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ProSIM is a collaborative R&D services and engineering solutions company.

ProSIM is engaged with customers in
· Early design stage, applying virtual product development, virtual prototyping, virtual testing for
design verification and optimisation
· Value engineering (to improve the performance, reduce the manufacturing / material costs
· Failure analysis
· Maintenance (remaining life assessment, life extension, risk and safety assessment)
ProSIM has the following activities
· Collaborative R&D services
· Distribution of high end simulation software tools
· Training on simulation technology (theory + tool usage),
ProSIM works in the following technical areas
· Product engineering and design
· Design verification, virtual product development, virtual prototyping, virtual testing
· Multi-disciplinary optimization
· Finite element analysis (non-linear, contact, material, vibration, thermal analysis, transient dynamics)
· Seismic Analysis
· Fatigue, Creep, Fracture and durability analysis
· Multi-body dynamics
· Manufacturing process simulation (forging, casting, sheet forming, welding etc.)
· Coupled electro-magnetic-thermal-structural analysis
· Electronic Cooling & Packaging
ProSIM has applied its skill & expertise to a variety of verticals including
· Automotive
· Engines
· Aeronautics
· Space
· Defense
· Railway Engineering
· Energy (Thermal power plants, nuclear, wind, solar)
· Electrical machinery and equipments
· Consumer electronics and medical electronics
ProSIM gets engaged with customers with following business models:
· Collaborative projects(ProSIM and customer will form joint teams for execution of project)
· Outsourced projects executed at ProSIM
· On-site consulting
· Development of R&D / Engineering /Design centers (build-operate-transfer model)

ProSIM R&D Pvt. Ltd.
#4, 1st ‘N’ Block, 1st Main, Rajajinagar, Bangalore - 560 010
Tel : +91 - 80 - 2332 3020, Email :, URL :

Ltd. NF. ProSIM has carried out Seismic verification as per ASME Section VIII. NE. thermal power. ND. Battery Chargers and Inverters. Reanalyse and verify till the design is approved. Service Building. Low & Medium Voltage Switchgear. code compliance check for nuclear. etc. Stack and so on) Secondary Structures such as Batteries on Racks. Sequence of activities include: • Creation of CAD models • Creation of FE models • Compute floor response spectra from base seismic excitation • FE simulation for various cases including: • Dead weight • Operating loads • OBE . Rajajinagar Bangalore . RCC MR or other suitable codes.560 010 Tel : +91 .pro-sim.Safe Shutdown Earthquake • Upset Condition • Faulted conditions and so on.. Instruments on Racks.. Diesel Generating Set etc: Piping and Pressure Vessels of reprocessing plants. Waste Vaults. Engineering your designs An ISO 9001:2008 Company ProSIM is engaged in seismic analysis and design verification.Operating Basis Earthquake • SSE . Turbine Building. Eigen. #4. NB. NH etc. oil & gas. vacuum vessels. Temperature Sensors.. Shock Spectrum analysis • Combination of individual responses to get total system response • Design Check As per ASME. Steam Generator Building. Piping Circuit Pressure Vessel Nozzle Response Spectrum Seismic evaluation for both primary and secondary structures is carried out for: For Further Details: ProSIM R&D Pvt. Distribution Panels. PFBR.80 . . Instrumentation and Control Panels.Seismic Analysis & Design Verification ProSIM is a collaborative engineering and R&D Services company. URL : www.2332 3020 Email : info@pro-sim. • Redesign. 1st ‘N’Block 1st Primary structures (Reactor Containment Building. bridges & dams and wind power sectors. Motor control Centers. • Static. Transformers.