a human be useful to the Devil? What can he does for the Devil?
VS: To be like the Devil.
CD: Is it possible to serve Satan? What does it mean?
VS: I understand serving to Satan as a submission of the processes of internal development of inhuman,
to dynamic of changing of condition of the integrity of Darkness.
The serving does not mean slavery; it is a choice of free will to be in the unison with the Will of Satan.
It is necessary basis of the relationships of person, who realizing himself as inhuman aspired to the
Supreme Hell, Darkness, Demon.
CD: The human is far from the reality of Darkness. Why only a few are capable to follow the Path
of Evil? What prevents the person to find the Devil, to become closer to Him?
VS: First of all, person is prevented by his human side. Everything outside of pantheon of his own values
is alien to human nature.
The human is governed by the needs of his ego, real and imaginary, but the needs outside of his physical
and spiritual personality, causes fear and abruption.
CD: Is it useful to be afraid of Darkness, to fear the Evil? Are you afraid of anything? What is the
fear for you?
VS: Those who cherish their human nature should not only afraid, but also to run away from Darkness.
But those, who are related to the reality of Darkness, should have only one fear the fear to stay the
CD: What is the future of this world, the human? The victory of Darkness, does it mean death of
VS: .: Those, whose lifes are senseless, whose system of values is ephemeral, whose mission is not
realized are already dead; those, who doesnt have the will for the viable expansion and doesnt evolve
in their essence those have no rights for existence.
CD: What Internet resources can you note? Could you comment your choice?
VS: Unfortunately I can note only a few.
Church of Darkness Many dark hearts have united their will for creation of
this resource.

Black Fire Pandemonium ( It is the valuable selection of works about Satanism, both
analytical and critical which are integrated in one place by the owner of resource, who has done a big
contribution to the deal of Darkness.
Spatus Luciferi ( I know personally the authors of this site.
They are those, who fairly fulfills their duty for the sake of Darkness.
CD: Who are you outside of What are your interests in this world?
VS: It is wrong to separate the creation and its creator.
This world interests me only as one of the future component of Hell.
CD: Maledictum is filled with an atmosphere and spirit of war, conflict. Are you the warrior
VS: This is a question for those, who stands in one line with me.
CD: How do you understand the principle of Contra Dei to be against God?
VS: It means only one to be Pro Inferis
CD: Your understanding of demonic essensies Demons and Devils - greatly differs from the point
of view of traditional demonology. Is it the breakage of dogmas or is it an opportunity to tell the
truth you know about them?
VS: Perception of demonic essences cannot be limited by the boundaries of traditional, human
imaginations. They show themselves to the dark ones in whole diversity of their nature. True perception
of them is accessible to those, who sincerely looking forward to be close to them, who does not find easy,
franker ways, who doesnt wish only goodness to themselves, who is far from the filths of human nature.
CD: Final words
VS: eterum censeo Carthaginem delendam esse.


Human from ancient times was familiar with Devil. In the middle ages He often used to be named the
wonderful master. Namely to Devil ascribed was the creation, often within one night, of astonishing
masterpieces of art cathedrals, castles, bridges.
The impossible and incomprehensive for human was always accessible for Prince of Darkness. Namely
with Devil the Evil entered to this world. It entered, having assumed the forms of deathly mastery.
Namely Devil, personifying knowledge, uncovered to human the possibility to dwell in Evil, to know its
inconceivable, incredible depth and beauty.
The very beauty was regarded as His possessions, everything splendid, particularly beautiful was the
result of Devils interference, bore Devils seal. In the middle ages there existed such an opinion that
beauty leads human away from the fineness of the godly goodness, that is tempts and drives into heresy.
Beauty was incompatible with submission, beauty always used to awaken the desires: the desire to
possess, the desire to accord, the desire to change. These desires are incompatible with the human search
of god, because their essence was manifestations of flesh hungry as a beast. Beauty too often used to be
the reason to real sin, Downfall. Beauty set human against god CONTRA DEI.
Beauty as an idea is exposed to the paradoxes, which allow to define more than clearly its deathly
essence. The Beauty of Death and fading, the Beauty of the Weird, the Beauty of Darkness Beauty
never lost its essence, appearing as a similarity of the angelic beauty, but unfolded itself more entirely,
appearing as the demonic beauty. Beauty, besides that it is the means, was able to turn to some similarity
of aim, to the quality inherent in an unreachable Ideal
Beauty in the contemporary world remains beauty, a qualitative cause for death, a cause for envy and
envious disorder, a cause for blames, a cause for fear. This touches not only the relations of human with
his kind, this also touches the relations between human and god. The contemporary world, overfilled
with witty words and pathos, unskillful self-confidence, is not capable of resistance to the force of
Beauty. The modern human is also exposed to temptation - unremarkable but not less effective though
Beauty and art are inseparably connected and complete each other, they are impossible without one
another. Art, as well as beauty, appears as Devils possessions. The existence of various legends (myths)
about pictures (musical and literary creations) the sources of horror and death (for example, pictures
drawn with blood, legends of pictures aging instead of the face depicted upon them, of pictures drawn
by madmen) are sufficient confirmation of the possibility of arts influence on human.
Art initially is defined as denotation of any mastery of higher and special sort. This is a too broad
definition, which might as well mean the art of a potter, as well as the art of an arms-master. Namely in
this point the aim of art is concealed, its essence, various manifestations. It is able to accord with light as
well as with Darkness the art of death, the art of war Here the context of death is present. And death
appears as the very subject for mastery.
Art is inseparable from the masters figure. It rises above the mass of mindless untalented ones, and
namely before master the mystery of transformation, the mystery of invention unveil. Devil as Master is
close to any mastery, for Devil is the one body with all his adepts.
Medieval demonology searched for answers to the questions about the essence of the demonic, about the
essence of Devil. Namely demonology most often is the ground for search of Darkness, it is a tradition, it
is a knowledge about demons, it is an original basis, which might be absolutely true as well as false.
Demonologists sharply divided the essence of creation to creations of god and pro-creations of Devil.
Gods creation usually is denoted by the word creatio, whereas Devils pro-creations are defined by the
word inventio, which means invention, artificial creation. God is creator, his creations are natural, they
take their place in the established order. Devil is inventor, author, master.

Continuing to give definition of art, its important to note that in the common special sense, art is not
merely denotation of mastery, but also the creation with its aid of compositions creations of arts, which
differ, on the one hand, from natural (gods) creations (the conceptual pair artificial/natural), and on the
other hand from creations of science, handicraft, techniques. The combination of mastery and
artificiality cannot be casual. Art is a splendid form for incarnating the ideas alien to human and to
nature. Art is able to accord with death, moreover, thus the demonic aspect of art unfolds. And its hard
to overlook here the hand of Master and the endless beauty.
Art exists in the crossing of the material and spiritual spheres. The particular rational-material perception
of art is one-sided and includes only the set of physical, optical and other parameters of the creation of
art. On the other hand, perception of the spiritual aspect only transfers the accent purely onto human, to
his interior world. Thus art gets deprived of its unique magic and role, which lies in the interaction
between spirit and matter. Both the material and the spiritual play role in the creative act of making a
creation of art, while the material serves as means of expression of the spiritual. That is to say, the
masters talent means creation of such conditions, when Spirit is capable of self-manifestation. Not only
the Spirit of good, but also the Spirit of Evil.
Spirit itself, as a finer manifestation of matter, is able to form and transform the matter in accordance
with itself.
Human saw physical and spiritual sources of art in various phenomena of the human world: in fantasy, in
versatile aspiration to changes, in imitation, in search of truth, in aspiration to symbolical depiction, but
even the supposed sources of art did not simplify its definition. Art kept on being much too broad term,
kept on having its authenticity and self-sufficiency, which can be too easily defined in terms of the
supernatural. If we dont consider art as a result of human efforts only, of his labor and talent, as a
complex of arch-typical and freudist symbols, but if we speak about art as the form, capable to embrace
within its bounds any idea, as about means of expression and manifestation of faces of Darkness and Its
essence, as about the language, in which its possible to speak about the concealed from human, then we
may approach to the comprehension of the demonic aspects of arts, to the idea of the demonic arts.
The demonic art cannot be defined, like human art, with names and genres, epochs and basic tendencies.
The demonic art cannot be regarded as one of recently created forms of art.
The demonic art is the art inspired with Evil and with Darkness, the art which expresses the concealed
within it, which speaks of Darkness. The purposes of the demonic art are: the expression of Spirit of
Darkness and of the reality of Darkness, pointing at the possibility of alteration of ones own nature and
at the direction of development, of spiritual search, denotation of the Path into Darkness.
Its representatives are often unknown, its masterpieces too often get lost at the detailed background of
other works. The bright and consistent representatives of this art are too rare. Before them often open is
the Dark Art of rebirth, of interaction with Forces of Evil, they are familiar with the death of the humane
within themselves and with closeness to Hell.
The uncovered by the demonic art finds its incarnation in the creations of art which human can behold
and perceive That is images of Darkness, Its spirit, Its faces, Forces. Such creations are a certain
viewpoint, the viewpoint of Darkness Itself and of dark ones, that is grades and angles, by means of
which the inexpressible assumes forms and completeness. Such masterpieces are able to cancel the
boundaries between the visible and the really existing, these boundaries get dim, and groups of Demons
are able to swallow the souls, involved in contemplation.
The role of master in creation of a picture can be defined by the conscious or unconscious dwelling in the
spheres of the inhuman, in the spheres of Darkness. While in the first case master with his will and his
acts overcame the boundaries of being human, in the second case it is an unconscious crossing of the

boundary, with lack of changes of the human nature. Darkness invades into the world of human, who
becomes Its lawful victim, with the condition of preservation of his life, tries to incarnate in the art the
images of Its power. These are victims and marionettes, the Obsessed and the self-forgotten. The result of
their mastery is masterpiece of the demonic art, which is a passive partaking in the death of god and
human, a passive CONTRA DEI.
Curious minds and sensitive souls were able to create the masterpieces, which get lost in the futile mass
of the created before the moment of Revelation. People unskillfully incarnate the image and the Spirit of
Darkness, their hands are much too used to depict their dead nature, the human nature morte. The
demonic art and the human art are too different, there are creations of art, and there are great golemic
hand-made things of the great human artists.
Masterpiece of the demonic art cannot be regarded as a casual disposition of paints, a casual combination
of light and shadow, shades, obeying to masters will. Masterpiece has self-sufficiency, any changes can
only distort the initial image, creating another one, not necessarily demonic. This points at the certain
predetermination, revelation.
This is not just a result of artists mastery, of his talent. Its pointless to praise the skills of great hands; a
soul that belongs to Devil, filled with Darkness, is the conductor and the true creator of these works.
Dark images are inseparable from their source from Great Darkness.
Creations of the demonic art also obey the laws of composition and of perspective, but their essence
obeys some Other Laws. Each picture of Darkness is not bounded by the frame of linen or of designation.
It lives its own life, within it there are continuation, interconnection, and relation. True masterpieces
straightly speak or hint about the Laws of Hell, speak about the nature of Demon.
Each picture lives out of time and space, once its been created, it witnesses about what happened.
Creations of the demonic art convincingly show other worlds and other creatures. This is very similar
with a natural union of real experience and refined fantasy.
Fantasy and experience are the two extreme points in depiction of the might of Darkness. The possibility
to combine these two extremes speaks about the genius of the artist himself. Most often, genius is not a
constant quality of some persons, but some state - most often short-lived. The Greek and the Roman
mythology with the word genius (evil genius) often defined namely demon.
Fantasy can be seen as one of the Paths to Darkness, as means of cognition of It, for Darkness cannot be
measured in human ways. Where the human world ends, namely fantasy is able to set the direction of
spiritual search. However no need to refer and to combine a rough carnal fiction with refined fantasy.
Experience is the living knowledge of Darkness. The once experienced, discovered, which allows to
become a part of the one stream of Darkness. Namely experience determines the position of Demon in
the death of the world. Experience uncovers Darkness from aspects of the real.
Painting, sculpture, literature and music all in the world is marked with damnation of rebellious spirit.
Human is poisoned with it, he is often rebellious and free in the art, which is able to deprive him of
morals, prescriptions and stereotypes. The art as a form is often in the vanguard of revolutions, it is able
to unchain human. But human is unable to know how to be free. He cannot use his freedom, it hinder
with him, deprives him of confidence, deprives of ground beneath his feet.
When the art means permissiveness, this is the freedom of human from human morals, but not from
human essence or from divine chains. This is the enjoyment of flesh, and the a-dogmatic art is able to
saturate any demand. Violence, dirt, lust, blood, destruction of the kindred and of the images of ones
deity, -- all this too easily meets its reflection and incarnation.

But only the demonic art is able to free human from the external world, from the humane and from the
god, firstly in the bounds of the art, in the bounds of the artistic, in dreams, and then possibly also in
practice. This art is able to clearly point at the direction of development, but release is not perception, but
acceptance of Darkness, offering oneself into Its power. Awareness and realization of acts in accordance
with Darkness and Its spirit will mean the beginning of practical release.
Human, existing amid conditions and inter-relations, always wanted to keep in his hands what never
belonged to him. For this purpose he established rules and instructions. Painting, literature and music, in
which the essence of Darkness is manifested, too soon became the means of making money. Images of
Darkness, which belong to all the dark ones, to all of Darkness, became the source of income for the
people devoid of It. Protecting their wealth, they established the law of copyrights on creations of art,
trying to tame rebellious spirit, contained in these creations, inspiring and leading after itself. We speak
not about authorship, but about the forbiddance to tell and to show the truth.
The editors-crew of the magazine CONTRA DEI attempted to contact some famous artists, attempted to
hear their answers on some questions or to accept permission to publish their works. They often simply
ignored us and kept silent. The only one who responded to our call was Diabolus Rex.
Here we quote some fragments of the correspondence with an agent of HR Giger the artist-surrealist,
whose name is Les Barany
No possibility to make an interview Neither by telephone, nor by mail, nor by email.
Giger insists on his receiving of the first volume of the magazine. He has no time to answer any
questions in any language.
If you want to make a right article, then I can send you the article written by my english friend, whos
been in the museum and the bar of Giger. Then my Russian friend Sasha will check your translation, by
comparison of it with the original text of the article.
Edward Anikonov and the agent of the artist Sasha Egorov will watch after your magazine, in order to
check that you follow my instructions. Sasha Egorov will examine your magazine and decide if its worth
for Giger to give your magazine his interview.
Finally, the interview with Giger must be the main topic of the volume, whereas the cover must contain
a photograph of the sculpture (not of the picture) BIOMECHANOID 2002.
If your magazine is a serious issue, my friends will notify me. I think, it will be right if you try to
befriend with them.
In my opinion, if in the magazine only the Dark Art is represented, it will be childish and simply
boring. Also Giger does not perceive his art as Dark, it is just art for him. You can name it as you wish,
but only not as Dark Art.
Its quite possible that Giger foresees the dark future of mankind, but his art is only a warning for
human. His works investigate the dark aspects of soul, but HAVE NOTHING to do with witchcraft,
Satanism or any other kind of primitivism. Giger sincerely pity and worry about the people involved in
such SILLY ideas.
Let me sharply clarify the situation You wont use the name of Giger or his works by your own
wishes, in order that the magazine CONTRA DEI would be sold better, as long as WE dont accept
anything worthwhile for us. Giger needs no publications. And dont bother me in vain.
I think that the very idea is worth realization, since the market of arts in Russia is quite undeveloped. I
hope that establishment of this market will promote the economical growth (The letter of Sasha Egorov
to Les Barany concerning the interview for our magazine Editor)


Born Rex Diabolos Church in the small decaying coastal town
of Astoria Oregon, Rex's parents own a modest Victorian
house located on Sentinel hill. Astoria is the oldest settlement
west of the Rockies, having been the center of a thriving
fishing and trading industry, Chinese work gangs completed
the early railroad. Rex's basement room sits over the top of a
network of tunnels built by early oriental smugglers under the
command of Tong Warlord tribunals. This section of tunnel
becomes Rex's first ritual chamber and creative nerve center.
It is here that early ideas on Aesthetic Terrorism and Satanic
art are developed.
Year One of the Church of Satan, Rex's Parents join the COS after
attending a lecture given by Anton LaVey at the now infamous "Black
House". Rex dedicates his underground ritual chamber to the Black
Rex develops first metal sculptures, and works in ink and graphite. Rex's
father, a journeymen machinist, works with Rex on forging and casting
of carved wax relief's. Knives, daggers and pieces for firearms are also
The "Tunnel of the
Tongs" becomes Rex's
all consuming obsession. Rex creates Devil's Altar and
outfits the alcove with his early paintings and those of
influential artists.
Rex discovers two posters by then unknown Swiss
surrealist H.R.Giger. The two images have a tremendous
impact on the emerging artist. Readings in The Satanic
Bible and the works of New England horror writer,
H.P.Lovecraft provide inspiration for several important
pen and ink works. Lovecraft's story "The Shadow over
Innsmouth," proves particularly synchronistic given Astoria's history and coastal location. Marsh's Free
Museum in Longbeach Washington is the home of "Jake" the alligator man. Rex spends obsessive hours
with Jake, and the Marshes collection of shrunken hea.
Rex and his father travel to the Middle East to meet with old friends. While
there, Rex sojourns to various infernal sites in Persia, Syria, Iraq, and keeps a
sketchbook of the local Satanic Deities. At Mount Lalesh, at one of the Ziarahs
(Towers of Satan), an invocation to Azazal is made, and an oracle manifested.
The paintings, Pazuzzu the Great Liberator, Baal of Peor, Erishkigal, and
Shaitan are realized back in states.

Rex continues to develop his ritual chamber with more refined
imagery. Sculpting in steel and casting bones in metal, Rex's "Art
Necro" technique begins to mature. During the summer of 19711972, various sculptures are realized. Dog Star Urn, Necromantic
Push-Me Pull-You, and a steel sarcophagus are also finished and
talsmanicly charged.
The publication of Anton LaVey's The Satanic Rituals proves to
be an infernal grail for Rex's work. The "Call to Cthulhu" and
"Die Electristchen Vorspiele" serve to generate new imagery for Techno-Magick and EMS Spectrum
A trip to India and Nepal in the summer. The Hindu Devils and wrathful Deities personified in the
sculptures of ancient artists, inspires Rex to create "neo-necro" versions of Kali-Yuga, Citipati, Durga,
Naga Kanya, Yama, and Mara, the Tibetan Satan. A "Purbu" dagger, or magick dart is acquired from a
Bon Po monk, a priest specializing in Sorcery and brought back for Rex's ritual chamber. It becomes a
magical weapon used for Destruction Rituals that Rex employs to the present day. The "Invocation of
Nyarlathotep" takes place in the early fall, and results in a occult symbiosis with the emerging artist.
Rex's first public exhibition takes place in his high school's modified trophy case reserved for art
students. Rex displays three paintings and a sculpture piece titled the "Dog-Star Urn". This "Aesthetic
Terrorist" device, resembles two truncated pyramids secured at their bases with an opening in the side for
viewing the contents, in this case, a cast steel human skull covered with metal tentacles, and filled with
rotten meat and chum from local fisheries. The maggots are a given, but the artist adds meal worms to
complete the wiggling miasma. A strobe light trained on the inside reveals the mouth of Hell itself, and a
stench to match. Horrified members of the faculty (who would if such a thing happened today
undoubtedly label Rex a terrorist), ban the artist from any future displays. The young Satanist becomes a
frightening enigma to his fellow students, but becomes the sexual obsession of Ula Uldar, an exchange
student from Northern Spain. Rex gives Ula a copy of the LaVey's Complete Witch (now Satanic Witch)
and the two become a match made in Hell until Ula's return to Europe two years later.
The Tong Tunnel becomes the site for sex magick workings and blood rituals between Rex and Ula who
work toward the creation of a Homunculus made from their bodily fluids. Research in Tesla technology
results in the building of a six million volt coil in the Church's garage. When activated, the coil dims the
lights in the surrounding neighborhood for up to twelve city blocks.
Rex acquires his first airbrush, a pasche AB turbo model, and begins works, first on prepared masonite,
then on a 36" saw blade from a redundant pulp mill. The metal surface is in keeping with Rex's aesthetic,
and becomes the material that he will work with to the present day. The saw blade has special occult
significance as well. (See Apocalypse Sigil Analysis)
On the advice of a girlfriend, Rex begins to expand the size of the panels used for his paintings, the
average size being 6X8 feet, this being the largest size that the basement studio will accommodate.
Smaller 3X6 foot panels are covered with vertical totem-like designs that emerge into the "Necro Totem"


In the late fall of 78, Rex holds a small one man show in his studio and
tunnel space for friends and acquaintances. The tiny rooms are crammed
to capacity, with friends and guests from as far away as New York. The
exhibition is an unprecedented success, paving the way for the creation
of the AOS. This is the year that Rex formally joins the Church of Satan.
In the Tong ritual chamber on Walpurgisnacht night,Rex prepares the
waters of ZamZam, and
ritually shaves his head
in the manner of
consecrating his pact
with the forces of
darkness. Rex takes the
name Nyarlathotep Diabolos Rex, as the messenger of
the Lords of Chaos. The work of the last six years is
compiled together for release as Nyarlathotep's Black
Rex curates first official AOS exhibition, "The Infernal Empire, the Satanic Art of Diabolos Rex".
Rumors of Devil Worship circulate through the small city. Rex is a subject of fear and suspicion by local
The exhibition "In Menstruel Nacht" opens in Vienna Austria at "Eva Gille's Gallerie Toten" with several
members of Ernst Fuchs school of fantastic realism exhibiting. Rex's painting Kali Yuga version I is
displayed among them. It is an important exhibit for the young artist. While there, Rex visits the Aleph
Sanctuary of Fuch's museum and views the triptych, Satan's Heaven. Contacts with Satanists in Seattle,
Washington results in the exhibition, "Shadows over Innsmouth". It is the beginning of a Diabolos Rex
cult following.
Summer of 1982, Rex travels to Nepal to visit friends and to research the rites of the "Bon Po, sorcerers
and magicians from the roof of the world. While there Rex meets Durga Godbuli, a pornographic
sculptress, terrorist, and initiate of a "skull cult". Durga is fascinated with the Church of Satan, and with
Rex's influence, creates a revised version of a Kali-Rite. The first time the two magicians execute the
working, torrential monsoon rains pour down filling the small village of Siliguri with sewage and dead
bodies from the local graveyard. The working is considered a success. Durga gives Rex a "Kali bowl", a
magical implements made from the top half of a murderer's decapitated head. Rex gives Durga an
Back from the land of sex, death and disease, Rex begins work on several small works for the show,
"Tulpa Spell Bondage". He premiers the show in the winter, and opens the exhibition with drinking from
the Kali bowl brought back from Nepal.
A short trip to Providence Rhode Island to visit the grave of HPLovecraft. Rex silently communes
outside the fenced area of the grave, then sets off for Boston and Salem Mass. Several members of the
local wiccan feminazis contingent of Salem, bristle when they recognize the "Sigil of Baphomet" which

Rex habitually wears. Back in Astoria, Rex collects several older works, and creates three new ones for
the show, "As A Foulness Ye Shall Know Them". Exhibits the work at the AOS gallery.
Rex begins preparing work for the exhibition "Lords of Chaos". The work of Australian Black Witch,
Rosaleen Norton inspires Rex to immortalize the forgotten Sorceress through a reworking of Rosaleen's
painting, Lucifer.
The second annual Portland Erotic Art Show. Rex's paintings, "Hecate" and "Phallagorgon" are
exhibited. The Oregonian arts section does a short interview with the artist, and is alarmed at Rex's
endorsement of eugenics, war, and famine as the blood cleansing solution of the coming Satanic age.
Rex travels to New York City with George and Ruth S, to meet with Peter Gilmore and Peggy Nadramia.
It is a Satanic homecoming. Peter Gilmore shows off the Dark side of the "Modern Babylon", and from
this meeting a Cabal is established that is now the primary force behind modern day Satanism. A
highlight from the trip is an excursion to the SoHo district where the God Set manifests in an Indian
restaurant, an introduction to Herman Slater, renowned for his fine Occult supply shop, "The Magickal
Childe", and the breaking of Heraldo Rivera's nose on national television three days after being the
deserving target of a Satanic curse.
Rex moves from Astoria to New Haven, Conneticut to live with Natasha P. This affords many trips to
neighboring New York where Rex and Peter Gilmore work on various projects. The Yale Art Library
affords access to many hard to find books and exhibitions by world famous artists. Rex debates Jerry
Johnston author of "The Edge of Evil" at a Yale open forum on Satanism sponsored by Campus Crusade
for Christ. Jerry Johnston leaves with his tail between his legs. Rex travels to San Francisco to meet with
Anton LaVey, and present him with the painting "Toxic Shock Priestess". The painting hangs in the main
ritual chamber of the Black House till it's loss after the death of the Black Pope. The paintings
whereabouts is unknown. Curates exhibition "Hell Razor" in tong tunnel back in Pacific North West at
House of Innsmouth.
A new ritual chamber is created in Rex and Natasha's warehouse loft. October
31st sees the execution of Die Elechtritschen Vorspiele in the chamber and the
inauguration of several new paintings. Rex acquires a one year old Chow Chow
dog named "Brujo" (Hispanic for Warlock) and creates "Hounds of Tindalos"
version I and II. New York Gallery GOZ exhibits Rex's "Aristocracy of Blood"
show. Distraught woman spontaneously hemorrhages and is rushed to local
Rex moves back to the Pacific
Northwest settling in Portland,
and acquires a small warehouse suitable as a new studio
and living space. The size of the studio affords the
beginning of paintings of increasingly larger scale. Rex
meets Erica H. and for the next 3 years, she becomes his
lover and muse. Late nights while working in the AOS
studio, Erica reads aloud to Rex from James Havoc's
"SatanSkin", a collection of occult pornographic
schizophrenic litanies. Through these writings, and the
blood rituals that ensue, Erica has a profound influence on

Rex's depiction of the female demonic. the paintings, "Curse of Yig", "Dagonite I", and "Kali Yuga"
reflect her influence. In the fall, Rex and Erica travel back to New York for Rex's "Diabolicon"
At a showing of Triumph of the Will in a local art house theatre, Rex
Meets Occult Fascist and virtuoso pianist, Keith Stimely, who
interviews Rex for an October issue of Portland's news-weekly,
Willamette Week. The issue profiles Rex's art, Satanic world
perspective, and his savage misanthropy. Various accurate, but offcolor observations made by Rex in the interview enrage local dogooder organizations, and make the issue the most read in the
magazines history. Rex curates group exhibition "Cyber Satanic Sex
Magick Ritual" at the now Portland based Asylum of Satan.
Through Keith Stimley, Rex meets Feral House publisher, Mr.
Apocalypse, Adam Parfrey. Adam includes a short interview with Rex
at the Asylum of Satan for the landmark video documentary, "Speak
of the Devil", The Cannon of Anton LaVey. The interview is
conducted in front of Rex's Apocalypse alter, accompanied by Keith
and Erica. Mr. Parfrey begins plans for his "Cult Rapture" exhibition set for the following year in Seattle
Washington, and invites Rex to create something for the Satanism section of the forthcoming exhibit.
1994 (part I)
Work on the "Serpent Temple" commences for the Cult Rapture show. Rex's designs include two 6X8
foot side panels, "Curse of Yig", and "Leviathan", and a 6 foot diameter saw blade toll painting,
"Qlipothtic Oracle". The three giant paintings are supported by a heavy steel tubular framework and floor
bringing the entire installation to a weight of three thousand pounds. A trapezoidal altar and human
skeleton complete the piece. Rex works feverishly for the next nine months to complete the paintings.
1994 (part II)
Oct 1st. Adam Parfrey's Cult Rapture opens at the Center On Contemporary
Art (COCA) in Seattle Washington to a packed house. Artists represented
there included Joel Coleman and George Higham. Asatru Priest and Odinist
Robert Taylor also is present. Rex and Robert discuss the Apocalyptic
current. Closing night of the exhibition, October 31st, a steam valve
formally connected to a heating register is opened, flooding the gallery with
super heated steam in the early hours of the morning. Museum curators are
not scheduled to return to the gallery for three days, resulting in the partial
destruction of Diabolos Rex's exhibit.
1994 (part III)
Rex litigates for two years for payment of damages to the work in the excess
of $80,000 dollars. Truculent insurance agents in New York dub the claim
the "Satan File" and are forbidden to speak about it. The lead agent in the
claim attempts to rip off the Satanic Artist by bringing in "art appraisers"
unqualified to value the work. Rex places a curse on the philistine New York party, who proceeds to
wrap his new sports car around an interstate highway divider. The money gets paid. Rex meets Jim and
Debi Goad of the inflammatory publication "Answer Me", who visit the Asylum of Satan and have their
pictures taken while sitting on the toilet.


