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Dear Friends

I am writing this letter just after we experienced a good shake.
We had a 5.5 earthquake that knocked down a bookshelf and
broke frames, clocks and bottles. Many of of the old, dilapidated
houses, where our kids live, have new and deeper cracks.
Although we saw many that were frightened, we thankfully
haven’t heard of any injuries. And moments like this cause us to
take stock, to see how prepared we are to help others in the
midst of emergencies, to see if what we value is really valuable, and to root ourselves in faith in
the unshakable Kingdom.
In Galati, we have been dealing with the phenomena of birth.
About eight of the girls that we have worked with over the years
have had babies in the last year. We have been trying to start a
“young mothers meeting,” but it has been difficult getting the
mothers to come regularly. Our hope is that we can discuss
parenting skills, answer questions, assure basic health, and mentor
the mothers so that their children are in a better situation than
they were. At the first meeting, one of the mothers, who grew up
coming to our Center, told us: “I’m so glad that we are having these
meetings. After I graduated from the Community Center, it was if I
wasn’t allowed to come anymore. But you are my family.” Please
pray for the mothers and that we can continue to build family.
Over the last year, a local company that services the shipyards has been partnering with us in
supporting our activities. This summer they asked us to partner with them in helping five youth
come out of the orphanage, receiving jobs, living independently in an apartment, and being
mentored in life-skills. With the company’s initiative and resources and our experience and
organization, we are praying for a significant impact in the lives of these youth.
This past summer we celebrated the high-school graduation of Daniel, a boy who has been
apart of our lives since he was 5 years old. As a graduation gift, we sent Daniel to driver’s
school. He has been focusing on that as he sent out his resume to various companies. A few
weeks ago, Daniel was called for an interview and received his first job. As many of the youth
have never found jobs and were forced to leave Galati, we were glad that Daniel can stay
supported by his family and community. Still, it is very difficult. He has to work 8 hours a day, 6
days a week for a little more than $200/month. Please pray
that we can help him find a better job with better pay.
With much help from our friends in the UK (Andrew, David,
Dan and Joel), we continue to work on our EarthShip
greenhouse and aquaponics project. The EarthShip is made
of recycled tires that are packed with dirt. The tires form the

walls and the roof is covered with transparent sheets of polycarbonate through which sunlight
heats the EarthShip. Inside the greenhouse, we will build an aquaponics garden. This urban
farm includes large tanks in which we will raise fish. The refuse and bacteria from the fish will
be pumped into pods where vegetables grow. The children at the Center will help feed the fish
and tend the urban garden. And the fish and vegetables will be our major source of food for the
meals we provide daily. We love this project as it is ecological, sustainable and educational and
it provides food for those in need. Our hope is to have a few fish and a few trays planted so that
we can experiment with them over the winter. As we learn we want to raise money to develop
the EarthShip and expand the urban garden. Please pray for wisdom and resources to develop
this project.
This past month I had the opportunity to attend a conference
with participants from Eastern Orthodox, Greek Catholic and
neo-Protestant churches, where papers were presented on the
Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts. It was nice to see the dynamic
interaction and mutual learning as well as to meet professors
whose books I had read. At the conference I met with Kiki and
Sveta Popadici, friends of ours since the early ‘90s. After the
conference, they came with me to Galati, where they shared in
our churches and visited our ministry. They have a lot of experience in church planting and
founding a theological institute, and we have a ton to learn from them. It
was a joy to have them with us for a few days.
In October, Regnum published the book Theology, Mission and Child to
which I have contributed a chapter on incarnational ministry entitled:
“Learning to be Neighbours and Discovering Incarnation in the 'Valley'”. If
you are interested in purchasing the book, you can find it at:
As the weather gets cold, we are trying to insulate our Community
Center. Our 13 year-old wooden front doors are cracked. We want to
replace three sets of doors and a window with thermo-pane, which
will greatly reduce our winter heating expenses. This will cost about
$2500. If you are interested in investing with us, please let me know.
I also continue to find small ways to support other Word Made Flesh
communities in the region. Please also continue to pray for our
community in Sierra Leone as they discern how to be safe and to
keep others safe in the midst of the Ebola outbreak. Also, pray for our
community Moldova as they serve among youth that live in a staterun boarding school.
Grateful for your involvement in our community,
david and lenutsa