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Come For Tasty, Stay For Healthy


Section I: Introduction
1.1 Background
The Bistro Cafe is a bistro and coffeehouse facility located in a renovated house
immediately adjacent to the Sherpa Mall. The “Bistro” Cafe took its name from
Atlantic word means eating place. The Bistro Cafe is a full-service Cafe/cafe located
in the Durbarmarg heart of Kathmandu district. The Cafe features a full menu of
moderately priced "comfort" food influenced by Indian, Chinese and European
cooking traditions, but based upon time honored recipes from around the valley. The
cafe section of The Bistro Cafe features a coffeehouse with a dessert bar, magazines,
and space for live performers.

This business plan offers financial institutions an opportunity to review our vision and
strategic focus. It also provides a step-by-step plan for the business start-up,
establishing favorable sales numbers, gross margin, and profitability.
This plan includes chapters on the company, products and services, market focus,
action plans and forecasts, management team, and financial plan.

1.2 Company Ownership
The Bistro Cafe which is owned and operated by Jiwan Magar, & Sapana Timilsina,
in partnership liability. The Bistro Cafe is a privately held limited liability corporation
partially owned by Jiwan Magar (50%) and Sapana Timilsina (50%).
The total budget to established Bistro café is Rs 7000,000

1.3 Company Locations and Facilities
The Bistro Cafe will be located in a newly renovated facility designed by the
architectural firm of Sherpa Mall, Durbarmarg KTM.
The facility will be divided equally between the cafe function and the
coffeehouse/entertainment function. The Cafe will feature dining room seating for
approximately 100 patrons and flexible indoor/outdoor patio/yard seating for an
additional 40 patrons. The cafe/coffeehouse will provide a full-service dine-in and
carry-out coffee-based beverages, as well as a dessert bar. The coffeehouse/cafe
portion of the business will also contain a full-service bar, a small entertainment

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Come For Tasty, Stay For Healthy
stage, and niche magazines and newspapers available for purchase. The coffeehouse
will maintain ample indoor/outdoor seating under a covered patio space shared with
the Cafe.

The facility's perimeter will feature free Wi-Fi garden and courts with fountain which
will provide comfortable waiting areas during the warm weather months.
Finally, This Bistro Cafe, constructed in 2011, features extraordinary cathedral-like
interior space. It is our hope that our construction plans will support dramatic lighting
of the tower after sundown, creating a rather visible nighttime landmark for

1.4 Technology
The Bistro Cafe logo is protected by intellectual property right and trademark laws.
All of our menu creations will not necessarily have the same protections, however,
when possible, popular "trade-names" will be protected. The business of The Bistro
Cafe is not dependent upon process technology or patentable inventions.

This business plan is focus on Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) café. Its
explain IMC mix i.e. Advertising, Personal selling, Sales Promotion, Public Relation/
Publicity and Direct Marketing of café rather than other business scope.


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The Bistro Cafe will provide accessible and affordable high quality food. a relaxed Nepali tradition show in the gardens located adjacent to the patio space.000 by the end of the fourth month of operation. 2. Stay For Healthy BUSINESS PLAN OF THE BISTRO CAFÉ & COFFEEHOUSE Section II: Situation Analysis 2. desserts. 3. Sales approaching and surpassing Rs. and live entertainment in The Bistro Cafe’s coffeehouse or. they will do so in a facility containing ample yard space for a favorite pastime of KTM's residents: alfresco/outdoor dining. The Bistro Cafe will establish itself as a "destination" of choice to the many residents of the greater Kathmandu metropolitan area.1 Company Analysis Objectives 1. Page 3 .10 million by the end of the first year. sensual. In time. The cafe's aim is simple. Located in the Durbarmarg of Kathmandu district adjacent to the Sherpa mall. 00. Not only will patrons be able to dine on "comfort" food based upon time honored recipes from the world over. high-quality" evening experience for those searching for something that is rapidly becoming popular among KTM diners. It will provide a completely sophisticated. Targeting and maintaining a net profit of at least 14% by the second year. To cultivate monthly sales to reach Rs 5.Come For Tasty. yet casual dining and/or coffeehouse experience for the many Nepalese and visitors who frequent the city's casual dining spots and entertainment venues. BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA. It will be an IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. coffee-based products. The establishment will provide a "complete. as well as numerous out-of-town visitors. Patrons will also have the option of enjoying coffee. and entertainment to the thousands of residents and hotel visitors located within a five-mile radius. Mission The Bistro Cafe concept is built upon the success stories of Nepalese many casual dining and coffeehouse venues.

