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A Sambahsa Phrasebook

(Special thanks to S.Rice: )

This work has been conceived in order to provide you with a fair number of
Sambahsa phrases for basic communication abroad. It does not contain grammatical
explanations, which are already available in English at (See: “Sambahsa Grammar in English”). The
pronunciation will not be indicated either, except in a few cases where the Sambahsa
Phonetic Transcription will be used.

However, two important points have to be remembered before going further.

1° To address someone, Sambahsa distinguishes in the second person singular

between the informal pronoun “tu” (te, tib, tien; present ending: -s; past ending: -
(i)st(a) ) and the courtesy pronoun “yu” (vos, vos, vies [voster]; present ending : -t(e);
past ending: -at) which is the pronoun for the second person plural too.
In general, “tu” is only used with young children, and close friends and relatives. As
you are more likely to meet abroad persons you did not know previously, most
phrases of this handbook will use “yu”. Nevertheless, be aware that this usage varies
from country to country.

2° Though it is a very naturalistic auxiliary language, Sambahsa is neutral. Therefore,

speakers will often tend to render directly into Sambahsa the wording that exists in
their native language.
For example, one may translate “There are five rooms in the hotel” as
(Ter) sont penkwe kamers in id hotel.

But a speaker of Hindi or Urdu will probably prefer

In hotel penkwe kamers sont
(Hindi/Urdu): Hotal mê pâc kamre haî

Likewise, “Can you translate for me” corresponds to

Maghte yu tarjmes pro me?

But a speaker of Arabic may use a calque from his/her own language:
Mumkin an tu tarjems
(In Arabic): Mumkin tutarjimu lî ?

Yes ! Ya (after a negative question: si )

No ! No !
Thank you ! Dank ! Mersie [mërsI:]
Please Plais [pläs]
How are you? Kam leitte yu ?
Fine Leito
Good bye Do reviden / Khuda hafiz / Chao
I don’t know Ne gnohm [në nyôm]

Cheerio! Prosit !
Don’t mention it. Obligat
Excuse me! Excuset me ! [ekskÜzd me]
Sorry! Maaf !
What a pity! Sayang !
Pardon! Pardon !
OK OK(ey) / Tamam
Have a good meal! Sell appetite !
Pleased to meet you. marba

Words found in nearly every sentence

maybe, perhaps maghses

and ed
or au
with (accompanied by) con
without aun

The most important questions

Is/are there a(n)… ? Est/sont (ter) un… ?

Do you have …? Habte yu… ?
Where is/are… ? Quer [ker] est/sont …. ?
Where can I… ? Quer magho io…. ?
How much is it ? Qua cost idd ?
Can you help me? Maghte yu hehlpe me ?
Is there a bus to… ? Est un bus kye… ?
What’s your name? Quod est vies nam ?
How old are you? Kam yarat ste yu ?
Where do you come from? Quetos yu ?
What time? Ye quod saat ?
What’s that? Quod est tod ?


to the right dextro

to the left levtro
straight on seid
outside exo
inside eni
here her
there ter
traffic light boik
forward perodh
backwards retro
near / far Prokwe(m) / dalg (ud)


yesterday ghes
today hoyd
tomorrow cras
last (in time) akhire
morning aghyern [Agyërn]
afternoon posmiddien
evening vesper
every day cadadien
early / late aus / sert
on time barwakt; barsaat
now nun
soon (adverb) mox
never naiw(o)
often ops
always semper
immediately fauran

Do you understand?

I don’t speak much Sambahsa. Ne bahm maung Sambahsa

I don’t understand. Io ne prete
Do you know someone who speaks Gnohte yu [nyôt_yu] semanghen
English / French / Spanish / Arabic / [sëmAngën] quel [kel] baht Englisch /
Russian? Franceois [frantsëOys] / Espaniol / Arab /
Rusk ?
How do you say that in Sambahsa? Kam saycte yu tod in Sambahsa ?
What does it mean? Quod maynt tod ?
How do you pronounce this word? Kam pronuncet [pronUntsët] yu tod
werd ?
Can you repeat? Maghte yu repetihes ? [rëpëtÎs]
Could you write it down? Maghte yu scribe id ?
Can you speak more slowly? Maghte yu bahe lenter ?
I haven’t understood everything. Ne ho prete(t/n) hol

Important adjectives

Nice - ugly Jamile - biaur

Expensive - cheap Dorgv - ieftin
Long - short Long - cort
Open - closed Ghyan(t/en) – clus/cluden [klÜdën]
Rich - poor Riche - orm
Hot - cold Chald - srig

Clean - dirty Kiest - murdar
(physically) strong - weak Nert - slab
(figuratively) strong - weak Akster - muzlim
High - low Hog - ghem
Dry - wet Siuk - madh
Fast - slow Oku - lent
Previous - new Prev - nov
Old - young Veut - yun
A lot – a little Meg - lyt
Many - few Maung - pau
Free - engaged Leur - maschkhoul
Easy - difficult Facil - difficil
Hard - soft Kaurd - mliak
Stupid - clever Stupid - clever
Dark - bright Deusk – bert
Neat - nasty Latif - peigher

Important verbs

(s) indicates where the use of the sigmatic aorist is, de facto, compulsory. – indicates
when the past endings are compulsory.

