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Republic of the Philippines

Department of the Interior and Local Government

Labo, Camarines Norte
Region 5


Regional Director, RBJMP-V
Legazpi City Jail Compound
Bugtong, Legazpi City


: The Jail Provincial Administrator

San Isidro, Daet, Camarines Norte


: Best Jail Management Practices


: 04 June 2014

1. References:
Program Review and Analysis Report for 2nd Qtr CY 2014
Memorandum from OIC, Program Devt. Division BJMPROV dated 26
May 2014
Memorandum from CNBJMP PA re 2nd Qtr Prog Review and Analysis CY
2. ICOW the above-cited reference, submitted attachment is the Documentation of Best
Jail Management Practices from this unit for the 2nd Qtr CY 2014.

Attached are pictures of said activities.


Request acknowledgment.

Originally signed
Jail Inspector
District Jail Warden


From the first quarters since its transfer, Labo District Jail had already
encountered different problems in their struggle to develop its own resources.
Better representations of its massive development were shown in earlier
presentations which gathered not only positive feedbacks but also criticisms. Having
a young, hardworking and determined District Jail Warden as well as diligent
personnel, LDJ was incredibly marked as being aggressive for aspiring and achieving
its recognition as the Regional Best District Jail for two (2) consecutive quarters: the
Fourth Quarter of CY 2013 and the First Quarter of CY 2014. However, LDJ did not
lose its focus in spite of criticisms and hardships. Now, basically, LDJ was marked
from being aggressive to being productive.
Being able to establish linkages to different sectors for the welfare of the
residents, LDJ was able to make different significant major accomplishments for the
Second Quarter of 2014. For the month of April, this unit having been evaluated last
February for TCMP Implementation, LDJ conducted Reorientation to its
personnel and residents to improve the said program. TC Displays were also
installed in strategic places for guidance. LDJ also tried different techniques to
improve its TC cultivating them the importance of the said program whereas
morning meetings were observed and facilitated by the personnel encouraging
them to do the Kapit-Bisig while singing the Di pa Huli. With this, conducting
simultaneous TC and Morning Meeting in each dorm in open cell while being
supervised by the personnel was observed and encouraged the residents to
memorize the Daytop and Unwritten Philosophies of TC as part of the preparation
for re-evaluation and hope to be recognized as a TC Facility. The active participation
of its personnel in the conduct of morning meetings gave a positive impact on their
attempt to encourage the residents to fully participate in their everyday activities.
For jail management, LDJ constructed an infirmary cell at the back portion
to isolate residents having illness to avoid the spread of diseases and also to isolate
residents having mental disorders. Such project was through the initiative and
funding of Labo District Jail with the support of the Regional Director BJMPROV.
A Program Development Plan Model was also made to guide the facility
in its target accomplishments. A 3d design of such program development plan was
also prepared which will be shown in video presentation during Management
Conference. With this, the before, during, after and the future of LDJ will be seen in
better representations.
Surprise Greyhound Operations were also conducted to eliminate
contrabands. Numerous jail inspections were also made by the Regional and
Provincial Office maintaining the alertness and preparedness of the unit. Personnel
Information and Educations (PI&E) were also made for dissemination of memos
and dealing with issues and concerns within the unit. Team Buildings and gettogether of personnel were also initiated to relieve stress in everyday work.
Earthquake drills were conducted preparation in case of such catastrophe.
Different teams in Custodial showed their preparedness in handling such cases in
shorter time as possible whereas team on duty served as the personnel on post and
the responders were the off-duties. Admin personnel served as the medics. A bell
was installed at the gate area to sound the alarm in case of such. LDJs Service Van
was parked strategically in case of emergencies. Said activity was personally
supervised by the District Jail Warden. Thus, to showcase their responsiveness, the
drill became a contest where the winning team received an award from the District
Jail Warden himself.