Stay For Healthy affordable venture for patrons. Despite economic downturns in recent years the specialty coffee business has been a bright spot. and quite significantly. year-round tourist activity. Keys to Success The keys to our success will be:  A superior-tasting product backed by a unique quality store  A relaxing. tea. Finally. and coffee gift/frequency cards in addition to coffee. The Bistro Cafe will provide a much needed neighborhood-based retail food. wine. a dynamic student population and a concentration of local businesses  A market that exposes The Bistro Café & coffeehouse to high-profile "trend-setters" and "key influencers"  Ongoing. upscale interior design  Prime site selection with an upscale affluent population. We offer affordable and accessible menu items and entertainment as measured by their inherently natural value. heavy pedestrian traffic by the site. IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. lunch etc. pastry. one that will encourage them to return on many occasions. While literally hundreds of businesses in many categories are facing poor sales. 2. BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA. coffee chains continue to show strong growth. chocolates. water and soft drinks. at an affordable price that will encourage regular visits. aggressive marketing  Highly trained and friendly staff  Multiple revenue streams including gift items. negative balance sheets and even bankruptcy.Come For Tasty. Value Proposition We think our value proposition is quite clear and quite easily distinguished from most others in the market.2 Market and Consumer Analysis The Bistro Cafe launches with an exciting new coffeehouse concept in a receptive and steadily growing market segment—the specialty coffee retail business. juice. Page 4 .

 The tourist and convention populations centered in downtown venues. Stay For Healthy Specialty coffee house has grown at a rate in excess of 20% per year in the last decade. The Bistro Cafe must appeal to people who are interested in integrating our type of cuisine/cooking IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. The Bistro Café customer comprised of five target groups. Travelers passing through These groups are all potentially strong customer segments. The other customer segments (local residents. local business) provide a consistent foundation all year long. Market Needs Our customer's dining and entertainment needs are critical to the success of The Bistro Cafe. The Bistro Café does not become overly dependent on any single consumer group. This urban professional works long hours and has relatively little time to cook at home. They must also market themselves anew each year to the incoming students. Local business people 4.Come For Tasty. The Bistro Café will avoid these peaks and valleys in business with a mix of customers. Also. That sustained growth is expected into this decade. Tourists 3. Consumer The Bistro Cafe’s strategy is based upon targeting and serving:  A typical KTM in town resident. BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA. She/he has an active social life and spends a substantial amount of disposable income maintaining it.  The many downtown businesses which regularly use Cafe dining as a function of conducting business. 1. For example. Students 5. by appealing to several market segments. As a supplier of a full-service dining experience. Page 5 . Affluent local residents 2. several local coffeehouses with primarily student customers do poorly during the non-school months. The benefit of this mix of customers is that it helps maintain consistent business throughout the year.

