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CityPASS® Tour Operator/Wholesale
Online Ordering Sales Agreement


CityPASS® is a cooperative tourism marketing program offered by City Pass, Inc. which represents various
cultural and tourist attractions. _________________________________________, hereinafter referred to as
OPERATOR, agrees to sell CityPASS® ticket books subject to the terms and conditions described in this
CityPASS® Tour Operator/Wholesale Agreement (the “AGREEMENT”), and any information or restrictions
included on, CityPASS® ticket books, CityPASS® brochures. OPERATOR warrants that it is
an established tour operator/wholesaler providing tour programs, transportation logistics, or other components
traditionally associated with this function. As such, OPERATOR qualifies for a commission of 20% off the retail
price of a CityPASS® ticket book.
Company Name: __________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________________________
Delivery Address:__________________________________________________________________________
Country of Business Organization ____________________ Tax I.D. No./SS No .________________________
Type of Organization: Corporation ___ Partnership _____ Sole Proprietor___
Contracting Manager:____________________________ Email: ___________________________________
Phone: ________________________________________ Fax:_____________________________________
Sales Manager:_________________________________ Email: ___________________________________
Phone: ________________________________________ Fax: _____________________________________
Accounting Contact: ___________________________

Email: ___________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________ Fax: _____________________________________

Initial and date __________________

If OPERATOR is offering a CityPASS® ticket book as an inclusion in an opaquely priced package. If CityPASS® ticket books are purchased. and is a fanciful word we selected as the original brand name that identifies City Pass. When selling CityPASS® ticket books as a standalone product. Vouchers will list both CityPASS. reserves the right to update pricing and programs at City Pass. from which OPERATOR can purchase CityPASS® ticket books (excluding Southern California CityPASS®) with a credit card or Pay Pal account at a 20% net rate based on the current CityPASS® ticket book retail rate . SECTION 3. Inc. Inc . OPERATOR agrees to return all unused vouchers or CityPASS® ticket books to City and OPERATOR’s name . CityPASS® is a term coined by City Pass. Inc. SECTION 4.please indicate exactly how you would like to state your company name as you would like it to appear on the voucher: _______________________ ____________________________________________________________. OPERATOR must return any previous program year stock in its possession and purchase new CityPASS® ticket books by March 10 each year . OPERATOR can have CityPASS® ticket books shipped to an address within the United States. City Pass. then OPERATOR may offer the CityPASS® ticket book at a price lower than the established CityPASS® retail price . Inc. Any such changes do not require that a new contract be entered into by OPERATOR . Inc. Inc. OPERATOR is not authorized to share its assigned user name and password with anyone not employed by OPERATOR’s company or City Pass. RATES CityPASS® program years typically run from March 1. Expiration date may be found on the inside front cover of CityPASS® ticket books. reserves the right to revise or make changes to the attractions included in its CityPASS® ticket books without prior notice. E-tickets/Vouchers must be redeemed within 90 days of purchase . OPERATOR may use the City Pass. OPERATOR agrees to not sell CityPASS® ticket books for less than the published retail rates on the date the traveler will be redeeming the CityPASS® ticket book . OPERATOR may request a refund for unused CityPASS® ticket books by contacting annie@citypass.’s sole discretion. SECTION 5. Activated or expired CityPASS® ticket books are not refundable .February 28 .’s cooperative marketing program and tourist attraction ticket books. Inc. Canada or the United Kingdom or can print an e-ticket/voucher on behalf of the client . will provide OPERATOR with a user name and password that can be used to access www. upon termination or instruction to do so. CityPASS® TRADEMARK Ownership: CityPASS® is a federally registered service mark owned by City Pass. PURCHASE OPTION City Pass. GENERAL PROVISIONS City Pass. If OPERATOR is pre-purchasing CityPASS® ticket books. trade name and CityPASS® mark and logo in the promotion and sale of CityPASS® ticket books as described in this AGREEMENT. . All vouchers/e-tickets and CityPASS® ticket books remain the property of City Pass Inc. There is no such generic thing as a “city pass”. Inc.SECTION 2. OPERATOR agrees that all rights in the CityPASS® mark and the Initial and date __________________ . OPERATOR will receive 30 days advance notice of pricing and program updates. Inc. Any other usage requires prior written approval from City Pass.citypass.

