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History of Health & fitness

To know the history of health and fitness from the primitive ages
to the last century.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
A general History of health and fitness
Chapter 2:
The History of the health and fitness and its tools
Chapter 3:
History of health and fitness in the Primitive Ages
Chapter 4:
History of health and fitness in the Dark Ages
Chapter 5:
History of Health and fitness in the Modern Ages
Chapter 6:
History of the health and fitness in the last century

Now we are in the 21st century, Health and fitness is very much important to us. One of
the best accomplishment to be observed is the continuous pursuit of fitness since the
opening of man’s survival.Throughout prehistoric time,the men make aim at fitness and
they have been determined by a wish to stay alive through hunting as well as gathering.
Without fitness, a man can’t perform his task appropriately. For the last century, we can
see a great change of the mentality of the peoples. Today, though no longer driven by
survival requirements, fitness remains principally to health as well as well-being. This
eBook will emphasize historical events as well as influential individuals who have
created the history of fitness beginning with ancient man up to the base of the modern
health movement.
This ebook will take you through the history of health and fitness. The information
contained here will greatly help you to know the history of health and fitness in the
different ages.
You will get exact and reliable information in regards to the topic and issue covered. The
book is sold with the information that the publisher is not necessary to render accounting,
officially acceptable, or otherwise, professional services. If information is necessary,
legal or acceptable, an experienced individual in the profession should be ordered.
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Chapter 1

A general History of health and fitness

We know that health is an active process in our life and it will be changed day by day.
This is very important to change our lifestyle. It is also known that anybody can get a
good improve on his personal life, if he gets a good and healthy physical exercise. So,
people realized this, They have to take a good health.
Now, we will try to discuss about the history of the health and fitness below step by step.
We can produce the history in the following types, these are

Primitive Man (pre-10,000 BC),


The Neolithic Agricultural Revolution (from 10,000 BC -8000 BC),


The Near East (4000 BC- 250 BC),


Ancient Chinese as well as Indian Civilizations (2500 BC -250 BC),


Ancient Greek Civilization (2500 BC -200AD),


Roman Civilization (500 AD - 476 AD),


The Dark Ages (476AD -1000AD)


Middle Ages (900 AD - 1400AD),


The Renaissance (1400 AD, -1600 AD)


National Period in Europe (1700 AD, -1850 AD),


America’s Colonial Period (1700 AD, -1776 AD),


America’s National Period (1776 AD, -1860 AD),


America Post-Civil War (1865 AD, -1900 AD),


America in the 20th Century,


World War I. The Roaring 1920s,


World War II, Early Years of the Cold War, the 1960s and Beyond.


Modern age. (Till now)

From the above circumstances, we can get a clear idea about the total history of the
health, and we recognize that there is a big change in the last century. In that time we
have got a big change in the entire health history. Now, we can see the golden age of the
medical science and all other sectors of science. Health sector improves day by day and
helps us in many ways.
We can organize the total history in the 2 stages these are Dark age, and the Modern age.
In the dark age, men gather their livelihood by gathering of foods and hunting. The only
one aim of them is to survive. At this time they always find the fresh food and clean
water. Their expectation was very low. So, they had no intention to improve their health
sector. But, the day changed day by day, men are being civilized, they need to solve their
problems of health. They try to find out a solution to remove that situation, then an age
invented to take care of the sick people, they are becoming conscious about this problem.
This period mentioned the end of the ancient lifestyle as well as signified the dawn of
society. This time was distinct by important farming developments; the example is the
growth of the cultivation as well as the domestication of plants as well as animals. These
advancements completed and it is possible for hunting-gathering tribes to increase
enormous amounts of food while remaining in the same area. Unfortunately, this age also
coincided with the beginning of a more inactive lifestyle, as a regular physical movement
decreased with fewer hardships to overcome their physical problems.
The Renaissance age is called the newer age in the health and fitness sector the duration
of the age from the 1400AD - 1600 AD. The health sector has made a dramatic change in
this time. Many renowned people were born in this time. They have participated to
change the world health and fitness situation. They try to introduce a new age in the
world, there will be no people die without any medical treatment. In the Europe, there
were developed a widespread development of the physical and health education.