Page 6 . Young singles and couples are choosing to reject long commutes in favor of living closer to their work and recreational venues. They are popular and gaining more recognition. we must also appeal to those customers who regularly take advantage of this coffeehouse and/or evening entertainment scene.Come For Tasty. and live dance music artists that are choosing Nepalese as home for their production efforts. Keeping the menu and the entertainment offerings "fresh" will remain a constant challenge to the business. Our customers are well educated and interested in partaking of new experiences. The city's burgeoning music scene is growing and in need of more venues to accommodate the mainstream jazz. and seek evening entertainment frequently. They tend to choose comfortable. affordable venues. Moreover. Segments of the target market tend to dine out. Stay For Healthy regularly into their dining/food purchase experiences. The market opportunity for coffee shop establishments has never been better in this area of KTM. IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. Evidence of this is found in local news and magazine coverage. visit coffee shops. acid jazz. These venues are finding new homes in the areas close to and/or adjacent to downtown. Market Trends Nepalese is experiencing a trend toward the creation of evening dining/entertainment venues. The immediate area surrounding the business venue is undergoing a building renaissance as many residents chose to move into or return to the inner city. and repeat appearances at places that offer familiar scenery with new twists. BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA. With the extra time that comes from being in a vibrant growing city with an active nightlife. Latin. Market Growth KTM is currently in the middle of a building and population explosion. in town neighborhoods that were formerly dotted with a limited number of night spots have seen their neighborhoods burgeon with new venues.

Pricing Strategy Our food. and offer discounts to key groups  Create an ongoing sampling program  Conduct a consistent. BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA. art shows. and musical/entertainment programming will be relatively flexible. etc. A sample menu is included in an appendix. gift baskets and glass artwork on our website  Establish coffee service at local businesses  Sell gift cards. **Some supplemental materials are not available for this sample plan. Stay For Healthy The section of Midtown KTM along Durbarmarg road Avenue has experienced remarkable growth in its nightlife scene. We want repeat business. constant staff training to assure the best quality possible  State-of-the-art sales/inventory system to (A) reduce customer waiting time. We also want the experience to remain fresh. Sales Strategy Our sales strategy includes:  Staff salaries that are 10% above the industry average in order to attract the best people  Hiring for attitude so that we always have a friendly.  Sell coffee. Page 7 .Come For Tasty. enthusiastic staff to make customers feel welcome and appreciated. be visible at charitable functions Solicit customer feedback to constantly improve and streamline our operation IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. farmer's markets. pre-paid cards. drinks. Therein lies why the food. beverages. and entertainment options are priced to give us an attractive margin while at the same time offering value to the consumer. aggressive marketing program  Be an active member of the community. frequency cards. and (B) create efficient product ordering  Create a mobile kiosk to take The Bistro Café into the community at special events.

Italian sodas. In some cases. Reflecting a target niche market. a fullservice bar and light. Prices have been determined after a thorough analysis of all food costs for every item in each drink.  We are taking advantage of the immense popularity of flavored drinks and tea by offering a product mix that includes items the other coffeehouses don't carry as well as more familiar drinks. fruit smoothies and juices. as well as baked goods associated with breakfast. a limited selection of out-of-town newspapers.  We offer six groups of drinks—coffee. cinema. Lunch on offerings contain both carry-out and dine-in menu selections. as well as art. smoothies. A dessert bar will serve a range of freshly prepared desserts. and other beverages typically associated with a coffee shop. The Bistro Café menu The Bistro Café menu sets us apart from other coffeehouses. ices. providing a cross-selling opportunity. juice and cocoa—with several choices within each group.Come For Tasty. giving us a competitive edge. live entertainment. tea. the venue will feature art and products made by Studio flex artists. weekend. design and lifestyle magazines will be sold. BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA. The venue features brewed coffee and espresso-based beverages. This enables us to provide more variety than our competitors while keeping the preparation of the drinks easy to execute. Page 8 . an average price has been calculated and applied to all similar drinks in order to keep the menu from confusing the customer.3 Product Analysis Products The Bistro Cafe is a cafe/coffeehouse venue that sells moderately-priced food to an upscale casual dining market. architecture.  We carry the highest quality fresh juices.  The Bistro Café offers several smoothie drinks and Italian sodas. Additionally.  We are the café & coffeehouse to have a wide range product. IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. while evening hours will accommodate full-service dining and Nepali cultural show service. Stay For Healthy 2.