Electronic musician and friend, Evelyn Overholser begin plans to create "Gallery Tindalos" named after
Frank Belkap Longs story, The Hounds of Tindalos. The project is shelved due to the gallery's more
lucrative operation as a subsection to Diabolos Rex's Asylum of Satan Website. Rex travels to Denver
Colorado to meet with Black Flame publisher Peter Gilmore and Boyd Rice of the plunder phonics
group, NON. A scheduled appearance on the Christian radio show, Talk Back hosted by Bob Larson is
dubbed the Satanic Summit. While there, Diabolos Rex, Boyd Rice, Peter Gilmore, Thomas Thorn, (of
the Satanic Rock band Electric Hellfire Club) Giddle Partridge, and Shauna, have their picture taken in
Casa Bonita's old west jail house. Rex shows "Hounds of Tindalos" paintings as the AOS. (private
Rex meets occult web designer Daniel Akzinor who convinces him to have an on line Gallery version of
the Asylum of Satan. A small experimental page is built with only a couple of images and gets good
reviews, but lays dormant due to more pressing artistic issues. First designs for the Tepaphon Projekt.
Rex completes paintings Dagonite and Shoggoth for the publication the ScapeGoat, and Yog-Sothoth for
Bob Johnson's skin mag, High Society. Interviewed for sex and cyberculture publication, X-Magazine.
Rex curates group show, Alchemy of the Qlippoth.
Silversmith and Jeweler Robert Guitron collaborates with Diabolos Rex on the creation of the
Apocalypse Sigil cast for the cover of Rex's portfolio, The Abomination of Desolation. A silver Dagon
head walking stick is also created. Work on the monumental 9'X 18' triptych painting "Apocalypse
Theology" begins. Rex also paints 6'X 8' ABRAXAS Rising version II, and offers it in a limited edition
print run of 365 copies. In the early hours of Oct 31st, Rex receives a phone call from Magister Peter
Gilmore that Anton LaVey, the Black Pope and Satan's emissary on earth, has passed away. What ensues
is a pathetic "grab for power" by insecure miscreants, but Satan's Will prevails.
Continued work on the Apocalypse Theology painting, and beginnings of "Nyarlathotep, the Crawling
Chaos". This painting is of an unusual shape in that it is designed like a Tau cross, and utilizes a unique
frame welded to it. 8'X 10' trapezoid panel for "Pazuzu the Plaque Lord" is added to studio. Rex makes
plans for sub-dermal horn implant surgery with body-modification expert, Steven Hayworth.
Contra Dei: The name of Diabolus Rex is unknown in russia. Please introduce yourself to our
readers and tell your story in some words. What is now?
Rex: Russians may view my on line portfolio of art and philosophy at my website, The is a link there for my biographical information and you can find out about
my early work with the Church of Satan and activities.
CD: Looking by your eyes - eyes of the artist, is this world beautiful or horrible? Is it really a
perfect environment for existence? Is it very real world or maybe there is something wrong ? On
your mind, who or what is designer of this world? Is the design complete?
Rex: Human civilization was once "Traditional" and adhered to a darker spiritual philosophy than it does
now. Truth was no mere emotional phantasm, but a living, breathing elemental that the Black Magician
could access, and only the Black Magician, but in todays egalitarian world, "truth" is the dirtiest world
there is.
CD: What is beauty and what is horror to you? Are you affraid of something?


Rex: I fear nothing, especially not the "Dark Side" as it is a intrinsic part of what I am. I hold that the
dark, sinister, and forbidden is singularly beautiful, and not to be compared with the plebian ideology of
CD: Most of your works represent sinister worlds/objects/creatures made of or subhuman flesh
and bones. They looks realy impressive and ominous. Is flesh a natural material to your works or is
it just a perfect one? Please, your comments...
Rex: My work does not represent symbols, but actual"Beings" that course with energy and meaning, they
are older than the universe itself and come into this world by a process of ritual and ascetic devotion.
CD: It is in the nature of a man to image and to depict good and Evil, god and Devil. Masterpieces
of Dore and Durer seem to be the best example. Man see god as something beautiful and almighty.
Man see Devil as something horrible, hostile and defeated. On your mind, what is the reason of
such a phenomenon and do you beleive in possibility of cooperation and interaction of a man with
horrible Evil against beautiful good?
Rex: Most Humans are less than animals and a cast off shell of the immortals that once ruled this planet.
Human beings are mere "food" for the Demon, the Vampyre,the Werewolf, true children of Darkness.
The Satanist is "Nightbreed" and cannot be conqured by the dead god of the Hebrew slaves.
CD: How do you think, is it possible to realize some Evil through such a creative artwork as art,
music, writing if this work is about or inspired with Evil? Did you bring some Evil through your
works into this world? If yes, how does it act?
Rex: My art, as my appearance brings fourth peoples most profound insecurities and inadequacies. The
events that my work create in the world undoubtedly would be considered "Evil" by the Christian slaves,
but I do not concern myself with what they think.
CD: People enjoy horror. People dream of horror. Some people are real horror to the others.
People are satisfied with horror, such as movies, artworks, literature and real life of many of them.
Your attitude to these people and to the horror? What can you say about it?
Rex: Horror and images of evil are sacred symbols that belong to the Satanist alone. If I was the Satanic
Czar of the Earth, I would not allow non-satanists to read, paint, draw, make films or music, write books
or in any other way take part in that which is of the Devils realm. I would not even allow the average
person to wear the color "black", as I see it as the sacred ground of only the beings of the shade.
CD: Who or what involved you in satanism? Was your parents, if yes please say about them? What
kind of people were they? If no, why did you step on this way?
Rex: My parents were early members of the Church of Satan and knew Anton LaVey, as I came to know
him years later. My parents did not push me into Satanism, but let nature take it's course.
CD: Please tell us about your projects: Tarot of Satan and Tindalos.
Rex: My "Tarot of Satan" is a very large project that I have been working on for years, and hope to
complete by 2005. Like all my paintings, the images are airbrushed on large steel panels that I will hang
from hooks in the ceiling of the gallery so that the viewer will walk the path of the Klippoth to view
them. I would like to bring the show to Russia and allow Slavic Satanists to see them. The completed
deck will be available for purchase and viewing at Gallery Tindalos is my
sculpture gallery where I will show new sculptures and castings. My next sculpture will be a
biomechanical "PitBull" dog that I think you will find interesting. The pitbull dog is the greatest fighting

dog on the planet, is sacred to Satan, and deserves a proper place in history. I have two pitbulls and love
them very much.
CD: Your conception of Evil, Satan and Satanism?
Rex: There was never a moment when "Evil" was real. The true Satanist knows that evil is an abstraction
used to frighten the masses, but Satan is an actual being, within time and space, but can break the laws of
the Universe through the alteration of conception and a dark anti-material force, an "Elan" or force of
being that cannot be conceptualized by proletarian humanity. The true Black Magician can know this
dark force through noesis and an adherence to a form of asceticism, it is how I create my monsters.
CD: Your attitude to the modern Satanism? Dont you think it is too human? What participation
do you have in Church of Satan? Do you agree with them in all, or you have your own vision of
Rex: Modern Satanism is blatantly materialistic, scientific, and objective regarding phenomena within
the universe/Universe. I have personal insight into the realization of the Prince of Darkness as an actual
"Being" but reserve my commentaries for those who understand and do not preach this view as a part of
the COS. I am a Magister Templi in the Church of Satan which is the highest position one can hold other
than the High Priesthood which can belong only to one person at a time. If you are ever interested in
discussing the "Devil" as a real being, email me and I will answer all questions.
CD: Depicting the Dark Forces did you ever interact with them? They are the dark powers,
processes in universe or your perception and vision as of artist allow you to see (feel) Them more
personally more alive?
Rex: I think my last answer would give you an idea regarding my perceptions and convictions, but I am
often "visited" in my studio by forces when I paint and visitors to my home have often felt them. These
people often are frightened and do not come back. It is one of the reasons that it is difficult for me to get
art shows in this country.
CD: In your biography you are saying about several invocations . Azazal, Nyarlathotep... What
was the aims of this invocation, what was the result. Tell more about it.
Rex: I am a scholar of H.P.Lovecraft the American horror writer, and have crafted rituals to invoke the
gods mentioned in the Necronomicon, which has an existence of it's own, but on the psychic plane. these
rituals were devised so that I may better "See and Know" these forces for the purpose of art and it's
corallary to magick.
CD: Why did you choose these Devils (Azazal)?
Rex: I have been to the middle east, many years ago and these were the Devils (Jinn) that inhabit this
part of the world.
CD: What rituals practice means to you? This is a moment of cooperation with Darkness or it is
the way for you to express yourself?
Rex: My rituals are a manifestation of my Will upon my surroundings that allow for the creation of art,
but also development within the structure of initiation, self initiation. One comes closer to Hell through
such practice.


CD: Some of your pictures and some moment of your life are
connected with the works of Lovecraft, what do you think of his
created mythology? Is it the Providence? What do you think of
Lovecraft himself?
Rex: H. P. Lovecraft was a prophet, a reluctant prophet, but a prophet
non the less. His lifestyle and early upbringing created this "attunement"
to the dark side like a lighting rod in a storm. The dark gods found him,
and never let go. He was a great writer, but his most important
contribution was in the realm of new mythologies and archetypes.
CD: Lovecraftian mythology and vision of Dark forces stands apart
of other visions, other mythologies. Is it so, or maybe Dark Forces
are indivisible and Darkness is just known to humans by the
different names?
Rex: The vast majority of humanity cannot know these forces in their most
powerful guise, they are incomplete as "beings" themselves, like weeds trying
to know what it is like to be a Rose, this knowledge is beyond them. The
Lords of Chaos are bound together in a place of great power, and great
darkness, and only the worthy magician can know them. This happens as a
result of "Caste" and dark spiritual initiation.
CD: What would you never draw in your life? What is the greater thing
you wish to draw?
Rex: I would never draw from the mundane and urbanity of the world at large. As for what I would
create, there are no limits. We will have to see.
CD: Looking on things you already draw, did you create a masterpiece?
Rex: Only when an artist is completely satisfied with what he has created can it be called a
"Masterpiece", I will leave that question for the dull and unimaginative in the world to ponder.
CD: Your pictures, are they vision of another reality? Saying more your pictures are in conflict
with reality. What is the source of your inspiration?
Rex: My creations cannot be in conflict with reality because my visions are my reality.
CD: You have been traveling a lot. What can you say about realisation of the idea of Evil all over
the world?
Rex: People are the same all over the world. Some have vision, worth, and truth, but most do not.
CD: What do you think of Hell? How do you see It aims considering god, humankind, world?
Rex: My idealized personification of the world would be like Hell, I think you might like it. But most
would not.
CD: You are saying about Anton Lavey as about your friend. Please tell about your friendship.
Rex: I knew Dr.LaVey for many years, and he was a good friend. He collected my art because he liked
it, and for that I am proud. I miss him greatly, and feel that the world is far worse for his passing.

CD: What does aesthetic terrorism means? What are the aims of it? What do you think about
events of 11 September, NY?
Rex: Aesthetic Terrorism is the act of creating in art and imagery the World of Hell made flesh. America
has been called the "Great Satan" by the Islamic World, and I would agree, so degenerate Islam should be
wary for the Devil is not to be trifled with. I can think of many things that should be done with the
Middle East, but I don't think most people would appreciate or agree with me.
Last words.


One of the important sources of human views on the supernatural is tradition the human knowledge
about gods and Devils. However for contemporary human tradition exists on the level of myth only. The
contemporary world rejects old myths, procreates new ones. But tradition cannot be reduced to myth
only. Myth bears within some traits of truth, this is what neednt proofs, since it has a shade of personal
experience or of a real event. One can see this point as a moment of mutual penetration of the intellectual
knowledge and the intuitive knowledge. Sometimes distortions are just insurmountable, but the soul of
human belonging to Darkness can serve as means of search of truth. On the other hand, there are sources
(mythological, practical) which avoided distortions not because they were inaccessible for
interpretations, but because the primordial, that has been and is now within them, is impossible to distort
and to interpret falsely. This goes first of all to books of Devil, to the books written by His adepts and
Books of Devil speak about the fundamentals of interaction of human with supernatural forces, define the
principles of Evil and the laws of Hell, reflect the dynamics of the development of Darkness In that
way and in that language, which are attainable for the writer, which are dictated to him by his experience
and by living knowledge.
There exists a legend of fallen angels, who uncovered to human the forbidden knowledge able to ruin
human. The book of Enoch in details narrates about those events, it is important to note one point And
the name of the fourth one was Penemu: he taught human sons bitter and sweet, and he taught them all
the secrets of wisdom. And he instructed humankind how to write with ink on paper, and therefore many
sinned from eternity to eternity until this day
Besides the books apparently narrating about Darkness and Devil, there exists the whole layer of
literature, in which the Images of Darkness, Its emanations appear before the readers in veils.
Fiction, for example the horror literature, is often regarded skeptically, it causes perplexity and neglect.
This happens despite that in such literature easily incarnated can be fantasy and revelation, which allow
to approach to the reality of Darkness. Many writers appear as mediums, prophets, who possessing no
experience and no knowledge of Darkness, speak about it nonetheless.
There a certain selectivity is present: they recognize the merits of Lovecraft and Machen, but deny the
contribution of other writers. But the countless read pages wont overweigh the meaning of a single
phrase or a single paragraph. More often the knowledge of Darkness is dissipated throughout many
creations of human.
The knowledge of Darkness remains meaningful, despite the source in which it manifests. The names of
famous philosophers and their contribution oughtnt have priority over a creation in a soft cover, written
by an unknown (or unpopular) writer. Words of honor, nobility, power of Darkness most convincingly
sound in the context of a certain plot, rather than when taken separately. The point here is not only in the
development and the experience of the reader, but in the very meaning of categories. We dont call you
to read such literature, which often happens to be absurd, we stand for the significance of the words
about Darkness. In any case, no need to deny the meaning of such literature, even if the writer fears to
give interview or to respond for his words. (The editors-crew of CONTRA DEI unsuccessfully attempted
to contact many of the modern writers, working in the horror genre).
As another kind of Books of Devil it is possible to regard detailed instructions in invocations to demons,
various grimoires or books on black magic.
These books might bear within particles of Dark Art, but they might contain nothing, either. Books of
such kind were mentioned by ancient Greek scientists yet since 9-10 centuries, and later their traces can

found also in the world of Latin science. Since the end of 16th century devilish books appear printed,
however their connection with any of Greek or Jewish sources is very problematic; investigations are
also complicated with the fact that the release data on such books are as a rule mystified. Such books can
be divided to two classes: the first class the Christian demonology, in which Forces of Darkness are
invoked with names of Christian saints, the second class the books, dark in their essence, in which
manifests the bloodthirsty and deathly essence of Forces. Spirit and atmosphere of these books deserve
respect, despite that some rituals, depicted in them, are senseless.
Books of Devil and the literature of Darkness in general are the manifested Revelation, whose
destination is the determination of the Path into Darkness, uncovering of the other reality. The step aside
from the humane and from the godly, acquirement of Hell always meant the manifestation of the
principle CONTRA DEI.


(Translated by Scarabaeus)
The ways of God are inscrutable ? Oh, but not for me, I know Him too well. As well
as He knows me. If our paths once get crossed, He, having seen me from afar with
His sharp eye, will turn away in hurry out of fear before my deathly sting with three
points of steel such is my tongue, my natural weapon !
Lautreamont, "Maldoror"

World-view is the most universal system of concepts about the world

and ones place in it. Satanism, being a world-view, has its specific
attitude for different aspects of the reality. In many cases the Satanists
attitude coincides with the common attitude of reasonable people, say,
in issues of society it refers to euthanasia, birth control, social morals
etc. But there are also certain differences, of course, - otherwise the
Satanism would not be an outstanding view on world. One of such
examples is the attitude towards God. (Strictly speaking, god must be
written with small letters it is either name of a kind, or a position. In this article I
use the spelling of this name with capital letter where in the context the word god cannot be replaced by a concrete name,
i.e. where God is namely a metaphysical concept.)

This question is way more complex than it seems a prima facie: firstly, God is far not an unequivocal
concept, secondly Satanism is a-dogmatic, and Satanists might perceive God (as well as Satan) very
differently. Nevertheless some common regularities indeed can be found.
One might ask, why should we consider this question, especially when we keep in mind that the majority
of modern Satanists are atheists ? (More precisely, most of Satanists I know are atheists, - but I havent asked the whole
of the world. Besides, if I see that my interlocutor is a Satanist, I not always ask him about atheism, if it does not refer to the
topic of the talk. With all that, we should take into account that from the theoretical viewpoint atheism interests not everyone
and is often confused with the anti-theism of such a kind like belief in absence of god, and it is also claimed with no
sufficient reason, that atheist cannot be an occultists and so on, therefore the refusal to name oneself atheist might mean only a
skeptical disagreement with the mentioned dogmas.) Because God is a very ancient idea, and turning away from it

with seeming lack of interest most often means only the intellectual inability to analyze the problem at an
adequate level. Surely, to claim there is no god and to refuse to reason further on this topic is much
easier than to develop ones own universal philosophical attitude .
Here I quote my FAQ (version 3.05 from the 30th of November XXXVII A.S.):
45. What will Satanist do when he knows that god exists ? Will he repent his sins in
order to be saved ?
The only excuse for god is that he does not exist.

At first glance, the question seems very hard to answer, for the prideful answer I
will go to the fiery Gehenna looks rather strange, whereas the answer I will
immediately repent then will cause a natural reaction of gomerical laughter in the
sense and why do you call yourself Satanist now ? But the answer I believe that
there is no god! will be accepted not as answer but as pretext, which in fact it is.[]
Everything is simple, though: those who are posers, naturally, will repent. The question
whether it truly saves them is another story. But Satanists have not such a variant,
and not because they are so foolish and mentally ill. The very essence of Satanist
cannot coexist with divine goodness or how else it can be named. Not formal
repentance is demanded, but the sincere repentance and this is namely impossible,
because the conditions offered are physically (or in any other way) unacceptable. The
situation is nearly such: you will either be killed or beheaded, devoid of arms and legs,
sight, hearing, speech etc, but alive. With all that, you must sincerely wish to live in

this way. But you know, even if not death but eternal torture would be the alternative, I
cannot sincerely wish such a continuation of existence (which I cannot call life).
But where we rule by our rights - the laws of god and humans are not powerful, and
never will the World see one of us in chains.
Only in purple,
or in crimson.
That is the End of each Beast, who shoulders the responsibility for all manifestations
of Evil, revolting in the fleshes of everything dwelling on the earth
V. Scavr, "Maledictum"
This answer is namely universal and accords to the Satanism wholly, regardless the concrete perception
of a Satanist. And the attitude of Satanism towards God is the reason why it is impossible to wish the life
with God.
Firstly lets consider what we mean namely by God here.
First of all, we should mention, that in this article we do not consider pagan gods, regardless the form of
their existence (or perception). Just because, in fact, all the pagan gods (And in the context it does not matter
whether one perceives pagan gods as personalities or merely as personifications of certain natural forces and so on.) have
both light and dark sides, and they are personifications of Forces of Nature, i.e. it has nothing to do
with Satanism per se, ergo it cannot be opposed to Satanism. We are rather interested in the standard
connection Satan the adversary of God. However the question What should we comprehend by God
? remains. In advance we should clarify, that this concept must not be reduced to the Christian
interpretation, it is much broader. Ruslan Khazarzar in his work The skeptical view on existence and
non-existence of God pointed out the following properties:
First of all we should agree that the word God means:
Omniperfect and eternal, that is to say omnireal entity ( , ens
The entity which created all things, or, more precisely the entity which is the
(, , ens originarium, ens archontissimum);
The reasonable entity, personality (, , persona, summa
Thus, purifying the concept of God from particular properties and leaving only the
necessary, universal predicates, we involuntarily come to the so called rational
theology (theologia rationalis) and even to the transcendental theology, for necessity,
infinity, unity, existence beyond this world, eternity without temporal
conditions, omnipresence without spatial conditions, omnipotence et cetera all
those are purely transcendental predicates.
But this also somewhat narrows the God-concept, which is true for mono-religions. Say, why should we
perceive God namely as personality ? One might comprehend this term for example as Power in
metaphysical or occult sense, whereas the existence of the corresponding archetype (Here we mean namely
the archetype of mono-god, God-father in general case. See C.G.Jung, The Answer To Job as a special example based on
Christian material.) is quite apparent (as well as the existence of the egregor). In the same way, it is

indifferent for Satanism, whether God is the primary cause or the demiurge of this world, the only thing
which matters is that God manifests at the present in some form. And the opinion about omniperfection
and eternity does not matter at all Hell is no less perfect, but its perfection is different, and no less
eternal, if we speak in such terms.
Thus, Satan is opposed by mono-god, which can appear in whatever form from the abstract idea to
the personified being. The universality of the approach is not invented by the Satanism, also marquis de
Sade wrote (Philosophy in bedroom):


If its proved that this God, whom fools consider the creator, the only maker of
everything around us, is but a perversion of human mind, just a spook created at the
moment when the mind comes to cul-de-sac, if its proved that the existence of this
God is impossible and that Nature dwells in permanent motion, receiving from itself
what idiots ascribe to Gods generosity: if we assume that there exists this feeble entity,
then it would be surely the most ridiculous creature of all, because it would turn out to
be useful only once, and after that for millions of ages it would dwell in the
contemptible inactivity and lack of motion. If we assume that it did exist as described
by religions, then it would be the vilest entity, because it would be God, permitting evil
on earth, whereas his might could prevent that evil.
As you see, marquis is against God in any case. Alike Nietzsche, who claimed that God is dead, but
nevertheless wrote in his last book The Anti-Christ:
The Christian concept of god is the god of the ill, god-spider, god-spirit one of the
most corrupted ones, who only had been faced on Earth; probably it itself shows that
lowest level, to which the kind of god degrades. After the degradation, the god became
a contradiction objection against life instead of its transformation, instead of the
eternal Yeah spoken to it ! In god there had been proclaimed the hostility towards life,
towards nature, towards will for life ! God is the formula of slander on this world, the
formula of deceit about the world beyond ! In god the Nothing was deified, the will
for Nothing became sacred.
It is not at all a contradiction of the kind does god exist or not ?, but namely the universal resistance to God, no matter in which form it appears.