Modern era
The 18th century is the stated time of the modern era. We can see a rapid increase in
unpaid hospitals in England and all over the world. The latter of the century brought the
institution of the basic outline of improvements in community health over the next two or
more centuries, a community evil was identified, personal philanthropists brought notice
to it, as well as changing public opinion led to government achievement.
In 1802, Edward Jenner introduced vaccinating system to the patients. It reduced a lot of
diseases from the world. People get an extra power for the purpose of vaccination. They
can get a better ability to face some very injurious and contagious diseases. The era
reduced the death of the people for the common diseases. This project was implemented
in the near 1800s, all the health sectors of the world follows from the pioneering work of
Mr. Edward Jenner.
We are also very much grateful to the Industrial Revolution; by this we get a good
production of the life saving medicine. Poor people can get an extra benefit at this time;
many volunteers come to help them. By developing the medicine invention process, we

can see a reduction of the death rate. Thomas Malthus is also another pioneer who has a
big contribution to the health and fitness site.
History of the health and fitness is not possible to describe in this short platform, there is
a big sacrifice of the pioneer peoples, and for them we have got a healthy and feet. So, we
hope the new age will come with a good hope.

Chapter 2

The History of the health and fitness and its tools

In this health and fitness sector, all the nations took part as their best. The nations tried to
develop each and every sector of the health and fitness. There were introduced lots of
instruments over the world. Many physical advisor sacrifice their whole life for the
development of the health and fitness.
In the 1950s, there was a man named Mr. Jack LaLanne, he has a medium of fitness
instructor, water aerobics, developed aerobics as well as a resistance exercise. He has also
designed the first cable-pulley machine; this machine Is also called the Smith machine it
is used in the safety system for doing squats.
After the World War II, when the world passes the war, health and fitness gained a great
attention because of a number of Americans who are found unhealthy during the drafting
procedure. The important outline in fitness during this period is Dr. Thomas K. Cureton,
He initiated the application of exploring to fitness, improving the workout
recommendation to individuals. Dr. Thomas K. Cureation is also the person behind tests
for muscular power, cardio respiratory patience, as well as flexibility.

In the 1960s, a man who is named Dr. Ken H. Cooper, he earned a title this for his
activity is “The Father of the Modern Health and Fitness Movement”. Dr. Ken H.
Cooper’s philosophy was to maintain a good health through appropriate diet, exercise, as
well as emotional equilibrium for disease prevention.
We can see many well-developed earliest medical procedures, especially surgical were
vanishing as well as cauterization replaced numerous techniques of surgery. The
pharmacology abandoned experimental aspects as well as regressed to an easy
characteristic of many types of medicine. But as the Benedictine as well as other orders
expanded as well as extended themselves across.
Western Europe, this was an herb of the garden, a library with scribes to do copying,
and an infirmary was approximately always the necessary elements of a monastery.

In the 1950s, there was an American fitness guru named by Jack LaLanne. He was
innovated several pieces of equipment by him, which was widely used ever since. Mr.
LaLanne introduced the first cable-pulley device, the Smith device as well as the first leg
extension mechanism. The mechanical principals after these three pieces of tools can be
established in the tools in gyms around the world history.
The Celtic peoples of Britain as well as Ireland were early to accept the monastic way of
life as well as even maintained better as well as longer contact with the Eastern orders
more than did the Italian monasteries. The old rules are fired by a new religion as well as
culture totally unfamiliar to their Druidic past, Easterns are not only included the
Benedictine weakness for the preservation of Latin society, but also, began to transport
this reverse to the European continent, in the seventh century. Where as missionaries
which was under St. Columbanus (d. 615) which is situated in Gaul, St. Gall (d. 646) in
the Switzerland, as well as St. Willibrord (d. 739) in the Frankish domains. Then the
Benedictines converted lots of Frankish as well as Germanic tribes as well as established
monasteries, the most famous of which were St. Gall as well as Fulda. All were, more or
fewer modeled subsequently to the Benedictine monasteries of Italy, as well as the
ascendancy of clerical drug was assured.
Now we will try to introduce with some health and fitness tools for using the medical as
well as others purposes.
Physical fitness is a common state of health as well as well-being or specifically the
capability to execute aspects of sports or occupations. Physical health is usually achieved
through accurate exercise, nutrition, hygiene as well as the rest. Physical fitness is a set of
characteristics or attributes that people contain or achieve that relates to the capability to
achieve physical activity.
There is a lot of fitness instrument we can see. These are the injection syringe, Free
Weights, Ultra – Sono - Gaphy, x-ray, and so on, we will discuss the history of these
instruments as a detail.
The history of health and fitness goes back to man's require for physical strength as well
as speed while hunting. The centuries carried on as well as individual cultures
introduced, human beings developed into more sedentary. This project leads to an
attention in fitness not as a requirement of survival, but as a significant aspect of a long,
fit and healthy life. Fitness tools have been key to this change which is helping the
generations of the people from all over the world shape as well as condition their bodies.