Stay For Healthy REGULAR KIT SEC ITEMS RATE CH Rs 110 Mutton Rs 110 Veg Rs 110 CH Rs 110 Mutton Rs 110 Veg Rs 110 CH Rs 110 Cheese Rs 110 Veg Rs 110 Green Salad Rs 175 Chips chilly Rs 150 Sausages Rs 150 Smoked Chicken Rs 250 Salty Fish Rs 250 Chicken Chilly Rs 250 badel timur Rs 250 Wins Rs 250 Chicken fry Rs 250 breakfast set momo Chowmein Sadwich Snacks Babycorn Rice mushroom Rs 200 Ch Rs 250 Muton Rs 250 Veg Rs 200 IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA.Come For Tasty. Page 9 .

Rs. BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA. Topped with Cocoa whipped cream. Banana. Hot cocoa with white chocolate and whipped cream. Topped with Banana whipped cream. Stay For Healthy Name COFFEE DRINKS Small Large Rs. 375 Coffee Coffee. Warm milk. 275 Rs. macadamia The nut and vanilla syrups.275 Rs. Amaretto and The Coffee vanilla syrups topped with whipped Milano cream and almonds. Peppermint Rich chocolate and refreshing peppermint. Warm milk. Page 10 . 375 HOT COCA DRINKS all hot coca drinks are Rs.250 Name French Vanilla Cocoa White Chocolate Cocoa Chocolate Truffle Cocoa Description Hot cocoa with vanilla and whipped cream. Topped with whipped Cocoa cream. Juices IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. Oval tine Oval tine Chocolate Malt and milk. Rich dark hot cocoa with whipped cream topping. Coffee. Holiday Spice Rich hot cocoa and holiday spices.Come For Tasty.

150 Medium Rs.150 Large Rs. Stay For Healthy ICED TEAS HOT TEA HOT TEA (REGULAR) RATE Classic American Iced Tea Orthodox Tea (Nepali) Rs. TX Old-fashioned Lemonade Made fresh daily from Pleasant County lemons.150 Tropical Green Rs. Corpus orange juice Cristi. Green Machine.150 Herbal Lemon Rs.150 Golden Flowers Herbal Rs. Genesis Juice Protein Boost.150 English Breakfast Rs. BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA.150 Green Tea Rs.175 Peppermint Rs. Page 11 .Come For Tasty. hot from the oven. Rs 175 Bagels Rs 100 Brownies Rs 200 Blueberry Muffins Rs 200 Croissants Rs 200 Black Forest chocolate-covered espresso beans Rs 275 Best Ever Bakery Fancy Cookies Rs. Regular Large Rs150 Rs 275 Rs150 Rs 275 Rs295 Rs 325 IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. 175 Blackforest Rs 150 Name Description Fresh squeezed Exclusively from Longhorn Orchards. Rs 100 Fresh scones.150 Small Rs. 200 Herb Tea Rs. Mango and Guava.150 Pastries Item Price Pleasantville Cheese cake made just for us by Pleasantville Cheesecake Company.150 Darjeeling Rs.

BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA. compared to the other coffeehouses in the greater Pleasantville area includes the following:  A significantly higher quality. tea. the predominating nature of the immediately surrounding Cafes and coffee shops is casual/upscale. Competitive Edge Our competitive edge. Many of these patrons also seek entertainment venues on the weekends that are close to their dining venues and homes. juice and Italian sodas. Stay For Healthy Brownie with hot chocolate Rs 200 Ice cream Rs 125 fruit cocktail Rs 125 Paun Platter Rs 125 Mohanbhog Rs 125 special birthday cake 2. including flavored coffee drinks. tea.Come For Tasty. chocolates.  A wider variety of popular drinks than our competitors.4 Competitors Analysis The Cafes and coffeehouses that make up the community of establishments in the area surrounding The Bistro Cafe are quite diverse. juice and smoothies. Page 12 . The market currently suggests that such a venue on IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. art glasswork.  Our Internet website will include sales of whole coffee beans.  An ambiance superior to all other coffeehouses in the area with upscale "view" look. Their concepts range from typical fast food/chain venues to expensive fine dining establishments. However. better tasting coffee product. dining. It features stained glass decorations. cocoa. cultural style furnishings and outdoor dining. entertainment.  The only coffeehouse downtown to provide regular weekend evening entertainment. cocoa. gift items and gift baskets.  Our current location can arguably be considered the best in the market—in the heart of the Durbarmarg shopping. We have several drink options for people who don't drink coffee: tea.