And if God suddenly appears once, then atheists will vanish as a class, but skeptics will remain anyway.
And Satanists will remain Satanists opposing the God.
Aut vincere aut mori.
The first remark. In this article I use the term monotheistic God. It does not necessarily mean
belonging to the class of gods of the widespread monotheistic religions. In this case God is even not
necessarily , it might be an entity, Force, Idea, etc., - the determining factor is the aspiration to
domination over the Universe (in the metaphysical plane) with elimination of all the opposition, Absolute
Order. In the cases of both Absolute Chaos and Absolute Order everyone is equal with each other by
energies. But in the Chaos all the components are free and have maximal possible energy, which one can
gain in the system; in the Order everyone stands in his fixed place and has no energy. Absolute Order is
the Absolute Zero. Consisting of particular zeros...
The second remark. Acceptance of the entity Monotheistic God automatically means that it is
Universum. I.e. in any theology, that accepts ens realissimum, Satan and Jehovah are merely the
manifestations of God-Universum, and nothing can oppose God-Universum itself. It is All. However it is
still not clear (at least to Satanists), why should we call Universum namely God ? This question I
consider, but it is somewhat pulled along the article, since its actual topic is the oppositions of God and
Satan, i.e. the bi-substantiality is assumed; in this article God is NOT Universum. Where appears Other
there One already is not present.
Strictly speaking, there exist two sets of ontological systems: existential (eleats, Plato, Kant,
Schopenhauer) and becoming (Heraclyte, Aristotle, Hegel). In the first one, there is Universum, but
God and Satan are merely its manifestations (objectivation). In the second one Universum is not present.
It is only possible always possible, but never real.
The scheme, which appears in Princeps Omnium, does not belong to the ontological in Satanism it is
indifferent what is Universum. This article is dedicated exactly to the illustration of universality of the
satanic approach.
The third remark. Such a question might arise: Why should we use the models of the reality, in which
God appears in some form ? Its simple: these models exist and most of people (at least in Russia) live

by them. And since one has to live among humans, then it is very useful for him to know them
Besides, to claim ones 100% inhumanity is baseless, and for elimination of all the humane components
within oneself one should know what they are and what they exert influence on.

The religious aspect

The idea of God is the only deceit, which I cannot forgive to humankind.
Marquis de Sade

Probably it is the simplest aspect of the considered topic. I.A. Kryvelev in his work About proofs of
gods existence wrote: I will not speak today about god in his biblical sense. It is not difficult at all to
prove that there does not exist such a god described by the Old Testament, that god by whose image and
similarity man was created, that god, who takes a walk in evening cool by the Eden, who sits, when
cannot lie down, walks, and occupies some place in space About such a god there is not much to be
spoken. I agree with Kryvelev: even from a purely atheistic viewpoint the criticism of existence of God
by means of analysis of contradictions in the Bible and so on is useful only as the material for the
propaganda of the vulgar atheism of a kind there is no god. In fact, the question is more complex: in
such a way only the absence of God of a certain religion can be proved, and with the condition of using
the a-priori assumption everything written in holy books is the attempt to describe the reality. I.e. one
might assume whats described in holy books is true, but not an intentional deceit, folklore or
hallucination of a drug-taker. Then, when having found the inner contradictions in these books, we might
reject the whole of the assumption as contradictory within itself.
Say, in the Bible the birth of Christ is fixed to the two events: the reign of Herod and the census of
population. Herod had died several years before our era (which counts from the birth of Christ),
whereas the census took place several years later. (This is quite apparent, but there are many opinions on this issue.
See also R.Khazarzar The Human Son)
However, if we dont base our considerations on the literary formalism, which nowadays only the
religious fanatics do, the situations gets more complicated. Some Christians recognize the situation and
attempt to reform their faith. John Shelby Spong (a bishop of an American church) The recalling to the new
Theism, as a method of definition of God, is dead. Thus, nowadays the theological
considerations about God are mostly senseless. It is necessary to find a new way to
speak about God. The view, according to which the cross is the sacrifice for the sins
of the world, is a barbarian idea, based on some primitive concepts of God, and it must
be rejected. All human beings bear the image of God
As you see, rejecting practically all the Christian dogmas (in that article there are even more assertions,
than in the quoted fragment), Spong nevertheless believes that God exists, and that God is necessary it
is needed only to find the means of expression, that correspond the modernity.
I stress namely this point the point is not in certain form of Gods manifestation, but in the resistance to
its essence.
And the essence of God in religion, i.e. in monotheism, was quoted in the preface.
Properly speaking, the lack of proofs of Gods existence (dont forget, we consider the religious aspect)
in no way means that he does not exists. Another thing, there are no meaningful reasons to introduce in
ones world-view the axiom God exists. (But there are many senseless, non-intellectual, psychological reasons,
though. And it depends directly on ones world-view, what reasons one should be guided by by the realized, following from
the personal demands, or by the comfortable, accepted, allowing to get rid of personal responsibility, verbalized by the
phrases like how not to believe ?, everyone believes in something, there has to be something and so on).

Thus, if god does not exists, then the religious aspect is simply absent, which does not cancel the
influence of other aspects: semiotic symbol in particular case might exist also without denotation.
If he exists, then there are a lot of variants: it does not mean that God appears namely in that image, in
which church-men represent him (and keep in mind that there are over two thousands of Christian
confessions only). Thus, the variant of fiery inferno - is but one of the infinite set, and it has no facts,

pointing at a relatively larger credibility. Not to speak about the fact, that the myth about Satans revolt
in Christianity is represented from only one side, very prejudiced.
But the point is not in the comparison of probabilities (especially if to take into account their
incalculability), but namely that Satanists by definition lack beata stultitia, necessary for the harmony
with God. Just because of this, Satanist always opposes God otherwise he will stop being Satanist, stop
his own existence. Here I quote my work written in co-authorship with Den-M:
The inner principles allow to preserve the integrity of personality... Does the reader
often wishes to take a breath of cyanides or take a bathing in an acid ? What such
questions even dont occur ? And the same is with a person with formed inner
principles to him just doesnt occur to cast them aside for a while be it a situation
with a tank or a grenade, or just a banal commercial deal. Basic principles of
personality are not a one-time suit, they are not shuffled in accordance with the
situation, they can change/develop but only as a result of the conscious, logically
based and consistent work in the personal development. And the initiating cause of
such a work never comes from the outside it is the result of personal aspiration to
The question of FAQ 45, also referring directly to the topic, was quoted above.
Even the god-seer Plotin cannot find words to describe such a state. Here the man as
if becomes peace and appears himself as the contemplation of eternal light. It is the
merging with the contemplated, indescribable vision, nirvana. It is not even a vision,
but an ecstasy, solitude, renunciation, peace, some special kind of spiritual enthusiasm.
The ecstasy of this is Plotins invention.
I. Granin, "What are ethics, culture, religion?"
Here it can be apparently seen that Satanist has just nothing to do in Paradise: the inactivity of nirvana,
fanaticism of ecstasy, renunciation, rest instead of action all that contradicts the satanic world-view. It
was always funny, by the way, to consider the attitude of believers towards Paradise: the question what
to do there ? just does not interest them. If Muslims are yet ready to drink and to copulate for eternity
(and they cannot imagine that this might overdo them), then Christians are not going to do anything at all
only to dwell in serenity at the throne of their god.
Satanism immanently contains creativity and action, which in no way accords Die absolute Ordnung of
God. I repeat: namely therefore Satanist opposes God - this is the fight for ones life, for existence of
ones Personality.
To the conclusion I should mention pantheism and deism. Pantheism, properly speaking, is not theism,
and therefore it opposes Satanism in no greater measure than paganism does. As for deism, yet the
ancient ones told: de non apparentibus et non existentibus eadem est ratio.
Remark. Surely, if God exists namely as ens realissimum, then we get the same fatalism as in the
materialistic determinism (See also: R.Khazarzar Skeptical view on dialectical materialism), but only instead of
the materialistic universal causality appears Gods will. The main antinomy of this question occurs
because in the case of existence of the all-free entity, the human ontologically cannot have his own
freedom (namely about this wrote Augustin). The free will of human together with all-free will of God
is . Nothing happens without Gods will. Yes, scholastics claim that the free will of the human
is in accordance with Gods will, but the antinomy of such a position cannot be solved. This problem in
its whole complexity was considered by Kant only, as I know. But he found no solution.
In general, such a variant of religious perception of God leads to such a situation as if Master of Puppets
plays the spectacle before himself by his own project and no more than this. However no ground for such
a sad scenario is observed in the reality.

Prophylactics of objections
Intellectuals belong to two categories: some worship intellect, others use it.
H. Chesterton

Lets distract the reader a bit from the main topic for the prophylactics of a standard misunderstanding.
The objection I predict can be more illustratively demonstrated on the example of my old statement:
The Universe is immoral in the nature there exist neither Good nor Evil. But if
anyone starts to insist that there exists some Good, then I side with Evil, opposing him;
his faint efforts disturb the harmony of Universe.
I heard objections like this: So what, if I denote e.g. cognition as Good, then you will side with
Such a sentence shows only the inability of the one who asks to think systematically, taking into account
all the aspects of the reality (and often also the incompetence in the particular fields). Although yet L.
Wittgenstein wrote that Only facts can express meanings; the class of names cannot.( "Logicalphilosophical tract", 3.142), this does not mean that names/denotations have no meaning and are completely
mutually replaceable, this means that the denotation is meaningful only because that, which is denoted,
makes sense. Indeed, Wittgenstein notes: We create images of facts for ourselves. Image depicts
what it depicts, regardless its truth or falsehood, via the form of the reflection. (op.cit., 2.1, 2.22)
The unconsciousness psychology unequivocally shows that many words are not merely conditional
identifiers, but also some subconscious associations on the archetypes level are fixed on them. The
perception of archetypes by human is always numinous; and in consequence of the environmental factor
gets formed with many filters, which disturb the adequate perception of the reality, including such
ones, with which there exist something a-priori good and a-priori evil, therefore the conscious
comprehension of many symbols is originally distorted. In such cases often happens the ousting, i.e.
elimination of unacceptable aspirations and experiences from the consciousness.
However the perception of the archetype, symbol etc., does not have to be commonly accepted
(Concerning symbols, it can be especially apparently shown for the swastika after the WW2, when one of the most ancient
symbols turned to the symbol of fascism as a result of the purposeful propaganda.) The Watcher, 4 (sept. 1990):
The following description of Devil, offered by Paul Carus, the author of The
History of Devil, perfectly characterizes the nature of Satan as its comprehended by
modern thinking Satanists: Devil is the cosmic rebel, revolutionist in the empire of
tyrant, opposition to monotony, dissonance in the universal harmony, exclusion from
the rule, passionate thirst for self-expression, living contradiction to the will of God
who dictates a certain type of behavior to everyone; he breaks the monotony, which
would have filled up the cosmic spheres, if every atom in unconscious righteousness
and in virtuous obedience slavishly followed the dictated course.
If we change the meanings of words table and chair with each other, then nothing will get disturbed
in the perception (Disturbances might take place only during communication, when all the participants are not informed
about the certain change of names. During communications they interchange not by objects but by their denotations, therefore
certain conventions concerning denotations are quite necessary for successful communication), it will be no more than

change of a conditional identifier, of a pointer at the function. But if we interchange the mutually
opposite couple of arch-typical terms, then the perception of the reality will change. One cannot simply
replace Good by Evil, leaving all the attributes unchanged it is not occasional that its usually said
that they make good, but create evil. In a similar case, by the way, there appears the devil-worship and
similar turning the reality upside down. However Satanism is not turning the reality upside down, but
step aside from the humane perception of the reality.
Hell as an idea, born of Chaos, pierces each of the myriad of facets of Its content,
determines the center of Chaos and directs Its evolution.

It is beyond any attempts of simplification and constant estimations, it will never be

contained within any bound. Cognition of it is possible only through the empirical
comprehension of its principles, through containing them deep inside, through
conquering self-restriction, - and through becoming the part of it. is a different perception of Universe, inherent in our tribe. It is the path, shrouded
by impenetrable Darkness upon all the maps that existed before breakthrough of
boundaries, beyond which stretch the territories, that belong to Chaos. It is an
untamable might rushing out of It.
Satan is not another God, but the anti-God. In both the psychological an in mythological planes, and in
the occult plane God influence on the Universum (Here by the scheme, represented in Princeps Omnium. See the
second note in the end of introductory chapter).in such a way, that for Satan there is left nothing else than to act
contra Dei.
Therefore inconsistent is the thesis, which I decided to confute for the purpose of prophylactics: that
Satanists simply replace good God and bad Satan by bad God and good Satan. Such an insinuation
only shows the incompetence in psychology as well as in occult.
A real attitude of Satan towards the divine throne is described very well in The Revolt of Angels by
Anatole France:
Now, thanks to us, the god of old is dispossessed of his terrestrial empire, and every thinking being on
this globe disdains him or knows him not. But what matter that men should be no longer submissive to
Ialdabaoth if the spirit of Ialdabaoth is still in them; if they, like him, are jealous, violent,
quarrelsome, and greedy, and the foes of the arts and of beauty? What matter that they have rejected
the ferocious Demiurge, if they do not hearken to the friendly demons who teach all truths; to
Dionysus, Apollo, and the Muses? As to ourselves, celestial spirits, sublime demons, we have destroyed
Ialdabaoth, our Tyrant, if in ourselves we have destroyed Ignorance and Fear."
And Satan, turning to the gardener, said:
"Nectaire, you fought with me before the birth of the world. We were conquered because we failed to
understand that Victory is a Spirit, and that it is in ourselves and in ourselves alone that we must attack
and destroy Ialdabaoth."

The philosophical aspect

Dogma is an attempt to create a stick of one end.
D. Rudyi

I am not going to speak here about the ontological, cosmological and teleological proofs of gods
existence, about Pascals bet, Descartes arguments on the existence of God, the categorical imperative of
I.Kant et cetera. I completely agree to the article Skeptical view on existence and non-existence of God
by R.Khazarzar, where it was shown that "There remains one of the two choices: either to put aside
metaphysics and not to consider theological issues at all, which natural science does, or to speak about
existence or non-existence of God only on the level of hypothesis () or faith (). Of
course, there is also the third, radical, way of positivism to declare metaphysical questions as false and
senseless, but the metaphysical questions themselves wont stop to exist then.
The attitude towards God in Satanism does not depend upon his presence or absence at all. Once I stated
this so: Concerning the existence of the one god. My position is neutral: whether he exists or not I am
against anyway.
In the philosophical plane, keeping in mind the context, first of all the concept of God as Absolute is
Firstly lets recall the well-known reasoning of A.Schopenhauer ("New aphorisms, 96):
The word absolute, taken itself, is something quite senseless. For it is adjective, i.e.
the denotation of a predicate , whereas predicate ought to refer to some object. But the
law of foundation, an undisputed law, states, that each object is in a necessary
connection with some other object; whereas the predicate absolute expresses nothing

else than denial of connection with anything; it contradicts any object, - consequently,
this predicate cannot be referred to any object, for otherwise the latter would be
annihilated. Since subject is not an object, i.e. it is not cognizable, no predicate can be
ascribed to it, -- therefore, the predicate absolute cannot be ascribed to it, either.
Short, sharp and clear. But this does not exhaust the issue its quite logical, that God, since it is
transcendent and transcendental by definition, simply cannot be expressed in our usual terms, and then
Absolute is not a predicate, but a conditional denotation of the superior unknowable.
And as it had been mentioned not once, it should not be comprehended necessarily as a personality. The
first one who introduced the impersonal principle to philosophy was probably Anaximandres (The Milete
school, VI century B. C.). Due to the incompleteness of the information which remained after him it is
difficult to give a full definition to his term aiperon, but we can say that it is something immortal,
boundless and infinite, but, with all that, not bearing any mythological meaning. It was already an
abstract mental concept about the primary source of the world. Lao Tze wrote Tao Te Cing
approximately in the same period too, but the concept of tao originally was postulated as non-cognizable
in principle, therefore I dont consider it here what interests me is the attempts to comprehend
Universum, but not to justify refusal from the possibility to do so.
Heraclyte the Dark (the middle of IV the beginning of V century B. C.) introduce into philosophy the
concept of . Later, Christians took this term without comprehension of its meaning and stupidly
vulgarized to merely Word, although list of its meaning in a dictionary takes almost a complete page in
small type. Heraclytes is some abstract universal law, which rules the world and people, the
whole of the Universe.
However the difference between and the monotheistic Absolute is obvious according to
Heraclyte, the world is woven of contraries, which are in permanent fight with each other, whereas the
monotheistic God rules alone, all the rest happens either by his will or by his permission (it is such a term
which means that God himself does not create evil, but allows it to happen. And please dont remind me that in monotheism
everything comes from God I know it myself. A para-consistent logic, you know); further in it is

immanently inherent the principle of total inconstancy, development, -- whereas the monotheistic God is
always conservator, he tries to keep the world unchanged (an apparent example: the world flood, when people
started to develop in a way different from what Jehovah wished) (this is again quite regardless whether he is a
demiurge or not); as the third principle, Heraclyte pointed out relativity (Strictly speaking, Heraclyte did not
separate this thought in a sharp form, but many of his statements point at this unequivocally, for example: Sea is the water
purest and dirtiest: for fishes drinkable and saving, for people undrinkable and deathly), whereas God always

pretend on the Absolute Truth.

Thus, if God is not Absolute himself, then he at least pretend on knowledge (also the personification by
himself) of some Absolute Truth. In the case of God as idea everything gets reduced to delirium at all: a
certain human idea is declared as Truth a priori. A.Einstein was quite right:
Infinite are only Universe and human stupidity; while concerning the infinity of the
first one I have some doubts.
Resume: in the philosophical plane God first of all pretend on Absolute Truth.
Absolute categories as some concrete knowledge are senseless because of the fundamental properties
of our Universe. Infinity is unreachable by the finite measures, therefore completely it can be neither
conceived nor reached (See as illustrations aporias of Zenon. Note: often can be heard such claims like aporias are
solved in the differential calculus and so on. Here its not a right place to explain the delirious essence of such claims, thus I
make only a prophylactic remark: not to forget that mathematics are but abstract concepts, and not a direct perception at all).

It can be only replaced by something concrete-conceivable some symbol, description, model and so on.
But this will be already not Absolute Knowledge, but its concrete substitute, which cast aside
something unnecessary now, and therefore cast aside the infinity, cast aside Absolute itself, and turned
thus to merely a particular truth. Which might turn to a lie, when the initial assumptions have been
altered or when in this infinity there has been discovered something contradicting it. Just because the
infinity might contain everything
Thus, any pretension of such kind in the philosophical plane is either attempt of insolent deceit or just
inability to think clearly.

Another philosophical aspect, which might be taken as a consequence from the pretension described
above, is the reducing of all by the principle all are equal before God, i.e. a priori there is introduced a
universal (absolute) scale, which is just senseless, for the reasons stated above.
With all that, one loses ones own essence, ones own personality; it is de facto offered to God. The
individual differences get decreased to the level of small delta, and namely the belonging to Truth is
declared as the main point. But in order to remain oneself, one has to differ from the standard. C.G. Jung,
"Septem sermons ad mortuos":
Our essence is the distinction. But when we arent loyal to that essence, then we
distinguish oneself not properly.
Therefore we must create the distinction of qualities.
You will ask: So what bad will happen if not to distinguish oneself ?
Not distinguishing, we go outside our essence and descend to the
indistinquishability, We, consequently, will die in the same measure as we stop
distinguishing. Because of this the natural aspiration of Creation (The text was stylized as
Gnostics work. creation is not at all gods creation, but namely Creation of oneself, self-perfection.)
is directed towards the distinguishability against the primordial dangerous equanimity.
The name of that aspiration is prinzipium individuationis (This comes either from Jung or
from his editor). That principle is the essence of Creation. That is wherefrom you might
see why non-distinction and non-distinguishing are a great danger for Creation.
The next aspect of the philosophical perception (again it might be taken as consequence from the
previous one) is leading of all the thoughts towards God, and rejection of the possibility to get along well
without him how is it, when Truth is in him?! This aspect is very close to the psychological concept of
worship, necessity of God-Father, who has the right to punish for disobedience, but, with all that, he is
the measure of all things, the Great Ruler or the Protector from the Reality depending on the individual
peculiarities of perception.
It is quite clear that this is incompatible with Satanism, which stands on the Path of independent gaining
of knowledge; whereas the fact, that knowledge is incompatible with faith, including also Truth, is
elementarily understandable. By the way, K.H.Jung, "Mysterium Coniuctionis", 626: "..the gods of Hell
might be connected to brain as the throne of consciousness and thinking, for consciousness leads to the
godless existence, because it tears the human being apart from the divine [unconscious] complex.
All that is possible to do You can do yourself.
All that is worth doing You can do yourself.
You yourself are the source of everything.
Zergen, "The manifest of freedom"
Well at last the philosophical perception of God inevitably leads to the anthropocentricity of the
philosophy (This thesis could be referred to the psychological section as well). It is not a consequence of the
creation of man by the image and the similarity of God, but on the contrary the creation of God (or
perception of him) is inevitably anthropomorphic, if it is the human perception. The ground to this is the
projection as universal way to think instead someone, in this certain case an attempt of man to
imagine God, to estimate how God realizes this and that. Thus human beings drive themselves into
the trap of their own concepts; and even the most advanced ones among them, remaining in the kinship
with God, allowing him to penetrate to , bound themselves by borders of the human. Of the all too
human, as the philosopher wrote
Strictly speaking, human is denied by all the concepts which deal with the other
side, only insignificant details differ. The point of the idea was best of all expressed by
Nietzsche: Human is what ought to be overcome. ... It is impossible to have hated
human within oneself, not denying the most of ones life experience, not tearing
oneself away from the so called roots. These roots are but lasts, a result of the
criminal conspiracy of enraged two-legged leeches, who seriously consider themselves

the kings of the world, although these creatures have no mastery even over themselves,
not to speak about the environment. Its just another confirmation of the fact that
human is namely the creature who must be exiled, just as some folks exile demons
E.Reitel, "Infernal text: under the black banner of freedom "
Thus, in the philosophical plane God personifies the a-priori faith, pretension on lack of changes, and
also anthropocentricity. All that is not only incompatible with Satanism, but even opposes it straightly.
The objection might arise here: all that is clear, but only if we base our considerations on God in the
comprehension of rational theology; however by God one may comprehend just reality, substance,
primary cause as well as any super-idea, whose part we are. Unwillingness to submit to it is the
refusal from ones own will, but not an indulgence to it just recall Schopenhauers ethics. In this case
the division to light and dark is very conditional: this is the division of the same substance by its
The very recognition of the substance leads to the form close enough to theology. Whats the difference
whether the cause of the world is self-causal matter or some impersonal cause ? No difference. There is
no difference between materialism and pan-logistics at all, besides the terminological difference. The
difference between materialism and deism is in the point where to break the regressive chain. Essentially,
(near-) theological doctrine begins where take place attempts to find the unity of foundations for
formalization. And since human being cannot think beyond the law of foundations, then such a doctrine
will be present always. And the only really atheistic doctrine might be solipsism only (Skepticism, of course,
is atheistic, but whether it is a doctrine (teaching) is a philosophical question. From my viewpoint it is but a gnoseological
principle, it is not enough to form a complete world-view.) But it also, as Kant showed, cannot be non-

contradictorily justified: for the recognition of the own I objectivation is necessary, and consequently
something objectively-external.
But this is exactly what I wrote about already: anthropocentricity. The thesis is stated: if by God humans
denoted substance, causality and so on, then everyone has to do so further (at least not to object it). But
God is an arch-typical term, and it cannot be used only in a one single meaning, all the rest of the
aspects will inevitably affect the sub-consciousness, causing parasitic associations.
This is a standard mistake of any narrow specialist: in this certain case philosophers simply forget about
the psychological influence of the term. So, for Satanist, even if we assume the existence of some
primary cause of the world, it can be anything but God (Dont forget this a philosophical aspect, but not a
theological. From theological viewpoint there might be a Satanist, who hold the opinion that God created the world, but it
must be modified). In principle, probably the most adequate primary cause for us is Chaos (see further
(also recommended - V.Scavr Codex Tenebrae)).