English Verbal stem infinitive Past stem Past participles

be es ses (irregular) est/esen
become bih bihe bih(s)- biht/bihn
begin inkap inkape inkiep Inkapt/inkapen
blow blah blahe blah(s)- blaht/blahn
break brehg brehge brohg brohct/brohgen
[bre :dj] [brO :djën]
build (con)strug (con)struge (con)strux- (con)struct/(con)strugen
buy kaup kaupe kieup kaupt/kaupen
catch kap kape kiep kapt/kapen
come gwehm gwehme gwohm gwohmt/gwohmen
cut seg sege [sedj] seg- sect/segen
do kwehr kwehre kwohr kwohrt/kwohrn
drink poh poh poh(s)- poht/pohn
drive wehgh wehghe wohgh wohght/wohghen
eat edd edd ess ess/edden
fall fall falle fiell fallt/fallen
feel kheiss khisses khiss khisst/khissen
find trehv trehve trohv trohft/trohven
fly pleuk plukes [plüks] pluk pluct/pluken
forget myehrs myehrse myohrs myohrst/myohrsen
Get, obtain dak dake diek dact/daken
give dah dahe dah(s)- daht/dahn
go gwah gwahe gwah(s)- gwaht/gwahn
have hab habe hieb habt/haben

hit heih hihes [hi :s] hih hiht/hihn
know gnoh gnohe gnoh(s)- gnoht/gnohn
leave linekw linkwes likw likwt/likwn
lose leus luses [lÜzës] lus lust/lusen
make makh makhe miekh makht/makhen
meet ghat ghate ghiet ghat/ghaten
put deh dehe deh(s)- deht/dehn
read leis lises [lIzës] lis list/lisen
run curr curre curs curs/curren
say sayg sayge [saydj] sieyg sayct/saygen
see vid vide vis vis/viden
sell pehrn pehrne pohrn pohrnt/pohrnen
send yeis yises [yIzës] yis yist/yisen
shut clud clude [klüd] clus clus/cluden
sit sedd sedde sess sess/sedden
sleep swehp swehpe swohp swohpt/swohpen
speak bah bahe bah(s)- baht/bahn
stand stah stah stah(s)- staht/stahn
steal klehpt klehpte klohpt klohpt/klohpten
swim snah snahe snah(s)- snaht/snahn
(physically) ghend ghende ghens ghens/ghenden
(figuratively) em eme em(s)- emt/emen
think mehn mehne mohn Mohnt/mohnen
understand prete prete pret(e)- pretet/preten
write scrib scribe scrips- script/scriben

Some « modal » verbs

English Verbal stem infinitive Past stem Past participles

be able to ghehd ghehde ghohd ghohdt/ghohden
have the right poitt poitte poiss poiss/poitten
can (in magh maghe miegh maght/maghen
must dehlg dehlge [de:ldj] dohlg dohlct/dohlgen
have to, need tehrb tehrbe tohrb tohrpt/tohrben
intend to, want eiskw Iskwes iskw iskwt/iskwn
To want vol vole vol- volt/volen
Cannot, not to khak khake khiek khact/khaken
be able to
need, require naudh naudhe nieudh naudht/naudhen

Some important conjunctions

because ob
but bet (“sontern” when it comes after “ne”)
if (conditional) sei
if, whether an, kweter
although quayque [kwAykë]
therefore itak
that (ex: “I know that”) od
not ne
neither… nor neter… ni

Introducing people

This is my…. En mien….

husband mann
wife gvibh, esor
daughter dugter
son son
brother brater
sister swes(ter)
boyfriend kerdprient
girlfriend kerdprientin
friend prient
widow vidva
widower vidvo(s)


(to a man) Are you married? Ste yu snupt/snuben ?

(to a woman) Are you married? Ste yu wohdt/wohden ?
Have you got children? Habte yu purts ?
How long have you been here? Pon quayt wakt gwivneute yu her ?
What’s your job? Quod est vies kasseb ?