5 Problems and strength: Problems  High competition  Narrow market  Brand switching habits of customer  Threat of new entrants  Political issues Strengths  Multi dimensional services  More customized service IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. Page 13 . 2. it is suggested that it is needed. None of these establishments features a traditional coffeehouse atmosphere or live or recorded evening entertainment. drinks. The parking and traffic have grown to notorious proportions. Towners and residents in adjacent neighborhoods would much rather patronize venues. The Bistro Cafe offers them an attractive dining/entertainment/coffeehouse option.Come For Tasty. Its location will easily allow for patrons from these other establishments to finish an evening with dessert. coffee. Bourbon Room. Lobsters Sea Food and Bar. and/or dancing. Relative to the location of these establishments. Stay For Healthy Auburn Avenue is not only desired by the populations frequenting Cafes and clubs. Main Competitors Lobsters Sea Food Vintage Café & pub Bourbon Room Cloud 9 KFC & Pizza hut Competitive Comparison The Bistro Cafe’s closest competitors (relative to location) are Vintage. BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA. The Bistro Cafe is centrally geographically located.

4. beverage. we will then attempt to create opportunities for visitors to the city to look forward to experiencing The Bistro Cafe. We then communicate this through the free weekly media. but some top strategic Cafe marketing issues include: Cafe Marketing: Branding IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. Our food. Through establishing relationships with the concierges of the local hotels and with the KTM Convention and Visitors. acid-jazz.Come For Tasty. Target Market Strategy  Local residents  Tourists  Travelers  Students  Local businesses executive Section IV: Marketing Strategy 4 Marketing Strategy The most important element of our marketing strategy is the delivery of a quality product. This isn’t an all inclusive list. and entertainment products must first sell themselves through word of mouth. and traditional public radio sponsorships. newspaper/magazine. We offer an upscale feel without a required "pinch" in your wallet. Latin. the packaging of The Bistro Cafe’s concept and external messages has to fit our positioning. Next. radio advertising on particular jazz. and dance-oriented music shows. Stay For Healthy  Affordable price in all items  High speed free Wi-Fi zone  Service deliver within a five minute after customer order  Different cultural programs starts after 7pm Section III: The Target Market Profile 3. BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA.1 Marketing There are several components of successful marketing. Page 14 .

so effective market research and due diligence can help you be more effective in your Cafe marketing efforts. the industry. It is what customers.Come For Tasty. Brandbuilding is closing the gap between what we promise and what we deliver. 4. and outside forces that will impact the overall business. excellent menu offerings. customers. BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA. and first class entertainment and fun. It is not something that happens when we advertise. Internal Customers. our promotion strategy includes focusing on events and messages that match: IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. you all need to know specifically how each item on your menu is performing and also how it stacks up next to top competition. Cafe Marketing: Positioning Positioning is the place you hold in the customers or prospects mind relative to the competition (the cheaper choice. and profitable. Cafe Marketing: Menu Mix Every six to twelve months. we all wants to conduct an analysis of menu. the media and all other key constituents come to expect in dealing with Cafe. because to be successful we have to stand for brand-name integrity. and it is not that people recognize logo or recall the advertising. etc. the higher quality choice. Therefore. Effective positioning involves incorporation of Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Cafe Marketing: Diligence Effective Cafe marketing must be built on a foundation of fact and knowledge about the market. vendors.). Stay For Healthy A brand is a promise. To keep menu fresh. competition. Page 15 . This will include profitability analysis and a competitive Cafe menu analysis. An example is KFC versus Nanglo. Cafe marketing has to factor these considerations into the overall strategy. marketing history. Not even CocaCola can afford to market to everyone all the time. financial history.2 Communication: We will promote our company name and label almost more than the product itself. relevant. A strong brand is one that has alignment between the promise and execution. employees (Internal Customers). it is a point of differentiation that the competition either cannot or does not claim.