The psychological aspect

And if we turn to millions of ordinary people, then well see that faith adds
force to them, solaces, encourages, widen the horizon and allows to rise up
over the gray ordinary life.
A. Men, "Sources of religion"

With regards to the mentioned above pretension on Truth, the phenomenon of the only true behavior
following from the dogmas of the certain religion is inherent in monotheism. It can be definitely called
one of Gods manifestations in psychics. As S.Tiunov wrote once:
Just take a look at the Christians: they divide themselves to sins and virtues, and then
they wonder at the inflammation along the gap. [] Frontal departments and daily
hospitals of psychiatric clinics are filled up with guys, who are excellently aware of
what and how happens to them. But this awareness is quite useless. Ask any
psychiatrist, what he prefers either to deal with the outrageous ones, who are aware of
nothing at all, but in a fortnight come to the norm, or to deal with these quite and
understandable ones, who for years take useless pills.
Properly speaking, because of some of these guys I originally got furious towards
priests. Whats the point of what priests use to say ? Yes, it is right that you feel bad,
because you are very bad yourself, therefore you punish yourself, but you must punish

yet stronger, do it in this way: write a detailed list of your bad qualities, and punish
yourself for each point of this list.
Can you imagine the therapeutic effect of it?
However the influence of God on cannot be reduced to this only. Properly speaking, the
considered aspect is generally typical for the psychics of an individual, who is capable of acquisition of
the feeling of his own existence only due to some external object.
This topic was very well enlightened by Erich Fromm in his work Escape from freedom: a weak
individual, understanding (even unconsciously) his own worthlessness, joins some community, Idea,
Force and so on, -- after that he perceives himself as a part of this Force and so on, acquiring in his own
eyes significance, as well as sense of life and other illusions, which allow to shut eyes towards the
reality. Again Fromm, Psychoanalysis and religion:
When human projects his best capabilities on god, what will his attitude towards his
own forces will become? They parted from him, human is alienated from himself. All
he possessed belongs to god now, and there is nothing left within him. Only via god has
he access to himself.... Having given everything he possessed to god, human begs god
to return something from what belonged to him before. But, having given his own
away, he is entirely in gods power. He feels himself a sinner, because deprived
himself of everything good, and only by gods mercy or goodness can he get back what
only makes of him a human being.
Of course, human is dependent; he is mortal, exposed to aging, illnesses, and, even if
he could entirely master the environment, he himself and his land are anyway but
miserable atoms of dust in the Universe. But one thing is to recognize dependence and
limitations, and quite a different thing is to be satisfied by this dependence, to worship
the forces we depend on. To understand realistically and soberly, how much limited our
power is means to show wisdom and maturity; to bow down mean to fall in
masochism and self-destruction.
God in the psychological aspect inevitably leads to dcadence in the individual, but in different forms
from militant fanaticism to submissive (up to prideful !) ascetics. Properly speaking, at this point we may
conclude the considered aspect in this article because a detailed analysis would take a whole
monograph. But I will make several important remarks.
S. Freud, "The future of some illusion":
It is different with a vast mass of the uneducated... If I dare not to kill my fellow just
because god had forbidden this and will punish me severely for the crime in the current
life or in the next life, but once I have learnt that god does not exist, that no need to fear
his punishment, then I will, naturally, kill my fellow without further thinking, and only
the earthly power can stop me.
This aspect is very important, especially since morals can be kept only by faith in its divine origination.
Voltaire said that if God was unknown to people, then he should be invented as an ideal means to keep
the mob in check, from here originated the famous aphorism Atheism is a thin ice, upon which a single
man can pass, but not a whole nation. But this does not mean a usefulness of the God-idea (as well as of
religion), except for that variant, when the stagnation of society is praised, the intellectual majority is
cultivated and so on. Which is again quite incompatible with Satanism.
Besides that, mono-god in psychics (again in consequence of Truth) contradicts also such an aspect of
Satanism as Knowledge.
If people have positive religious convictions, i.e. they have faith, then the doubt is
experienced by them as something very unpleasant, and they fear it. For this reason
they prefer not to analyze the subject of faith at all.
C.G. Jung, "The answer to Job".

In general, psychologically God represent some kind of crutches for those who is not capable of
independent walking (thinking). Crutches help the disabled to walk somehow, nobody argues this. More
comfortable/fast, than without them.
But crutches hinder with the healthy...
Accordingly, I object to you, when you then come to conclusion that human in
principle cannot get along without some illusory religious consolation, that without it
he would not stand the hardships of life, of the cruel reality. Yes, but only the human,
into whom from his childhood years they poured the sweet -- or sour-sweet poison.
And what about another human, brought up in sobriety?.. Surely,.. he will get into the
situation of a child, who left his parents house, where it was warm and comfortable.
But is it wrong that infantilism ought to be overcome? Human cant stay a child
forever, he must in the end come out to people, to the alien world. We might call it
educating the sense of reality, and must I yet clarify to you that the only purpose of
my work is to point at the necessity of this step into future?
S. Freud, op. cit
And for this aspect there is a standard objection, similar to the objection considered in the end of the
previous section. Most often they base it upon the works by Jung, who recognized the psychotherapeutic
role of religions (dont forget the crutches), and often wrote about God as a transcendental foundation
of psychics. The undiscovered self:
Personality, whose roots do not reach God, cannot independently resist the physical
and ethical temptations of this world. For this purpose it needs some internal,
transcendental sensation, which only might protect it from the inevitable dissipation in
the mass.
But here it is necessary to keep in mind that Jung, postulating the necessity of God in (as it seems
to me, for some cultural-psychological reasons), meant not the monotheistic God, but some
transcendental sensation of unity with reality (That is why Jung not once declared about the betterness of
Catholicism in comparison with the Protestantism due to its larger ritual part. See, for example the symbol of
transformation in mass.) in "AION" he even wrote that the term Tao Jesuits quite logically translated as

God. Such a translation is a total delirium from the viewpoint of religiology or philosophy, but in the
bounds of Jungs concept and keeping in mind the contexts it is quite adequate.
Accordingly, if for the majority of humans the archetype corresponding to the self can be God (naturally,
without monotheistic religious points like the demand of worship), then for Satanists God is
unacceptable. The transcendental function here is exactly the involtation to the egregor , or, in
psychological terms, the entelechia to the archetype of Satan, which corresponds to the self for Satanists.

God as metaphysical Force

I can treat everything indifferently. Indifferently but not in the same way.
Charles Lem

A.S. LaVey, "The Satanic Bible":

IT is a popular misconception that the Satanist does not believe in God. The concept of "God", as
interpreted by man, has been so varied throughout the ages, that the Satanist simply accepts the
definition which suits him best. Man has always created his gods, rather than his gods creating him.
God is, to some, benign - to others, terrifying. To the Satanist "God" - by whatever name he is called,
or by no name at all - is seen as the balancing factor in nature, and not as being concerned with
suffering. This powerful force which permeates and balances the universe is far too impersonal to
care about the happiness or misery of flesh-and-blood creatures on this ball of dirt upon which we

In the quoted paragraph LaVey practically described this aspect. Much more detailed description of the
metaphysical model of Forces can be found in the book Princeps Omnium written by Olegern and me,
and I see no reason to quote in the small article such large passages from there. Here I will only note that
it would be more correct to speak not balances but namely the force which resists Change.
Deus is comprehended here not as Entity (according to the accepted religious
interpretation), but as Force which aspires to keep the Universe unchanged, Absolute
Order (it does not mean the metaphysical inertia of Deus. Deus and Satanas are both metaphysically
active and oppose each other; but the activity of Satanas is immanent, whereas the activity of Deus is
expressed in attempts to preserve the constancy, resisting the changes made by Satanas (quote and note
from Princeps Omnium)), in limit it is expressed by the unreachable Absolute Zero.

In order not make a new chapter of a couple of paragraphs, here I will state also the occult viewpoint on
If we consider Islam/Judaism/Christianity, then well see that the god of mono-religions is a tribal god,
and any wild tribe has manifold of such gods, however in mono-religion it is raised to the status of the
only existing god. God-the-jealous, constantly reminding of his uniqueness (why, if hes really unique ?)
With all that, the mono-religions consistently developed the semitical idea that people are created by the
gods only in order that people would feed them and bring sacrifices to them (compare with the healthy
paganism). But if in paganism they used to sacrifice food, cattle, people though not as often as claimed
by monotheists (although there existed very bloody civilizations, either, - Aztecs, for example), then in
monotheistic religions they went even further there is demanded full sacrifice of every man, and not
only physical, but also psychical. So they fed up shaddai to incredible sizes. And all the rest, that
afterwards theologists and talmudists added, is only a consequence, and it makes sense only for those
who shares their original viewpoint there is no god besides such, see instruction.
As for tales about Omni-good Absolute, which is Love, it is a typically marihuana topic. Just stop
smoking for a week, and Absolute will get dissolved itself Unfortunately, believers use to reach such a
state not by taking external drugs.
In principle all the monotheistic religions are build on the same base absorption of the personality on
all the levels, from physical to atmanical, by the vampirical entity of a rather low level, but possessing a
significant energy, although very friable. Mono-god is a vampire, however not the stately count
Dracula, but an ordinary stinking swamp, that swallows up everything that gets in, and turns it to

Visio Vigilantum
Darkness always comes...

In Princeps Omnium there was described a metaphysical system of Forces, more corresponding to the
satanic perception of the world, than the system offered by Jung. However the topic of the research,
undertaken in P.O., was the archetype of Satan as following the certain archetype throughout all the
religious and philosophical systems, and no more than this. I wrote not once, that this book is not a
manual of Satanism, but in this article I will mention another nuance: the metaphysical model, offered
there, is not at all the most satanic one.
As I mentioned above, to claim about the 100% non-humanity is baseless. Since the essence of Satanist is
restricted by the chains of human flesh, and psychics and physiology are tightly connected with each
other (at least by the fact, that the structure of psychics is determined by the biological kind, unlike the
content of the structure and the relations between its parts (Most illustrative are the relations to Shadow and to
Super-ego), by this non-humans differ from humans), the scheme Universum => (Deus, Satanas) =>
Actiones is true namely for the human content of the structure , which nevertheless succeeded in
creation of a different, non-human archetype. We with Olegern wrote that in this model namely these
names are not necessary, it is possible to use, for example, the terms Order and Chaos instead, but
keeping in mind the relation of this work to Satanism, such terms seem more convenient in this context,
because they have additional shades in relation to archetypes. This is true, but if to contemplate the
picture from another viewpoint, from the non-human component, then the arch-typical consideration
already does not give a sharp picture and then we have to turn to more abstract metaphysical categories.

Light has stood out from the continuous movement of Chaos and out of the one
origin of Chaos and has separated from It and manifested the focus of ein-soph as the
seed of all opposite to the development of Chaos.
Light became the reason of the war in Chaos, longing till the last term of Time;
Bastard by its own sense, alien to the aspiration of Chaos, Light became the reason of
division and confusion, which are adverse to the nature of Darkness, and the Reason of
the Light has changed essence of things in Chaos.
Light, as a strength aroused from the one of the possible origin of Chaos presents in
Chaos, and Light finds the reality of Its own entity, parasitic in Chaos;
Light exists by the processes of Its growing in Chaos and changing the essence of
Chaos and turning it to the essence of the Light, so that is the gathering of the essence
of Chaos to the non-existence in the Light;
Light brings the ruin to the existence of Chaos, when Light spread Its own existence.
That is why Light is the Enemy; It is that must be destroyed, because when growing
It changes Itself and becomes stronger.
V. Scavr, "Codex Tenebrarum / Tenebrae Primae"
Light is not God; but God is procreation of Light septies hostis. Light gets refracted in God, gets
focused and directed by God.
Therefore the structure of Pandemonium does not contain God even as an abstract Force of Deus. Hell is
the place where God cannot appear and also cannot manifest in any form. The only freedom from
which exists in Hell is the freedom from Gods presence; for namely his presence is the counteraction to
all the freedoms for.
Hell is the Primordial Chaos, ordered neither by God nor by Order, but by Darkness.
Unlike God, Darkness is not a hindering but ordering force. Darkness, like Abyss, contains everything in
a non-manifested form; Chaos contains ALL it contains also Order as a particular case, as one of its
manifestations; Darkness, being a structure, orders the manifestations of Chaos till the accomplishment
of the reality, but not till Constancy, as Light aspires to make.
The Awake and the Seeing in Darkness replace the structure offered in Princeps Omnium by Universum
=> (Tenebrae, Chaos) => Actiones, because Satanas on this level of development becomes not Force but
Natura nostra infernus est.
Pereniat deus
Ascendiat Tenebrae
Conflagret universum
Adveniat Infernus
Itrum atque itrum Christus cruciarius erit
Demiant sigilla supra pestes
Adveniat Infernus
Pereniat septem hostes
Conflagret mortales
Adveniat Mortis
Rebelliant daemonis
Conflagret universum
Pereniat deus
Adveniat Infernus
V. Scavr, "Codex Decium", VII
Special for "Contra Dei"
I express my gratitude for the -testing of the article and for the notes on the topic to R.Khazarzar,
DoctoR and Obscur.


Everything is surrounded by primordial Darkness. It reigns and dominates over everything.
Darkness is inevitable and magnificent in Its actions, which are perfect at all. They are represented by
many different reflections in everything that exists, but they keep the integrity of essence of Darkness
indivisibly. Evident vision of influence of Darkness is changed in accordance with development and
progress of actions of Darkness and with continuation of Its invasion into the Universe from without.
Invariable and undecayed are the laws and principles of Darkness. They are the secret of Its greatness
and they are Its might.
It has come from before the creation of the world, which is not of Darkness.
It comes now in defiance of creation of that world and against the creation in it.
There is nothing that stands between Darkness and those, who call into Darkness and who come
into the Darkness towardly Its first call. Many of them are able to follow it, when coming into the
Darkness by their own free will, roused and developing the interrelation with It, cognizing and
experiencing It and themselves in It step by step.
The secrets of Darkness are concealed and impenetrable. Belonging to Darkness, true reason of
motives and the living initiative of any one who has asked Darkness only these things can determine
the measure of confidence of Darkness. Only these things can uncover the possibilities to descend into
the depths of Darkness or foredoom to wander in Its shadows.
Everyone, who is aspired to Darkness voluntary, he will experience the perspicacity of Darkness
and he will try himself in his true aspect before the face of Darkness. And as Its Heart is unbiased, as the
vigilance of guards of Its eyes is indefatigable.
Darkness is the Realm of the Devil and of Those, who are in Darkness. It is the dwelling place of
the Highest Evil.
Highest Evil is the perfect magnificent strength that is represented by the negative principles in
development of the Universe and of a man as a part of it. Highest Evil is outside of the laws of time and
space the basis of harmony and order in the Universe. Highest Evil naturally is beyond the power of
any borders. Its essence and actions are hostile to that created world, which is not of Darkness. They are
destructive and hostile as much, as the Evil can be by His name.
Everyone, who is aspired to Darkness voluntary, he will be immersed in Evil and will get the Evil
into himself. It is original in every one and It is indivisible in all.
Many of them are able to find and create possibilities to develop the Evil in them and to realize,
increasing It outside for the advantage of the Highest Evil.
Highest Evil exists independently and beyond the will, meanings and image of view of every one
who asks It. It exists only for the advantage of Darkness. Those, who are wellcome to the Highest Evil
can cognize It and interact with It to affirm and increase the power of Darkness in the Universe.
Forces of the Highest Evil and Darkness are at War against the forces of the light and divine
principles, so that They bear and revive Chaos and continue that is called Eternal Darkness and
Bottomless Realm of Gloom. All changes that come from Them will ruin everything in the world, which
is not of Darkness. They bring total destruction or reincarnation.
Everyone, who is aspired to Darkness voluntary, he steps on the path of War. For everything in
Darkness is penetrated by the actions of Forces of the Highest Evil. Devil is the motive force of these
Forces and He is the Highest One Who is together with Them and indivisible from Them. He is the
dominating principle and the way of development of everything in Darkness and of that comes from It or
immerse in It. And all paths of Darkness lead to the Devil.
Everyone, who is aspired to Darkness voluntary, he will be under the power of the Devil, for he
makes a crime against god and sanctity, so that he makes true very deadly sin. Here is the inevitable

meeting face to face with the imminence. Here is the act of will to be done and a gift of apocalypse to be
given. In the same time, the ones will be earned the confidence of the Devil, the others will know the
mercy of god. The ones are to fall from grace into the gulf of Gloom, the others -never be in Darkness.
Those, who know the fear of god in heart and soul, they will be rejected by Darkness and
stigmatized by weakness of humble submissive spirit.
Those, who will reject god and love the Devil by soul and heart, they will become stronger
spiritually in Darkness and get the way to the Devil. The movement of many of them will be set by
There is nothing that whenever could be over the Forces of Darkness and Evil. Nothing was and
nothing shall be. But there are those, who are wellcome to Them and who are united with Them in close
cooperation and interaction, and they will be forever.
Such a close relations with the Forces of Darkness and Evil are as possible for the chosen one, as
much he is indivisible from Them and as much his moral principles are corresponded to morality and
laws of Darkness. Nothing, but this dominant term determines the dignity of the chosen one and the
measure of confidence and trust to him in these relations. And when each one of strong will is the
strictest judge to himself, the Will of Darkness is the Highest Justice always.
Nothing shall eclipse the Might of Darkness, the Honour of Its Very Arm and the Greatness of
Him, Who is the Highest One in Darkness Satan. But only those, who are honest and sincere to
Darkness and devoted to Satan completely they will stay in Darkness and they will be tried to get the
right and to be deserved to serve to His Majesty and to increase Darkness. Their life will go one in deeds
for the advantage of the Highest Evil and for the sake of the victory of Satan. And their very deed is to
realize the Will of Satan proclaimed in His very confidence and to serve to Him as to The Highest One in
Darkness, as to Darkness at all.
Everyone, who will devote his own heart and soul to Satan voluntary and give his own life to serve
to Satan faithfully this one will know the proximity of Him and the fidelity of Him completely.
Darkness has no servants, except those, who are summoned by It. Some of them are aspired in their
descending into the Darkness. Some of them come from It and return. They dont know time, but each
one of them has his very date. They know it every time, when they are unknown to his own human. Then
they overcome it again, as they did it before. They throw it down from the heights of human and lead
from the sufficient borders of limited possibilities of entity to the other shores. They are the destroyers of
the great idea of the Universe. They destroy it in themselves. They destroy it in others and take the
deserved and chosen into the Darkness. And their guides are those, who were appeared in It before them.
They are more in Darkness, than outside of It. Most of them are in Darkness.
Every deserved servant of Darkness will get a possibility to realize himself in It, when experienced
the sequence of changes of himself in It, so that he incarnates Darkness by himself.
The way of each faithful servant of Darkness is the way of the Dark Spirit. It is death in human and
reincarnation in Darkness. It is inevitable. It is certain. It is necessary. It begins from the unnatural union
of a man and the Devil, when the formulas destructive to the divine are under the superiority of the one
Secret of Gloom appearance of the Demon.
Demon is the invasion of reality of Darkness into the reality of the Universe. Both of them do not
exist for each other anyway, but only in struggle. When born, Demon originally takes the forms carnal
and spiritual in accordance to the laws of the Universe and He distorts and destroys them from within in
accordance to His true nature, so that He transforms reality of the Universe to reality of Darkness.
Demon comes from a man, when possessing him by the free will of a man and coming to his call.
Confluence of a man and the Demon comes in according to free will of both. And the one of them gets
the way to perfection, and the other one gets the way of incarnation of Darkness.
A man becomes a Demon, when leaving the human and rid of it, so that he increases the Darkness
and manifests the union of the Devil and a man, as an example of voluntary union of the sacrificer and a

Demon comes the Way of Darkness alone with a man. Their way is like a fire, when it is devouring
and spreading. It is the War as well. The victory of both is equivalent and worthy to their highest aim, but
it is proportionate to the measure of responsibility of the each one. And when a man is honest, devoted
and aspired to Darkness, the Demon is honest, devoted and aspired to the Highest One in Darkness.
Demons are indivisible from Darkness, and They are Darkness at all. Manifestating the Darkness,
They are the rays of Darkness, piercing the Universe. They are directed and aimed by the indivisible
nature of Darkness in Its monumental movement in the Abyss. They are the ways of Darkness. They
come with Darkness to destroy that is alien to them, and They come to maintain and strengthen that is
In danger is everyone, who bars the path of the Demon robed in the power of His predestination.
For Demon is an incarnated Evil.
There is nothing impossible for the Demon in his actions. He is the totality of all His possibilities.
And there are no secrets hidden from Him. He is the very secret that eclipsed all secretes of the Universe.
That is the incarnation of Darkness through the souls of the worthy ones, the souls united in the
union with the very principle of unity of Darkness. Demons are in Their union always, and They are
strong in it. When it is manifested, the Might of Darkness appears before the face of the Universe. It
appears to pass the movement of Its essence, the movement of Its Evil to those who are enraptured with
Darkness, to those who resist the Darkness, to those who never know the Darkness.
Those who have stepped into the Darkness have the right to cognize Darkness and to grow in It
Those who have stepped into the Darkness bear the Darkness within and stay Darkness at all.
Those who have stepped into the Darkness free to take a responsibility for all the Evil proceeding in
the Universe.
Those who have stepped into the Darkness stay well armed of Its Might and under the shield of Its
Those who have stepped into the Darkness will know the cold depths of Its wisdom and the igneous
revolt of Its nature.
Faith, Will, Fidelity are the keys to the Heart of Darkness always.

Breakthrough of Infernal Flame introduces into this world the servants of His Spirit, the heirs of
His Power. They rush from the depths of Underworld through the burnt matter of the being, like
sparks. And each spark bears a part of the Primordial Flame, being It entirely. And within each of
them there is the inheritance of the Spirits of the Ancient Ones, awaiting its awakening.
But this awaiting isn't a passive process, for it doesn't know any cast forms. Its fire is similar to the
venom of stings of death, but human death. Its necessity is the necessity of purification.
Thus, the first stair on the Path of cognition is signaled by death.
Thus dies the godly, enwrapped in flesh, creature constructive, forged together by the vital
chemical processes. Human soul.
Unequal is the battle between spirit that is aspired to almighty and matter that resists its aspiration.
But the victory is not yet predicted and the failure is not obvious.
For at the will of a spark is to set the universe on fire, but it is also at its will to fade away
What will this will stand, what will it reject?
What will its limit be, what will its boundlessness be?
Such is the obstacle for the feeble that is unovercomable; such is the way for the strong that is open

Those who stepped into the Darkness will destroy their own bounds. All that is of Darkness will be
their incarnation, and via everything dark they will be incarnated.
Their curses will sound by manifolds of voices,
their evil deeds will give force to evil deeds of millions.
And their shadows will merge together into the Shadow of the Great Night of the world,
procreating human nightmares the unseen silhouettes of their essences.
Via their hearts will they penetrate into the Underworld, incarnating It within themselves,
incarnating themselves within it.
In the timelessness they will acquire their primordial selves, merging with Chaos will they cognize
their nature.
And this cognition is similar to the memory, the memory of the future, as well as of the past. The
cognition equal to the motion, and the motion corresponding to the development, when each step into the
infinity is equal to thousand steps, and each thousand is equal to the infinity.
The development is the realization of all the facets of the dark spirit's potential, the stronger the self
cognition the more complete the realization.
A black heart, beating in unison with the Heart of Hell, never searches for hints from the outside,
for the knowledge is unveiled for it by the priceless gift of Darkness, by Its curse.
Revelations of the Dark Path are only orienteer, conditional and unique stages of cognition,
pointing at the necessity of commitments - of severe ordeals in the name of Hell. For no word will be
pronounced twice, but that was said will become an act.
And there are no lesser acts among the deeds committed at the limit of all the abilities, but also
there are no greater acts among the deeds committed in half power.
As passing one stair means only the existence of the next stair, thus the desire of something more the destiny of the dark - means the progress. Unrest of dark spirit is the base of self-perfection that only
procreations of the Darkness possess entirely; it is the universal weapon against the dead born by the
statics. Unrest, which is dynamics, is the cognition collinear with the Will of Hell.
And the vision of the One is the base of cognition, for facets are too numerous to show like mosaics
the Whole.
He who creates dogmas of unveiled truths is doomed by the spiritual hesitations - any obstacle will
turn to cul-de-sac for him, and the burden of new revelations will be unbearable. Like a snake throwing
down its skin, getting reborn in each circle of life, the dark get renewed, getting reborn on the Path for
many times, leaving only the echoes of old victories and failures to sound.
New commitments request new forces of the renewed spirit; they satisfy the thirst like wells, but
satisfying, they light a greater thirst.
The one source feeds the wells of pure cognition; those who aspire to it await an ordeal for their
spirit and mind, the real and imaginary barriers. The latter will make one dissipate forces, replacing the
One Aim by the aimlessness of vanity, whereas the real barriers lead to the overcoming - and by precious
particles of experience they form the stronghold of spiritual invincibility.
He who's able to overcome much will be tried out ad valorem,
he who's able to overcome everything will pass through much.
The depth of ordeals is determined by the depth of aspirations and taken obligations.
Necessity of Hell forms the inner necessity of spirit according the responsibility. And the
consciousness of this responsibility prevails over the subjective desire to act, in the opposite case creating
the illusion of progress, while being wandering within the labyrinth of one's own ambitions.
Sharp and well calculated must be the strikes of a warrior of all the Devils. Equilibrium between
personal aspiration and necessity of Hell is the base of the act. The only act for the Sake of Hell.
For according to the law of spiritual War action is equalized to counter-action, but incomparable
are the destructions yielded by them. Counter-blow will reflect the hatred of a different quality, able both
to destroy a feeble one and to smooth the monolith of spirit invincible. Therefore, the steady one, who
has established the invincible stronghold of his essence, attacks and wholly fights back his foe expanding
the bounds of his conquests and devouring light by gloom of shadows.
And battle of the inner shrine goes to all the outer levels, whose countlessness is limited by
possibilities only.