To what one can answer

I’m a(n)… Som…

clerk katib
joiner stolar
housewife jufu
teacher daskal


I absolutely (dis)agree Mutlak (ne) samstehmo

I don’t feel like having a walk Ne wehno gredde
This is interesting/boring/strange To est interessant/plictic/stragn [strany]
Are you sure? Ste yu yakin ?
I can’t believe it Khako credihes [krëdI:s] to


love (n.) liubh

love / I love you Lieubh- / Te lieubho
In love Enliubh(t/en)
caress (v.) caresse
kiss (v.) kussen
kiss kuss
intercourse jima
fuck (v.) yehbh
contraceptive contraceptive
pill pilule
condom condom
menstruation menstruation
tampon tampon
pregnancy setus
pregnant hamil
venereal disease Veneri siuge
penis penis
vagina wagin
couple couple
beautiful bell

Asking one’s way

Could you tell me the way… Maghte yu sayge mi id itner…

To the station Kyid station
To the travel agency Kyid saferagence
To the hotel Kyid hotel
To the airport Kyid airport
To the pharmacy Kyid pharmacia/apotheque [apo§Ek]
To the market Kyid mercat


I’d like to book a (return) flight to London Eiskwo buke [bük] un (reik)pleuk kye
Is there a stopover in Paris? Bendert id in Paris ?
I have to cancel my flight to… Dehlgo batalihes [batalI:s] mien pleuk
departure asimat
arrival arriven
gate dwor
crew nieute
airport airport
counter contor
passenger passager

On ship

anchor anker
disembark disnauk, disbark, exsteigh
boat boot
ship nav
steamer vapor, steumnav, steumboot
ferry ferry
deck deck
harbour Red, liman
port port
yacht yakht
coast caust
lighthouse phar
voyage voyage
life-jacket salvtatsvest
cross tehr

Train or bus

A ticket to Amsterdam, please. Un tiquet kye Amsterdam, plais.

How much is a ticket to… Qua cost un tiquet kye…
When is there a bus/train to… Quando start un bus/train [trän] kye…
Where do I have to change ? Quer dehlgo io mutawehghe ?
What platform does the train to… leave Ud quod perron start id train kye…. ?
from ?

terminal terminal
driver wehgher
Couchette car Couchetten wagon
sleeping car swehpwagon
compartment Coupee (coupé)

fare porm
conductor (tickets) controleur
ticket Tiquet [tIkët]
station hall voxhall
platform perron


Where’s the nearest petrol-station? Quer est id meist prokwem service-

station ?
Full, please !/Fill ’er up! Plais partancte !
Normal grade petrol for ten dollars, Normal bensin po dec dollars, plais !
please !
Can you check the oil/battery/tyre Maghte yu chehxe id ol/batterie/pneu
pressure? pressem ?
I’ve had a breakdown Ho haben un panne !
Can you take my car in tow? Maghte yu bugsaire mien auto ?
I’ve had an accident. Please call the Ho haben un accident. Plais kalte id
police! police !
There’s something wrong with the Id blinker est defect.
The battery is out of order Id batterie neti functiont
Could you repair the brake-lights? Maghiete yu repare ia braikluces ?
traffic-light boik
motorway autostrad
brake braik
gear ghir
clutch couplen
steering wheel styr
engine motor
headlight (auto)phar
jack domkrakht
tool alat
windscreen windschib
car park, parking lot parking
parking meter parkwaktmeider
driving licence wehghlicence
road sign deik
diesel fuel Diesel (fiull)
super petrol Super naft
regular petrol bensin
hitch-hike autostop
Please, drop me over there Plais, skladte me tetro


Hello, I’d like a single room/double room Sellamat, eiskwo un kamer pro oin/dwo
for two nights anghen(s) unte dwo nocts
Is breakfast included? Es’ snidan inclus ?
lift/elevator lift
bathroom balnyakyal
bed Lict/crovat
blanket blanquet
sheet charsaf
shower dusch
towel (for hands/for bath) Handtuk/katife
heating warmen
stove (for cooking) herd
pillow wangher
lamp lampe
mattress matrass
sleeping-bag swehpsack
key cleich
mirror Specule [spEkül]
socket (electrical) Srovcutia, srovos
floor (level), story etage
electricity electricitat
youth hostel Yuwent herbehrg
accomodation fundwk


Have you got a place for a small Habte yu un place pro un smulk
tent/caravan (camper)? delt/caravan ?
campsite waungordos
wash-basin lowter
water-tap chesma
campfire koister
tent-rope tanab
recreational vehicle waunwogh

At the restaurant

Can we have the menu, please? Vidskwmos id menue, plais ! [vIdskumos

id mënÜ: , pläs]
We would like to order Eiskwmos hangjowe
Can we have the bill, please? Eiskwmos id rechwng [rEtcung], plais.
supper souper
aperitif aperitif
ashtray aschbak
cutlery bestehg

bread dvan
diet diete
ice-cream swadglehdj
vinegar acete
fish pisk
meat miems
breakfast snidan
fork ghabel
to fry freih
poultry plukel
vegetable opst
drink (in general) scharab
drink (alcohol) drehnk
spice spiss
glass glas
dinner diner
chicken kierk
coffee coffie
cheese caise
cook cokw
cake gateau
lunch obedd
dessert dessert
fruit fruit
oil ol
pepper piper
veal vicel
juice juce
salt sald
pork pork
vegetarian vegetarian
starter entree
game wedirn
rice ris


I was attacked Anghen me hat attaquet

Please call the police/a lawyer! Plais kalte id police/un advocat !
Please inform the European embassy! Plais informet id Europay ambassade !
My camera was stolen Mien photoapparat est klohpt
I lost my… Ho lust mien…
wallet portmonaie
purse jusdan
suitcase valise
passport passport
I’m innocent Som innocent
thief fur

prison prison
money denars (plural)
hand-bag handsack
murder maurdh
murderer maurdher
policeman policiste
drug drogh
accident accident
witness weitwodd
police-station Police-station
rape ghionkawn
Lost Property Office trohvbureau
form (document) formulire
lodge a complaint mahel


Have you got Habte yu semject ad declare ?