others  Local FM IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. Local broadcast Media  Kantipur Radio. It will help set the stage for future brand identification. Our unique quality products 3. The Bistro Cafe’s is Pleasantville's first true gourmet coffeehouse 2.  Rebate  Providing gifts  Printed T-shirt and Cap distribute to special guests. Stay For Healthy Launch marketing will promote awareness. Our distinctive latte "art" The goal of the PR/publicity is to achieve local market awareness and establish the brand on a wider scale to set the stage for future expansion. Local market awareness is vital because more than 50% of sales will come from people living within a 5-mile radius of the store. BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA. Sales promotion  Providing discount up to 25% who visits regularly. National awareness will help drive the expansion by generating opportunities created by the media buzz and familiarizing people with our brand name. Page 16 .Come For Tasty. build immediate traffic and establish our brand image via several methods:  Local print and broadcast media  Sales promotion  Public relations/publicity  Direct mail  Design and packaging  Sampling  Superior location  Desirable store ambiance Public Relations A strong public relations/publicity program uses as its primary "hook" these three main points: 1.

If prospect happens to be looking for a coffee shop. our coffee shop stands out. Stay For Healthy Regional/National Print Media  Kantipur  The Himalyan Times  Nagarik  Food Court Direct Mail  Ongoing direct mail generated from our website data  Visa or MasterCard local direct mail program Website Our website is fully e-commerce functional and could easily become a significant revenue source. 4. BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA. The website gives instant presence to the online world. II.Come For Tasty. Website Website is most crucial marketing tool for coffee house to have a presence in the market. many business owners are finding it a challenge due to lack of technical skills. Direct mail postcards Postcards are great for creating awareness as part of marketing plan for coffee shop. For new start ups. Yet. E-mail newsletters IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. III. It can also be used as a communication tools with customers in market regarding the latest promotions and eateries. Page 17 .3 Advertising There are some advertising tools of Bistro Café as: I. you need to announce the opening of your new shop. Postcards can also be used to announce new promotions for the month.

BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA. Pens. T-shirts. Unique logo A logo is a marketing plan for coffee shop. customers do not have enough of information on where to find new IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. However. Stay For Healthy E-mails are great marketing plan coffee shop to educate your customers about your products. Caps. V. VIII. television and billboards. Cap and Wearable Distributing printed T-Shirts. IV. Brouchers Brouchers are cost effective ways to inform customers of what we are offering. VII. while joining a few social clubs and get business cards out there. Page 18 . Strategically placed billboards can also bring you traffic from busy areas. Advertising There are many marketing plan coffee shop channels for advertising. Remember that radio and television costs a lot more than other type of advertising. When interacting with Business Cards Business cards are great for business networking and form an integral part of marketing. VI. Hand bag. IX. Key rings with brand name and logo create immense role in publicity and attracting potential customers as well as enhance brand image. Signage This marketing plan coffee shop caters more for the morning crowd who are rushing for work. The trick is to make them want to come back again and again. It may require some hard works in the beginning but after that it is almost hands off. where customers will remember after they purchase. Big and attractive billboard must put either at the bus stop or crowded places where they are visible. the exposure is very wide. We can them casually pass them business cards. naturally they will be interested in what we are doing. So.Come For Tasty. Most of the time. Logo is a great way to making an emotional connection to our business.