Free Weights:
Although body-weight, callisthenics as well as yoga-based exercises were experienced by
the early Chinese, Egyptians, Indians as well as other cultures, The Greeks are qualified
with the developing the earliest forms of current weight training tools. The first "free
weights" is used in sporty training were handheld weights with opening for gripping
rather than a grip. Halteres were used early in the fifth century B.C. As well as were used
to expand the muscular strength as well as for training for sports like the high jump and

long jump. We can see an illustrations of early Greece, which shown that a muscular man
using weight plates, dumbbells, as well as plummets to train for physical power.

Resistance Machines
When the free weights are developed, these tools are introduced; it provides services
about the hundreds of years as a major advancement in struggle of training to take the
best physical exercise.

After a long time gone, we meet some brilliant persons, they provide a good knowledge
in the health and fitness sectors. They also introduced some tools using the development
of the body fitness. We can realize that how much important these instruments in our day
to day life. We are all people are very much grateful to these person for their valuable
conducts. The People of the worlds will always remember their conducts gratefully, and
don’t forget them ever. They will be live in our mind forever.

Chapter 3 History of health and fitness in the Primitive Ages

We know that a Historian writes a history in the situation of the entire time, which they
try to keep in his own note for future remembering. Such way health and fitness has also
a resourceful history of their own time. People will learn a lot from the history.
Researchers also need these data to research and predict any prediction for the near
future. We can easily understand what was the improvement in the previous years of the
health and fitness sector. The history of health is illustrated a few fascinating subjects that
carry on resonate for us in the 21st century. There are common themes is that political as
well as military leaders can try to help propagate the requirement for a future society.
In this historical article, we will try to discuss about all the ages of the health and fitness
history part by part.
Primitive Man (Past to 10,000 BC)
This age’s people’s lifestyle was very easy. They have a satisfaction in their lifestyles.
Their demand level was very low. They find their livelihood by hunting or collecting
foods. They have no attention about their health.
The Neolithic Agricultural Revolution (From 10,000 to 8000 BC)