Anything to declare?
You have to pay duty! Yu dehlcte payghe toll !
customs duan
customs office kumruk
goods maals

Bank and money

Where can I change money? Quer ghehdo io change denars ?

I’d like to change one hundred euros Eiskwo change cent euros
What’s the rate of exchange US Quod est id change ratio US dollars –
dollars/Euros? Euros ?
I want to cash in this cheque Volo encasse tod cheque
bank bank
black market Sword mercat
cash (money) gienxin (denars)
amount mikdar
banknote banknote
cash point cassa
coin pieng
counter contor
cheque cheque
sign (v.) signe
signature signature
currency rawaj
agency agence
pay (v.) paygh
exchange (v.) exchange


Stamps for five air-mail letters to India Stamps pro penk airpost brevs do Hind
I want to send a telegram/a letter to Volo yises un telegramme/un brev do
China China
address adresse
letter/message Brev/message
letter-box postdiek
stamp Postmark, stamp
postman postalion
envelope vulbh
post-office postamt
post card postcarte
counter contor
e-mail blixbrev
computer Computer [kompÜtër]


telephone booth Phone-kuschk

dial schakel
lift (the receiver) oisghend
hang up (the receiver) enhang
number adadh
ring (v.) swehn
receiver (of phone) aurer


I’m ill Som sieug

I have to see a doctor Tehrbo vide un liek
My head/stomach hurts Mien kap/stomak gvolt
I’m allergic to penicillin Som allergic dia penicillin
My skin is itching Mien cuit paymt
arm brakh
eye ok
leg jamb
appendix appendix
breast xiongbu
finger fingher
foot ped
face lige
neck coll
heart kerd
bone ost
head kap

mouth stohm
nose nas
back regv
shoulder oms
hand hand
toe doik
ear aur
chemist’s shop, pharmacy Pharmacia, apotheque
doctor Like, medic
breathe anem
treatment Ilaj
blood sehrg
fracture fracture
diarrhoea Diarrhea, issehal
vomit (v.) vomeih
cold kholt
hospital hospital
illness/disease Siuge [siüdj]
x-raying rontgen
pain gvol
ointment meklemm
nausea nausea
examination endersok
dentist dentiste
asthma Asthma [Astma]
leprosy leper


Hello, do you sell postcards? Sellamat, pehrnte yu postcartes ?

I want to buy a shirt please! Kaupskwo un camiss, plais !
This is too expensive Tod est pior dorgv
How long will it take to repare my Quayt wakt est tohrben kay repare mien
glasses ? bril ?
Have you got the swimsuit in a smaller Habte yu id yukwi in smulker mege ?
baker pehkwer
bargain/haggle wesneih
boutique butique
trader saudagher
kiosk kushk
grocer backal
butcher kassab
optician optician
dry-cleaner sabbarh
travel agency Safer agence
stationer stationar
shoemaker schoutor

souvenir souvenire
supermarket supermercat
try on probire


watch (runc)saat
bracelet brakhlett
diamond diamant
gold gold
necklace Collband, xiaunliang
earring aurring
ring ring
silver Argwrnt [Argurnt]
ivory ivor
ebony ebon

Swimming equipment

swimsuit yukwi
bikini bikini
bellows balgh
air mattress Air matrass
rubber dinghy gumminauk
sunhat solhat
buoy boya


blouse blouse
belt yeusmen
trousers pantalon
jacket Jaquet [jAkët]
dress povesti
coat mantel
pullover pullover
raincoat seuymantel
skirt Rogv (full body); fustan
scarf scharf
umbrella saan
shoe schou
sandal sandal


pencil molive
paper papier
pen kalem
biro/ballpoint kulgkalem
newspaper journal

An English Sambahsa Lexicon

abortion : abortion
about : (prep): de ; (adv): circa
absent : absent
accelerate : accelere
accident : accident
accomodation : fundwk
accompany : hamrah
account : cont(o)
accusation : accusation
acquaintance : sabika
actor : actor
actress : actrice
address : adresse
addressee : adresseit
admission : admission
advantage : vantage
affair : affaire
afford : teul
Africa : Africa [Afrika]
African : african
afternoon : posmiddien
agree : samstehm
airport : airport
all : quant
allergic : allergic
alone : (adj) mon
although : quayque
amber : (yellow): ginter; (grey): amber
ambulance : ambulance
America: America [amErika]
American : american
among : bayna
amount : mikdar
anchor : anker
and : ed
angry : irat
animal : animal
ankle : glesen
annoy : balahen
anorak : anorak
appendix : appendix
apple : appel
appropriate (adj) : ciautaung
April : aprile
Arab(ic): arab
area : zone

