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Darrell Wilson (Retired

Miami Police Officer
Po box 1445 Miami FL 33147

Open Complaint Letter to the Florida Bar and Miami-Dade State Attorney Office

Miami for clean Air,
Miami Attorney Roniel R Rodriguez IV altered Dade County Judge VICTORIA DEL PINO Court
Order and filed a false writ of possession affidavit with the Miami-Dade County Sheriff Office.
Dear Florida Bar Referee
Miami Attorney Roniel R Rodriguez IV on May 6th 2013, as part of scam with Stuart R Kalb,
[Credo LLC] wanted to remove the owner from his resident property without filing state
required eviction proceedings. Mr. Rodriguez didn’t follow Florida Law, Chapter 83, instead he
filed a False and Illegal Sheriff Writ of Possession Eviction affidavit, with The Miami-Dade
County Sheriff Office, in Direct defiance to Miami-Dade County Circuit Court Judge VICTORIA
DEL PINO, Court order, Mr. Rodriguez defiance to Judge PINO May 6, 2013, Court order
Caused the Sheriff to act upon false filings and wrongfully/ illegally evict, Miami Police Officer
Darrell Wilson, into the streets , (The very streets he once patrol as a city of Miami police
officer. Miami Attorney Roniel R Rodriguez IV has a documented history in Miami Dade County
Florida for his unsavory connection with Sheriff Staff, and altering county Judges Orders to fit
his multiple Limited Liability Company’s needs.
We are demanding, with all do respect, the Florida Bar and Miami-Dade State Attorney Office
conduct an investigation and if these true facts prove true by both State and Bar standards,
prosecution and the revocation of Attorney Roniel R Rodriguez Iv Florida Bar License would be
in the public’s best interest, as he has used the great institution of trial Lawyers as a back drop
for a scam operation that bring absolute shame and disgrace to literally thousands of great legal
practitioners in Florida. We also ask the Miami-Dade State Attorney office to bring criminal
Charges against Mr. Roniel R Rodriguez IV for filing false writ of possession affidavit.
Darrell Wilson
Former Miami Police Officer
PS: With both hands up, “I Can’t Breath”