This period was marked final stages of the primitive lifestyle. The person wants more and
try to civilized. They have a good development in agriculture. After this era people were
concerned about their health.
The Near East (From 4000 to 250 BC)
In this age people were concerned about their physical fitness. They try to solve their
medical problems, At this time a medicine was introduced which is produced by the tree.
They try to increase their physical effectiveness in the battle field. They are realizing the
importance of the fittest. Egypt, Palestine, Assyria, Babylonia, Persia as well as Syria
were positive to increase fitness among their peoples. But in this time all medicine was
used in the military and political purposes. Generally people are leg behind from this.
Ancient Chinese as well as Indian Civilizations (From 2500 to 250 BC)
The Chinese was understood that a healthy life is very important in their people in many
ways. In fact, they try to introduce by the physical and mantel medical treatment among
their people and provide a medical treatment to keep them healthy. The kings were
getting the facility only. General peoples were kept away from the facility, because this
was a very valuable technology then. During this period, the Chinese introduced Cong Fu
gymnastics to the general people just to keep the body fit in good working ability. They
also maintain a program for the general people to learn the basic pattern about the
physical fitness. They also learn how to fight with the animal securely. They have a well
introduced in the badminton, dancing, physical activity, such as archery, fencing as well
as wrestling.
In India, they were also very advance in this time. They are produced medicine produced
by the natural elements from the trees. These were very effective for the diseases. They
make a good and efficient success in the medical science. Buddhism and Hinduism give
a big importance in the spiritual and physical fitness. Hindu priests developed an exercise
program which conformed their beliefs; Yoga was introduced at this time. Till now Yoga
is existed.
Ancient Greek Civilization (From 2500-200 BC)
Greek was very civilized nation in this period. They had a great knowledge in this time.
History says they are the first civilization who has a clear idea about the fitness. This
civilization’s appreciation of the body and focus on health and fitness are unparalleled
they focus on the body fitness and improve their health conditions. They also believe that
a great development of the human body was similar to develop the mind. When we can
grow our fitness we can do everything with pleasure. They gather a good knowledge in
gymnastics with music; they have gathered a good improvement in the education. They
have a common saying (Wuest & Bucher 1995) “exercise for the body and music for the
soul”. They also arrange a lot of indoor and outdoor games for physical fitness.
In Athens, Palaestras took place in indoor facilities.
In Sparta, The government forced special fitness programs for male children to make sure
that they would highly fit and matured soldiers. Females were also required to continue a

good physical situation in order to create healthy male offspring who could provide the

Roman Civilization (500 BC to 476 AD)
Roman Empire realized that a good health and physical activities will make the nation.
So they provide an extra attention to this point. The citizens of the Roman Empire
maintain a good physical situation as well as are ready for military service. The
government emphasis on physical training, it will help to make their body stronger and
disease free. The reputation of the country spreads over the world. Many students came
there to learn about the medical treatment. Europe was very creative in this sector. The
Roman government tried to improve their fitness level up so that they can defeat any
enemy over the world. At last their big trying, Roman civilization was successfully
overcome the barrier of physically fit or healthy.
After all, we can say one thing that, in this medical and health sector, all nations try to
participate and improve the quality of the research. Sometimes they try individually or
sometimes jointly. But their aim was to reduce the pain of the people. All the nations try
to introduce a nation of disease free. And people will die without pain. They will try to
introduce this in the future. The last stage of the primitive age, we can see the
contribution of the Roman is very grateful. They were successful at this stage. They were
not only succeed, but also they spread the knowledge over the world. It helps the people a
lot. Now we can get relax as a benefit of this decision. The problem of health is reduced
now a days.

Chapter 4

History of health and fitness in the Dark Ages

We know time and tide wait for none, the history of all things also wait for none. One by
one we have introduced a new era. The history of the health and fitness starts from the
primitive age. The upper level of the primitive age is called Dark Age. In this age,
science a technology spreads all over the world. It impacts a great in medical science.
They find out a very interesting idea such as body building, and exercise for body
development. They also introduced some natural medicine keeping body fit and healthy.
Now we will provide a clear idea about the dark age of the health and fitness. It will be
clear and resourceful and easy to me understand what was happening in this age.After the
falling the Rome in the Goths in 476 as well as in 1453, the Fall of Constantinople to the
Turks are frequently cited as marking the starting and end of the Middle Ages. The main
ordinary characterization of this era as the "Age of Faith" returns a dramatic loss of selfconfidence in the individual, but eventually it does not give an understanding of why the

