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Missing Connecting Flight
















Dialogue # 1:
A: My flight just arrived late, and I need to know what to do.
B: That's okay. The airline computer is keeping track of what is happening with you.
A: Do I have to call anyone?
B: By speaking with us at the arrival gate, we can fix the problem for you and direct you.
A: What if there are no more connecting flights for today on this airline?
B: We will go online to see if there is something available with this airline. If we need to, we can
check for a flight with another carrier.
A: What if I can't find another flight out of here tonight?
B: We can help you find transportation to a local hotel.
A: Will the airline pay for my room if I have to spend the night at the airport?
B: Since the flight delay was our fault and you are continuing on with our airline, we will cover
the cost of a hotel room.

Dialogue # 2
A: Our flight was late, and I missed my connecting flight.
B: We can help you find an alternate flight that will get you where you are going.
A: Whom should I call?
B: The arrival gate is where you need to find someone to help you. You are in the right place.
A: I think the flight we missed was the last flight out of here today.
B: We can go on the computer to try to find an alternate flight on another airline if we cannot
accommodate you.
A: What if I get stuck here and can't get out of this airport?
B: There is a shuttle that is still running and can take you into town to a hotel.
A: I don't have any money for a hotel room.
B: The flight that you missed is not with our airline, and we would not have suggested booking
the flights so close together. We won't pay for your hotel room.
Problems you may hear in the airport:
1. Your baggage is ______________. (Remove some contents or pay a fine.)
2. Your carry-on luggage is too ___________.
3. Your flight is ____________. (It’s late.)
4. Your flight has been _______. (You must rebook a new flight)
5. Your __________has been cancelled/is delayed.
6. Your ticket is _______.
7. Your ________ is expired.
Choose the missing words:
1. cancelled
2. expired

3. large
4. passport
5. delayed
6. overweight
7. connecting flight/connection
1. How many (pieces/number) of luggage do you have?
2. The check-in doesn't start (for/until) another two hours.
3. So, you (missed/passed) your connecting flight because of the delay.
4. Since it was the airline's (fault/fall), we'll pay for your hotel and re-book your flight for tomorrow.
5. If you (cancellation/cancel) this ticket, you'll lose all your money. There is no refund for this type of
6. There's a special (shutter/shuttle) bus that goes/runs between Heathrow and Gatwick.
7. Are you traveling (alone/lonely)? ( by yourself)
8. The flight will be (boarding/boring) at (departure) gate 55.
9. There's an (overnight/reserved) flight that arrives in Vancouver at 8:00 AM.
10. What name was the reservation (under/over)?


Direct Flight Or Non Stop Flight Or Connecting Flight
By:Sammy Hely

It's amazing how many people don't know what kind of ticket they have or how many stops they're
making. People complain about airline agents all the time. But much of the time, the passengers create
their own problems. Those agents are not psychic, they can't read your mind and figure out where you
thought you wanted to go!
No matter what kind of ticket you have, check in at least an hour prior to departure for domestic flights,
earlier still for international flights. "Scheduled Time of Departure" does not mean that's when you should
show up at the airport.

We're trying to get your attention so you pay attention and know what kind of ticket you have, where
you're going, and when you should be at the airport. Don't be an uninformed passenger.
Is a little more time in the plane and the savings that might come with it worth it to you? Then a direct or
a connecting flight will be fine. If you want to get there fast, book a non-stop flight. And however you
decide to go, have your ticket and documents with you. Knowing what to expect, you'll have a great time.