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Lucas H.

Permanent Address: 17 Forest Ave. Mystic, CT, 06355
Certifications: Red Cross First aid and CPR, WSI, USA Archery
Phone: (860) 857-3148
To obtain a Physical Education and/or Coaching profession within an educational institution/district.
Springfield College, Springfield MA
Bachelor of Science in Movement and Sports Studies
December 2014
Minor: Athletic Coaching
Licenses: Physical Education Pre K-8, 5-12*
Sheltered English Immersion Endorsed
*Passed all sections of MA Test for Educator Licensure
Ledyard High School, Full-time Practicum, Ledyard, CT
Fall 2014
 Implemented curriculum for grades 9-12 based around sport-education model
 Created, modified, and implemented lesson plans that promoted the five components of fitness
 Assisted with Special Education Adapted classes and implemented curriculum.
Gallup Hill Elementary School, Full-time Practicum, Ledyard, CT
 Sole responsibility of Pre-K to 6th grade classes
 Created & implemented units based around movement concepts and body awareness
 Implemented disciplinary routines that reinforce acceptable, societal behavior

Fall 2014

Alfred M. Glickman Elementary School, Student Teacher, Springfield, MA
Fall 2013
 Worked with special needs students K-4
 Adapted and implemented communication boards for non-verbal students as well as verbal.
 Created different means of assessment tools to evaluate student progress
Thomas M. Balliet Elementary School, Student Teacher, Springfield, MA
Fall 2013
 Observed & assisted with 2 kindergarten classes and 2 second grade classes
 Conducted and lead unit plans for two kindergarten classes and two second grade classes
 Implemented daily class routines, lesson plans, and class management techniques that directly
related to desisting of off-task behavior.
 Collected evidence of evaluation and assessment of student progress.
Alfred G. Zanetti Montessori Magnet School, Student Teacher, Springfield, MA
Spring 2013
 Taught a basketball unit to a fourth grade class in an urban setting.
 Implemented daily routines, rules, and expectations.
 Effectively managed and instructed 15 students of diverse learning abilities.
 Learned and applied new behavior modification techniques.
 Devised formal assessments for each lesson that students completed after every class to evaluate
student progress and reinforce proper teaching.
Birchland Park Middle School, Student Teacher, East Longmeadow, MA
 Observed and assisted a seventh grade soccer unit

Spring 2013

Lucas H. Bolduc

Worked with students with learning and physical disabilities.
Implemented weekly class routines, lesson plans, and class management techniques.
Collaborated with another student teacher to co-teach a volleyball unit

East Street Elementary School, Student Teacher, Ludlow, MA
Fall 2012
 Implemented weekly class routines, lesson plans and class management program
 Created and integrated, hands on and cooperative unit for locomotor, manipulative, and nonmanipulative skills.
 Effectively managed and instructed 10 students of diverse learning abilities from 6-7 years of age
 Devised formal assessments to evaluate student progress throughout a manipulative unit
East Longmeadow High School, Student Teacher, East Longmeadow, MA
Fall 2012
 Taught a water polo, cooperative games, and fitness unit to ninth grade classes
 Implemented daily routines, lesson plans, as well as formal and informal assessments to evaluate
student progress.
 Conducted an Archery lesson
 Effectively managed and instructed 25 students of diverse learning abilities by apply behavior
modification techniques.
Trinity Nursery School & Kindergarten, Student Teacher, Springfield, MA
Fall 2011
 Implemented daily class routines, lesson plan, and class management
 Effectively managed and instructed 10 students of diverse learning abilities from 4-6 years of age
High School Football, Assistant Freshman, Junior Varsity, & Varsity Coach, Ledyard, CT
Fall 2014
 Responsible for running-backs and linebackers during individual development periods during
 Conducted skill and technique developmental workouts.
 Responsible for Special-Teams personnel and formations.
 2014 Conference Champions (ECC M division)
 2014 State Finalist runner-up Class M
Junior Legion Baseball, Head Coach, New London, CT
Spring 2012 – Current
 Collaborated to teach, implement, and execute fundamental skills to adolescents ages 13 – 17
 2014 League Champions
Little League Baseball, Majors Assistant Coach, Mystic, CT
 Instructed during routine practices
 Assisted with the formatting of the try-outs process
Pee-Wee Football, Assistant Coach, Groton, CT

Spring 2009 – Summer 2011

Fall 2006 – Winter 2008

Springfield Housing Authority – After School Program, Springfield, MA
Spring 2014
 Implemented structured routines and lessons based around physical activity, personal health, and
respect for oneself, others, and the environment they live in.
 Implemented a low ropes curriculum, build around cooperation and teamwork.

Lucas H. Bolduc
Ocean Community YMCA, Senior Summer Camp Counselor Mystic, CT
Summer 2013 – Summer 2014
 Created and implemented weekly routines for children ages 5 – 14
 Supervised and instructed swim lessons for children ages 5 – 14
 Created and implemented gymnastics lessons for children ages 3 – 10
Ocean Community YMCA, Sports Director, Mystic, CT
Summer 2014 – Current
 Produced and executed curriculum based around cooperation, problem solving, and long term
 Designed developmentally appropriate curriculum for ages 4-to-14
Wingspeed Ropes Course Certified, Low Ropes & High Ropes
 Conducted lessons based on teambuilding and cooperation.

Spring 2014 - Current

National Field Archery Association Certified
Summer 2014 - Current
 Completed and received certification for archery instructor
 Created and implemented archery lessons that promote self-efficacy, and long term goal