arm : brakh
arrival : arriven
arrogance : arrogance
ashtray : ashbak
Asia : Asia
Asian : asian
ask : sprehg
at last : bad
at once : fauran
Atlantic : Atlantic
attack : attaque
attention : attention
autumn : osyern
avaricious : bakhil
avoid : vergeih

back : (noun) : regv ; (adv) : tsay

bacon : schpeck
bad : (unsuccessful): khak; (valueless): (s)mal; (evil): khiter
bag : sack
bake : bauk, pehkw
baker : pehkwer
balcony : balcon
bank : (money): bank; (shore): ouper
(wash)basin : lowter
basket : kist
bathroom : balnyakyal
battery : batterie; (removable): dienchi
be missing : ses missend
beach : plaj
bean : fassol
beautiful : bell
become : bih
bedside table : nocttable
beer : bir(a)
beggar : taskar
behave : sulouk
bell : clock
bellows : balgh
belt : yeusmen
big : mier
bill (restaurant) : rechwng
binoculars : durbin (sing.)
bird : av
biro : kulgkalem
birth : gnahsa
birthday : gnahdien
bitter : bitter

black : sword
bladder : wensti
blazing : spleindend
blood : sehrg; (gore): cruor
blouse : blouse
blow : (v.): blah
boast : (v.): gvrendue
boat : boot
boil : (v.): yehs
bone : ost
book : buk
book : (v.): buk, reserve
bookshop : librarie
border : grance
boring : plictic
borrow : laun
boy : pwarn
brain : kres
brake : braik
Brazil : Brasilu; Brazilian : brasileir
bread : dvan
break : (v.): brehg
breakdown (car): panne
breakfast : snidan
breast : xiongbu
breathe : anem
bronchitis : bronchitis
brother : brater
(electric) bulb : ampull
bus : (auto)bus
busy : besic
butcher: kassab
butter : butter
buy : kaup

cabbage : kaupust
cabin (ship) : kayut
calm/quiet : sakwn
camera : photoapparat
campsite : waungordos
can : magh
capital (city): nagor
car : auto, carr, wogh
car mechanic : auto mecaniste
car park : parking
caravan : caravan
cardigan : cardigan
careful : kauric

caress : (v.): caresse
carpet : tapit, kelim
carrot : mork
cash (money): gienxin
castle (residence) : chateau
cat : cat
catch a cold : bihabe un kholt
Catholic : catholic
cauliflower : cunupide
cave : balm(a)
century : secule
chair : stol, stul
change : (v.): change
charge : (v.): charge
cheap : ieftin
to check : chehx
cheese : caise
cherry : kerais
chess : schakh
chicken : kierk
child : (youth): magh; (descendant): purt
chilly : glehdjic
china (noun): giki; (product): tauxi; (country): China
chinese : chinese
chips, French fries : (pommes) frites
chives : arpagic
chocolate : chocolat
choice : cheus
chop : cotlett
Christian : christian
Christmas : Natal; (heathen): Kwel
cigar : cigar
cigarette : cigarette
city center : urbcentre
clear : clar
clergyman : pryster
climate : climat
cloakroom : gardrobe
clock : horloge
cloudy : dengu
coast : caust
coffee : cofie
coin : pieng
cold (adj): srig
collar-bone : konem
colour : color
come : gwehm
comfortable : comfortable
compassion : compassion
conductor (control) : controleur

constant : constant
consulate : consulat
consume : consumme
contact lenses : contact linses
contraceptive : contraceptive
contradict : contradic
contribute : contribue
conversation : conversation
cook : cokw
cool : khuld
cork screw : corcscruv
corruption : corruption
cotton : coton
count : (v.): conte, lehg
counter : contor
country : land
cranberry : juravin
cream (edible) : smantan
crossing : tehren
crossroads : viacruce
cry : (v.): plang
cucumber : gurk
currency : rawaj
custody : custodia
customs (boundary): duan
cutlery : bestehg

daily : cadadien
dance : (v.): dans
danger of death : mortal danger
dark : deusk
date of birth : gnahtarikhe
date (fruit): khurma; (time): tarikhe
daughter : dugter
day : dien
day after tomorrow : poscras
day before yesterday : preghes
December : december
declare : declare
dentist : dentiste
denture : dentia
deny : nege
departure : asimat
desperate : aunspeh, desperat
dessert : dessert
destination : destination
determination : determination

diabetic : diabetic
dial : (v.): schakel
diarrhoea : diarrhea, issehal
die : mehr
dig : ([oi]s)kav, grabh, fodd
digest (book): kitab
digest : digest
diminish : meinc
direction : direction
desinfectant : desinfectant
district : district
disturb : (oi)steurb
dive : (v.): merg
diving equipment : mergschowbey
divorce : (v.): divorce
doctor (physician) : liek, medic
door handle : klink
door-lock : sclud
drain : drain
drink : scharab; (alcohol): scharab
driving-licence : wehgh-licence
drugs : droghs
dry : (adj.): siuk; (v.): teurs
duck : aend
duration : duren
duty (tax) : toll