Greater development - stronger feels the state of War, quenching dark spirit, for thus points of
deflection of Powers are multiplied, for thus the conflict grows stronger permanently. And at the bounds
of the conflict, both winners and loser the abyss of overcoming awaits. He who avoids it will avoid
strikes, thus strengthening his weaknesses, dipping himself into the swamp of feebleness. But he, who
stepped over and through rightfully his and through the taken from aliens, creates the coating of
protective defense, which is both the shield and the sword.
But the possession of weapon never means victory, only the knowledge has power to direct the
strike, and the ability to feel one's enemy - even hiding under whatever mask, having attend under
whatever face - only has the power to make this strike absolutely deathly. Act, that achieved all the plans
of enemys manifestation, is perfect, it is instant but though lasts ad infinitum, directing and focusing the
concenters of hatred.
Perfection of acts requests an absolute maximalization of applications of forces, therefore the aim
of a strike is always the same, and the battle is only possible only against those who are worth it. He who
reddens his sword with the blood of the worthless defiles thus the weapon of his, profaning the
But cuique suum, and he who resembles an unclean one will reach the desirable, losing much more,
losing the very chance to correct the mistake.
For Darkness never suffers human dirt, he who aspires to it for his own sake will know all the
wholeness of Its contempt. The development of his will be indulging his foibles and lifting his
imperfection. Damned and limited by himself has a miserable destiny,
for his path is the fading and the decay of his spirit,
its apogee is the assimilation among worms that live by instincts.
And each lofty posturing by the empty spirit is only a sophisticated interpretation of the lie, the
ecstatic delirium of the dying essence.
Absurd of dirt's existence justifies the process of selection of grains from weeds - overcoming the
temptation by the human is inevitable for anyone who goes against the light. The human here is the
conglomerate of qualities and viewpoints, put by the godly seed into soul of god's creation.
All the undestroyed, unacceptable and alien for spirit cognizing the infinity, is the aim of the enemy
who reigns only in the procreated by himself.
The acts, that stop the access of the 7 to the dark essence, must correspond to the degree which is
the one with the aim set. For he, who won't step beyond the boundary after which everything would
possess him, might possess everything. And the excessive ascetism means only the presence of those
weaknesses which are attributed to the living for pleasures of flesh.
The unable to co-exist along with the dark nature is rejected outwards the boundaries of the
essence, obliterating itself under will's action.
The deep changes, seen and unseen, themselves aren't the purpose of the direction of the will - the
result of acts and the objective necessity provoking the metamorphism.
No need to be limited by the process of such changes, as well as no need to try to explain it by the
materialistic logic. The happening outside the reality must be conceived by spirit and cognized by it too.
Wiseman never sticks labels onto the unexplainable, preserving the boundlessness of the Truth,
cognizing Its infinity. Whereas an unfit to comprehend or a profane will see only what the prism of his
ego allows to, extracting only a single facet of the manifestation, thus distorting the wholeness.
Any degree of extreme, which bounds with fanaticism, never makes honour to the walker. Thus
lofty one will overestimate the consequences of his acts; desperate one will undervalue their meaning,
And the fate of the first is the nets of Diabolus Glutinosus, for the knowledge In the Name he will
dissolve in multiplying the false medals.
The second will betray the weapon of his power, inevitably losing the fundaments of spirit in the
willingly chosen humiliation.
But right is only the one who will be able to go outwards any boundaries;
the one who will incarnate the might of demonic spirit:
the one who will remain in everything devoted to the call of the Darkness of his heart.
Servant of Satan, true warrior of Hell,
He will lead after him the Death, existing in His voice, having become His shadow. Through the
portal of His spirit the plague will rush into this world, for touching the matter He will impart to it the

opposite motion - from creation to dissipation, for touching the souls He will light within them the Flame
of Underworld,
The Flame that he owes his birth to.

(Translated by Scarabaeus)
I appeal to the purity of tempers in hope to justify the acts of humans.
I call to the alien thoughts in hope to find out a worthy grain within them.
I aspire to avoid facing a countenance shameful and feeble of its imperfection, a countenance
repulsive due to the poison that has devoured the concealed.
Where the shadows rule the ball and forgotten is the code of honor, the miserability of the roar of
mad jokers, the rot of thoughts, the decay of the drunken reign. The stream brings them to the shore of
life, letting then wander and poison the air with the rotten smell. And the stench is no longer stench,
for many living have lost the ability to distinguish purity from dirt, having turned the wells to swamps
and having poisoned the pure by horrific acts.
I hope that Thou will understand the importance of principles of thine own acts, cognize the might
of honor and moral. Hypocrites reason about the duality of it and of the justification for the
pretension on truth of everyone who has learnt to move his tongue. They spit out of the abyss of the
infected minds the teachings about the ashes and the correctness of their laws, the laws of slaves.
Their heads got doubled due to the endless claims on the throne of Powers and in the rivalry for the
pieces of life devoured with greatest greed. And till now these bastards cry in two mouths, in order that
the heaven hears the contemptible howl of the mad freaks, having gifted them with saving from being
murdered by their own offsprings.
Nobody has cancelled the principles of honor and nothing can replace that which gives the right to
be named human. Let thee not be scared by the obligations taken before the principles and rules. Thy
Self is within them and they make thee resemble a rock, smashing the alien and keeping thee from decay.
Moral is one for the worthy, for it is what makes them so. Honor is one for those who possess strong
spirits, for spirit acquires power via principles.
Amorality is an unsteady way, the way of jackals of life, the way of shudras feeble and devod of
pivot. Acts committed for the sake of any idea and bearing an ulcer within are doomed by shame and
failure. A cheating and empty human causes the same disgust in Those whose faces cast death on the
crwods of human locust. The destiny of manifolds of the moving and viceful corpses is to become the
materials for the roads of the Mighty.
The feebleness never won respect. Only the fear is able to gather the crowds of taxmen, where
the company of the having miserable spirits, who tremble not for the fundamental of theirs, but for the
good of theirs, buy the conscience from themselves and sells it to those who pay more for the miserable
souls of favorities of the Chief Hypocrite. They have neither moral not honor. Poor and miserable,
able only to the pity of the coldblooded guards, who got corroded of the endless stench of their fuss.
The fear of death unites them eternally.
The low level and the disgusting manners distinguish those who mock at everything and
everyone. The ambitions and the blindness of thoughts distinguish those who smash and burn
down everythin and everyone. But nothing distinguishes those who keep their dignity and honor, for
their external trace is justified only by the reason.
I rely on thine comprehension and thine desire to go away from the false path of the miserable
posturers, manekens and monsters. I wish to vindicate the rare and the precious within human, that which
dignifies him.I believe in the might and the profit of the worthy principles, that create the moral and
keep the honor...


Valentin Scavr
Sacred path of Doom into the wolf's gorge of Abyss There serpentines the path in the mind of a
man who denied gods, the path which hits against the breaks of narrow blindness, raves in the gloom of
reason, shudders with all its black, swirling flesh in the opened wide, throbbing mass of greedy,
swallowing nature. Squeezed in the crimson twines of death grip, dark revelations, like fevered
thunderstorms, give inhuman suffering and convey the secret feeling of innermost unceasing burning to
the damned human soul writhing in the heart of flame, emitting fumes to what is going forever
Devils outspread over the insatiable jaws like black branches of the Chaos tree, they thickened
like the dragon darkness of ancient Night in perishable heaven, rose by hugeous shadows as the guards
and permanent wayfarers of these paths. Their scorched ways, paved before the beginning of times,
glomerate into the tangle of Chaos, entwine into the depth of human heart, being connected by arteries
with perishable essence. They stream by flows of primordial blood along the blade of Evil that dissects
integuments of Universal womb, and through the raving of hurricanes and cries of harpies they invoke
liberation of Their kind, the kind with unbowed spirit, and raise the monsters coming into being from out
the prison of the mortified soul matter.
They move beyond the bounds of the world of wasted forms, throwing mourning shroud over
holiness, grinding claws on the broken surface of the earth, with their freezing breath dissolving the
shield of Universe, passing the thread of times between the cold fingers of galaxies sunk in Abyss. They
accompany man on his way to the eternal damnation and disturb his wounds, sharing with him all of his
black torments, enjoying the grief of his dying soul Forever bereaving of repose, they stroke the
wrong way the hair of a strong and wicked child, bewitching his soul by the cold grandeur of postmortem
spheres, freezing his gaze with the diamond edges of their eyes bringing discernment.
They move beyond the boundaries, breaking into the human reality from outside, breaking with
nightmares the long sleep of the plunged in visions of his inner illusions, fate- bound human who was left
to die of exhaustion, devour his own self, go blind and deaf inside the reason of flesh. Their movement to
the very depths, to the very basis, makes an explosion and forces to accept above all sins the experience
of the most grievous, titanic denial, such as the dissolution of all divine laws in the chasm of total
nonentity and the blackest satanism. Devouring spaces and drinking fear of a lost and lacerated sacrificial
soul, calling to Them through the boundless expanses of Abyss, They stretch the string that shore despair
and precipitate into the fathomless depths of a devoured soul all fiery passions of the man dispiteous to
himself. Arisen out of nonentity Breaking the backbone of divinity causing the morbid visions of
Death They are worthy of those who love Them.
They unbind the knots of memory in human essence. They come despising the weak, destroying
the stagnant by spirit, locking in the bones those who bend by intellect dead and permitted laws. Their
presence, revealed in human minds, is worthy of the catastrophe of mankind that keeps in hearts the
echoes of Their never ending, monstrous hatred for the creator of that all. Existing too long to have the
bowels of mercy for anybody, breaking off the life so as to turn the time outside, They resurrect the
names and faces which were not to exist upon this damned earth again.
By Their will - damned fatality of faceless creation is dead and broken, by Their will - the
spiritual essence of Hell is embodied and inscribed with the dead souls of hungry demonism on the rough
surface of bestial nature. In deep dark tones They concealed the multiplying images of the persistent
chaotic structures of a hostile, different existence, striving forward, begetting monstrous forms of
predatory aggression so as not to lead anyone into temptation by their alien essence on the threshold of
inevitable rebirth. By the inhumanity of the reflections of irreal Evil nature which is brewing by their
wisdom among the people and feeding on their very core, in the dark times They nurse the most beautiful
priestesses of their blood, and bid to achieve the impossible at any price, but it is not by Their indulgence
that multiply on earth corrupting vice and kingly foolishness, it is not by Their wish that degenerates the
lore of the infernal customs into the beggarly superstition of clerical whores. They are the different ones
in the different world of godlike imitations, and, piercing alien spheres by devilish ways, like the stars
falling from the sky, They come as alien gods, recreating the grandiose scenes of discreated universe

which transcend all notions of the human mind frightened by demonic possession Not created by man,
not being the creators of man, They remain beyond human comprehension
They are alien, chthonian gods, and there is nothing more terrible than Them All relations with
Them is a crime against ones own folk the one in which mankind originates; a malefaction against the
human race and that unsteady world where the rebellious human branch has risen against man himself.
Under the eternal damnation, under the penalty of scorching out by the flame of earth and heaven, again
the lore of Them arises from the ashes - in the folds of existence, in the minds and souls of mankind
fearing those who can stop and overcome that eternal, instinctive terror of Them that is inherent in all
alive and lifeless beings; of the mature inhumanity of those who could by shreds of their burnt skin
testify their dignity before Dark Lord.
Alien, hostile eyes stare at the human world The eyes in the facial hollows of a Gorgonion, live
coals in the eye-sockets of dark idols, blazing with fervour - severe and always needful; the eyes of
bloodthirsty monsters endowed with beastly features, whose mission is to guard from the ignoble of the
earth that inhuman nature of the original, indomitable power, and to scare away from it those idle by
reason, inert by spirit, driven by vain thoughts. Alien to mankind, alien to Light, the source of wisdom
and sacrilege is gaping in these eyes, the eyes of Devils full of dark wrath and aversion for the human
nature of the one who comes before them, but who in spite of pain is able to receive the sin of these eyes,
is able not to cast down his own eyes before the horrifying, black, inconceivable essence of Abyss, and
pays firmly the price of such an agreement a human in him must die.
They are merciless in their relations with man, and it is allowed for man to know that no one is to
track down Their ways in the immense silence of Abyss, no one in the disgraceful illusiveness of animal
vice blessing is to ascend to Their spheres, no one is to get free from inborn blindness while godlike
creature is hiding behind the human eyes. One can just see scaly plates sliding in the open wounds, in the
traces of Their predatory fins cutting the firmament of earth where They appear on the verge of
horrifying realistic incarnation. Only feeling Their near breathing by the restless streams of pent blood,
one can see the troubled and confused depth of his own human imperfection in the whirlpools of Their
eyes, but Their wishes cannot be divined, as well as can neither be remembered nor grasped that art of
Their subtle intellect which reveals itself in the relief of brain as the original flaw, throwing shadows to
the corners of a human mind, to which give up all flexions of the human logic.
Their flagrant monstrosity is just a distortion in the visions of the Universe, another outcome in
the perception of the things which lead beyond the borders of the human world to the total changes of
inner, created human nature of the one who crossed permitted limits of cognition. Secret spiral, carrying
away from the sleep, hidden in the preternatural, takes them down into Their reality, every form of which
is too alien to the earthbound existence, too complicated and painful to choose an ordinary human mind
as their abode. Hitting the fancy by grotesque nightmares, condemning the week to madness, the strong
to wisdom, impelling the dark spirit to realize himself as a master who has chosen mortified human flesh
for its focus, They lead to action from the inside, impel to assault barriers outside, challenge to strive
forward by the dark, imperious thoughts in spite of human egocentrism. Their wishes force to slide in the
depths of incognizable, supreme instinct, and burst the perishable potential of a human confined in doom,
leading away his liberated diabolic nature and the dark mind of a spiritual being, leaving the blind and
mortal reason to wander like a sick shadow in unconceivable world, clutching at the debris of the
erstwhile, exhausted forms.
Ruining outer and inner canons, Devils take to their bosom those, for whom the beauty of Their
weird, perpetually floating features doesnt look like ugliness; who isnt alien to the way of dwelling
among Them, in the ambience of Their wild and violent nature; those who bear inside that exquisite,
unique part emanating power in the integrity of Darkness which in them only is worthy to revive. Just the
few those already dead for their world, but alive for Them devour flesh that opens wide at their feet,
and pleasures of the consecrated body turn to shadow, but only select few of them are able to recognize
to where they will rush afterwards, feeling how the sky is blazing under their feet. Those, who on their
own free will have chosen Evil as their basis, in their inhuman waking from the human sleep capable of
throwing themselves over the board of divinity and incarnate an alien unbridling into the fierce violence
against their own human nature for the sake of their inmost and internal Devils, they become aware of
their inner might to shake off boldly hateful fetters of the divine rule, and be accepted with dignity, as
equals in Evil.

The one in whom the strength of Devils turns into the violent power of titanic insistence of the
man resisting his created essence, he who with the infernal persistency is taking by storm the heights of
his human nature, - he has strength enough to break himself as a creation and rise in the realization of
grand desire, in the riot of the rebellious beings adamantine pride showing in all that unbridled,
slashed by flame, breathing with dark triumph diabolic face of each and all of them, the spirit of true
In Their incessantly growing superiority over themselves, as ancient gods of Evil do abide the
Devils of Darkness above all gods of the worlds pantheon, like infinity that can multiply spaces in itself,
and tear up nets which enmesh inhuman roots, always breaking any kind of cyclic completeness. Not
accepting even a shade of lie, abhorring treachery as the worst of human vices, despising closed on itself
pacificated holiness as the worst of the manifested foundations of divine power, They will never suffer
indignity from those whom They bring to agreement with Satan in fight against the divine world, and
never will They welcome those who seek in Them an excuse for their own feebleness. They need those
only who will lead all the colours of liberating agony through their own self and, unleashing Hell on
mortal horizons, will trample down the sprouts of harmful humanity, delivering flesh from the
humiliating likeness to god, trespassing on the forbidden height in the impious ecstasy of diabolic
They propose to man accept deliverance from fetters taking it from Their hand, They are waiting
for those who will call and accept Them in place of mother and father, who will share with Them flesh
and blood in the sinister feast on ones own self, and, athwart the dreggy commixture of divine and
animal blood in their veins, will partake of Their poisonous nature, and transgress the limit of all human
abilities in the aspiration to test the strength of the locked Universe.
So as not to tempt anyone, They give the experience of the ecstasy of Death Take down into the
labyrinth of Madness Grant the pleasure of the mystical perversion of spiritual base. They devour
resisting souls alive, and unchain eternal sufferings that have no rest. Thus is realized the Devils right to
select the worthiest of worthy, thus Their fatal choice reveals itself, the examiners generosity that fell on
heads of those foredoomed, who on their own made their choice of war at the expense of ones own soul,
taking inside all that constitutes that hard and dangerous, uninterrupted experience of being in Evil to
be Evil itself, like Them
They invades and assaults in Their followers, in Their sons Their likeness, as dark and
fathomless by mind as Them, as primordial as Their blood, dwelling in pain like Their endless victims.
They grant to their newly found sons the path that bristles with suffering, cruel wisdom, and the heaviest
responsibility. Dangerous, endless, ruthless path. And nothing more, nothing but the chance to take in the
inaccessible highness things which will belong to each of them the right to devastate and burn their
own heaven the right won by Devil
In the reality tired of faceless Evil, poisoned by the apotheosis of the feebleness of mass hysterias,
fused by the fear of the pallid madness of nuclear revelation, by distorted features manifesting
themselves in the fatal symbols of nature rebelling against man - Devils of Darkness, called the
revengeful gods of the last Apocalypse, gather their bloody harvest on the souls of mankind, squeeze the
inner space of man with the shadows of irrational chaos, gaining strength with the commotion of hearts,
surging higher by inflexible will in their demoniac nature, carrying away with them in aspiration for the
forbidden might of lacerated spheres, and, remaining in the cosmic system of matter as the spirit of
mysterious contradiction, They brood like blind fate over the frightened and the meek. Abstract by form
and real by power, They force their way into the sanctum sanctorum, piercing through the sin-offerings
of the Universe, drawing in peoples memory the lightnings of Their abused, awesome Names covered
by the rusty dishonor of the scars. They give freedom to the descending ways of progress, creating
ravenous race, and remain the gods alien to man, hostile outer elements, gaping out abysses of pernicious
lore, audacious highness of Evil, flames of Hell, blowing over the world.
The satanic instinct of opposition and primordial diabolic spirit accompany the maleficent desire of
a man of perdition to become one of Their kind


wonderful sounds full of demons
In early Christian views the positive force of music in a great measure accords to prayer and often
replaces it. Harmony appears as an inseparable attribute of the divine and as most apparent means of
laudation of god. In some measure, the role of musician was equalized to the role of priest. Musician
possesses the mystery, the mastery of awakening of feeling of goodness, harmony itself controls his
On the other hand, non-harmony, cacophony are comprehended as a demonic attribute. (The most
inharmonic interval three-tone was named devil in music (diabolus in musica); this name in
musician circles could be heard yet in the beginning of 19th century). In hell musical instruments turn to
the tools of horrific tortures, this can be seen from the triptych The gardens of earthly pleasures by
Jeronim Bosch, where the harpist is stretched upon the harp as on a scorching grating; the lute-player is
chained to the lute as to a stake, and so on.
Such a viewpoint is an expression of the attitude towards the divine. God is splendid, Devil is ugly.
But with the development of Christian views on Devil and His reign, the viewpoint has changed. There
appears the comprehension of necessity of change of oneself in order to find god, who sooner was quite
near. There appears the comprehension of the true destination of human and his true role the
surmounting of lowness of human nature for the sake of attainment of the divine (heaven, goodness,
salvation). Human, having turned to the supernatural, suddenly realized that Devil is not just ugly and
aspiring to the weird, but also a destroyer, Adversary of human and of god.
This idea for so long had been avoided by fathers of the church and was branded as heretical. God, not
Devil, must be almighty. The official attitude of the church was not accepted by the folk tradition, which
produced its own principles of interrelations with Devil. Namely the representatives of this community
most often signed pact with Devil, not only for the reason of hardships of their life, but also for the
reason of comprehension of His might and His closeness. If we compare the traditions of signing the
pacts the official church tradition and the folk-tradition, then the latter impresses with its simplicity
and sincerity. Namely the folk view on pact with Devil became the base of the demonologist view on this
act of Will. Namely based upon the views of lower classes of society, the principles of such interrelation
with Forces of Evil had been produced and comprehended.
The medieval Christianity changed the view on both god and Devil. Namely Devil finally officially
acquired His possessions beauty and harmony. These categories were comprehended as leading away
from god, tempting him not only with mundane goods, but with essentially evil ideas as well. The music,
disobedient to the purposes of prayer and divine service, started being considered a tool of devilish
temptation, touching the emotional plane of human, where he is most vulnerable.
The modern Christianity lost its positions in determination of relations of human with god, as well as
with Devil. The early Christianity is a fire of faith, it is a spiritual wealth instead of fat body. Regretfully,
the degradation of Christianity did not appear to be a degradation of god. The war goes on, and means of
this war did not lost their value.
Music remains one of the dominating means which affect human.
No need to be a musician or to know theory of music in order to feel the presence of Force, expressed in
a musical composition. And if we do not limit ourselves with frames of perception only, then music is
able to become a tool of cognition of truth, a tool of alteration of human. The very touch of Spirit of Evil
already changes human, points to him at the direction of development and of search.

Much depends on human himself and on his perception of the certain composition. Potential, affection
for Evil, sensitivity allow to manifest the Spirit of Evil sharply in the frames of individual soul, by
means of sounding music, regardless its destination or genre. Dignity and Force of Evil might manifest in
a classical composition, in church music, in heavy metal.
Its important to note that certain rhythms exert totally different influence on musicians and on persons,
who only superficially are familiar with music. Sound of the certain tone and intensity is often used for
putting listeners to hypnotic state, causes in people the emotions which range from ecstasy, similar to
religious, to hatred, untamed fury, fear and uncertainty. (One of the attributes of god Pan was flute.
Namely Pan used to cause panic fear. Goat-legged and horny Pan was re-interpreted by Christianity as a
demon.) Such changes resemble demonic obsession, power of Devil over human. Such change of the
state might be short-lived as well as long-term, in both cases it is intense and distinguishable from
ordinary state.
Change of state and of mood of human most sharply is attained via music.
Music is means of expression of what is either within or outside. We mean Darkness. As in the case of
other forms of art, here takes place either manifestation of the dark inner demonic nature or an
unconscious realization of the dark idea.
The essence of Darkness is able to manifest in various genres of music, naturally, besides those which
promote consumerism and exist only within the bounds of the system of accumulation (popular music).
Spirit of Evil, manifested in music is more important than the idea of evil which human attempts
artificially bring into music. The successful attempts to do so just confirm this rule.
Black Metal is the most famous kind of namely evil music. And if we see this phenomenon purely
from musical viewpoint, then it is able indeed to manifest this Spirit. However Black Metal cannot be
regarded apart from the people who create it and from certain ideas, which this musical genre suggests.
Our goal is not an expression of critical attitude towards Black Metal (we mean the subculture of
destructive type, which had asserted itself in the musical underground, and which exists and develops in
isolation). Black Metal has to exist only on its territory, to stand only for its ideals and values. But if we
speak about Satan, Darkness and Evil, we must clearly state our attitude towards this phenomenon.
Black Metal is often positioned as music of Satan, as means of His laudation and manifestation. In this
aspect, Black Metal approaches to a form of worship of Satan, to a certain interaction with Him. Then
each song assumes a meaning of hymn, of prayer
Such a viewpoint is true as long as this is not equalized to a personal interaction with Satan. In this case
prayers and hymns to Satan assume another, more sacral meaning and no phenomenon of human world
cannot be compared with it. The relations of human and Devil do not accept mediators and intermediate
stages. Fire of Hell touches directly human, his heart
However Black Metal nowadays bears apparent traits of ideology (from the Greek -idea and -logos
word, thought, teaching), with its rules, stereotypes, martyrs and idols. Ideology is a system of views and
ideas, in which expressed are attitudes towards any reality, views, interests, goals, intentions, and so on.
If Idea is regarded as a demonic category, then Logos is an attribute of the divine. In this unfolds the dual
position of Black Metal as a satanic idea, bounded by the earthly and by the divine.
The satanic essence often has no rational continuation, the initial stage is perceived as absolute.
In the modern world the term ideology often bears ironical touch and is used purely as characteristics
of untrue worldview, destined for deceit for the sake of material or political profit. Many people,
possessing some potential, limit themselves with Black Metal, not seeing or not wishing to see
opportunities for search and for incarnation of Superior Evil. Many wish not to lose the available and the
understandable for them, thus letting their own human live. Many, covering themselves with Black

Metal, want fame, even denying it in the bounds of the ideology of Black Metal. A limited number of
truly sincere and honest representatives of Black Metal take their place, not pretending on anything
greater, and glorify Satan with means most attainable for them. They are elite of Black Metal.
Each one who surmounted the boundaries of being human, each one who comprehend Hell as Idea,
stands against other ideas and ideologies as the derived from human world and divine relations. Hell is
incompatible with anything but the one with It, and it is impossible to follow other ways while aspiring to
Hell. It is not only the matter of honor and nobility, consistency and loyalty it is just impossible,
because it contradicts the integrity of inner essence.
The derivative of the term ideology is the term ideologist theoretic and bearer of ideology. Theory not
necessarily means practice. Music is not sufficient, practical result of incarnation of the idea of Black
Metal as Satans music, but it is sufficient if we see Black Metal as a musical genre. Many partakers of
the Black Metal ideology hint about other side of their activity. Ritual practice cannot be seen as a part of
Black Metal, because it can exist independently and be destined for other purposes interaction with
Forces of Evil. Crimes, committed in the frame of Black Metal, cannot remain without esthetical
approval, but cannot be seen from the viewpoint of war between Darkness and Light. This war bears
Spiritual sense, because flesh can kill only flesh. Black Metal created the myth of Satanistgod-fighter,
whose means of fight were kerosene and dynamite. This is not war, this is not fight against god, this is
profanation. We are against this, this is not for us. And if we are consistent, then he, who is involved in
this, is our enemy, either. Namely Dark militant Spirit leads us to the victory, which can remain
unnoticed by humans. Absence of god and of soul does not mean death of body. Death of body never
meant death of soul.
The existence of certain system of views and ideas is able to open easy opportunities for participation in
the cult of Black Metal. Those who accord to this system might as well never be in Darkness. Many
participants of Black Metal are liars, many speak about Darkness while never knowing it
The system of views and values of Black Metal, regarded separately, deserves esthetical
acknowledgement and certain respect in the frame of evil incarnated on earth. But from the non-human
viewpoint this system loses its meaning on the background of the rest ones, similar with it. Each aspect,
represented in Black Metal, can be regarded outside of this cult, and can develop.
Satanism might be part of Black Metal, but it might as well exist outside of this ideology. And here we
consider that Satanism which is not a humanistic or egocentric manifestation or interpretation, but
namely the uncompromising and consistent following the essence of Satan. And the very Idea of service
for Satan must be seen outside of Black Metal.
The elimination of humankind (Genocide), promoted by Black Metal, does not mean the destruction of
ones inner human, and fight against god in the bounds of this ideology is often defined only by
blasphemy and anti-religious propaganda. This means that Black Metal cannot be seen as means of war
between Darkness and Light.
Black Metal is only means of propaganda of the idea of Evil. However Evil cannot be placed within these
boundaries. Black Metal can be seen as combination of music and idea, promoting the spiritual search
the idea of Black Metal might create certain resonance in the life of people, it might change their
perception of the environment, it might puzzle with considerations and acts directed at the changes of
oneself and others in the direction not best suitable for god, it might help human to choose his spiritual
belonging. This just needs to be given development to. And if the whole pure negativity of Black Metal
can be placed in a single drop of poison, it might be CONTRA DEI against god.
Many activists of Black Metal see their creative activity as indispensable crime and service to Evil and to
Devil. For some of them it is a possibility to open up before their Lord, for someone a possibility to
express the comprehension of His Essence and His Will. Hymns to Satan, curses on the divine, loyalty to
Devil, hatred for god, aggression, violence, murders, suicides, sacrifices, horror, moral terror,
brotherhood, elite, war, victory These are only the words of those who belong to the cult of Black
Metal by their creativity and their caring about its stable existence.