man felt no longer accomplished by learning from his own observations as well as took
life "on faith."
The Dark Ages were started from 476 AD - 1000 AD and The Middle Ages were starting
from 900 AD to 1400 AD
The center of the age is the Northern Europe. The barbarian tribes make a big success
about the health and fitness. They used this to survive. But after a few days it makes a
great popularity among the general people. Their lifestyle was very simple and easy.
They give more attention in collecting food and hunting. To keep them strong and stout
they try to learn to keep them strong physically. They use medicine to keep them safe
from the various diseases. Roman Empire gave more attention in keeping their body fit in
any situation. They use some medicine in their military to make them strong in the battle
field. In this age the total fitness program was increased.
Barbarian Invasions
They are very strong in this time in science and technology. They are the strong opponent
over the Europe. They invest many instruments of the medical science and technology.
Many Roman institutions come into view to have survived, even, no longer under the
influence of Rome. In fifth to seventh centuries, the Germanic peoples— Lombards,
Franks, Ostrogoths, Visigoths— who had controlled the northern border of the Western
Empire. They develop a good community system among the overall nations. At this time
there is a great concern about public health as well as concern with physicians were
major in all these codes. Physicians were still entirely nonclinical. Fees were defined by
ordinance, as well as these were often very much higher, but penalty for misconduct, or
misfortune, was also cruel.
The physician's rights with penalties were more usually defined by the situation of the
patient, as well as physicians themselves were most likely low status. Hospitals in non
clerical administration existed in the sixth century at Lyons as well as Merida.
Roman law creates a medicle act to serve the medicine to the rural people. They establish
a rule that everybody has a right to take a good treatment. Roman medicine used for the
military, but after publishing the rules medicine was provided to the general
people.Although the variety of Roman institutions early served generally well, within a
little time alliances among the various conquering peoples based on ties of blood as well
as marriage disintegrated.
The constancy of northern Italy during the control of The Odoric in the sixth century was
short-lived. The conquering Goths as well as Lombards were capable to remain aloof
were they capable to remain in charge. They permitted the native Italian population to
continue, as well as within a century the conquerors submitted culturally.
The most important exception in northern Europe to this return to a folk medicine
intertwining religious as well as medical occupations was established in the British Isles,
part of which had been carried into the Empire by Julius Caesar himself, where numerous
centuries later Christianity was to follow.

Monasteries, Medicine, as well as Miracles
St. Benedict of Nursia had introduced the care of the sick people free in this age. An
ancient temple Apollo was founding an order of the monastery of Monte Casino on the
site. The treatment of disease was probable only through prayer as well as divine
intervention; St. Benedict forbade the learning of medicine. The Healing Mission of
Christ was installed a new fashion that was to organize medical care completely for the
five hundred years.
Aurelius Cassiodorus (480-573), Theodoric the Great was the person who served as a
secretary. He entered into the Benedictine order as well as recommended the learning of
Latin translations of Dioscorides, Hippocrates and Galen,as well as the tasks of Caelius
Aurelianus. Within a short time, the provision of medical concern had developed into
integral to the Benedictine advice. Literacy was most uncommon in this time; the
Benedictines also completed a conscious effort to protect the literary habit of the Latin
world. Though by no means limited to, medical tracts, many were thereby sealed, even if
these treatises had little or no pressure upon the kind of medicine that was being
accomplished within the monasteries housing them.
In the above circumstances, we can understand that there is a big history about the health
and fitness over the world. Many nations help to encourage the development of the health
sector. Many philosophers are sacrificing their life and time for improving the people’s
health condition. For this we have got a good medical and fitness service. We are now
confident if we fall in a fatal disease, we will get a good treatment. So they can now hope
that a healthy life they can lead in future.

Chapter 5

History of Health and fitness in the Modern Ages

We have got a big facility for the reason of the health improvement. But the history of the
previous ages was not very smooth. The medical had to face a big barrier to climb up in
this stage. Now we can use the facility of the health and fitness because of the reputation
changes of science and technology. Now we have to know the real history of the health
and fitness.
Fitness History The development of fitness can be recognized to man’s need for survival
as well as can be traced back to the starting of mankind.
Primitive men (pre-10,000 B.C) Require to be fit to be capable to go through their
journey to hunt for foodstuff as well as water. Being nomads as well as hunters, in the
activities of that people need a huge amount of physical activity as well as fitness (their
celebration events were included trips. It's about six to twenty miles to neighboring tribes
to visit friends as well as family).