Always use the trademark indicator ® after the trademark (i. dilution and genericization. and interpreted and enforced in accordance with. The CityPASS® mark and related logo should only be used to indicate the source of City Pass.” SECTION 6. including. Never use the CityPASS® mark in plural or modified forms. CityPASS® ticket books). City Pass. In such an event. Effect of Termination: Upon termination or expiration of this AGREEMENT for any reason. City Pass. TERMINATION Termination Without Cause: Either party has the right to terminate this AGREEMENT for any reason and in its sole discretion. Inc. Inc. whether for or without cause.goodwill connected therewith. all rights granted to OPERATOR hereunder shall terminate immediately and without further notice .. and in headers or highly visible locations. Inc. GOVERNING LAW AND JURISDICTION This AGREEMENT and the rights and obligations of the parties under this AGREEMENT. and the exclusive property of City Pass. use the generic term “ticket book” after the CityPASS® trademark the first time the mark appears in each written communication. SECTION 8. nor may OPERATOR express or imply any relationship between City Pass. OPERATOR agrees to immediately discontinue all uses of the CityPASS® mark. Inc. tarnishment. City Pass. In addition.’s trademark prevents the likelihood that consumers will be confused. If the AGREEMENT is terminated with cause. without regard to conflicts of law principles. for example.’s program and related products and should not be used to refer to any third party’s goods or services. Inc. agrees to honor all outstanding CityPASS® vouchers or ticket books issued up to 30 days after notice has been given. For example. to destroy all printed material in OPERATOR’s possession bearing the CityPASS® mark. Inc. including changing the color scheme of the logo. effective immediately upon the date of termination.e.” It is improper to say “We sell city passes to many popular attractions. Inc. and helps prevent damage to our marks.’s CityPASS® mark must always be used accurately and in its correct form. shall remain the property of City Pass. and certify to City Pass. in writing that OPERATOR has complied with these termination provisions . SECTION 7. Inc. or as a noun or verb to describe a product which is not offered by City Pass. shall be governed by. every use of the CityPASS® mark should begin with the capital letter “C” and include the term “PASS” in all capital letters. Inc. There is no space between “City” and “PASS” in the CityPASS® mark. OPERATOR agrees to pay reasonable attorney’s fees and related collection costs in the event that collection becomes necessary . and OPERATOR except as expressly permitted by this AGREEMENT. The following acknowledgment must be displayed in a footnote to OPERATOR’s webpage or marketing materials: "CityPASS® is a registered trademark of City Pass. AFFILIATION OPERATOR may not in any manner misrepresent or embellish the relationship between OPERATOR and City Pass. At a minimum. Inc. Initial and date __________________ . OPERATOR shall not incorporate the CityPASS® mark in its own company name. Inc. may terminate this AGREEMENT at any time if OPERATOR is in breach of any of the provisions herein or immediately in the event of any affirmative act of insolvency by OPERATOR.. website name or domain names. Inc.” Usage Guidelines: Proper use of City Pass. OPERATOR cannot modify the CityPASS® mark and logo in any way. Upon termination of this AGREEMENT. reserves the right to no longer accept OPERATOR’s vouchers/e-tickets. the laws of the State of California. subject to thirty (30) days’ notice. it is proper to say “We sell CityPASS® ticket books for many major cities. Termination for Cause: City Pass. Inc.

ID 83455 Phone: 415.: FOR OPERATOR: ___________________________________________ Annie Allen Director. Inc.3348 Company: __________________________________ By: _______________________________________ (type or print name) Title: ______________________________________ Signature: __________________________________ Date: ______________________________________ Date: ______________________________________ Initial and date __________________ . 27 Arrow Root Lane Victor. 2012. Inc. and shall expire after February 28.796.This AGREEMENT shall be effective as of March 1. Tourism Sales & Marketing City Pass. FOR CITY PASS. whichever is later. or the date on which it is signed by City Pass.. INC. 2013.