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IFSA Butler Daily Planner

Mary Stang
Pupils’ prior learning

Primary 5

Literacy – James and the Giant Peach Journal
Thinking skills and personal capabilities focus
Working with others – Students will be sharing their completed
The children have been having James and the Giant Peach read aloud to them. They journal entry with a partner. They will also be participating in a
have done a few activities relating to the text, but have been primarily listening and whole class discussion to begin the activity.
discussing the book.
Managing Information – The students have a lot of
information from the text and their previous discussions about
the characters. They now have to take that information and
write about it not as a summary but as if they were in the
Cross curricular skills focus
By Support – The teacher will touch base more frequently with
the students/groups who are showing difficulty with the
activity. The students will also have the opportunity to
 Listen to and discuss literary characters with small group
illustrate their work for students who are able to display their
 Write from a character’s point of view
thoughts better in a visual manner.
 Read and share their journal entry
By Task – Students who struggle more will have a list of
sentence starters that they can just finish to get their entry at
least started.
Learning intentions Students will be able to:
WALT: We are learning to see things from other people’s
point of views.
 Take on the persona of one of the main characters in James and the Giant
WILF: I am looking for full, detailed sentences that include
 Write using their sensory images and details – what did they see, feel, hear,
descriptions using your five senses. I am also looking for a
smell, and taste
colorful and detailed drawing that matches the journal
 Write a journal entry from someone else’s point of view
Role of the teacher
Teacher will ask students to give a brief synopsis of James and the Giant Peach and
to discuss the main characters they have been introduced to thus far in the book.
Demonstrator: The teacher will be introducing the
Teacher will prompt discussion with questions such as “How do you think that made
activity and setting the expectations. They will also be
them feel?” “What do you think they were thinking when that happened?” How
modeling how to generate sensory details.
would you have reacted to that situation?” Teacher will gauge how the discussion is
going to see if they will do a whole group sharing or think-pair-share.
Facilitator: The teacher will be walking around and

Activity -->
Students will now have the opportunity to complete a journal entry from the point
of view of one of the characters. Students should include both details from the story
and their own opinions. Some potential things to write about include:
 How they may have been feeling…
 What they may have wanted to say…
 Sensory details – what they saw, heard, tasted, smelled, felt…

assisting students/groups as needed once they begin their
writing. They will also facilitate brainstorm to begin the
Key Questions
What do you think they may have wanted to say?
How were they feeling?
If they could do it again, would they do something

Journal Topics:
 Treatment of Aunts (James or the Aunts)
 Peach rolling down the hill (James or the Aunts)
 Entering the peach and being stuck in with all these animals (James)
 Magic Crystals (James)
 Growing Peach (James – stuck in room or Aunts – making money)
Teacher will model on the treatment of aunts from James’ perspective. Teacher will
brainstorm with help from the class on the sensory details and make a list and then
verbally model how this could be turned into a journal entry.
If time allows, students will pair up with a partner and each will be given the
opportunity to share and read their story. If there are any students who really want
to, they may have the opportunity to share it to the large group.

Journal Entry Paper
Coloring Utensils
White Board & Marker

Teacher observation while circulating the room will serve as an informal observation as to who seems to understand and who is struggling. The
activity will allow all students to demonstrate their understanding of the character based on how well they are articulate their thoughts and feelings.
The completed journal entries and drawings will be used as a more formal assessment.