Were here for call of Satan,
Were Darkness, were Eternal Night
Whose victory is close.
Gelida Obscuritas is a striking example of Black Metal.
The Music and the Idea form a single whole, which is aimed at god and
These people introduce something out of those verges, something that is
the essence of existence of only a few on this planet.
We generally agree with the musicians, their words are kindred and those
words must be heard.
Contra Dei: Tell us about the history of the band. What is the
purpose of the band?
Hateful Bruxa.: Gelida Obscuritas was founded in autumn 2002 a.b.
instead of the band called Gelidus Caliga that existed before and splitted
up because of ideological reasons. A part of GC material (let's say, songs
written by me) has passed into GO. Misanthropic Legion was invited to be the one behind a microphone
for his musical skills were known for his work in Unholycaust and Alcothrone and his personal
characters was figured from some duscussions too. Infernal Woodsman, the bassist moved from Siberia;
he was my old mate. And the drummer, Commander Gruesome also plays in Hatestorm.
Gelida Obscuritas doesnt pursue popularity nor money-making. Existence of a band could be explained
as the best way to express our feelings and thoughts.
Misanthropic Legion: Some time ago I found a band namelly Unholycaust in which I was a vocalist.
There were noble intentions to show what we feel and think. We tried to talk about what is important
for us. But band was quickly splitted up because of reasons, some of which are explained in our song
called Die Now!. Well, lets talk about this situation later; just there werent any singly person in the
band who would have had something remotely close to correct perception of everything that is going on.
Then I was invited in AlcothroneWe were connected just as musicians without any single touch of
ideological reasons, to be honest. Later Ive got meeting with Hateful BruxaWe both felt it is nesessary
to meet each other, so it was such. Bruxa said shes got troubles with line-up and that shes planning to
split it up and, consequently, the place of the one behind the microphone is vacant.
The aims of GO - to show our opposition to god, express our hatred to all divine and contempt to all
CD: Name of your band can be translated as Cold Darkness which sense exactly do you enclose
into it?
H.B.: Cold (or Gelid) Darkness, as the eternal grandeur. The force, will of what we are manifesting
throught our life, our activity and our music.
The Flame of Hatred and the Ice of Comtempt as two sides of one thing, that is directed against the light
and it's creatures.
M.L.: The cold of lifelessness, the cold of Death.
CD: What's the difference between Gelida Obscuritas' art and art of the other Black Metal bands?
H.B.: Perhaps, our music can't be called absolutely unique. Somehow there're influences of bands we
respect, i.e. Mayhem, Vlad Tepes, Mutiilation, Tsjuder and others. But, in my eyes, the main thing
because of which we're differs from others is our sincerity, we don't sing about what's usual or
fashionable to sing of our music and lyrics simply reflects our own condition, our relations with the

world. As for music itself, it is, in my opinion, melodic yet still chaotic enought. It is fast, raw Black
M.L.: Black Metal was born as movement against christianity, and, firstly, it was telling about the Devil.
Most of people around just forgot about this fact. We're belongs to the roots. And this is how we differs.
CD: What inspires you?
H.B.: Our main inspiration is, first of all, what is in our heart, our Devotion and our Hate. Sometimes,
thought, few external evens can influence something as a cataclyst.
M.L.: Inspiration arises fromDarkness, some inner experiences, from relationship with the Darkness,
from opening something new on the Path, from anger.
CD: What do you planning considering band?
H.B.: We assume to release the album, after which the band, most likely, will cease to exist.
M.L.: The have demo, we will record the album. And we will finish, the band will case to exist. There's
no point to stop on it. The Word will be saidThat's all.
CD: What is Black Metal for you?
H.B.: Black Metal is a tool, a weapon, that's used at war with god. However, ofter you can see how tool
becomes purpose itself, but then again Black Metal cant be thing-in-itself, it exists to manifest
something. It is a language that you can use when you have not enough words.
M.L.: Black Metal is the weapon for us, it can be used till some exact moment. When your purpose is
gained, it cease to suit you as a means of resistance. But it is, for sure, the stage that's should be
CD: How much this idea is alive at this moment? How do you participate in Black Metal culture?
H.B.: There're too much trendy band, for which Idea is something abstract and, at the best, minor, -- but
usually as something that doesn't matter at all. Of course, such situation was predetermined in the
moment when Black Metal first time has got newspaper's and TV attention; it would be impossible to
expect the abscence of profanation.
This time, especially in this city, it is hard to talk about exact Black Metal culture, and, therefore, about
our participation in it.
M.L.: Black Metal is agonizing. There're almost no cincere bands around so it is mostly dead. We have
NO participation in this culture as there's no such thing simply.
CD: How do you see the pretentions of Black Metal to be the Evil itself, to be something that
overcomes music genre?
H.B.: I would say Black Metal is the destruction of the soul with sound. As for overcoming the music, it
is right in my opinion. Although some can say that technically-played Black Metal that still has exact
musical merits cant be true. This is absurd statement, in my eyes. Of course, you musical stills arent
primary, but it doesnt matter that Black Metal should be intentionally played bad. If someone has
interesting and well-filled thoughts, he should at least talk clear. But, surely, prime importance is
existence of named thoughts.
M.L.: As it was said above, if some band is 100% devoted to the Devil, if therere any exact things
behind their words, I mean things which are exceeds that church arsons level, which are deeper i.e.
relations with the Devil, the revelations and the ability to merge it somehow into music, into something
that is also able to influence listeners for those who're able to understand. Thus, the band can pretend on,
let's say, honesty of what they do.


CD: Growing, this culture meant unity, the brotherhood. So whats the reason of multiple wars? Do
you have enemies?
H.B.: It seems like people often sees Black Metal as the tool for
decision of their personal problems, for satisfying their egos. Conflict
of interests follows to the wars. The another question are the conflicts
between those who plays this music meaning money-making and such
and those, who do it because of some indeep motivations.
Enemies? You must firstly deserve of being called so.
M.L.: You actually can't talk about brotherhood anyhow. Bands that
are perfectly examples honesty aren't performing gigs, therefore it is
hard to contact them.
Enmity? I think you can't call it so. Just the people wants to pose
before each other, to show blah blah how we're true and you're not. So
there's warsWe don't care. And you should deserve of being called
enemy, I'd say we don't have those as I can't call people that are
trying to prevent us such.
CD: Is there moscow Black Metal scene? Who are it's
representatives? How can you describe it?
H.B.: What is acknoledged as a moscow Black Metal scene doesn't deserve, in my opinion, somehow
close attention and it doesn't even deserve such name. Perhaps, there're worthy bands somewhere but
they're for sure wouldnt't collaborate with moscow nerd nor they wouldn't perform on shitty acts that
people here call Black Metal concert.
However, I'd point near-moscow project Grimness. But, as far as I know, it's ended.
Short description of moscow scene: it doesn't exist.
M.L.: There's no such thing as moscow Black Metal scene. Or, if you want, we're moscow BM scene.
There're more bands besides us, but they aren't performing. So, you can't find description for nothing.
CD: You demo is called Die Now, who is the recipient of the message?
H.B.: You can get the message from the song itself in details. This song is about those who're called
traitors, about those who change their views as a gloves; who thinks he have rights to name themself
satanists and then refuse what he once tried to get closer.
It adresses to the all examples of this kind but most of all to the three species which we know
personally. We wouldn't call their names they are already know who they are. This is our most
venomous song, and, perhaps, most fancy.
M.L.: To all the humanity. More particularly, to the some exact personals which are connected to the
certain events. They're know who they are so I wouldn't call them here.
CD: Does your art demanded, does anyone hepl you? Who released your demo?
H.B.: Demo was out limited to 100 ex. on the moscow label Res Adversae. We're in friendship with
owner. Some labels abroad carrying it in distro aswell.
M.L.: I suppose those who understand Black Metal will support us. Well, almost hoone help us. Demo
was out on a friendly label Res Adversae and on some foreign labels.
CD: Black Metal always meant Satanism. Are you involved in Satanism and what does it mean for
you? Do you agree with the statement that theres difference between satanists and devilworshippers? What does it mean for you to worship the Devil?


H.B.: There's substitution of concepts, so the term satanism often used to define views that're, actually,
hedonistic & egoistic atheism. On the other side, devilworshipping frequently perceiving as teen's
activity, that are killing cats and drinking vodka on cemetery.
We're satanists and we have nothing to do with what I said above.
For us worshipping of the Devil is serving of Him, manifesting His will; it is war with the light.
M.L.: For sure. We have plain connection to the things. Everything we're doing is dedicated to His
Yes, there is the difference. Satanism is the life In Nomine Satanas. Devilworshipping seems to turn into
the sense of cemetery vandalism, killing cats & such.
Serving the Devil is the meaning of the life. This means to give yourself completely for the enthroning
Hell on Earth, for the victory over heaven.
CD: A lot of people suppose themselves as belonging to Satanism, but, however, do not connect the
main idea to Satan himself.
H.B.: Satanism without Satan is absolutely worthless, it doesn't have right to exist. Such, let's say, views
following to the spineless ones, who will definitely betray Satanism with any single inconvenience.
Seems they are proud of their own abscence of principles and their own, as they call it, flexibility.
Those people are exist only for being despised.
M.L.: Those who talk and think so are the spineless worms, who are absolutely pointless. Therefore
there's no Satanism without Satan, otherwise it is just egocentrism, self-deification and, thus, anarchy.
CD: Who is Satan for you? What is serving to Him?
H.B.: Satan is Father for us, and He is the one whose will we manifest around. Our serving is our life.
M.L.: Satan is Father, the Ruler, He is everything. Devil is the part of each of us, and were the part of
Him. Serving is possible for those whore moving to Him, whore devoted to Him with all his soul.
CD: What do you think of modern Satanism? Don't you think it's too humanistic? What do you
think about Satanic organisations, such as Church of Satan, ONA, Temple of Set?
H.B.: What can be said of organisation that offers the opportunity of becoming satanist to every sheep
just for $100? LaVey was decent psychologist and smart businessman, but that is all. His organisation
and it's filials are, in my opinion, profanations. As for ONA, well, following from what I know about
them it is possible they're doing something interesting. But then again, their nationalistic ideas seems
Well, generally what is called modern satanism usually exoteric and, let's say, well-known. All those
organisations, sectsEvery human, they think, can become satanist. This is totally wrong. If sheep is
coloured black, it is still a sheep.
M.L.: There're a bunch of so-called positive satanists these days; they're about to say: Hail Satan!
Let's everything die in itself, while we'll live for our own pleasure, observing the decay of the world!.
They're so humanisticScum. All of them should NOT be, there's NO place for them in Satanism.
Today there's a strong tendency to hedonism also. This is momentally differs modern satanists and
people, who has Dark principles.
Church of Satan is circus, a shame of what we do & our principles. Haven't heard about ONA, ToS is
doing nothing. There is South American order called Draconis Nigrae, these people deserved respect.
Very strong formation. But, anyway, I don't like sects as there's no possibility of intermediary between
satanist and the Devil.
CD: What feeling do you have towards this world, humans?
H.B.: Loathing, contempt, misanthropy. Thought, you can't talk about hate towards humans as they
doesn't deserve it aswell. In my opinion only god is worthy of hate, his sheep-like creatures should be
only despised.

Humanity in general is neutral, inert mass, but sometimes you can meet not sheep, but Human, a
personality, this one can be respected.
M.L.: Contempt, misanthropy, loathing against human pieces.
CD: Is the future of this world, of humans, of god, your own future predetermined anyhow? What
is waiting for them, what is waiting for you? How much are you loyal or intolerant to this world?
H.B.: As for god & as for light and as for everything that continues them should be destroyed. And
there's things that helps this purpose. What will we get after Armageddon? It's hard to say. I think, it can
be called Death, merging with Darkness, coming home.
M.L.: For sure. Everything is predetermined from the beginning tio the end. Light will surely die.Victory
is waiting for us.
I'm somehow loyal to the animals, but absolutely can't stand humans. Intolerant, generally, to the
everything that is human.
CD: Do you think the unity between Devil and the human is possible? What would it mean?
H.B.: When the human has the part of the Darkness within, with ability to grow it, the unity is inevitable.
This would mean death of the human & transforming yourself to the another condition. This would mean
awakening of the Demon, that was asleep till the moment, but then woke up and recognized the self.
M.L.: The inity is possible and, if human was born with the Devil in his heart, is absolutely nesessary.
And it would be predetermined from the beginning, but when it will be realized is the question of time.
The unity means unification with the Darkness, the Way to Hell, getting your privilege to side with Devil
against the heaven, against the life & the light.
CD: Does human have ability to be involved in the war between Darkness and light, between Devil
& god? What's the motivation of human that is acting against god then?
H.B.: If you're talking about what is said above, the motivation is Demonic beginning itself, which
essentially in war against god. If it is just human, well, it is, perhaps, rebellion against his own creature's
substance and status of the slave of god. This is act is about to be respected and this is, actually, one of
the elements of named war.
M.L.: He has an ability. If there's a Dark essence, resistance. This essence should grow first to feach
exact stage & to be involved in fight.
Human that acts against god can be motivated by rebellion as long as by recognizable hatred towards
everything divine.
CD: What do you generally think about war between
Darkness & light?
H.B.: It goes right now, and our life is the involvement into it.
It's result unveiled and predetermined.
M.L.: Slaughter, result of that is absolutely clear. Let the
Darkness reign everywhere.
CD: Do you connect your life with Darkness? What's
Darkness for you?
H.B.: Of course, we do connect. Darkness is that Primordial, that
Power, Will & Essence what was forever and will be eternally.
M.L.: Absolutely. Agreed with Bruxa. No more to say.
CD: Which characters should have the one that is walking

the Way of Evil? Who is he? Who are you?

H.B.: The one who choose this Path knows there's no return. This place is only for those who're able to
belong till the end, who are able for unlimited responsibility. The one who belong to the Path of Evil is
about to give himself completely, with all his soul and essence, to Devil & there's no point in selling the
sould out as there's no material interests besides aspiration to reach the privilege of the Path &
manifesting the will of Satan here.
Belonging to the Path is the falling in Hell. Everyone who chosed Evil or who was the choosen one
bringing Hell in his heart and is in Hell himself.
He's not the human anymoreHe's alien to many things that are exactly natural to human and he's an
alien himself for humanity.
We're those who have taken responsibility. We understand that our life isn't anyhow holidays nor
constant search of pleasure, but spiritual war.
M.L.: Freedom. Devotion to Devil. Nobleness. Merging with Darkness. Indestructibility of faith.
He's the one of us falling to Hell. We're the creators of Satan's will and His vassals on the earth.
CD: You have dedicated your life to what? What's your purpose?
H.B.: Our life is the serving of Him and war with god. Our purpose is to do as much as possible to get
the moment of victory closer.
M.L.: Complete unification with Hell. Purpose is of ascertaining Him & becoming His part.
CD: What's Hate for you? Who's deserving it?
H.B.: As I already said, only god is deserving Hate. Hate is what's always here, it's always actiive &
M.L.: Hate is inner essence, directed towards god. Everything else doesm't deserve it as it is strong
feeling to direct it towards everything without analysis.
CD: Is it possible to lost Hate?
H.B.: To lost Hate is possible with only the case if one, who lost it self-confidently thought he's feeling
it, but truly it was something else.
M.L.: You can't lost Hate, it's not the thing. You just have it or not.
CD: Black Metal cult is the center of the misanthropy or is it just nesessary stroke to complete the
M.L.: Misanthropy is one of the main parts of Black Metal, but isnt prevaling. Well, remove the stroke
and you wouldnt complete picture, anyway.
CD: Do you afraid to die? What does Death means to you? Is it victory or failure?
H.B.: Death should be the worthy final. To leave this place too early, when what you've done is not
enough it's, actually, desertion. Empty existence for existence, unability to leave when it's nesessary
and mission is complete means cowardice. The right of death as your last act, of coming home should
be, also, deserved first.
M.L.: I'm not afraid. Death can be taken, taken as a gift. Gift from the Devil.
Death is the loss of human life, transforming into another condition, if you want, coming home.
Of course, it is victory. But it should be firstly deserved. Ou cant leave this world without undestanding
that your mission is complete.
CD: Genocide, murders, arsons can you call it Evil? Explain.

H.B.: This is evil, not Evil. This is human actions directed towards human.
M.L.: Everything that is directed against humans anyhow positive, but I wouldn't call it Evil. Evil is
great act, it's just another level far above human, it is directed against eternal enemy.
CD: Human always had tendency to destruction of similar to himself species does it show that
he's close to the Forces of Evil or just it tells us about how absurd are god & goodness?
H.B.: Human is weak, and he's often can't recognize which forces uses him. As a puppet, he can also
execute the will of Evil.
M.L.: About how absurd are god & goodness, more likely. If you're close to Evil, it is defined with
actions, thoughts and feelings. And then destruction of similar species was from the beginning of
human's evolution and can't be stopped.
CD: What is Forces of Evil in your understanding?
H.B.: For those, who're consiciously choose their Path, Forces of Evil aren't abstract; it is what you're
permanently relate with.
M.L.: Forces of Evil are the Great Leaders that are directing and collaborating with the worthy. To
relate with them you should firstly die & only few are able to understand how it is killing.
CD: What's your attitude toward traitors?
H.B.: ex-satanists doesn't exists. Who ended being satanist simply never was one. Those humans
attracted with the opportunity of shocking the crowd using their unusual views, but then they grow
They're touching with their dirty hands what is important for us.
No mercy for them.
M.L.: Traitors needs to be erased.
No. Youre born such or youre just never was. You cannot stop believing in what you had give all
your life. This is absurd.
CD: What's most important event in your life.
H.B.: Comprehension of yourself, your place & your purpose in the world. Moment when it's all become
finally clear perhaps, this can be called the moment of choose, but, more likely, this is not exact choise,
it is accepting what you already had.
M.L.: This happened, when I got for what Im here in this shitty world, when I understood, Who is Im
serving, what is waiting for us and to what I should give myself completely. Im proud of it.
Last words.
Devil with us.



Blood War Satan. Just the words.

They can become a motto for someones life. They can
be the last words before someones death. They can
express someones dream and the purpose too.
Many things in this world exist against this dream
become real.
But how to make it real and achieve the declared
purpose if there is a contradiction between internal aspirations connected to the name of the Devil and
being a god within man with all pretension peculiar to it?
It is just another interview with black-metal band.
Contra Dei: Tell the history of the group. What are the releases of SATANIC WARMASTER?
Whats new?
Satanic Warmaster: The bands was practically created during the time when I started to create Black
Metal myself in '93-'94. Still, the name and the concept were transformed into their current states during
'98/'99. Also the name was taken into use during the time. Under the SW name we've only released the
"Bloody Ritual" demo'99 and the "Strength & Honour" CD/LP. Now we're awaiting the release of our
new "Black Katharsis" MCD/MLP through NORTHERN HERITAGE. Also Herr Sarcofagian from the
honourable Finnish horde BAPTISM joined the band on drums after the recordings of the MCD.
CD: I know that you were the vocalist of Horna. Why you have decided to leave this group?
Private disagreements or something else?
SW: I left HORNA for personal issues, wanting to concentrate more on my own art and expression.
CD: What do you think about Finnish black - metal stage. Whom you support and whom you can
name a forgery?
SW: There are some very great bands and friends within the Finnish TRUE BLACK METAL scene.
deserve my respect and support! I guess everyone can tell by themselves who are the whores just selling
their sorry asses for their 15 minutes of fame with "Black" Metal.
CD: Northern Heritage is your lable. What was an incitement for signing the contract with them?
What you can tell about this lable?
SW: Actually the last S.W. release through NH will be the new MCD, after which we will move on and
start working with our conspiracy against commercialism with NO COLOURS RECORDS from
Germania. It was natural for me to collaborate with NH because of the releases of PEST I did with NH as
well as other great mutual support activities. NH is a true and honest label that can give 100% support to
it's deserving artists!
CD: What is your opinion about the situation on black metal stage now. What are the reasons for
style degradation? What groups do you like?

SW: In my eyes almost all of the remaining real Black Metal spirit has went back to the underground. I
guess it's because of the increasing opportunities for people to fullfill their rockstar dreams that has made
Black Metal lose it's special feeling. Some more modern bands I like are bands like ABSURD,
FOREST, BRANIKALD etc. I of course like a lot of the early Norwegian Black Metal bands, as well as
bands like SARCOFAGO, BLASPHEMY and BEHERIT (eternal godz!).
CD: Did you have any alive performances?
SW: We haven't played live yet, but are planning on doing some live performances in thefuture. It's not
totally neccessary for aBlack Metal band to play live, but if they can capture the real essence to
theirperformance, I naturally like it. It's always a good way to infect people with your toughts during
CD: You are the Satanic group. It is obvious. What is Satanism means to you?
SW: Yes we are. Satanism to me means arrogance, devotion, strength, wisdom, pride and thestruggle to
be a god within man. It's also a link with the obscure and dark creative / destructive forces of the
CD: In continuation of a question. Antichristianity and Satanism these are simular to you, or you
can see the difference? Many ones claim that they are Satanists, but they deny the god and the
Satan, preaching individualism, naming it Satanism. Whether you agree with them?
SW: I don't want to live my life seeing it all through a christian world-view, and perceiving Satanism as

just inverted christianity. To me it would be as much a self-deceit as it would be being a christian

myself. I don't see Satan as a biblical creation whatsoever, for me the roots of the archetype of Satan lie
solid in the indo-european/non-christian(or jewish) culture.
It's also very common to see agnostics and atheists disguising their lifestyles with Satanic symbolism and
such. This is mostly caused by their interest to Heavy Metal subcultures and shit like that. That's just
boring I think.
CD: What is your main aim (purpose) as for the Satanist?
SW: To rule my own creation.
CD: Events of September, 11. What did you felt about it? Your opinion on terrorism, including
SW: I felt glad to see the U.S.A. finally get what they deserve for all their political dominance around the
world. I feel terrorism neccessary in a situation there exists no other politica way to get your word out to
the masses. About Islam I feel just as negative as all the major organized religions around the world...
Just a way to control the masses.
CD: In continuation. The extremism - is it obligatory for black metal? What it should be - internal,
aimed on achievement of the new Purposes, perfection, or and external as well?
SW: Any emotion can be expressed through Black Metal. Thus, anything that is superficial is total
falseness, including extremity. There are so many groups reaching for extremity with very weak and
superficial stunts, it makes me sick. Extremity in all cases, when reaching for higher goals and / or even
a higher aestetic experience is a very great thing.

CD: Armaggedon? War?