earthquake : gischien
east : eust
eat : edd
egg : oiv
either... or : auter... au
elbow : olan
electricity : electricitat
elevator/lift : lift
embassy : ambassade
emperor : cesar, imperator
engaged : maschkhoul
engine : motor
English : englisch
enough : kafi, sat
eternal : abadic; eternity : abad
Europe : Europe
European : europay; European Union : Europay Union (EU)
even : hatta
evening : vesper
excavation : excavation

excellent : excellent
exchange : (v.): exchange
excursion : excursion
exit : exit, udghang, salgen
expensive : dorgv
express train : express train

face : lige
faint : bayaldissen
fall : (v.): fall
family : familia
fat : piwon
father : pater
feasible : mumkin
February : februar
fee : demosia
female : ster
ferry : ferry
fig : smauk
film : film
finger : fingher
first : prest
first name : prenam
fishing licence : peisklicence
flat : platt
flight : (in the air) pleuk; (escape): fug
floor : (level in a building): etage; (ground): plor
flower : flor
flu : (in)flu(enza), grippe
fly : (v.): pleuk
follow : sehkw
food : pieut (pitu)
foot : ped
foreign : gospoti; foreign countries : kharij
forest : forest, sylve, lays
fork : ghabel
form : (document): formulire; (shape): forme, skeip
fountain : fontan
fracture : fracture
free : leur; (cost-free): gratis
freedom : lure
French : franceois
Friday : juma
friend : prient(in)
fruit : fruit
full : plen


garden : garden
garlic : kerem
gate : dwor
gear : (automobile): ghir
get : dak, preim
get accustomed to : biswehd + accusative
get excited : se isnah
girl : pieg, bint, kweil
give : dah
gland : ghelgh
glasses : bril
glossy : bleigu
glue : glue
go : gwah + accusative; eih
go for a walk : gredd
go shopping : ambhkaup
go/to drive : wehgh
good : (successful): gohd; (convenient): dohbro; (contra-evil): sell
goods : maals
government : gouvernement
grandfather : grandpater
grandmother : grandmater
grapes : vinber
greasy : piwer
green : glend
grey : greis
grill : (v.): grille
grocer : backal
grown-up : adult, balirh
guide : guide
guilt : skeulos, jarim

habit : adet
hail : grandwn
hair : kays
hair brush : kaysbeurst
hair-dresser : barber
half : (adj; adv.) pwol; (noun): dwodel
ham : schynka
hand : hand
handbag : handsack
hanger : hangher
happen : wakye
harbour : red, liman

hard : kaurd
hatred : haines
head : kap
heart : kerd
heat : gvrens
helpful : mukhsen
herbs : herbs, andsa
here : her
high tide : flutt
history : storia; (science): historia
holidays : ferias
homeland : vatan
honey : mielt
honk : (v.): klaxon
horse : ekw
hospital : hospital
hot : chald
hotel : hotel
hour : (duration): hor; (time): saat
hourly: horlong
house : dom
housewife : jufu
how : (manner): kam; (means): quosmed
however : lakin
hungry : hungric
husband : mann

I : ego, io
identity card : identitatscarte
if : sei; (whether): an, kweter
illuminate : illumine
impatience : impatience
improve : kayjin
in love : enliubh(-t/-en)
in my opinion : ye mieno mayn
in time : barwakt; barsaat
included : inclus/includen
independent : independent
India : Hind
Indian: (of India): hindi; (native american): indian
indicator : blinker
indifferent : indifferent
indispensable : lasim, indispensable
Indonesia : Indonesia
Indonesian : indonesian
inflammation : inflammation
information desk : informationsloquet

injection : injection
injustice : injustice
innocent : innocent
insomnia : aunswehpia, insomnia
insult : (v.): hakare
insured : sicure(-t/-n)
intentionnally : makhsus
intercourse : sexual act, jima
investigation : investigation, sok
Islam : islam
island : insule
itch : (v.): paym

jacket : jaquet
January : januar
Japan : Japan
Japanese : japanese
jaw : ghyanu
Jew(ish): iudi
jeweller : joyelar
jewellery (gems) : javahir
journey/trip : safer
juice : juce
July : jul
June : jun

key : cleich
kidney : nugver
kilometer : kilometer
king : roy
kingdom : roydem, rig
kiss : (v.): kussen
kiss : kuss
knee : genu

lady : potnia, dame

lake : lak (lac)
lamb : agno
larynx : larynx
last : senst; (in time): akhire
lawyer : advocat
laxative : laxative