In terms of security, with the established rapport and as per request of this
unit for additional support to strengthen its security, the Local Government Unit of
Mercedes, Mercedes, Camarines Norte thru the Hon. Mayor Alexander L. Pajarillo
and Bantay-Dagat, donated a number of confiscated fish nets to Labo District Jail
in addition to their prior fish net donation last August 2013 to be used as
supplementary materials for the perimeter fence. The donation was thankfully
received by the District Jail Warden at Mercedes, Camarines Norte. The activity also
became an avenue to build good relationship with other constituents and relatives
of the Mayor residing in Labo, Camarines Norte whom showed support in the
endeavor of Labo District Jail to improve its facility.
With coordination with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR)
for the proposed Fishpond Project for additional livelihood, the said office
conducted an ocular inspection to the facility. However, the problem of availability
and sustainability of water source since there was no water pipe connection at the
said area, said project was still on process while finding for any possible solution to
solve the problem. Relatively, BFAR will be willing to provide seedlings for the said
fishpond project of LDJ.
Ocular inspection was also made by Engr. Joven Eboa for the estimate of the
Floor Plan for the Proposed Two-Story Administration Building and
Basketball Half Court as per coordination with the Department of Public Works
and Highways (DPWH) as referred by the Office of the Congresswoman Dr.
Catherine B. Reyes of First District of Camarines Norte for the allotment of funds
amounting to five million pesos (P5,000,000.00) for the said project as part of the
improvement efforts of this unit. Said floor plan will be submitted to DPWH for
This unit also coordinated with Basud Development Cooperative (BADEVCO)
Microfinance, one of the largest cooperatives in Bicol Region, during its General
Assembly for the inclusion of jail facility to the cooperatives Community
Development Fund. Through a motion established to the Board of Directors, it has
been seconded and approved by the Board and its General Assembly that the said
fund will be extended to persons behind bars in Camarines Norte particularly in
Labo District Jail in terms of financial/technical support to Livelihood Projects of LDJ.
To materialize the said motion, a project proposal from LDJ was required by the
board addressed to the BOD Chairman through the General Manager to be
discussed during the board meeting for the approval and appropriation of funds.
Being hardworking and diligent was not bad, but taking good care of ones
health must not be taken aside. Through coordination, the 902 nd Infantry Brigade
Dental Operating Team of the Philippine Army headed by CPT ROGER N GERSAVA
(INF) PA, BDE CNO Officer together with 1LT GERALD R DESDIR (DS) PA, Dental
Officer 902 BOE and eight (8) other Brigade Members conducted Dental Mission in
this facility which benefited a total of fifty-six (56) inmates/residents of this unit that
all undergone for tooth extraction. The team was personally welcomed and assisted
by the District Jail Warden and the Health JNCO respectively. Moreover, the said
team was also introduced to J/SINSP GERARDO S BERDIN of CNBJMP JPAO during his
inspection in this unit on the same date. A Certificate of Appreciation was given to
the team and request for the Commendation for each member was forwarded to the
BJMP Regional Office 5 for endorsement. Such commendation from the RD BJMPROV
was given to the said team.
Not only was the health condition of the residents taken care of but also of
the personnel. As per invitation of Camarines Norte College Batch 1995, this unit
headed by the District Jail Warden participated in Batch 95 Takbo JUAN PARA SA
BAYAN 2: 4k Run for a Cause. Hence, the activity became an avenue to support
the Belly Gud for Health Keeping Fit, Moving Forward, the BJMP Way of the bureau
resulting to the participation of all available personnel of this facility. Thus, the
proceeds of the said activity were used for the purchase of thirty (30) armchairs
given to the SPED Class of Labo Elementary School located at Poblacion, this

municipality. Also, those personnel who measured more than thirty-five (35) inches
above for the waistline of male and more than thirty-one (31) for female, attended
the Belly Gud for Health Program of the Bureau at the Regional Office of BJMPROV
at Legazpi City to keep them fit. Second Batch were about to follow accordingly.
For jail beautification, this unit coordinated with the Camarines Norte Electric
Cooperative (CANORECO) for consideration of the requested material assistance for
the proposed construction of hanging bridge at LDJ Park that will improve the
beautification project of the facility. Coordination with the Camarines Norte Regional
Office of the Department of Education (DepEd) in Daet, Camarines Norte was also
made for the submission of the letter request for the proposed consideration of LDJ
facility to be the Venue of Mural Painting Contest as per advice of the
department head.
For the National Greening Program, this unit coordinated with the DENRCENRO for the allocation of one hundred (100) mahogany seedlings to be used for
the Tree Planting Activity as part of the Program Development Project of the Bureau
for the Second Quarter CY 2014. Said request was immediately granted wherein one
hundred (100) mahogany seedlings were given to the team. The said office also
offered to provide seedlings for every quarter and invited LDJ through Program
Development in their tree planting activities in connection with their National
Greening Program. Said partnership in NGP became an avenue in establishing good
relationship and linkages between LDJ and CENRO.
LDJ also had conducted two (2) separate clean up drive and tree planting
activities in this quarter. As part of Brigada Eskwela of the Department of Education
with the theme Brigada Eskwela 2014, Making Our Schools Safer: Help us
create better public schools. We work better together, this unit conducted
tree planting activity held at Labo Elementary School, Labo East District, Labo,
Camarines Norte on May 23, 2014. However, the committed one hundred (100)
mahogany seedlings by the District Jail Warden during the opening of the said event
on 19 May 2014 was reduced to fifty (50) since same invitation for Brigada Eskwela
was also sent to the Office of the District Jail Warden by the Marcos Pimentel
Elementary School where the other half of the seedlings will be planted respectively.
The established good relationship of this unit to Labo Elementary School, also being
a partner of the DENR-CENRO for their National Greening Program through Program
Development work hand in hand in the delivery of service not only to the
community but also to the environment increasing the awareness of the society for
the common good.
On 03 June 2014, this unit conducted Clean-Up Drive and Tree Planting
Activity at Marcos Pimentel Elementary School. The remaining fifty (50) mahogany
seedlings donated by DENR-CENRO were planted respectively prior to fifty (50)
seedlings planted on 19 May 2014 at Labo Elementary School which also constitute
with the needed one hundred (100) seedlings to be planted for the second quarter
CY 2014. The unit was also invited to attend the General Parents and Teachers
(PTA) Meeting on 06 June 2014 to serve as Guest Speaker during the said event to
give inputs in molding their children to avoid them from being confined in jail and
making them a law-abiding citizen as they grow up. The said event also gave way to
build linkages which is also relative with the info drive of the Community Relations
Services (CRS) as part of the celebration of its 3rd Annual Celebration this month of
Aside from the aforementioned clean-up drives and tree planting activities,
LDJ also maintain Greeneries inside the jail facility not only to support the National
Greening Project of the bureau but also to beautify the unit which contribute to the
equilibrium of the ecosystem.
Major Accomplishments for the Second Quarter CY 2014