A great revolution introduced when the plow invented. All the people try to get her food
from cultivating the land. With the creation of the plow as well as other agricultural
development (From 10,000 B.C to 8,000 B.C) marks the beginning of a less energetic
lifestyle. The man of the Neolithic started using plow as well as animals to do the critical
tasks, thus they were declining the amount of physical activity.
In the old civilization (2500 related product container - 250 B.C.) The people started a
huge amount of relating physical activity with physical well-being.
In China, they were making a great revelation in the medical science and health sector.
They researched with these topics. They are not only research with this, but also spread
the knowledge over the world. It helps the general people, their pain was reduced. They
could avoid the diseases caused from the physical inactivity. They were the pathfinder of
the health and fitness world.
The Cong Fu gymnastics was introduced in this period, they focused the improvement of
the physical fitness and increase the body activity for the general people to keep away the
diseases from the human body. During the same period, Yoga was introduced in India.
Yoga is a very good exercise program that recognized by the Hinduism as well as
Buddhism beliefs as well as puts emphasis on spirituality.
Again, In 4000-250 B.C, a great need came in the government that was a strong military
purposes. A great demand was fitness the military so that they could get enough straight
into a battle field. All the nations try to increase the power of medical. When a healthy
body comes with war, it will provide an extra power in the field. It encourages the all
solders. They can provide their best performance on the battlefield.
The Persian Empire as well as Spartans was very good examples of empires which are
making the best use of fitness for this reason. Spartans required fitness for men being
better soldiers as well as for women to bear the children who are very fit to provide the
state. Because of this, Sparta became the most physically fit societies in history.
The Ancient Greeks Age (From 2500 to 200 B.C), all the people are realizing that
working physically is very important to them for building a good and effective health.
And keep the mind fresh. They have a developing mind in the health and fitness sector.
This was very important and significant. During this period, a musical gymnastics was
introduced. It has gained a large popularity at this time. This has a big power to make
your mind pleasure.
The Romans (From 200 B.C. to 476 A.D)
They shared the same idea which the Spartans had given. They also gave more attention
in the fitness as important and gave more attention the military service. The Roman
civilization destroys the hands of the Barbarian tribes. The Romans introduced a term of
the medical and health related subjects to the people. They tried to make available health
service to the general people, and try to reduce the average cost for the poor people.
During the Dark as well as the Middle Ages (from A.D. 900 to 1400 A.D.), in this age all
the nation realized the great importance of the health and also fitness. They try to invent

more new things for people. They had a great contribute in the health sector. They also
realize that survival is not the only choice of the people, we have to live without any
suffering disease. We have to avoid pain, so to reduce this, they try to invent lots of
medical instruments for the development of the medical sector.
After the Roman generation, we had to view the ages of Greek. They are the very
advance in this period. With the new attention in the human body at the time of the
Renaissance Period them comes the revival of the Greek model about the importance of
health and fitness. A lot of celebrated people promoted the thought that good fitness
contributes to intelligence. They had a clear idea about the health and fitness. They
spread physical education to the all over the world. They gained a huge popularity at that
In Germany (From 1700 to 1850), they are also contributing a lot at that time. They
provide a great intention for the health and fitness sectors. The Public got the main
facility for the establishment of the hospital. They came here to take a good treatment.
We can see that, European’s were tied a lot in the health and fitness sectors. Many
philosophers of Europe are sacrificing their life and time for improving the people’s
health condition. So people can now hope that a healthy life they can lead in the future.
We can easily understand that there is a big history about the health and fitness over the
world. Not only in Europe, but also many nations help to encourage the development of
the health sector. For this we have got a good medical and fitness service. We are now
confident if we fall in a fatal disease, we will get a good treatment

Chapter 6

History of the health and fitness in the last century

They tried to keep in his own note for future remembering by this way health as well as
fitness has also a resourceful history of their own time. People will learn a lot from the
history of the previous century. Researchers also require these data to research as well as
predict any prediction for the near future. We can easily understand what was the
improvement by the previous year history. We can identify a lot of factors of the health
as well as fitness sector. There are common themes is that political as well as military
leaders can try to help propagate the requirement for a future society.
Into health and fitness, there is a great real history, there was a time, physical activity was
used only for survival. The great person named Mr. Per Henrik Linglived in Sweden was
trying to introduce three major gymnastics programs these are the educational
gymnastics, military gymnastics, medical gymnastics. He has also a strong medical

background. He also studied in this subject and also provide a free treatment to the
general people. He has also a great knowledge about the medical knowledge. He
provided a great importance in the both of the health and fitness.

