GPS Transceiver using Nano Technology

Aim: To Develop an external identification device that can be traced and tracked using G.P.S navigation system. Description: The device or the material that is intended is one such material that helps tracing any item to which the device is attached to .The device is designed in such a way that it is tamper-proof and is made into a size which measures only in a nano meters. The technicalities involved in developing the device include addition of a minute circuit into a paper like material which is transparent and should contain possibilities of being connected to a local GPS transceiver. The paper like device which contains a minute circuit has the capability of storing a limited amount of data within a memory slot that is embedded. The data that is stored is totally dependent on the device and it mainly includes device specification and manufacturing details which when found can be easily traced and relocated to its original position. The device which is transparent should be made of a tamer-proof material,that is it should be made using an adhesive material which can sustain any kind of extreme climatic condition also under which there would be no damage to the device. The power supply to the circuit included within the device is done using solar cell sheet which is one such sheet developed using nano technology (which helps in designing the minutest structured device).The solar cell sheet is included in the device should be capable enough of providing uninterrupted power supply to circuit to maximum of 24 hours ( and it can vary up to 48-72 hours) depending on the levels of optimization that can be applied to its performance and operations.The GPS transceiver which should also be considered the most important component of the complete architectural design of the device should also be of the size of a nanoparticle , which is less prone to any physical contact or physical interference that can help us in avoiding any damage to the device. This protective characteristic feature of the device can help us in establishing contact with the nearest G.P.S station to navigate someone to its exact position. The complete system that is developed should be in a complex manner so that it can be used in any layers of the Earth's atmosphere making it easier to find anything anywhere that can be placed on the Earth using G.P.S navigation system with the help of satellite. Application: The most advanced and deadliest weapons of mass destruction(WMD) that are capable of taking away many lives are the ones that need to be kept under high vigilance. There are cases where such important and lifetaking weapons go missing,so a complex device that consists of all such components and entities into it that can assure the security of such weapons will surely benefit the security issues with which we can safely trace the lost weapon and secure it safely in its right and respective position carefully.

Fig.(a) Communication Transfer between the weapon and the satellite using the GPS device

Fig.(b) Internal Architecture of the GPS device

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