Literacy, Vocational and Training Program for Labo District Jail

Labo District Jail in order to provide humane safekeeping and development to
its residents not only work for what has to be done but making sure that all policies
and programs were being put into action, not limiting itself to what is available but
finding any possible ways not only to improve the jail facility but also works hard for
the reformation and development of inmates in preparation for their reintegration
with the community.
One of the steps taken was the realization of the proposed Literacy, Vocational
and Training Program for Labo District Jail Residents wherein different technical skills were
imparted to inmates making them not only productive but competitive citizens that even upon their
release in the free community they can have a job and will not be a burden to our government. .
Through Labo Community Skills Training Center (LCSTC), Labo District had
found a way for its accreditation with TESDA where different technical skills were
taught to the residents. Although the initial proposal was to teach the residents on
welding as recommended by the municipal mayor, however, with the unavailability
of funds to support the said project, instead, with proper coordination and
deliberation, recommended for the accreditation of the facility whereas on March
06, 2014, representatives from the local government unit of Labo and three (3)
instructors from Labo Community Skills Training Center (LCSTC) Accredited by
TESDA-Camarines Norte appeared in this unit and started to teach the residents
different Technical Courses such as Electronics, Massage Therapy, Tailoring
which was already mentioned in the report in the first quarter. This second quarter,
lessons and classroom instructions were given to the residents with proper
supervision. Later, on April 30, 2014, Food Processing was taught to the residents
that will benefit not only the initial number of thirty-seven (37) residents/enrollees
but also their families. Hence, acquired training and skill can be used by the
resident as additional to the existing Livelihood Projects of LDJ.
Support of the LGU of Labo was not limited only to the inmates but also to
their families. Through the Municipal PESO Manager, not only immediate families of
the residents were encouraged but also their friends and relatives to be considered
for local and overseas employment. Recognizing the skills of LDJ residents, LGU had
also provided a booth for the week-long display of LDJ livelihood products in
connection with the celebration of Labo Town Fiesta on May 06, 2014.
With these innovations, J/CSUPT ROMEO S ELISAN JR, MPA, CDS BJMP-NHQ
GONGONA, DSC, ARDA BJMPROV and their team visited Labo District Jail and
conducted jail inspection, inmates headcount and inventory of personnel on 24
April 2014. Said team proceeded to LDJ after the Annual General Inspection
conducted on the same date at Naga City. Also, the Chief for Directorial Staff
inspected the jail facility after being awarded as the Regional Best District Jail.

Programang Pangkabuhayan para sa Kapamilya ng mga

Residente (inmates) sa Masayang Tahanan (Labo & Daet District Jail)
DOLE Integrated Livelihood & Emergency Employment Program
Labo District Jail bearing its success in having been accredited by TESDA
through joint efforts of LDJ and other agencies concerned with the said project,
however, seeing most residents having no visitors because of unavailability of
resources to be spent for every visit, and because of the absence of the supposed to
be bread winners of the family, LDJ felt the need to find an avenue wherein not only
residents can benefit with a project but also their families so that even in their
absence, life will still be easier with their wife and children. With coordination with

the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Camarines Norte, the First Ever
in BJMP Bicol Region Programang Pangkabuhayan para sa Kapamilya ng
mga Residente (inmates) sa Masayang Tahanan (Labo & Daet District
Jail), a DOLE Integrated Livelihood & Emergency Employment Program
(DILEEP) amounting to one hundred eighty thousand pesos (P180,000.00) was
taken into account wherein the support to be given to the residents will be extended
to their immediate families by teaching and giving them free seminars on incomegenerating projects. With this, instead of limiting the assistance given to Labo
District Jail only, the possibility of applying it to BJMP Nationwide was also taken into
consideration. The Memorandum of Agreement between them, the BJMP, LGU-Labo,
and TESDA as well as the Training and Awarding of Livelihood Materials were top
priorities which will be set this month of June depending on the availability of
concerned parties. However, LDJ not only limiting itself to every possibilities but
giving its very best to make and support existing projects to promote the welfare of
the residents and develop their skills as the authority in charge of their custody.
With the support of DOLE, not only residents would benefit from it but also
their families. Thus, the burden of the government from numerous cases of
unemployed and below poverty line would eventually change. As the saying goes,

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;

teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.
With the endeavor to develop skills and provide opportunities to persons
behind bars and responding to the needs for the betterment of jail services and
through the support from other agencies and individual persons perhaps, Labo
District Jail has a place for a National Recognition.