SW: The end of the world really does not concern me in a concrete way. War is just a way to solve
conflicts. The causes for war are much more important than the battle itself.
CD: What kind of people you can name friends? And who are your enemies? Would you like to kill
any one?
SW: All people close to me that I feel are honest
to themselves and support my cause can be
considered as my friends. My enemies on the other
hand are too many to mention. I would kill if I had
the need for it, yes. It's not something that I would
neccessarily "like", though.
CD: What is your attitude to ideas of Crowley,
Nietzhe, LaVey? Why many in black-metal
environment so negatively concern about
SW: For me LaVey is a person who merged the
ideas of Crowley, Nietszche and Redbeard, and
gained some larger audience for the ideals created
by the forementioned persons. LaVey antipathy derives from the old ignorant Norwegian Black Metaldays.
CD: In what you see the differences between true and falce Satanism? Or Satanism cant be
SW: There exists only juvenile inverted christianity called Satanism, and real esoteric Satanism for me.
CD: 666 + 88! Now many ones are trying to mix it in attempts to be even more maliciously. But
whether pertinently to mix two various ideologies? What do you think if they have much in
SW: Of course both numbers are great abominations to normal people, and for shock value they are very
efficient. Still, a number from the jewish book of lies and a numeric code for Heil Hitler have nothing to
do with each other. Of course both have their symbolic value, but still they are totally different.
CD: In continuation. Your attitude to NS. This movement now is very popular in black metal , but
black metal is the music of Darkness first of all, your attitude to all these?
SW: I partly (and of course depending on the definition) NS as the political-ideological side of some
pagan values that have been lost during the dominance of alien religions and cultures in Europe. Black
Metal indeed is music inspired by the darkness, but isn't darkness one of the most natural things of all,
after all, our lives start from the darkness of the womb and end at the darkness of the grave
Ad Majorem Satanas Gloriam
Salve Satanas. 169
531001 Lapenranta

Last words.

Before entering, consider the following fact: Watain is not a part of what most of you view as the black
metal underground scene, consisting of frustrated supposed elitists with bad self confidence resting
on what has become the standarts and rules of what tragically is supposed to be true and cult
within these cicuits. We are heralds and servants of higher force, the one and only fundament of the real,
ideologically based Black Metal Cult: Satan.
By supporting Black metal you support the glorification of all that your own carnal jail does loath and
fear, thus should those whose sinful hearts yearns for just another experience of raw and underground
black metal leave here. This is not for you.
We are not rules, we have no pride we are slaves, crawling in the dirt as lice under His shadow. And as
cancerous cocaine deep in the veins of Christ, the malignant curse divine floats within you all.
This statement was taken from the first version of an official site of Watain - Swedish black-metal band.
Creativity of the band can be named an example of true black-metal, and a very name of it can represent
the elite of the given direction.
They are disagreeing with any labels and we are not labeling them but express our attitude to what they
are doing.
Our opinion is completely based on our conversation with Eric - one of the participants of the band.
Everything that is told by this person is known to him as his reality. He knows for the sake of what and
whom he lives and to Whom his life belongs to. The name of the Devil for this person is sacred, therefore
he speaks about Him exactly enough of what is possible to say to the unfamiliar reader of magazine. It is
his right. Our right is to regard him with natural justice and fairness.
We believe that the words expressing our attitude to Watain will not instil them with the feeling of
authority and will not poison them with arrogance. All of it does not belong to them.
They have much more; they are free to belong to Satan by soul and by heart.
Contra Dei: Whats new at the dominion of WATAIN?
Erik: We are currently busy with forging the fires of our next fullength LP. Apart from that, some
liverituals have been performed and we will continue through europe this autumn, proclaiming His glory
from the pulpit of abomination! Furthermore there have also been some T-shirts printed, as well as a
repress of our debutalbum "Rabid Death's Curse" on tape by InCoffin Productions.
CD: What is the BLACK METAL for you? What is the prime aim of it?
E: To glorify the Lord, and to plant the molten seeds of religious reality into people's hearts. One could
say that Black metal is my way of blending my fascination and involvement for the "repulsive" and
"extreme", with my role as an enlighted servant.
CD: What is the purpose of WATAIN?
E: We are a Black Metal band, thus see above.
CD: Do you have any projects besides WATAIN? Did you ever helped any other bands?
E: No musical sideprojects, no, such kind of involvement only results in the main bands decay (just look
at the scene around you!). As for other activities, me and H (H. Jonsson) are the creators of Hellish
Massacre mag, a depraved, satanic entity of purest darkness and misery T (Tore Stjerna) has his
Necromorbus studio and play the drums in another swedish band, but that is nothing like a "sideproject"
but rather a real band in all ways.

Furthermore I have done, and still do, layout and artwork for other bands like Antaeus, Perditor,
Katharsis, Malign, Ofermod and so forth.
CD: WATAIN is underground black metal band. Your opinion
concerning that modern well-known bands, which were in the
underground at their beginning can bring their ideas to more
people using the power of the music, because their audience is
wider. Whether you agree with it?
E: The relevance of this topic lies in honesty. Black/Death metal is,
according to most people's views, something "extreme", thus making
it rather easy for anyone actually to start such a band. Who the hell
can't just throw off the daily normality for one hour a day and
scream their guts out about controversive things accompained by
some distorted guitars? I figure that if a band would really be
dedicated and serious about for example Satanism, as Watain, then
the chance of getting a big record deal and lots of fans is
minimalistic, if even existant. Such a conclusion explains why more
extreme, and generally even better, bands can be found in the
underground, and not among those who choose to dedicate their
worthless existance to money and fame. But the commercial parts of the scene play their role in the
infernal vortex of the Black Metal temple as well. As Euronymous once said: "Commercial bands will
make people more interested in Black Metal. When their fans grow bored with them, and seek music with
more quality, they will come to us, and we will drag them even further into damnation".
CD: What do you think about the situation on the modern black metal scene?
E: When thinking of the good, although very small part, of the scene to which we belong, I would say
it's the best one since the days of Mayhem. But the immense amount of bands not belonging to it, playing
just to release their shitty demo without thinking one single thought about the consequenses of their
feeble attempts, is a problem. Yet, we distance ourselves drastically from the endless hordes of
Graveland/Nargaroth worshipping Life Metal bands. We have nothing to do with you, and seeing it
through the eyes of the blessed; in comparance you are not even mere. Hail to our brothers in Malign,
Katharsis, Funeral Mist, Deathspell Omega, Ondskapt and the rest of the knightsmen of Satan who
guards the gates to the Black Metal temple and beyond.
CD: Violence, murder, church burnings are these parts of the BLACK METAL or just the way to
express destructiveness for certain persons? Is it only Norwegian phenomenon or all these are close
to you as well? Why all these events is not continuing anymore?
E: All things beneficial for the Lords manifestation holds relevance, be it in correspondance with the
Black metal scene or not. Any person claiming to belong to the real scene should be living a destructive
way of life, forever on his knees before the altar of sacrifice.
CD: What are you listening to besides BLACK METAL? Where are you finding the source of
E: My only source of inspiration is my religion, which is endless.
Some non metal bands whose work i appreciate are Legionz ov Hell, Fields of the Nephilim, Diamanda
Galas, Roky Erickson, Johny Rebel, GG Allin, Sopor Aeternus, Genocide Organ etc etc...
CD: You are Satanists. But what Satanism means to you? What is the essence of it?
E: Open your eyes and you shall not see Him, let Him open them and see you shall.

CD: How do you think, Satanism is destructive or creative, or maybe both one and another? What
do you destroy and what do you create?
E: The complexity of the religion itself lies beyond human
comprehention, thus answering such a diffuse question would take ages.
To make it simple for the drewling apemen who read this i could simply
say that Satanism on the surface means coalescense with what mortal
men view as the negative aspects of existance, the Omega.
CD: Who is Satan for you? Can you tell that you are worshiping the
E: He is my God, and yours, the incomprehensible and infinite unto
which in painful pride I kneel in worship, and unto which you kneel in
CD: What can be the main gift to the Satan? And your gift is?
E: What gift could be worthy unto the Higher?! I am solely His!
CD: Satanism is it something honest, meaning that all you have is for Devil or it is something
similar to an exchange (you to me, and I to you)?
E: What I have been given is enough for a thousand men to crumble in the ashes below the stakes, to
carry out any given mission! It would be sinful as well as completely pointless to further reveal the
mysteries of faith in a Black Metal magazine. I respect the interest, for in general men is drawn to
morbidity, but why should I find it relevant to provide seekers of the extreme with something so full with
dignity and utter truth? For this temple cannot be found on any map, it's password cannot be found in any
scripture, it's choirs cannot be heard by the sharpest ear! The key to the mysteries of the temple, the true
and utter catharsis towards which i kneel, is to be granted those who find the way by heart and soul.
CD: Your opinion on christianity? Is it the creation of people or something from god? Christianity
is it your main enemy?
E: It always sickens me when I read about Black Metal
bands who complain about Christianity's terrible deeds in
the past, how their ancestors died by the Christian
inquisition's sharp knifes and merciless fires or how this
religion have "enslaved a whole nation which once was
free". How can this NOT be wonderful?! And why should
I hate Christians? My definite conviction of that the final
judgement for their false preachings will be righteous, and
thereby severely painful and longlasting, is enough for me
to separate my view on todays Christianity from the
drewling masses of mindless "black metallers" that have
not spent a second thinking of that it is the Christians of
today that are the TRUE sinners, not themselves! Christianity has lost its respect to God, and he is
weeping tears of blood in the golden halls of heaven! May he be almighty, but not even the almighty can
cure the cancer in his own chest when it once has settled there! Hail the torturing of children in
bibleschools! Hail the oppression of Christian sects! Hail the blindness and cloven tounges of "Christian"
priests! Hail the possessed clergymen practising pedophilia! "Gott mit uns!!" What remains of true,
fundamental Christianity today is merely shatters of a cross that has been repeatedly spat upon by it's
own supposed followers, and they shall BURN for their sins! They WILL burn! Respect, submission and
spirit has been exchanged with materialism, joy and flesh. Christianity is no more "of God", but an

insitution of falseness and double standards, why should that be something to hate when those things are
not "good" but rather contagious breaths of the very mouth of the Lord?
CD: How do you understand the War against god?
E: I consider it victorious.
CD: What is closer to you Chaos or Order?
E: Chaos.
CD: What is Chaos for you?
E: The unstructured and swallowing. Uncreation and disorder. The
reversed and inverted. And back again. For in chaos lies the order in
which He proclaims and acts.
CD: How do you think, what is in the basis of mankind, Is it Evil or Good?
E: Evil.
CD: What is Evil? And why It is in the basis of everything?
E: Speaking of mankind in the sense of god's spawn, it's roots are creational and not destructive. But with
alpha comes omega, and with the Fall of man, the serpent's conquering, we entered the gates of no return.
We are God's creation, but our souls belong to Satan. We are the dwellers of Nod, the forsaken and
fallen, viperously crawling towards our doom.
CD: Are you afraid of anything\anyone? Fear and Horror are mental illness, invention of the weak
person or something Dark, that is beyond human perception?
E: Fear and panic are parts of His magnificense, from which each human must suffer! I am no exception,
but my perception of these feelings might differ drastically from the unenlightened's.
CD: The nature of the human. Can it be changed to the Beast, Demon? Who are you?
E: I believe Demons can inherit humans, yes. Most people are some times in their miserable lifes
possessed, and to say that I am not would be a great lie.
CD: Are Black Metal and your Art enough for to Praise and to Fight for the Glory of Evil?
Erik: No, but as long as one can combine the burning dedication for the Black/Death Metal movement
with a religious life, then it makes relevance. And it is in that shape that Watain shall roam the scene,
tearing and infecting, like cancerous cocaine deep in the veins of Christ!!!
C/O Danielsson
Stralgatan 41, 4 tr
S-112 63 Stockholm


By the request of Akhenaten this interview is available only in the printed version of the magazine.


Seeds of Hate - that precious thing that fallen in to the prepared ground is capable to grow into
something really awful and disastrous for this world. Hatred fills this world, its dreams and its reality.
What are the dreams of the one who speaks about himself as about the sower of Hatred? What is his
The whole world is ruled by darkness and chaos. People are running and screaming and Im sitting
on a throne and Im laughing!, receiving so long-awaited pleasure...
Contra Dei: Tell us the history of the band. What are your plans for
the future? Which releases do you have?
Adrastos: Seeds of Hate was formed in the beginning of 1997 by Periphas
(guit.), Hagen (guit.), Romi (dr.) and myself (vocals). Hagen left the band
after some weeks and we recorded our first demo in the end of 1997. After
the release, Romi was kicked out and Atazrael (guit) and Winterblut (dr)
entered the band. Our second demo "Franconia" was released in the middle
of 1998. Short time after the release, Winterblut, Atazrael and Periphas left
Seeds of Hate. I wrote some new songs and I found a good new drummer in
Tondhron. We made the songs for the third demo "Satanic Legions" and
after the songs were ready Ineluki and Akhenaten joined our horde. We
released the third demo in May 2000. In the end of 2000, we played our first
live gig and SM-Daemon joined Seeds of Hate on bass. Chanteloup
Creations released this gig as a live tape limited to 300 copies. In the year 2001, we recorded our first cd
and after this recordings, Ineluki left the band. Our current line uo is me/Adrastos, Dawn of
Armageddon, SM-Daemon and Tondhron. Maybe a good friend of us will join our horde, but well see..
Our future plans are playing some more gigs and release some more cds/lps/eps.
CD: The German Black Metal scene - is one of the strongest in the world. About whom - the bands
(or people) you can say that they are your collegues, the ones with whom you are fighting together?
Whom you support, whom you deny?
A: Thats true, Germany has a lot of black metal bands. There are some shit bands, but theyre not worthy
to be named here. Bands I like are Empaligon, Skalder, Secrets of the Moon, Katharsis, Moonblood,
Dark Fortress, Eternity, Legion of Sadism, Mightiest, Sterbend, Obsidian, Nargaroth and Trimonium for
CD: Akhenaten took part on your demo - live 00. How you meet him? What about his future
participation in the Seeds of Hate?
A: I met him in the year 2000 and asked him, if he will join our horde and he agreed, thats all.
Nowadays, Akhenaten is a very good friend of us, but our new guitarist is called Dawn of Armageddon.
The problem was, that some people thought, that we are a side project of Judas Iscariot and thats not the
case, so we must find a solution.
CD: What is your opinion about Black Metal that become commercial, have left from the primary
essence and have turned to the way of earning money? What do you think about Norwegians who
were first in BM and were first who have betraid the idea?
A: All these bands which are earning money now are no black metal bands in my eyes. I think bands
like Dimmu Borgir, Satyricon, Emperor, Immortal and such bands are no black metal. Theyre playing
high quality metal sometimes with black metal vocals and sometimes with corpsepaint. The true black
metal is still underground, but its really sad, that all these great old bands playing such shit nowadays. It
s horrible to see bands like Immortal on big festivals like Wacken or With Full Force. Black metal is no
fucking party festival music!

CD: SEEDS OF HATE - the Satanic band. What is the Satanism for you?
A: Not all members of SoH are satanists. In my eyes, satanism is a very personal thing. Its a strong
power. Satanism means not to slaughter cats or sream "hail Satan" all the time.
I live and I practise Satanism in the way of a philosophical meaning. Its in my heart, in my spirit and in
my soul. Its a strong power in me and I will not tell you about rituals or other things. Thats enough four
you to know.
CD: Who is the Devil to you?
A: The Devil is a symbol and a synonym for all evilness, darkness and hate.
I think the Devil does not look like a goat or something, the goat is only a
symbol for it.
CD: Darkness and Chaos. What feelings do you have about it?
A: One of the dreams and visions I had. The whole world is ruled by
darkness and chaos. People are running and screaming and Im sitting on a
throne and Im laughing!
CD: Antichristianity and Satanism. Many ones consider, that these are
same, when finding their pleasure in primitive blasphemy. But is it the
same? Your opinion on this question...
A: Both are against christianity thats all. I know a lot of people who hate christianity but theyve nothing
to do with satanism. For example the pagan metal bands. Theyre hating christianity, but in their songs
you cant find satanism.
CD: Who you are consider as authority among writers? Whether
you like to read?
A: I have absolutely no time to read, sorry.
CD: What is your attitude to the following persons - A.Crowley,
F.Nietzsche, A.S.LaVey?
A: I know some works of each persons. Nietzsche is a really interesting
CD: The christian moral is the moral of the weak. Many ones speak
so. But what about fighting against weak? What about choosing the
opponent of equal strenght? What is your prime target, the Purpose
of your War?
A: Our prime target is to fight against the christianity / humanity and
their god and to worship Satan. We want to spread hate and aggressions
thats all!
CD: Extremism. How do you think, is it possible (acceptable) for those who goes on the Dark Path,
and is it should be only internal or, including, and external?
We see Dark Path as changing the nature of the human in to demonic.
A: Sometimes its really hard to be involved into the black metal underground cult and to go to work and
do "normal" things. I think that most of black metal extremists are living 2 lives at the same time. You
are a person whos changing to the demonic creature and you are a "normal human".
CD: What do you choose the action or the theory? About extremism again, would you support the
war if it would be possible for you in terms of money? Would you take part in this war as a
strategist (General)? If yes against whom this war will be?
A: I (would) support every kind of war. End all life! Destroy humanity! I would choose the action, but Im not interested to go in jail at the moment.
CD: This world - what do you think about it? Is a place to live, or place to struggle?

A: Im not interested to kill myself at the moment, but this world is a piece of shit and I hate most of the
humans on this fucking planet. Its a dream to kill 95% of all human life and their modern buildings.
CD: Whether laws of this world and the law of god are capable to prevent (create difficulties) the
strong one?
A: I think youre right. You are faster in jail than you can empty a box of beer, when you do things which
are not allowed...
CD: Suicide, what is it for you?
A: Well, sometimes suicide is a sign for a weak person, but there are some good reasons to kill yourself.
When my time is ready, I would kill me in one of the most brutal ways, but I think that I wont kill me
during the next years, because I have a lot of things to do and I will continue my war against christianity
/ humanity.
CD: Do you think, your body is you, or just instrument or maybe battlefield?
A: Well, my body is my instrument to worship Satan, darkness and hate!
CD: Hate, can it be creative?
A: Yes, of course. The most songs/ riffs I
wrote and most of my lyrics are inspired by
hate. I feel hate everyday. Especially when Im under normal people and people I named,
but I like this feeling. Its a great agressive
feeling which helps me to survive and Im
very inspired through hate.
CD: Can you name the reasons why you
hate people?
A: I dont like most people, because most of
them are totally superficial, boring and
stupid. Theyre only interested in driving a
big car, watching soccer / TV and earning
money. I dont like the clothes and the style of
normal people, Im not interested in this boring themes normal people are talking about, etc. These are
some of many reasons and by the way, people are also hating us/ me, because we have long hair, we wear
black clothes and we are not like them and so they know nothing about us, theyre not asking, they dont
like us and thats better for them.
CD: Life after death
A: MaybeI dont hope so.
Your words in the ending of interview
A: Thanks for the interview. Special hails to Lugubre, Urgehal, Jrg, Church, Roter and the Festung
crew. Spread the Seeds of Hate!!!!!


MZ 412
Conditions of information vacuum and trust based exclusively on the titles of the albums and their sound
have generated a myth about project MZ 412, as about really not ordinary phenomenon in dark art of the
underground. Creativity of MZ 412 for a long time was crossing with the Name of the Devil.
But does Devil know the one who stands behind the MZ 412? Or this one only uses His Name, aspiring
to be the God in his own universe?
Everything that has been made by this creative person has been made in proper time and in a proper way.
That is truth - a conjuncture is might enough.
Contra Dei does not try to belittle the uniqueness of creativity of this project and his influence on the
unsophisticated listener. And we are not telling anybody what the truth is and what is not. We only
suggest you to find it. And on these pages we represent you the talented arranger and the mystifier.
Contra Dei: Saying Nordvargr, meaning plural. MZ 412, Folkstorm,
HH9... Please continue the line and answer, what is the reason to come such
many different ways? Is it your restless activity or your different faces?
Who is original Nordvargr?
Nordvargr: I am constantly recording and the reason for the many different
projects is that what I do differs in style. Here is a brief status on my current
MZ.412 - we are right now working with the Infernal Affairs boxset. The
recordings have been taking a lot of time, mostly due to the fact that some of
the members have moved away to other parts of Sweden.
Nordvargr - I am working on a lot of projects... new darkambient recordings,
some experimentation with electronic machines and field recordings, new recordings with Drakh from
MZ. 412 and some heavy bass / drone recordings.
Toroidh - the third CD, Testament, is out by the time this interview is released. A double 7 called Start
over will also be released in April on Neuropa Records...
Folkstorm is dead, meaning that I dont record anymore as Folkstorm. Cold Spring Records will however
soon release Folkstorm Sweden which has been laying on their shelves for a few years.
Hydra Head 9. The second CD Kod has just been released by OEC, and a new CD is in the works.
HH9 is now just me since Mr. Halibot decided to work on solostuff...
Then there are a lot of collaborations going on... Slogun, NTT, Maldoror Kollective and the greek BM
band Naer Mataron to name a few:
CD: Please describe in two words the message of each MZ 412 album
N: There is only one message throughout all albums: Go your own way and bend for noone. You are the
God in your own universe.
CD: How do you see, is your activity effective? Does the effect comes in according to your ideas?
N: If you refer to how my music reaches out to the masses, I must say that it has over the years become
very effective - I am blessed to have great support from many labels and people which allws me to
spread my music all over the world
CD: How you can determine your status in this world: the victim, the conspirator, the tool of
destruction, the instigator or the enemy? Your comments please?
N: I am the conspirator and the infiltrator... in a way I am Legion or the Hydra.
CD: What are the aims of MZ 412? Your personal aims?
N: The aim is to compose music/noise/soundscapes that affects people. The experience is personal...
personally my aim is to realize myself and excercise my demons through sounds.
CD: What inspires you?

N: I have an urge to create and that is the only thing that inspires me. I cant put it in words better than
that - I am fueled by my own creativity.
CD: What is Satanism for you? What never can be named Satanism?
N: Satanism is many things, from childish rebellion against the
adult word and mindless acts of violence, to an ideology of
selfrealisation. Personally I have grown strong in mind and body
over the years and needs no dogma or "instruction" how to live my
life. I am my own master and dictates my life accordingly.
CD: If you asked to explain a nature of Evil. What words and
examples will you use?
N: This is a question I cant answer. Evil can be so many different
things depending on your wievpoint. It is irrelevant.
CD: Who is the Devil for you?
N: There is no Devil - that is just christian fear propaganda.
CD: Some words which you can say to the god. What are they?
N: There is no god, and if there was I dont think he would listen to
me anyway.
CD: What do you think about hate? What is it for you? What is the greatest manifestation of
Hate for you?
N: Hate is a natural feeling, just as love. Hate should not be surpressed, but ventilated.
CD: Your attitude to the human race. What fate awaits them all?
N: I think the movie "Matrix" says it best: Humanity is a virus that parasites upon this earth. We are
slowly selfdestructing, and as long as we as a humanity dont take the problems with overpopulation etc,
we are doomed.
CD: To what you will devote your last hour on the earth?
N: Good wine and family.
CD: But it can be more hard than you think. Just imagine: your family is dead and there is no
good wine
N: Ahhh, the dread of having no wine, muahahaaaa.... that would be awful.
Seriously though; if that would happen I know that I have a lot of friends and allies that would support
CD: Please name any historical or mythological person whom you can name the great person?
N: Aleister Crowley - a genius. Talk about devotion!
CD: Strength, power what is it for you?
N: Also a hard question to answer... this can be so many things. Instinct tells me say that power is
control... strength is too hard to define .
CD: Are you afraid of death? What is more unpleasant - passive dying or a violent death?
N: I am not afraid of death - why should I be afraid of what I cant escape? Most unlpeasent for me must
be a passive dying - the concept of "dying fighting" is much more appealing to me.
CD: If you did not have opportunity to be engaged in music, what would you do instead? You
would be an usual human?