lead : (v.): duc
leaf : warak
lean : maigher
leave : (v.): linekw
left (direction) : lev(ter)
leg : jamb
lemon : citron
letter : (message): brev; (sign): buksteiv
lettuce : maroul
life : gwit
lift : lift
lifting jack : domkrakht
light (noun): luce; (adj.): legv
like : (v.): kam
liniment : liniment
lip : lip
little : lytil
live : (v.): gwiv
liver : lyekwrnt
lobster : astak
loin : lendv
long : long
lorry/truck : onwogh
lounge : salon
love : liubh
love : (v.): lieubh
low tide : aykw
luggage : gapack
lunch : obedd

maiden name : potnikas nam

make : makh
male : ner
man: (male): wir; (human): mensc
map : map
map of the town: urbmap, urbplan
match (fire): kibrit
matress : matrass
mai : mai
meat : miems
mechanic (adj): mecanic; (noun): mecaniste
medicine (product): pharmac
menstruation : menstruation
merchant : tajir
midwife : acuscherin
mild : mild
milk : melg

minced meat : kima
mineral water : (mineral) aqua
minute : minute
mirror : specule
misery : misere
mix : (v.): mix
moist/damp: nask, (ground): loim
moment : moment
Monday : mundie
month : munt
mood : dumos
more : meis
morning : aghyern
mosque : masjid
mother : mater
motorway : autostrad
mountain : ghyor(a)
mudguard : mudhguarde
murder : maurdh
murderer : maurdher
museum : museium
mushroom : baung
Muslim : muslim
mussel : sedef

name : nam
napkin : serviet
narrow : angh
nausea : nausea
nearest : prokwemst
necessary : necessar
neither... nor : neter... ni
nervous : nerveus
new : nov
news : novs; (sing.): khabar
newspaper : journal
next : niebst
night : noct
no : no
noth : nord
not : ne; not... yet : ne... bad
nothing : neid, nischt(o)
now : nun
number plate : platska
number (n°) : adadh
nurse : sanitarin
nut : nuce

ocean : ocean
October : october
oil : ol
ointment : meklemm
old : veut
old-fashioned : oismode
on foot : ped-ye
on top : top-ye
open : (v.): ghyan
opinion : opinion, mayn
optician : optician
or : au
orange : orange
order (a good): hangjow
our : nies, noster
out : ex(o)
overtake (move) : udgwah
own : wi

Pacific : Pacific
packed lunch : bentoo
pain : gvol
palace : palat
paprika : paprika
paralysis : paralysis
parcel : packett
park : (v.): park
parking disc : parking disk
parkmeter : parkwaktmeider
parsley : petrosell
passenger : passager
pastry (cake): boreck
patient : patient
pavement (sidewalk): trotuar
pay : (v.): paygh
peach : persic
peanut : kalchang
pear : pir
pedestrian : pedghanger
pencil : molive
people : (persons): leuds; (nation): folk; (lower classes): popule
pepper : piper
peppers : (paprika)piments
performance (of an artist): tamsil
perfume : profume

perhaps : maghes
pester : enwoghle
petrol can : naft kant
picture : kwiter
a piece of : un schtuk
pig : swin
pillow : wangher
pineapple : ananas
place : place
place of residence : baytel
plane (aircraft): plav
plant : plante
plastic bag : plastic sack
plate : taler
play : (v.): leik
plug :schteker
plum : prun
police station : police station
policeman :policiste
poor : orm
population : population
pork : pork(miems)
Portuguese : portughesche
possible : possible
post : post
post administration : baride
postage : porto
post-office : postamt
pot : pot
potato : kartoffel, patat
power (electricitat): srov
precious : precieus
prefer : prefer
pregnancy : setus
pregnant : hamil
preparation : preparation
prescription (doctor): prescription
present (gift): hadia
president : president
pressure : pressem
pretend : jiaujwaung
pretty : jamile
prevent somebody from doing : stamebh- kwehre ad semanghen
primitive : primitive
prison : prison
probable : probable
progress : progress
prohibit : prohibeih
proof : pruv
property (estate): vetat

propose : proposen
Protestant : protestant
pull : (v.): trag
punishment : schtraf
purse : jusdan
pyjamas : piyama (sing.)

quarrel : cheid, faydh

queen : rayn
question : question
quick/fast : oku
quiet : sakwn

radio : radio
rain : seuy
raincoat : seuymantel
rape : ghionkawn
raspberry : ampwa
rather : anter
raw : om
razor : xur
razor blade : xurmiech
read : leis
reasonable : raisonable, kemall
receiver (phone) : aurer
recommend : recommande
recover (disease): ganeis
reduction : reduction
refreshment : refreschment
religion : religion
rent : (price) kira
rent : (v.): stajer
renting : ijar
repair : (v.): repare
repeat : repeteih
resist : resist
responsible : massoul, responsible
result : resultat
return : (v.): reik
revenge : revanche
right (direction): dex(ter)
right (exact): prabh
ring : ring
road sign : deik

roadworks :stradorbats
roast chicken : rost(en) kierk
rob : raubh
roll (bread): jemmel
rubber dinghi : gumminauk
ruin : (v.): ruine
Russia : Russia
Russian : (ethnicity, language): rusk; (pertaining to Russia): russian