In England, there was a medical student whose named was Archibald Maclaren had
become a very important figure. The student pointed out the fitness program that fitness
may vary for each and individual. He was very much update at this time. Every medical
researchers were following his rules which he established. He provided a great idea about
the cure for stress as well as fatigue was physical activity, as well as that physical
exercise in games as well as sports is not enough to be perfectly healthy. Archibald
Maclaren later documented the significance of progression exercise.

Now come in the United States, this nation was not leg behind at this time, they had also
a great importance and very good contribution in this stage. They were influenced by the
total European cultures from the evaluation of the health and fitness started.
In the beginning, we know that no one gets popularity at a time, this was true in the
Germany and also Sweden, though the two nations was working very hard to achieve the
goal. In the united stats, there had been energetic participation from the government to
encourage health as well as fitness. Presidents like Benjamin Franklin as well as Thomas
Jefferson (1776-1860) acknowledged the require for fitness.

Again In the 20th century, the President Theodore Roosevelt was the United States fittest
president; he tried to encourage people to be physically effective by setting an

In June 1956, President Eisenhower made a Conference at the White House. The main
objective of the conference is aimed to encourage fitness in the United States everywhere.
This was prompted by the study completed by Kraus-Hirchland, they try to make a
minimum muscular Fitness Tests in all the Children, this project was introduced by the
Senators James Kelly as well as James Duff. The report showed that about 60 percent of
the American children were failed many tests. The percentage of the performance was
very poor. There were at least one test failed by the American children on the other hand
the European children are very advance in this sector. The seminar resulted in the
arrangement of the President’s Council on Youth Fitness (PCYF) as well as the meeting
of the President’s Citizen Advisory of Fitness of America.

In the period 1960sThere was a meeting held among the presidents of the powerful
countries. The chief chairperson was the President John F. Kennedy, who was the
president of the USA in 1960. They are trying to promote, perform a big health and
fitness event in the entire period. They were succeeded, but they had to struggle a lot.
They need to convince the peoples of all the nations, they needed to wear for the health
and fitness. They bare changed the total name of the organization of the health and
fitness. They changed the name President’s Council on Fitness with Bud from the
President’s Council on Youth Fitness.

There was another name of the pathfinder named by Wilkinson, who is the head of the
health and fitness team. He was a writer, he tried to write something, he wrote about the
Sports, this article was Illustrated titled “The Soft American”. So, President Mr. Kennedy
promoted the government to be concerned with the promotion of fitness as well as also
started youth fitness programs. Many Americans also tried to take part on the
envelopment of the fitness in the United States.

Now we will introduce a very famous person in the USA who is Dr. Mr. J.C. Warren was
born on 1776 and died on 1860. He tried to begin devising exercises for female. The
Doctor introduced the “The New Gymnastics” by Dioclesian Lewis in 1865. Another
doctor Mr. Edward Hitchcock also tried to introduce the use of anthropometric
measurements to assess health and fitness progress. William Anderson, this is another
famous name of the medical history. He was focused for the providing a good knowledge
among the general public. He was also a physical advisor of this period. He creates
Sargent developed and organized by him, by his teaching methodologies. We know that
all the history was written by the entire time period. The history of health is illustrated a
few fascinating subjects that carry on resonate for us in the 21st century.

After all, we can say one thing that, in this medical and health sector, all nations try to
participate and improve the quality of the research. Sometimes they try individually or
sometimes jointly. They will try to introduce this in the future. But their aim was to
reduce the pain of the people. All the nations try to introduce a nation of disease free.
And people will die without pain. The problem of health is reduced now a days. The last
stage of the primitive age, we can see the contribution of the USA and Europe are very
grateful. They were not only succeed, but also they spread the knowledge over the world.
They were successful at this stage.It helps the people a lot. Now we can get relax as a
benefit of this decision.

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