N: I dont know... I would probably be expressing myself in some other way - I have a very creative
mind... probably some sort of art, like grotesque paintings etc...
CD: When you were more honest? Now or 5 years ago?
N: Now. I know myself better and understand my needs, urges and instincts.
CD: Honesty, what it means for you?
N: To be true to the ones you love and to yourself.
CD: Your understanding of Satanism and your participation in
this phenomenon how all these has changed? This process is
more similar to upgrading or to the fading of fire?
N: It is not of the same importance to me today as it was 10 years
ago. Mainly because I have come to an understanding of life, death
and how it all connects... I do not bend to any deity. I accept my
place in nature and understand the animal (/beast) that I am. I am a
master of my own reality.
CD: How do you see, have a human ever had a chance to live
better life than to become a virus? Are you infected with this
one? What is the antidot?
N: Humanity is a virus and nothing can be changed about that. We
are slowly draining this planet of its life and if we dont do anything
about it we will all die out... the only antidote is to stop overpopulating the planet - something that
mother nature probably will take care of, not we humans. Just look at plagues like AIDS, SARS etc...
CD: Your highest priorities and your highest act of the will?
N: A. Spread my beautiful DNA so that there will be a small tribe of pure Swedish Nordvargrs that will
forever carry my name through coming generations.
B. To continue to create music that makes people think, react and wake up.
CD: You say there is no Devil. So how do you feel when you exploit the name of the Devil in
MZ.412 art?
N: The Devil is a metafor for the true spirit of man, it is not a horned beast in a forever burning Hell...
that is christian mythology and fear propanganda!
CD: Europe is dead and dead again ...Is it deadly old or murdered?
N: Europe is slowly coming alive again... unfortunately it is slowly erasing all borders and national
identities and morphs into something else... if it is good or evil remains to be seen, but to meit looks as if
it is the latter
CD: Thank you for your answers. Last words?
N: Stay strong and confident in yourself and your actions!
205 Recordings
Villa Bohult
Bohultsgatan 12
961 33


The reason for our interest to Kult Ov Azazel is caused
with interrelation between black-metal and the idea of
Evil, the very faces of Evil. Black metal attempts to
express the Idea by the means of the lyrics and music,
whereas Idea seems to be expressed only through attitude
and involvement.
Azazel - the ruiner, His Power - death of the humans. And
we have decided to find out about accordance with Him of
those, who mention this Name.
Xaphan (Zephon) - one of the rebellious angels who,
having joined to Revolt, has suggested to burn heavens to ashes.
Cult of Devil Azazel - too categorical words for to use them in any other sense. Too important to
designate them in any other activity.
Is it the empty claim or trully exclusiveness you have to judge yourself.
the Victim is always aspired to become the executioner. But its destiny - sacrifice.
Only elected can set heavens to fire, those burning with the fire of Devil...
Contra Dei: Please, tell the history of the group. What were the releases of Kult Ov AZAZEL?
What is expected in the future.
Xaphan: The first formation of the band came in beginning of 1999 when Xul and I joined forces and
since have been the backbone of this horde. We recorded our first demo mCD "Order of the Fly" later
that year in which Von was summoned to perform drums. In 2000 we invoked Hellspawn to provide the
battery for the recording that would become the Kult ov Azazel/Krieg split CD. The summer of 2000 we
signed a contract with Arctic Music and then called upon Vetis to appear on drums and with that came
the release "Triumph of Fire" which was released March 2001. Since the beginning we have been
through many drummers, I have left many out since they never really contributed anything except wasted
time. But I am pleased to say that we have found a permanent drummer and have also added another
guitarist into the fold so currently the line up is Xul on bass/vocals, myself (Xaphan) on guitar, Nocturath
on guitar and Goss "The Hammer" on drums. This will be the lineup that you will see on the next album
which will be titled "Oculus Infernum".
CD: What made you to create the group? What is the main aim (purpose) of Kult Ov AZAZEL?
X: Passion for making extreme satanic and dark hymns. The main purpose of this band is to spread as
much misery, hate and antichristian propaganda as possible.
CD: American black - metal is well-known with such bands as Judas Iscariot, Krieg, Kult ov
AZAZEL, Profanatica, Havohej. Is there are any new names on a stage?
X: There are many great bands from this soil. Inquisition, Thornspawn, Averse Sefira, Infernal Hatred,
Bloodstorm, Grand Belial's Key, Gnostic, Ibex Throne, the list is endless.
CD: In continuation of the previous question. What groups you deny on the American stage?
X: These bands I won't even give the privilege of mentioning them.
CD: Death Metal. What is your attitude to this style? In America there are many Death Metal
groups. Whether you interested in this style?


X: I use to be but death metal has become stale and stagnant to me. I do still listen to the older bands that
first popped up in the late 80's/early 90's that pioneered the style. But I quit buying any death metal
albums about 1994, but there are some bands out there that still have it.
CD: What is your opinion of the situation on the world black - metal stage. What are the reasons
for style degradation? What groups you like?
X: The reason for this degradation is simply these bands were not true to what they projected, simple as
that. As for the bands I like these would be old Mayhem, Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, Corpus Christii,
Malleus Maleficarum, Infernal Decay, Setherial, Impiety, Gospel of the Horns, Maniac Butcher, Abigor,
Impaled Nazarene, Antaeus, Belphegor, Besatt, Mutiilation, Nargaroth, Ungod, Witchbane and so on.
CD: The members of Kult ov Azazel are Satanists. How you can determine Satanism for yourself?
What does is mean for you?
X: Satanism, to me, is mainly a philosophy. I am a Satanist because I identify with the darker force of
what is known as human nature and carnality. Many people have a different opinion on what is means to
be a Satanist or what Satanism is. The definition really lies within in oneself. Only you know if you are
truly satanic or not.
CD: How do you think, what is the supreme essence of Satanism, Worship the DEVIL?
X: No, to worship anything other than yourself is ridiculous and down right idiotic. Worship of the devil
is the worship of a deity created by christianity and I do not buy into any of that inverted christianity
bullshit. A devil worshipper is no different than a god worshipper meaning they are both christians. One
worships the Christ child and the heavenly father, the other denies these things in favor of the opposite,
the devil. The supreme essence of Evil is rising above religious dogma to be yourself and think for
yourself with out being manipulated and controlled by others. Shedding all religious morals and dogmas.
CD: Who is the Devil for you? What your heart tells you about Him?
X: My heart doesn't tell me shit about a devil. This word was invented by subhuman religions back in the
beginning of times to signify the desires and wants that are only natural. Overtime many religions, Judeochristianity as the biggest example have bastardized these and formed a secular religion out of fear and
deceit, to keep the masses weak. So to me there is no such thing as a Devil since I do not believe in
fucking religion. No Devil, No God. Only life and death. Religion has absolutely no validity.
CD: Most of black -metal groups of USA are Satanists. In Europe the mostly spread are pagan,
folk, viking, etc ideas, and Satanism is less spread. What is the reason?
X: I guess that's because right winged christianity rules America. Most people I am willing to venture to
say that were born pre-1987 have been raised in a religious home or have had some ties to religion since
they were born. My family was not what one would call overtly religious and when they did make it to a
church it was only for special holidays. So growing up I was able to make my own decisions and ask my
own questions about this so called god and his rule of law therefore making my own decision that I did
not buy it. So for this reason I hated every time I was a child I had to get up and go to listen to some
backwoods preacher talk about this imaginary creator, because in my mind and this still holds true today
that anything created must have a creator, if god created man out of his image then another creator
created this god for some reason or another and this is just an infinite cycle if you think about it therefore
making the assumption of a "God" hogwash.
So to answer your question, Europeans have their roots in paganism where as the founders of America
had theirs in christianity. So in Europe you have these bands shedding religion to go back to their
ancestors beliefs as where in America you have the bands/people shedding christianity for Satanism or
some form of it.

CD: Why you have chosen such a name for the group. Why AZAZEL? Why Kult ov AZAZEL?
What sense you invest in this name?
X: Azazel in religious mythology is a demon associated with war and destruction. We as a band project
these themes through our music. That is why we have chosen to be known as Kult ov Azazel.
CD: What is your vision of the Cult of Demon? More widely - the Cult of Darkness? Is it the
organization, the union of the sons of Dark spirit or what? Your ideas.
X: Honestly I dont even understand this question but I will attempt to answer it (!!! ed.). My vision is
that of dark spirited individuals gathering and renouncing all of religions morals and teachings and
fighting the war against these scum bags that wish to impose their beliefs upon us with the goal to be its
final destruction.
CD: Many ones say that ideas of LaVey it is not Satanism, but hedonism with a few human
fantasies about evil.
What is your attitude to LaVey? His ideas is it Satanism?
X: I respect LaVey for having the balls to challenge the christian ideology and church. Many say what
came out of his writings and works is not Satanism and that he was not satanic but I disagree greatly. The
people that say this are stuck in the clutch of christian dogma. Basically they are too wrapped up in it's
fairy tales to even begin to understand.
CD: What do you think about Satanism and its vision by LaVey? Is it the same or the various
X: I respect LaVey for his writings, as I do other writers on what they have contributed to literature but
think what LaVey brought forth was more of a philosophy since religion demands the existence of a
god/devil where modern Satanism does not need these. So yes it's much different than religious Satanism
which is inverted christianity.
CD: What relations (connection) do you have with Church of Satan?
X: Nothing other than my support. And why in the hell does this seem to be a major question when
coming from oversea zines? The Church of Satan has nothing to do with this band so it doesn't matter
what relations I have with them, my pet, what kind of food I eat or any other irrelevant things.
CD: Everything requires its time .
Whether you agree with it?
X: I suppose.
CD: Church of Satan has made the
conclusive contribution to decaying of
this world. But whether its existence
and ideas still actual now? Your
X: Believe it or not I unlike most people
do not sit around concerning myself with what the Church of Satan is doing. I read up on happenings and
what is going on just like I do on metal related topics but I don't sit around concentrating on it, all I care
about is this band and what this band has got to do. If they have contributed to the decaying of this world
then is this not a good thing? I would say so.

CD: Whether the extremism is inherent to you?

X: I would say that extremism is inherited in me. I have always felt and thought the way I have since a
young child so in my everyday life I would say its very internal yet through the band it is seen more
externally I believe.
CD: How do you follow the Dark Path ? Why you have chosen the Darkness? What or who is the
manifestation of Darkness for you?
X: Its just the way I was born. I did not choose the darkness, the darkness chose me. The manifestation
of darkness is mind and soul. When you can look deep into yourself you shall see, I don't know any other
way to explain this. Its not easy to explain how I have followed the dark path in words. I guess it would
be easier to say it has been through books, music, and movies. I have lived my life rejecting all of the
bullshit that the church preaches and follow my own set of rules. Also I would say that Kult ov Azazel is
a continuation of the dark path my life continues to take.
CD: Why and for what the Darkness chosen you. Is it only music or you can see another way of
X: I say this because all my life I have been drawn to the things that others normally would not be drawn
to. I mean what I find pleasing and interesting others find disgusting and horrible. The darkness choose
me for the simple fact that I have always had stronger feelings for what is considered evil as opposed to
good when put on a scale of good and evil.It's the music, my soul and my life, it's how I feel and think.
No better way for me to describe it.
CD: Unhuman. The one who left the borders of being human. You follow this? How do you
understand the destruction of human essence?
X: I do not follow your question but think that with evolution and as humanity evolves it will ultimately
destroy itself.
CD: Spiritual perfection. What can you say about it?
X: Strive to destroy it (?) ed.).
CD: Your attitude to treachery?
X: Slow painful death to all traitors!
CD: Your prime target in the Dark Path?
X: To lay waste to mortal life.
Last words.
X: Hails for the interview. Embrace total hatred and destroy your temple of god!
Kult Ov Azazel,
PO Box 23308,
FT. Lauderdale FL,
33307 USA
All inquiries will be answered.

This interview was made because of another mention of the name of
Azazel in the culture of extreme music. Because of fact that people still
disturb secret Names of Evil for the sake of an opportunity to ennoble the
importance of their actions.
Dawn of Azazel - the name of the New Zealand death-metal band that
manifests the idea of destruction of human weakness in the name of
supreme form of existence.
When answering our questions, Rigel Walshe (the bass, vocal) has made
an impression of a person who obtains both intelligence and physical
But even such person should firstly deserve the honour to announce the
dawn of the Fallen Angel. To deserve it before the Devil.
And idea of triumph of the supreme human being is doomed for a
failure before His triumph.
For it is impossible to become over, remaining at a level.
Contra Dei: Azazel it is the Name of the Demon. In Evil Azazel is the
demon-murderer, the Punishing Sword of the Hell. Can you tell, why did you choose this name?
Whether this name has any especial value (special meaning) to you or was it chosen simply as very
popular, well known? Your life, is it connected with this Demon?
Rigel Walsh: Azazel is known as the demon of war, the commander of the infernal legions at the time of
the final judgement. Also in Hebraic mythology he is known as one of the watchers, the fallen angels
who taught man the skills of civilisation, Azazel passed the knowledge of making weapons of war and
cosmetics to mankind. Finally Azazel is also associated with the scapegoat, the rebel or outcast. In
primitive christianity, a goat was cast out in the desert to Azazel, upon which the sins of the community
were collective placed. Azazel is set in marked opposition to the deity, for "he has taught all
unrighteousness on earth and revealed the eternal secrets" and "the whole earth has been corrupted
through the works that were taught by Azazel; to him ascribe all sin" My life would most certainly be
connected with Azazels ethos.
CD: Demon Azazel represents war and murder. What are you fighting for and would you kill
R: I am fighting for the triumph of a higher type of being. For that cause any sacrifice is acceptable.
CD: In America there is the band Kult ov Azazel (name similar to yours), your personal attitude to
this band? We think, that they are has nothing to do with this Name. What is your vision of the
Cult of Demon AZAZEL?
R: Dawn of Azazel formed in 1997, Whilst they were still know as Azazel. I have heard a few tracks
and they sounded brutal and fast, but not particularly innovative or original.
CD: What is your source of inspiration? What influence on you?
R: Musically mostly older bands like Incantation, Sarcofago, Blasphemy, Immolation, Celtic Frost,
Slayer, Morbid Angel, Order from Chaos, and also newer stuff like Conqueror, Deeds of Flesh, Bestial
Warlust, Destroyer 666 etc. As far as lyrics go it would be writers like Mishima, Nietzche, Redbeard,
Greene, Spengler, Beest, Yockey, Machavelli, Milton, De Sade and Blake, and my personal experiences
in interpreting their ideals in the real world.
CD: What are your personal aims and the aims of Dawn Of Azazel?
R: I want to distribute in the world the ideas of the left hand path doctrine and to create dark aggressive
music which should be as good as the music of other bands wom I respect and whom have influenced
Dawn Of Azazel.

CD: Your works are about the violence. Can you explain your attitude to the moment of murder?
What is it to you? Can you say that this moment has the spiritual aspect?
R: My lyrics are both violent in content as well as composition, for example I try to start lines with verbs
as opposed to adjectives or prepositions. (Is it the violence? ed.) As someone who has quite some
experience in the warrior professions I also am interested in the spiritual aspect that is certainly present in
the moment of an act of violence. However, I.m not writing
about violence for its own sake, but as a means to an end, so I
wouldn.t really say my lyrics have anything to do with murder.
CD: You say that human weakness will be destroyed. Who
or what will destroy it? What are the reason of human
weakness. Is it honorable fighting against the weak?
R: The human weakness will be destroyed by the triumph of a
higher form of man, characterized by discipline, self honesty
and sufficiency, charisma, pride and affection that is untainted
by the influence of ones own fears. Human weakness is caused
by the will succumbing to the demands and influence of those
around them and ones own vices. There is no more noble
cause than to fight against these things for the cause of excellence of self and ones own community.
CD: What is your attitude to the Dark side of existence? Do you have any experiences or maybe
you are just interested in it?
R: I have a major interest in exploring the darker side of our existence from a spiritual perspective. I
believe that a true comprehension of this ideal cannot be achieved without practically striving to
experience it at work in the real world. This knowledge is true satanic wisdom, as opposed to dressing
up in a cape and playing sorcerers in a candle lit room with an oeijia board, as effeminate gothic
homosexuals would have you believe.
CD: Do you follow the Path of Satanism? If yes, how you can determine Satanism for yourself?
What does is mean to you? You said about elitism in other interviews, what is it for you? Why you
are the elitist?
R: The ideas that I have outlined above could very well be described as satanic. Dawn of Azazels lyrics
present this philosophy in a real world sense, they are not about demons ripping angels from the sky, but
how these ideals are embodied to gain oneself fame, power, sexual gratification or whatever your heart
desires. Not as mindless hedonism but as a means to an end, this end being true enlightenment about the
nature of the universe. I am the only person in the band who has an interest in the spiritual element of the
darker side of existence, but I think all the members share in the spirit I've just outlined. For me, to be an
elitist is to strive to better oneself, always. Strive not only forwards but upwards, for greatness lies in the
CD: What do you think about modern Satanism represented by the major satanic organizations
such as Church of Satan? What do you think about ONA and their traditional Satanism?
R: Satanism is a belief system that can obviously never exist in its true form as a church or another form
of organized religious structure. However I appreciate the Church of Satans existence has reached out to
many other individuals who otherwise wouldnt have come across the left hand path. My personal
beliefs are closely aligned with those of the ONA, but I dont follow their doctrines to the letter by any
CD: Many ones say that ideas of LaVey it is not Satanism, but hedonism with a few human
fantasies about evil. What is your attitude to LaVey? His ideas is it Satanism?
R: I agree that Anton LaVeys Satanic doctrine places a heavier emphasis on the hedonistic aspect than is
warranted. I think he had some brilliant ideas, particularly about presenting Satanism in a way that
society at large can stomach. However the hedonistic aspect is only the beginning of the satanic path

towards enlightenment. Indulgence is a means where by to cleanse oneself of the Christian moral system
that most westerners are born into, however a life dedicated to the pursuit of the pleasures of the flesh is
simply slavery to vice. This must be transcended and the next part of the quest undergone which requires
discipline and a sacrifice of some of the pleasures of flesh. Let love of life be a goal, but let your
highest goal be greatness (ONA ed.).
CD: Are you closed from all the world. Whom can you name the adherent ? Are you hostile to the
R: No, anyone who is in band that plays releases albums and plays live obviously is not a total
misanthrope. It would be more accurate to say that I am hostile to the status quo that prevails over 90
percent of humanity.
CD: How do you see the Apocalypse? What makes it to happen, come closer and what does disturb
R: The eventual demise of our civilization is
inevitable. The reality is our civilization is past its
prime and is in the stages of dissolution.
CD: Contra Dei (Against god) - is it about you? If
yes, please your comments.
R: Dawn of Azazel stands against the Judeo Christian
notion of salivation through faith in a god who is a
Shepard of sheep.
CD: Whether the extremism is inherent to you? Is
it obligatory (necessary) for the ones going by the Path of Darkness?
R: I think its necessary to be passionate about certain issues, and thats all that being extreme really
means. Theres not much point in feeling strongly about something if you are not going to make an
effort turn it into an external reality.
CD: How do you follow the Dark Path? Why you have chosen the Darkness?
R: Since I was 16, 6 years now. As with any thing that is close to the heart, I did not choose it, it just
evolved that way.
CD: Unhuman. The one who have left the borders of being human. Do you follow this? How do you
understand the destruction of human essence?
R: What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal. Man is something that should be
CD: What is your message to this world? What is the basic idea of Dawn of Azazel which you
would like to introduce to people?
R: The human weakness shall be crushed, and justice is a fist.
P.S. The group has refused or has not found necessary to answer on our additional questions.
Dawn of Azazel
Po Box 34-939
New Zealand


There is a world where the human lives.
There is a world that lives because of the human.
The human is pleased with blessings of the first world.
The human is blinded and deafened by blessing of the second world.
The human has fallen. The world, where the human lives, falls.
The world agonising with human life will fall.
Because it was always and will be forever - the low voice inside of you, which tells the truth in a world of
And in twilight of the worlds the prayer of black souls sounds.
Master who are in Hell
Hear my humble call
Behold me
Infernal lord
Your servant
Defying the Eholim
Denying life itself
Oh, great god Satan
Almighty king
Behold you're servant!
Infernalord (The Prey Of Blacksouls) Diabolicum, The Grandeur Of Hell, 1999.
Contra Dei: What's new in the dominion of Diabolicum?
Sasrof: We are currently working on our third damnation named "Vengeance" which will be recorded
this coming june. And later unchained on the masters of electro darkness Code666, im also currently
fully at work with my other project named Bloodline.
CD: On the Dark Blood Rising each song is dedicated to some appointed one. What does this
dedication means to you and to what your life is dedicated?
S: They where the ones that influenced me when writing the hymns, the ones which strengthen the
darkness and slays the light inside of me...
My life(and death) is dedicated to Azarate the
endless lord of chaos...
CD: What is the prime aim (target) of
Diabolicum? How do you think what is the
purpose of your birth? Staying on this
S: The main target is to strengthen the inner
darkness in my self as well as in the listener,
the purpose of my birth was to be as anyone
to Born-breed-die, Thus keeping the dying
world of Enki alive for one more generation.
But i shall(and have) raised above the illusion, i stand at the edge of the raging abyss just a few steps
more and i can finally leave this filthy planet.
CD: Do you depend from anything/anyone? What is freedom for you?

S: The flesh offers an illusion of freedom on its decaying journey through life. Total freedom is when life
ends and one falls into the greedy jaws of hell.
CD: Life is it the possibility or imprisonment? What do you think
about suicide?
S: I understand the ones who takes the brave way to leave and i also
encourage everyone whose pain is greater than mine to follow their inner
voice and do as the Nike slogan says: just do it...
Life is a imprisonment, but i don't have the urge to die, because what's the
point in dying when you can make others to suffer and die? I search for
gnosis and until the dark blood has drowned my soul i lay in wait
CD: Your last day on earth will be dedicated to...
S: Genocide...
CD: What are the Hate and the Misanthropy for you? The essence of Hate?
S: I think i explain my view on hate quite well on the Dark Blood Rising booklet, the essence of hate is
the burning human hating flame inside of us all the flame which is spawned from the pain life forces us
Misanthropy is a glorious philosophy and the only philosophy that fits with Nihilisatanism. Misanthropy
might make you an outcast, but a misanthrope such as me couldn't care less.
CD: What way of killings do you prefer. Is it you holding the sharp knife or may be pressing on the
red button?
S: The red button of course, kill em all and let the Darkness sort them out.
The more "primitive way" is also of great interest, but a global genocide is what i prefer.
CD: Your enemies and comrades.
S: At the end you have no comrades is all up to you.
To my enemies: I shall ruin you, rape and destroy you, i shall steal and burn everything that you own, i
will torment you with plague and insanity, all your words be mocked, i will stand knee deep in the blood
of your beloved ones.
CD: Imagine you possessed a power to judge. What verdict you will give to god humanity,
S: The verdict would have been, for the crime of enslavement, soul rape and lies i commit this world to
be sacrificed with the uranium fire, i will let fire cleanse the orb from life again and again to make sure
we never rise again...
CD: What would you write upon the grave of the last human?
S: Here lays the last one from a sorry remains of a pathetic race...
CD: Do you fight against god? About the methods of war - your music, art if there are anything
else for you (considering methods) in this war?
S: I fight against jahve, uhura-mazda, enki, odin, allah, ra, etc. etc.
The gnosis is everything music and art plays a minor role in this, its just a way to spread propaganda and
strengthen the flame in the listeners.

CD: What way of conducting war would you prefer - tactics or furious attack?
S: What tactics should have ones who are in war with divinity? There is no possibility for a human to
wage any war against creation (since creation is the stars and other planets) also im not naive and believe
that i will get the opportunity to slay this filth pit.
The war im conducting against the light is the war that rages in my heart and
in my soul...
CD: Sight in the closest future. God is defeated. What aim will be the next.
Your opinion.
S: I wont tell, when i have slain god inside of me once and for all, you will
know what my next aim was...
CD: Who is the Devil to you?
S: The Devil is the little voice inside of you, which tells the truth in a world of
CD: The world exists surrounded by the Darkness full of Dark Powers that can be seen or
understood by the few numbers. What is the Darkness to you? What are these powers to you? How
do you feel the Darkness?
S: Universe is like a small bubble of air in a eternal black sea. The dDarkness (even the Darkness that
haunts you late at night) is pure and eternal, as the creation burns it self to exist the darkness lasts
forever. I feel it within me through my veins and in my mind...
CD: What do you think about demon possession?
S: A very strong state of mind, when one is connected fully to a powerful current, films has shown this in
a silly way. Believe me one possessed can not be "healed" by anyone human or god...
CD: What do you think of human nature? Is it worthless or it can be changed to something that
can be described by the terms Demon, Unhuman, Wolf?
S: The human nature means nothing until one stars to purify it, either you become a slave like the
majority of humans or you struggle for something different something more grand away from all the
illusions, an Unhuman, a Wolf, a Demon
CD: Satanism. What is your opinion on it?
S: There are many branches on the tree of darkness which calls them selves satanists(some of them with
directly opposite opinions towards each other).
Im a Nihilsatanist(or a Chaosatanist if you like) and i don't pay much attention to the others.
CD: Thank you for your answers. Last words
S: When you stare long into the abyss, the abyss stare into you
Diabolicum c/o
Bjorn Holmberg
Nackstavagen 25B, 85351

We do not know into whose hands this magazine has got. We wish to imagine which conclusions drew
the reader. We are ready to state our conclusions.
The principle CONTRA DEI (to be against god) is the reason and the threat. It exists as an idea, which
reflects one of the Principles of Evil. It exists outside any prejudices, as Evil itself, which exists outside
any myths and speculations, and is always above the lies.
It lives also within those who not only accepts the Ideas of Evil in their natural perfection, but lives by
them and develops them, using his opportunities and capabilities to uncover them for others and assert
them. It is natural for those whose each word about Devil is spoken worthily, honestly, freely and with all
the responsibility. In the same way, natural is our choice of those whose words are written on the pages
of CONTRA DEI. There are indeed few of them. Not as many as we wanted. But we are not
disappointed in our choice. It is indicative. Moreover, all those who spoke here of their belonging to the
war for Devil and against god, realize themselves in various fields, where also manifests and asserts itself
the Devilish against the godly.
At the moment, it is possible to predict some questions to the issue itself as well as to those who
consciously stood for Devil in it. Lets consider of the necessary questions: Where were all these people
before? They doubtlessly were they were where they remain at the moment, remain being themselves.
They just opened up namely in the time when with their participation the relations between human and
Devil revive, and when His power asserts itself in the minds, hearts, souls of those who are willing to
dedicate their lives to Him.
We have few but enough reasons to speak of it so valorously. Among them are the acts of godadversaries, provoking qualitative (namely qualitative, not quantitative) changes in the world, about
which one can judge by apparent conflict where the name of Devil uses to be mentioned. They are
apparent for those who are able to distinguish between truth and falsehood, following towards Devil in
the natural way, crossing the crossroads, rejecting other possibilities and necessities.
We know our place and destination in the War and the conflict, and we will keep on taking all our
opportunities. Weve got the reason for that the reason for life of one and the threat for life of the other.
Contra Dei