safe, sure : salv

safety pin : agraf
sail : (v.): seghel
salad : salade
salt :sald
Saturday : sabd
sauna : sauna
say/tell : sayg
school : scol
sciatica : sciatique
scrambled eggs : kayganas
screwdriver : scruvwehrt
sea : mar
season: saison
seat : sedd, kursiy
see : vid
self-confidence : jischin
sensitive : kheissas
September : september
serious : serieus
sex : sexe
shallow : plask
shape : skeip, forme
shave : (v.): xeur
she : ia
sheet (bed) : charsaf
shirt : camiss
shiver : (v.): kreus
shoe : schou
shoot : strehl
shop : magasin
shop (business): dukan
shoulder : oms
shower : dusch
shy : timid
sick : sieug
sign : (v.): signe
signature : signature

silk : silk
sister : swes(ter)
size : mege
skull : ghalv
sleep : (v.): swehp
slice (bread): fel
slippers : pantoffels
slow : lent
smoke : (v.): deum
snake : serpent
soap : sapun
society : societat
socket (electricity): srovos, srovbux
some : sem
something : semject
sorry ! : maaf !
soup : soup
south : sud
Spanish : espaniol
speed limit : kadam limite
spell : (v.): buksteiv
spend (time): spend; (money): masraf
spice : spiss
spleen (belly): milz
spoon : guar
spring (season): (pirm)wer
stain : gloi
stamp : stamp
start : (v.): start
starter (meal): entree
stationer : stationar
steamed : stuft/stuven
steamer : steumboot, vapor
steep : skarp
stew : ragou
still: (adj.): still; (adv.): dar
stomach : stomak
stone : petra
stormy : stormic
straight on : seid
strange : stragn
straw hat : kalm hat
strawberry : mazuk
strict : strict
string (to bind) : schnur; (swimsuit): string
stuffed : pohlt/pohln
substitute : substitut
sufficient : sufficient
suitcase : valise
summer : lient

summit : sommett
sunburnt : solbrans/solbranden
sundae : sundae
Sunday : mingo
suppository : zwayako
surroundings : ihatta (sing.)
sweet : swadh
swimsuit : yukwi
swollen : oid

table : table
table cloth : skatert
tablet : tablette
ttake : ghend; (fig.): em
talkative : tolkriche
tap : chesma
task : task, opos
taste : gust
tea : chay
technical : technic
technician : muhandis
technique : technique
telephone : telephone
television : television
temperature : temperature
tender : tender
tent : delt
terrible : terrible
Thank you : dank, mersie

theft : klehpt
there : ter
thief : fur
thigh : bemern
thing : ject
think : mehn
throat : gurgule
thumb : pallex
Thursday : khamsi
ticket : tiquet
tie : cravate
tights : collants
tin-opener : conserveghyaner
tobacco : tabak
toe : doik

toilet-paper : tualette-papier
tomorrow : cras
tonsils (body): lousas
tool : alat
tooth : dent
touch : (v.): touche
towel : handduk
tower : tor
town : urb
town hall : ratusch
towrope : (bugsair)dunos
toy : leuyk
traffic : trafic
traffic light : boik
train : train
tranquillizer : sedative
translate : tarjem
travel : (v.): safer
traveller : mussafer
treatment : traitement; (medical): ilaj
tree : dru
trousers : pantalon (sing), brugs
trunk (box): sanduk
Tuesday : ardie

umbrella : saan
unconscious : inconscient
under : sub
under age : minorat
underground : metro
unharmed : sahikh
United States of America : Uniet Stats os America [amErika]; USA
US : US(-american)
usual : adic

valid : valid
valley : dal(in), vallee
veal : vicel
vegetables : opsta
vegetarian : vegetarian
velvet : zamt
venereal disease : veneri siuge
venison : venaison
village : village

vinegar : acete
visa : visa
visit : (v.): visite
vomit : (v.): vomeih

waiter/waitress: (ober)kellner/in
wake : (v.): (oi)sbeud
walk : (v.): ghang
wallet : portmonaie
water : wed
wave : voln; (fig.): wand
Wednesday : credie
week : hevd
well-done (cooked): mustaur
west : west
what : quod
What a pity ! : sayang !
wheel : rot, kwekwl
whipped cream : schlakhsana
whooping cough : koklysche
wife : esor, gvibh
window : fenster
windscreen : windschib
winter : winter, ghim
wire : viel
with : (person): con; (means): med; (element): samt
within : eni
without : aun
witness : weitwodd
woman : gwen(a)
wonderful: daumost
wood (matter): dreu
wool : wuln(a)
work : (v.): wehrg; (labour): orbat
write : scrib
wrong : ghaw; fals

X, Y & Z

x-ray : rontgen
yacht : yakht
year : yar
yes : ya
yesterday : ghes
youth : yuwent; (young person): yuwenc
zero : zero

zoo : zoo