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Rikhel Trivedi

Location Report
For my AS Level Film Studies portfolio I need to create a Location Report which is part of my planning.
The location report will be based on my textual analysis of the chosen horror movies: The Women in
black (2012 UK) and Mama (2013 US). I have researched about the two films on how the directors have
both manage to present fear and isolation throughout their films. I have developed my project portfolio
and will be producing a creative artifact also known as my production and will be recreating the similar
ideas which were presented in my textual analysis and be creating my own production.
As I will be creating an artefact contacting 9 key frames, I intend to locate my 9 key frames in an
environment where I can easily reflect the themes fear and isolation. I will be using appropriate props
and still pictures to help show the locations. I will be making a screen test so that I will have evidence on
how each cast member did in their performance.

Location 1 – Oaks Park High School – Entrance
For my first scene I have chosen the entrance of Oaks Park High School as my starting location since first
of all it is very convenient for me and is easily accessible for my actors/actresses as it is close to the
school we attend to. The location was good and had matched with my storyline as it starts off with two
girls after school and are leaving school making their way home. I intend to use an extreme long shot of
the characters as it would help the audience gain a better understanding of the beginning of the scene,
by showing the surroundings of the characters which is the large school gates and a basketball courts in
the background. In this scene the two characters would be making their way out of the school and
talking to each other. Other camera shots that have been thought about for this particular scene is an
establishing shot which would establish the entire setting of the scene creating the effect of the
audience to focus and pay attention carefully on what is happening to the scene. Having the school as a
location will help the audience identify that the two characters are school girls as school gates will be
shown in the scene.

Location 2 – Chevlot way

Rikhel Trivedi

I will be using this location to show the two actresses saying their goodbyes and taking separate paths
routes. I intend to use a long shot of the characters walking towards the end of the road; this will help
the audience see where the characters are coming from. This will create a small amount of fear as the
audience will be thinking why teenagers are still walking on the road in the evening which then
foreshadows something bad happening. Other cinematography which have been thought about is an
establishing shot but the subject (characters) will not be identified clearly which is the whole point of
the scene to show the characters clearly taking separate ways. Or a close up of the characters showing
the viewers the characters facial expressions. The Mise en scene: costumes which the characters will be
wearing their school uniform helping the audience know more about the character and letting them
understand that the characters are students. The lighting in this scene will be in the evening and
becoming dark helping the audience knows a little more about the plot and making them think why is
teenagers still not gone home.

Location 2 – Oaks Lane – Down the road

The next location which I will be using is still going to be on Oaks Lane but more down the road. This is
where Teresa will be walking by herself. For cinematography I will be using a mid-shot showing the
protagonist having a frown and walking in the evening. The lighting will come from the weather so the

Rikhel Trivedi
audience can have a rough idea on what time it is by looking at the sky in the background. Other
possible camera shots that have been thought about are close ups. By using close ups in this frame the
audience will be able to see clearly how Teresa is tired and is uncomfortable through her facial
expressions. The Mise en scene on why I have chosen this location is because the lighting in the scene
makes the location frightening as the weather will be dull, which relates to my essay question and
aiming to build the themes fear within the audience. The greenery surrounded the location makes the
scene look bright with the lighting from the dull weather, it will make the antagonist stand out in the
greenery environment. Also by having new built houses on the road will make the road seem normal
and make the audience feel comfortable with the scene. The lighting will be making the film look spooky
and helping the audience identify what genre the film is (Horror).

Location 3 – Oaks Lane - Alleyway

The following location, which I will be using in my creative artifact, is still going to be on Oaks Lane but
where the alleyway is. This is where the protagonist will be hearing voices in her head and find it
irritating and uncomfortable. The cinematography which I have in mind which I’ll be using is close up of
Teresa on when she first hears voices in her head so that the audience is able to understand how she is
feeling through her facial expressions shown from the close ups. The following shot is going to be how
Teresa reacts when she hears the voices. Teresa will be running away from the camera making the
audience think that someone is following her building the themes fear in relation to my analysis. The

Rikhel Trivedi
reason why I have chosen this location for when Teresa first hears the voices is because it looks very
isolated and if any action were going to happen nobody would hear or see a thing as the location is
isolated and this helps supports the theme isolation and relates to my essay. The lighting of the location
looks high key. By having the sky clear white it makes the audience pay attention on the color that is in
the scene. The location has garages which looks like it hasn’t been used in a while. The pathway helps
me as the audience will have a clear idea that the road gets quieter as the protagonist walks. The sound
I am planning to use is non-diegetic sounds from instruments such as the harp or the piano as they are
high sounds which can easily make the audience jump and can help build on fear and suspense to the
scene. So I will be using non diegetic sound effects to make the audience jump. This will build on the
themes fear within the audience as by making the audience jump using sound effects it will also lead to
building tension as the audience has seen The Ripper not just Teresa. From here onwards the audience
will be able to gain an idea of what the genre of the film is as it is a girl walking through an alleyway in
the evening by herself.

Location 4 –Leyswood Drive – Farm Pathways

The next location which I will be using is the pathway to the entrance of the farm. In this scene Teresa
will get a phone call from The Ripper and Teresa will be in shock and will drop her phone and bag in the
bushes. The following scene as we will see the phone on the ground, the audience will be able to see
Teresa running away from her phone in the background of the scene. The cinematography I intend to
use a close up of when Teresa is on the phone to the Ripper and is shocked. The reason I am choosing a
close up is because it will allow the audience to see Teresa facial expressions and to show that she is
shocked and scared. The following shot I will be using is a point of view from the mobile phones
perspective which on the ground. Other possible camera shots that have been though about are to use
an extreme close up of Teresa’s eyes allowing the audience see fear in the protagonist eyes. For editing

Rikhel Trivedi
I will be using when Teresa is on the phone is a long shot duration allowing to make the scene at a slow
pace and it will allow the audience to get a good view of Teresa facial expressions and other parts of
Mise en scene. The. The Mise en scene in this location is fairly the same but in this location we are able
to see a lot of greenery and it seems the location is isolated making the audience think it is unsafe for a
teenage girl to walk in this particular path at the time of day (evening). The use of high key lighting from
the sky still makes the surroundings of the location stand out. Sound which I will be using in this scene is
diegetic sound which is going to be the dialogues coming from the phone which Teresa is hearing and
there will be no other sound in the scene. By having no other sound it will create isolation within the
audience making the tension in the environment increase. As the audience will listen carefully and pay
more attention as they will be eager to hear who is on the other side of the phone.