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Mobile: 16 8123 7789 / Tel.: 16 3307 5981
Academic Background
Universidade Federal de São Carlos - Industrial Engineering (São Carlos, Brazil)
Beginning in January/2007 and graduation year in December/2012
Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy)

Bilateral Agreement UFSCar – PoliMi (February/2010 - July/2010)
Courses attended: Corporate and Investment Banking, Economics and Industrial Economics.
Lulea Tekniska Universitet (Lulea, Sweden)

ISAC – Erasmus Mundus (August/2009 - December/2009)
Courses attended: Portfolio Investments Management, International Management and Customer Relationship

Portuguese: Native; English: Advanced; Italian: Advanced; Swedish: Basic.

Professional Experience
Nestlé Brasil Ltda. (Araraquara, Brazil)
• Summer Job (December/2010 - February/2011)
Improvement of the technical materials inventory management.
Results: Reduction of R$740K in technical material, representing 28% of technical inventory. The factory achieved its
KPIs goals for inventory management.
TAM – Linhas Aéreas (São Carlos, Brazil)
• Winter Internship (July/2009 - August/2009)
Development of a project that assisted the management, planning and allocation of human resources on the planes in
the company's MRO.
Results: Retrenchment of 105 minutes of seven Team Leaders, what represent 3% of their total work time, saving
R$18K annually for the company.
Contern Construções e Comércio ltda (São Carlos, Brazil)
• Summer Internship (January/2009 - March/2009)
Analysis and improvement of the "Execution Planning" and "Purchasing" processes of the company utilizing a range of
lean production tools.
Results: Definition of the optimum workflow for each process what made them more effective and agile.
ZF Friedrichshafen – Sachs do Brasil (Araraquara, Brazil)
• Winter Internship (July/2008 - August/2008)
Design, development and built of a prototype to instruct employees in FIFO systems.
Results: Eradication of errors in the usage of FIFO technique.

Extracurricular Activities
PET – Tutorial Education Program of Industrial Engineering at UFSCar (São Carlos, Brazil)
• Member (November/2007 - present)
PET is a program instituted by the Ministry of Education. Its goals are to improve the education, the interdisciplinary
and the performance of the participants. These are reached within the realization of several different projects in
Industrial Engineering. Main roles:

In addition. Member of the “Supply Chain and Logistics Study Group”. Santos F. CAEP . Coordinator of the “Project Management Study Group”. The project started in September/2011 and is still occurring. (Santos. • Others positions held: General Manager of “PETinvest . an additions of 37% in revenues. Participant at Tecumseh’s Kaizen. . Coordinator of “Lean Production Dynamics” at UFSCar.C.5K what represented 12. Brazil) • MS Project (May/2008) Course offered by Pulsatio.June/2003) Team captain for one year and participation in “Paulista” and “Libertadores da América” championships. Courses Bankrisk Academy (São Paulo. the team established a partnership with a local restaurant to make the biggest hamburger in the world as prize for the classroom that collected more provisions. Departamento de Engenharia de Produção – UFSCar (São Carlos. Colégio Universitas (Santos. • General Manager of new fundraising models at Asilo Dona Maria Jacinta. Brazil) • Credit Risk Analysis (December/2010) 30 hours course offered by Bankrisk Academy in partnership with Itaú S. The goal is to duplicate its monthly collection. Coordinator of “Theory of Constraints Dynamics” at UFG and at UFSCar.05K.C.• Financial Manager of “Campanha Natal Solidário 2008” The financial team raised R$4.May/2007) Courses offered by the Production Engineering Department of UFSCar. o Coordinator of “ProduMed Folia 2008” The event raised R$25K what represented an increase of 108% in revenues. Brazil) • Athlete at Santos F. • General Manager of “X Ciclo de Palestras de Engenharia de Produção da UFSCar”. International Language Schools of Canada (Vancouver. (February/1999 . Brazil) • Excel and AutoCAD (March/2007 .February/2008) Joint cultural exchange and a 352 hours course of intensive English classes. Brazil) • Vice-president (March/2008 – March/2009) It is the entity responsible for representing the students of production engineering. o Students representation before university councils. • Consultant of key production indexes at Contern Construções e Comércios Ltda. Mainly it assisted the managers and motivated the employees. and Boa Vista Serviços.5% above the team’s goal. Pulsatio (São Carlos.A.Production Engineering Academic Center (São Carlos. Coordinator of the “Strategy Study Group”. Canada) • Program of Intensive English (December/2007 . a consulting company in online project management. Development of production’s KPIs and visual panels for management to view. The event was attended by 220 graduates and collected R$4. Main roles: o Coordinator of “Industrial Engineering Barbecue 2008” The event raised R$40K what represented an increase of 60% in revenues.Semana do Mercado Financeiro”. Brazil) • Math Fundamentals Instructor (August/2006) Lecturing students from different schools who applied for scholarships offered by Colégio Universitas in 2007. Development of new models for the NGO fundraising.