XI.Come For Tasty. You may also want to organize birthdays or having holiday specials like Valentines’ Day or Mother’s Day. When you implemented a referral program. Stay For Healthy restaurants. it makes it easier for them to come to coffee shop as they can redeem their points for gifts or discounts. X. The coffee shop is closed for special functions. we can turn our coffee shop into an elite business club at a certain day of the month. Page 19 . BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA. We can help them by giving out brouchers at you coffee shop or distributing them at the busy streets as part of our marketing plan. IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. Referral program This is another great way to get new customers and keep old ones. Events Depending on your coffee shop concept. More than 50% of the revenue is generated by repeat customers.

important for building demand in competitive markets.g: Emotional = appeal to psychological.  Marketing team of Bistro Café and coffee house o Creating Brand Awareness  Every first day and last day of week  Through Broadcast Media (T. etc.1. “Pull at the consumer’s heartstrings” 5. how.Come For Tasty. primary competition. Develop the USP “unique selling proposition” or the “Creative Hook” Unique Selling Proposition Translates “brand positioning” into a convincing message. Objective is “Memorability” E.1. when. Media strategies must detail selection of media vehicles and a schedule that reflects efforts to reach to the target audience.1 Advertising Strategy: 5. reasons to purchase.V & Radio) and Newspapers. Reminder advertising: maintain top-of-mind awareness 5.. IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE.e. and a consumer promise. Stay For Healthy Section V: Marketing Communication Strategy 5. BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA.3 Tactics Tactics are the exceptionable aspects of the campaign i. who’s going to do what.2 Creative Strategy Strategies must detail the target audience.1. Page 20 . social or symbolic needs.1 Objectives: Create awareness for new products Inform consumers » Of product features and benefits » Price changes » Important for building primary demand Persuasion » Build brand preference or change buyer perceptions » Especially.

time availability TV: length of ad. including choosing media and vehicles.1 Objectives Seasonality Objective: Concentrate advertising in the months of Baishak.2 Media strategy: 5.2. 5. Page 21 .2.3 Costs Estimation: Size of advertisement Preferred media Dates of proposed advertising and/ days of week preferred Press: section of the newspaper Press: color or black and white Radio: length of ad.2. and Mangsir-Margh the heaviest consumption months. Stay For Healthy 5.4 Continuity Schedule: • Advertising runs steadily and varies little.2. The “how” Part. Bhadra. time availability 5. BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA. not how. IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. • Fighting and pulsing with scheduling Bistro café is planning for media schedule to continuing broadcast or telecast two times in every month.Come For Tasty. is reserved for the strategy section. Media objectives state what you plan to accomplish.2 Vehicles: • Broadcast TV • FM radio • E-mail • Newspapers • Magazines 5.

000+ Tips Barristers/Bartenders Rs. servers/waiters will have to be hired for approximately 203 hours of operation per week. Any additional hires will be part time and devoted to the expansion of any catering function. Stay For Healthy Personnel Plan The personnel plan calls for hiring 5 full-time salaried employees at start-up. BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA.Come For Tasty.15. Page 22 .000 + Tips Dishwashers/Bussers Rs.30. Employee salaries are as follows: Position Salary Owner/General Manager Rs.000 Sous-chef/Line Cook Rs.000 Chef Rs.000 Manager Rs.23. and dishwashers will have to be hired to handle approximately 62 hours of operation per week. Part time baristas/bartenders will have to be hired to manage approximately 135 hours of operation per week.000 Assistant Mgr/Senior Server Rs.15.000+Tips Servers Rs.28.10. as well as increased capacity/operation of a private party function.12000 IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE.40.

Page 23 . Stay For Healthy Conclusion The restaurant habit of the people is growing rapidly in the city IMC BUSINESS PLAN OF BISTRO CAFÉ AND COFFEE HOUSE. The ongoing aggressive marketing as well as its customized service will help the café to achieve its goals and objectives within a short period of time. whereas Bistro café which is newly established café and coffee house located in the heart of Durbar marg is becoming popular day by day. BY SAPANA TIMILSINA AND JIWAN MAGAR MBA.Come For Due to its unique service features and quality food the café is able to attract more customers. BIBLIOGRAPHY www.